New Gnosis: The Evolutionary Leap of Mankind – Serial 10

Georgi Stankov, Copyright 2001 and 2012

Translation from German language:
by Joelle Torneros and Georgi Stankov

10. Serial: Chapter 9.
February 7, 2012

IX. The Role of the Chakras in the Light Body Process and the Evolutionary Leap

1. The Body as a Superimposed Wave System

We have seen that the human body is a quantum-physical, electromagnetic wave system which arises from the superposition of the soul segments from the 7F-creation levels. In this sense, the biological organism is a kind of “moving hardware” that is created and controlled by the software program of the soul. Since the soft­ware program of the soul contains the hardware of the body as a U-subset, the biological organism of the species “man” (and all other living creatures) represents an energetic system of infinite superimposed waves.

In the 3D space-time, the biological body is formed as a superposition of the quan­tum solitons of the supra-molecular level of organic substances with the electro­magnetic waves of the cells that manifest themselves as action potentials. The action potentials of the cells in turn add up to organ potentials (e.g. ECG and EEG), etc. The interplay of these overlays from a biochemical point of view has been outlined in detail in Volume III on the General Theory of Biological Regulation. In addition, the human body is subjected to gravity, which is in a direct correlation to electromagnetism.

In Volume I and II of Physics I prove that all the fundamental constants of electro­magnetism as the electric and magnetic field constants that appear in all the laws of electromagnetism also determine the magnitude of the speed of light c (equation of Maxwell), which, in its turn, determines the magnitude of the gravitational constant G that is in the core of all Newtonian laws of gravitation in classical mechanics. One can of course consider this dependence in the reverse order, since space-time is closed (self-contained). This is the actual unification of gravity with electromagne­tism by the new theory of the Universal Law, which present-day physics is still unable to achieve – hence its inabi­lity to explain gravitation or to develop new sour­ces of free electromagnetic (photon) energy.

In Volume II, I also show that the electric and magnetic field constants are in turn average magnitudes of the heavenly bodies: they assess statistically the average radius and the average rotational speed of all celestial bodies in the universe. This is the ultimate proof that the space-time is a closed entity, within which its U-subsets such as gravity and electromagnetism are interrelated and interdependent levels.

Since gravity depends on each spot of the universe on the gravitational constant G (Newton’s law of gravity) and propagates with the finite speed of light c, this fact proves irrevocably that gravitation and electromagnetism are superimposed wave forces of a primordial energy, which we can discern mathematically in terms of fun­damental constants, but not in reality: energy/space-time is a unity.

We can, for example, temporarily eliminate the earth’s gravity by using a magnetic force (see magnetic monorail) or increase it, depending on the orientation of the magnetic force. However, we will never be able to eliminate the electromagnetic forces in gravitational masses, because they belong to matter. Conversely, we can­not observe electromagnetic forces without matter, which is subjected to gravity. Thus the close interrelationship between gravity and electromagnetism should be cogent to all laymen. It is still a conundrum, why physicists have failed so far to understand this ample fact, and currently forge the blatantly wrong idea that these two funda­mental forces cannot be integrated.

It is important to note at this point that this simple and evident physical fact is deliberately ignored by modern physics. It claims, namely, that gravity cannot to be integrated with the other three fundamental forces. For this reason, it has not yet been possible to achieve a unification of physics. That this statement is moronic, I have proved beyond any doubt by the discovery of the Universal Law.

What really concerns me in this discussion, is not so much to expose the flawed traditional concepts of physics, but to draw the reader’s attention on the important and previously in the biosciences little-noticed fact, namely, that the human body is a superimposed wave system that consists of all known forces of the 3d space-time. Of course, this also includes the strong (nuclear) forces and the weak forces of the atoms and molecules of the organic matter.

Now, the reader must extend this common and easily understandable presentation and include the energies of the 7F-creation levels in this model. The superposition of the four basic forces of the 3d space-time have an upper limit of time or frequency f, which is quantitatively determined by the radiation of black holes. It is at the same time the upper limit of the electromagnetic spectrum and the elementary particles measured as the Compton frequency, which is a known fundamental physical constant.

The superposition of the wave forces of Nature does not stop at this point, but goes further. It does not end at the experimental limit of discrimination by material instru­ments, which, as we have already discussed, is determined by Planck’s constant h.

We have also seen that this constant is a fundamental quantity of electromagnetism, of photon space-time: it is the basic action potential of this level. Since all elemen­tary particles of matter are composed of h, this smallest measurable amount of energy proves to be the basic action potential of space-time (see Volume I and II). For this reason I speak in my books also of the h-space-time.

Between this limit of 3D space-time, within which human life is unfolding, and the 7F-creation levels that have their own elementary action potentials, there is an enor­mous frequency leap, which we can also describe as a time leap or energy leap, for E~f.

As with the harmonic continuum, there are tones and harmonics that occur as octa­ves (frequency ranges) and, although they overlap and are mutually dependent, are separated by frequency intervals from each other. Just as our ears cannot per­ceive the ultrasonic waves, e.g. of the dolphins, conventional devices are not capab­le of registering the frequencies of the 7F-creation levels. To conclude from this that these energy ranges do not exist, is the greatest blunder of modern science.

In this sense, the present scientific-esoteric Gnosis deals with the energetic pheno­mena of the 7F-creation levels, as they appear in the 3D space-time of the earth. Since these phenomena can be perceived only by the human mind, and the latter exhibits different skills in medium-ship depending on the soul age, they can only be experienced by old souls in the manner described herein.

In this context, the Light Body Process means an evolution of human transcendental cognition, which I also define as a “sensory perception”. In the latter stages of this process, the intensity of the 7F-energies increases to such an extent that the entity perceives in a direct way, physically and mentally, the interference patterns of these high frequency energies with the low frequency energies of the physical body day and night.

From the earthly point of view, the transformation of the 7F-creation energies in organic and inorganic 3D space-time can be described as follows:

The soul segment that incarnates on earth from 7F-creation levels, must significantly reduce the incredibly high frequencies of these energies before they can manifest as matter. It is an energetic transformation, similar to the well-known conversion of heat into electricity or mechanical work and vice verse.

From a theological point of view, this energy transformation is interpreted as an “act of creation.” It is a central theme of all religions. In physics, it is presented in cosmo­logical terms as a “big bang”.

Both religions and science have in this respect, however, committed a funda­mental error in thinking. While they understand the creative act as a single event, which they usually set at the beginning of world history, they deprive themselves of the opportunity to witness the perennial existence of this creation, which takes place in front of our eyes.

We are dealing here with the classical situation, where a false belief signifi­cantly restricts and deforms human perception of reality.

Currently, Nature – organic and inorganic – is regarded by conventional science as a “self runner”, which, placed once in motion as an evolution, develops and prospers from that point onward on its own. The mechanism of evolution is interpreted as self-organization of matter. This view also includes the materialistic, experimental dog­ma, according to which, what one cannot measure with external instruments, should not exist.

In other words, modern science ignores entirely the continuous creation of matter and “Nature” by the 7F-creation levels, because it denies the existence of this energy conversion and disregards it as an object of study. Hence its cognitive blind­ness, which is, however, intended at the present, very primitive stage of mental deve­lopment of its representatives.

In reality, the existence of the 3d space-time, i.e. of the solar universes and all living entities, whether animate individually or collectively, is a continuous act of crea­tion – a constant energy conversion from the 7F-creation levels in the 3d space-time that we perceive as matter or nature, and vice verse. This continuous ex­change of energy fol­lows the law of energy conservation (first law of thermodynamics), becau­se All-That-Is is a unity.

If we apply this knowledge concretely to the organic system “man”, this would mean that both his creation as conception, pregnancy and birth, as well as his ongoing biological regulation that keeps him as an organism alive, is a continuous energy con­ver­sion between the 7F-creation levels of the soul and the fundamental forces of the organic material body. This also applies to the gestalt of individual human beha­viour and the coordination of human relations in society, the latter beings summa­rized in the esoteric scene with a certain negative connotation as “karma”.

Although the human mind, operating as a daily consciousness, was designed by the soul as an external reference point of the Spirit in order to make certain decisions on the existential and societal level in own responsibility, in the sense of free will, and at the same time to ponder on “God and the world”, man cannot in reality exist a single moment on his own, that is to say, from his own mind.

Rather, he requires some “unconditional behaviour patterns” that are installed by the soul. They operate apart from the mind that even needs to be turned off at times, so that the human being can survive in novel and unusual situations. Even if humans perceive it differently because they are energetically constraint to do so, the relation­ship of the human mind to the soul is like an infant to the mother: a human being, guided by his rational mind, can only survive if he is carried forward by the life-spending force of his invisible soul.

The idea that man is self-sufficient enough to live from his own mind, a view that is currently culminating in the official denial of the existence of the soul, is the greatest illusion of being human, which, of course, is wanted and supported by the soul at this lower stage of his spiritual development. With the onset of the Light Body Pro­cess and the Evolutionary Leap of mankind, this biggest illusion of today’s mankind will finally come to an end.

These phenomena are a central object of study of this scientific-esoteric Gnosis. Their dynamics determines psychologically, mentally and physically the energy evo­lu­tion of every individual in a profound way and writes his role in the great drama during the paradigm shift that will take place on the historical stage (this year). For this reason, these processes must be elaborated at this place.

It is important to point out that the current esotericism has failed to adequately des­cri­be these phenomena. Not to mention the religions! For the reasons dis­cus­sed above, they are also not taken into consideration by science and philosophy.

But before I go into detail, I have to make my reader acquainted with the human chakras, and if he has already heard of them, to whittle away his knowledge. Because there is no other esoteric topic, about which so much nonsense has been written and told as about human chakras. Many schools based on obscure beliefs and various arcane practices have evolved around this theme that only obfuscate the understanding and mislead the people. We therefore begin with the question:

2. What are Chakras?

Chakras are energy centres in and around the human body, which convert the seven basic astral energies (7F-creation levels) of the incar­nated soul segment in an efficient, optimized, automated, i.e. sponta­neous way in the 3d energy, respectively biological matter of the orga­nism and vice versa. Since the human body operates preferably as an electromagnetic cell systems, the chakras represent energetically inter­faces of astral and electromagnetic forces at the same time.

Chakras are U-subsets of the incarnated soul segment. Their enormous complexity makes a descriptive representation of their energetic mode of action almost impos­sible. It would also be without relevance for the psychological needs of the incar­nated personality. We also use various electrical devices like the computer without knowing much about their inner structure. For this reason, we will remain in the subsequent discussion of the chakras at the operational level of the psyche and the mind and will let all the far-reaching statements and suppositions that can be encountered on the subject aside. This does not mean that the issue would not be of importance as such. It is only not of relevance at the present stage of mental development of mankind.

It is well known that the human body possesses seven body chakras that correlate with the seven basic energies (7F-creation levels) of All-That-Is. In addition, there are other chakras within and outside the body, which we will not describe for the moment being.

The seven body chakras are grouped along the body axis and can be divided for didactic purposes in three lower and three upper chakras. These two groups are distributed roughly symmetrically around the middle chakra. Typically, they are num­bered from bottom to top (one to seven).

All the chakras correlate to specific internal organs: Their energy flows preferably through these organs.

Each chakra corresponds with one of the seven basic astral energies that manifest themselves physically, I.e., these basic energies can be manifested psychologically (emotionally), mentally (rationally, intellectually) or in a mechanic-kinematic way (physically, sexually). In this context, I also speak of “reactions”, because these energies occur for both the participant and the observer always spontaneously as innate “unconditional responses” or hereditary reflexes (instincts). For this reason, it is appropriate to describe the chakras also as “reaction centres”. I will discuss this aspect in more detail below.

The first chakra is the bottom chakra (1), which is associated with the adrenal glands in the kidneys and controls their function. It is also known as instinctive reaction centre. The astral energy converted by the first chakra guarantees the survival of the human beings, by enhancing fast, life-saving responses, which we refer to as “instincts” or “unconditional reflexes”. The “escape reflex” in mortal dan­ger is such a reaction that is triggered by the rapid, reflex-like secretion of adre­naline from the adrenal glands.

As the name of this particular reflex suggests, it cannot be solely triggered by the first chakra. It also needs the participation of the motion reaction centre, which accomplishes physically this escape movement of the body (see below). This example illustrates the fundamental fact that all chakras cooperate with each other in order to exert their action. Just like an orchestra, there is always one particular chakra that plays the “first fiddle” within a specific body reaction and thus dominates the concerted action of the other participating chakras.

The action of the chakras can be only comprehended when the role of the mind is fully considered. We have already learnt that the human mind only functions as a memory, that is to say, it reacts only to stimuli that come from the past and must be first stored in a special memory organ within the mental body. The functioning of the mind is thus sequential and rather slow. In addition, the mind needs a certain amount of time to process the incoming information before it can make a decision and put it into physical action with the help of the body.

In life-threatening conditions the mind is thus of no value or it may even hamper the escape reaction. For this reason it is more or less switched off by the quickness of the instinctive reaction on the one hand and by the intensity of the transmitted energy by the two lower chakras on the other. Such reactions are referred to in bioscience as “hereditary instincts” or “unconditional reactions” and this presentation contains some grains of truth. We have here standardized reactions of the soul, which are transmitted by the chakras in a direct manner by short-circuiting the mind and eliminating its impact on human behaviour. Such reactions may appear as life-saving instincts or irrational acts, as we shall discuss this topic in conjunction with karma.

The human mind has a very limited scope of perception. Much important information runs below the threshold of the daily human consciousness and cannot be regis­tered in a rational manner. Significant vibrations, which are emitted by individuals or groups of people, are perceived by the human spirit as part of the higher self below the conceptual threshold of the rational mind and lead, still under this threshold, to subsequent standardized reactions, which are directly triggered by the chakras.

If an innocent outsider enters for example in the conference room of a company, where the participants discuss about lay-offs, cutbacks and restructuring that involve the fate of these people, he will immediately, even before his mind captures the situation, perceive the low-frequency vibrations of fear and aggressiveness of those present and will immediately respond defensively, without being affected by the measures discussed. The same applies to natural disasters and hazards of life. In such cases, the person benefits from the direct, spontaneous recognition of the soul, who provides him vital information, which is transmitted by the first chakra as instinctive reflexes. He will be then “on guard”, even though he may not know not whence this cautionary information comes from.

Were such instincts essential for the survival of the primitive man in a hostile environment, they are now of little help as uncontrolled instincts in a developed, sedentary society, where the living conditions pose other demands on the individual. In an evolved community, in which the ability to cooperate and to solve conflicts is in the foreground, such response patterns, coming from the first chakra, would rather prove to be a great disadvantage.

For this reason, the reaction pattern of the incarnated personality changes during the historical development of mankind. More precisely: According to demand, the soul may emphasize different chakras and forge the emergence of new patterns of reaction in the incarnated population. An essential part of the so-called biological evolution from primitive man to social, ethical being has taken place in this way. This finding is also important for an understanding of the Light Body Process, where the seven human chakras are fundamentally restructured (see below).

The reader can expand this discussion and consider the function of the other chakras and the preordained soul matrix of the incarnated personality and he will automatically come to the conclusion that there are infinite individual psychological variations that determine the character and behaviour of every person. The expres­sion of the chakras as a specific response pattern depends not only on the particular conditions, under which the soul incarnates, but also on the individual and collective soul age of the actual incarnated population.

The discussion of this topic offers unexpected views, e.g. it explains for instance the rise and decline of matriarchy and the current overemphasis on male aggression in the political and economic life, which is now being dismantled in the wake of the Light Body Process and the Evolutionary Leap of mankind. Various karmic dramas will be closely related to these dramatic energetic processes.

From this introduction, we recognize that the chakras are not abstract, esoteric entities but that they are linked very closely with the personality and the behaviour in a particular historical epoch. Without their involvement, the karma game on earth could not be properly understood. For this reason, I’ll introduce the other six chakras and their patterns of response in a concise manner.

The second lower chakra, also called the navel or sexual chakra, determines decisively the sexual behaviour of humans and is closely related to the gonads. The sexual behaviour encompasses a wider range of activities than the mere inter­course. The sexual centre, like the rest of the lower chakras, has to do with movement and physical action in the first place.

The lower three chakras mediate the vital forces that promote the expansion drive of the individual in society and in physical space. This urge for activity is the outstan­ding characteristic of the young soul, and for this reason the lower three chakras are dominant in today’s population of incarnated souls. They not only determine the individual and collective behaviour, but also influence significantly the social norms and forms under which human life unfolds. The esoteric statement that humanity today is driven by the lower three chakras is in this sense correct, though a too simplified statement.

Before I go into the lower third chakra, I ought to discuss at this place the common energetic characteristics of the chakras. Basically, the chakras represent complex harmonic frequency patterns of the seven astral energies, whereas in each chakra there is a basic energy that prevails. Overall, the chakras differ from each other not only qualitatively in terms of their specific energy pattern, but also quantitatively in terms of their frequency level.

Viewed from the bottom up, that is to say, with increasing number, the frequency level (the vibration rate) of the chakras also increases. In the energetic sense, they therefore build an hierarchical structure. The knowledge that the frequency rate of the chakras is growing from bottom to top, that is to say, from the coccyx to the crown, is very important both for the psyche as well as for the mind.

It is a basic rule in All-That-Is that the higher frequencies dominate over the lower ones and modulate them. Depending on the local intensity, it may happen that lower frequencies can dominate over higher frequencies, as it has been the case on this toxic planet for a long time. The Evolutionary Leap of mankind is the reversal of this situation. Constructive and destructive interference can thus occur in both directions. In the hierarchical structure of All-That-Is, the higher frequency dimensions clearly dominate: they are the leaders and gestalt the low frequency ranges. Local devia­tions, as we observe them on earth, are intentional exceptions to this rule and are only possible through the massive application of high frequency energies to seal this reverse condition from the rest of All-That-Is. This explains the separation of earth and humanity from the Source which is now being reversed in the End Times.

We have discussed this issue in detail in the context of fear and love. Anxiety repre­sents a deliberate, low-energy pattern that acts as a barrier, blocking the higher-frequency vibrations of love emitted by the soul, so that they cannot enter the human body. The human mind can not receive sufficient vibration of love and it must now create them in an independent manner:

This is the fundamental challenge of the reincarnation cycle on earth – to develop the human mind to a responsible sovereign creator of love conditions (conditions of constructive interference). In this effort emo­tions are just means to this end.

With increasing soul age, the capacity for love also steadily augments and the angst barrier is reduced in the same range. Fear has the function of a litmus test for the opening of the mind and the psyche for the higher frequencies of the soul. At the end of a cycle, the last incarnated personality merges completely with the soul and experiences the maximum possible ecstasy, which is equivalent to a total con­structive interference with the corresponding basic energies of the soul family and All-That-Is, respectively the Source (This is what the members of the PAT will expe­rience in the first half of this year at the moment of their cosmic ascension as transliminal souls beyond the 5th dimension.).

Just as fear can be overcome by love, the upper chakras can modulate and refine the response patterns of the lower chakras. A total suppression of the lower instincts, like some esoteric and religious purists recommend from the anthropocen­tric view of duality, is neither possible nor desirable. A reasonable control of all ener­gies that flow through the chakras, with or without knowledge of their mode of action, is a major goal in the reincarnation cycle of the soul.

The third chakra, also called solar plexus chakra, is closely related to the upper abdomen, stomach, liver, gallbladder and pancreas and is responsible for motion. It is also known as the motor centre. As with the other two lower chakras, the term “motion” includes more than the mere physical motion/movement of the individual. The motor activity can manifest itself both as a sporting quality as well as mental agility. This largely depends on the centring of the personality in the individual chakras, as I will explain below.

When this chakra is closed, for example, the person feels an impotent rage or hopeless fear that temporarily put him in an energetic state, in which he is not able to perform any movement or to feel any other emotion. His ability to think is fully paralysed. This rigidity is a product of the blockade of the life-spending energy of the soul, which flows through the third chakra of the solar plexus.

When this motor centre is activated, then the accumulated, blocked energy such as rage can unload in an irrational act. With such energy blockages and discharges, which are precisely initiated and controlled by the soul, one can explain the various, deviant behaviour patterns among humans – from unexplained mass murders of a crazed gunman to collective atrocities and genocides on mankind.

Such actions are part of the karma game, which is ongoing and provides a wealth of experience for the incarnated souls. Superficially, such acts are attributed to the personality and her free will. This finding may be painful for many readers, because it does away with the delusion of independence and absolute discretion of the indivi­dual.

Man, mainly in the West, has a split attitude toward dependence. On the one hand, the Western man insists on his independence, on the other hand, he goes volun­ta­rily into a variety of dependencies, which the modern capitalist society lays as traps on his social way. The problem of dependence is purely psychological and is rooted in the current limited view of what is an individual or an incarnated personality. When the multidimensionality of the soul is included in this world view, then the problem is solved by itself. This attitude is crucial for the initiation of the Light Body Process (see below).

The lower three chakras mediate energies that lead to actions. They encourage active behaviour. This behaviour is in many ways without reflection, because it takes place during the simultaneous elimination of rational thinking (5th chakra), and destructive, because it takes place in a state of inability to love (blockade of the 4th heart chakra, see below).

In the Freudian psychoanalysis one speaks in this context of “instinctive behaviour” (triebhaftes Benehmen). This moralistic approach may fail to appreciate the role of the life-sustaining function of the reaction patterns, that are mediated by the lower three chakras, but it illuminates at the same time the prevailing brutal habits of mankind in the last two to three thousand years.

The effect of the three lower chakras can only be fully appreciated when we realize that they are energetically separated from the three upper chakras by the fourth chakra, also called heart chakra. For this reason, they may, under certain circum­stances, “go crazy” without being receptive for a correction from above. We encoun­ter here a clearly faulty design of the human organism, which is consciously willed by the soul in this way, so that she can make certain experiences under carefully selected, extremely difficult energetic conditions. The lower three chakras vibrate often at the frequency level of angst, which they convey through their reaction patterns. They are then inaccessible to the higher frequencies of love.

The fourth heart chakra binds preferably to the thymus. Through this chakra human emotions and the psyche are largely manifested and regulated. For this reason we also speak of the emotional centre. The fourth chakra is largely closed in child and young souls, so that their emotionality is not particularly developed. Child and young souls love and know nothing of love, they have angst all the time and know nothing of fears. This is due to the fact that the soul wants to promote at this soul age the expression of the lower three chakras and for this reason she does not want to instigate her fears particularly, as the perception of angst and fear is a preferred incarnation task at the mature and old soul age.

The close relationship between the effectiveness of a chakra and the functionality of the corresponding organs is demonstrated exemplary by the thymus. We will meet again this close relationship with the pituitary and pineal gland. The unimpeded flow of energy through an astral chakra promotes the growth of the corresponding organ.

The thymus is in newborns disproportionately large and powerful, and later on undergoes a marked involution, such that it is barely detectable in the elderly. In the first years of life, man enjoys a largely opened contact to his soul. In this phase, the astral energies of the soul flow freely through the chakras in the child’s body. This explains the unwavering optimism of the children who display with an effortless ease their spiritual integrity, whereas the grown-ups always grieve and worry about some­thing (anxiety patterns) (Footnote1., see below).

The corresponding organs are well developed and functional in the presence of an open chakra. The thymus is for instance quite pronounced in many birds, which leads to the assumption that these birds are closely linked to the astral realms that enable them difficult migrations. This aspect has been thoroughly misunderstood by the biosciences. Their explanation of why the underdeveloped thymus gland in humans, whereas it is highly developed in lower animals, is so confused and moronic that it should be cogent to everybody. Thus we come to the conclusion that, depending on the level of development of the incarnated soul, human organs may experience a different manifestation.

As part of the Light Body Process the heart chakra begins to open and to build a unified chakra, by incorporating the lower three chakras and bringing them into resonance with the three upper chakras. In such people, who are in an advanced stage of the process, the thymus begins to increases its volume (hypertrophy). This is also true, as I shall show below, for the pituitary and pineal gland.

People, who are about to develop a unified chakra, go through various symptoms that may mimic a heart attack. These symptoms are caused by the expansion of the heart chakra, which also brings a change in the neurological heart regulation with it. When the heart chakra is fully open, one feels due to the strong emanation of love energies from this centre a constant heat and burning sensation in the chest area, which can be accompanied, depending on the intensity of the Light Body Process, by shortness of breath (asphyxia) and heart palpitations (as was the case with many members of the PAT after opening the stargate 11.11.11).

These symptoms are completely harmless. I strongly warn against the consultation by doctors who know nothing about these astral processes and are inclined to inter­pret these symptoms in terms of heart disease. In this way, they reinforce the fear structure of the affected person, thus preventing his energetic transformation in the course of the Light Body Process. Many frightened people may die prematurely in this way (as this will eventually be the case in this year of 2012).

The three upper chakras are the higher frequency chakras of the body, which con­nect to the spirit of the soul (higher self). However, this can happen only in advanced soul age. In young souls, these chakras, especially the 6th and 7 chakra, are still closed.

The fifth chakra, also called the throat chakra, connects to the thyroid gland and transmits energies that mainly act on the rational mind, about which humans are so proud nowadays. For this reason, this chakra is also known as the intellectual centre. Based on this chakra, I’ll explain how an impediment of the energy flow caused by false beliefs leads to chakra-specific diseases.

Persons, in whom the 5th chakra is dominant (see centring of chakras below) pay great attention to logic and reason. This chakra governs the perception and the deli­vering of information, including such of abstract nature, the processing of images and the structuring, and clarification of the received knowledge. These tasks are handled mainly by the left brain hemisphere before they are integrated in the body. In order to cope with these tasks, the right brain hemisphere, which is mainly dedi­cated to the processing of emotions, must be excluded from this intellectual process.

In the case of persons, who are not yet in the Light Body Process, that is to say, mainly young souls, the two halves of their brain are largely separated from each other: it is very difficult for these persons to synchronize them. Such people can not integrate emotion and intellect: They tend to set the priority of abstract, rational thinking for their feelings.

The human rational thinking is, however, very limited: it quickly reaches the bounda­ry of logical analysis, as it is currently practised by intellectually dominated indivi­duals. The Axiomatics of the Universal Law is of course exempted from this finding because, as this disquisition perspires. It includes the dynamics of emotions within human thinking and perception and easily explains their interrelationships.

The limits of conventional logical analysis are set in reality by the human fears and are thus invisibly tainted by negative human emotions, even if this is negated by most scientists and other related humans. The experience of an intellectually centred person to reach very quickly the limits of logical knowledge overwhelms him with such a great fear and makes him so anxiously unsettled, that he willingly gives up his true logic under the whisperings of his high-looming fears and rather entren­ches with passion behind pseudo-intellectual barricades and arguments, as this can be seen not only among scientists, but also among most New Age representatives.

Why any person, who employs the tools of traditional logic, must very quickly and inevitably reach the limits of human knowledge, lies in the fact that these logical tools are in reality a hodgepodge of traditional beliefs, as I have explained in earlier chapters: All categorical systems, which man has developed and amassed through­out history, and are currently being viewed as products of human logic and rational thinking, contain N-sets, that is to say, categories of thought, which exclude them­selves as an element and are, in the strict sense of the Logos, the Universal Law, not consistently logical. They must all be discarded as false images of reality.

This would mean that everything that such persons consider to be logical and important, must be abandoned at once. Such a decision requires a lot of courage and honesty, and these properties are in today’s society as rare as diamonds.

The current categorical systems pertaining to science and everyday thinking, which preposterously decorate themselves with the title of being “logical” and “rational”, contain, in fact, many inherent contradictions, to which any intellectual thinker must inevitably come, but out of fear to give up what he has already learnt and thought, he rather prefers to rigorously negate the disturbing existence of such contradictions.

Here, avenges the separation of intellectuality from emotionality. Because our feelings, when correctly interpreted, makes us aware in an infallible manner, whether what we think is right or wrong. The right thinking always generates an intra-psychic harmony, which is perceived by the mind as a pleasant sensation.

The intellectually centred person frequently arrives in everyday life at the limit of his knowledge, because he ignores and discards all the information and experience coming from his feelings that cause him anxiety and discomfort. He simply cannot centre in his psyche. It is, therefore, no coincidence that emotionality is largely frowned upon especially in academic circles.

Such people often suffer from diseases, which are symptomatic of such behaviour (Insufficient emotionality leads faster to disease than insufficient reasoning, because emotions directly affect the body.). They have diseases of the ears, the organs of speech, complain about tension in the neck muscles, blurred vision, headaches, brain tumours or develop other degenerative diseases of the CNS.

These diseases are often the result of an over-emphasis on mental energy and the conviction, the mind suffices to solve all the problems of life and to render easily digestible explanations for all the secrets of nature, including the above mentioned diseases. Such flawed beliefs have only the function to lull the fears of the intel­lectually centred person by pretending to give him a rational solution of his urgent problems (2) Since the proportion of intellectually centred personalities in the current population is quite high – this is already cogent from the fact that in the whole history of mankind there has never been so many scientists as today – the above-described circumstances and human behaviour acquire collective, pathological traits.

The sixth chakra, also known as the forehead chakra, acts primarily on the pituitary gland. This gland controls the hormone regulation of the body (the pituitary gland- hypothalamus-axis). The 6th chakra connects the human spirit with the soul. For this reason, it is also called the spiritual centre. When this chakra is open, then there is a pronounced expansion and transcendence of the human mind: The spiritual energy principle of human existence “is revealed in the flesh.” This chakra promotes medium-ship, the ability to establish telepathic contact with other incarnated people and with disembodied souls in the astral realms. Most inspirations of creative and scientific nature are mediated through the forehead chakra. This chakra can be activated only in advanced soul age.

The same applies to the last seventh chakra, the crown chakra, which binds to the pineal gland. It allows the maximum possible dissolution of boundaries in the incar­nated state and the feeling of Oneness with the inseparability of All-That-Is. For this reason, it is also called ecstatic centre. This chakra is also closed in most people, and opens only in very old souls (star seeds).

As part of the Light Body Process, these two upper chakras are reactivated, so that the pituitary and pineal glands begin to grow. This increase can be detected in late stages with the help of a computer tomography. This finding is an empirical proof for the correctness of the new Gnosis of the Universal Law, even though its universal validity is so obvious that it requires no special evidence: Being is its proof.

Before a soul incarnates on Earth, she meets the basic decisions on the soul mat­rix of the incarnated personality. This includes the centring of the soul in two reaction centres, that is to say, the soul chooses before each incarnation to emphasize two particular body chakras. The soul energy flows then preferably through these two chakras. Their response patterns have a lasting effect on the human personality, because they reveal themselves as innate characteristics. They largely determine the attitude of the individual towards life and in dealing with the environment, that is to say, they determine, by and large, his survival strategy.

For obvious reasons, the two upper chakras, the 6th and 7th chakra are excluded from this centring (alignment with the soul). They can be only temporarily opened in a state of enlightenment (ecstasy, epiphany). This exclusion of the forehead and crown chakra is not an irreversible deprivation of the incarnated personality by the soul, but is only related to the current soul age of mankind.

The centring of only two chakras and the blockage of the 6th and 7 chakra is an expression of the faulty energetic design of the incarnated personality that I have discussed above. Ideally, all the chakras should be free of any blockages and open to the higher frequency astral energies. Only through the formation of a united chakra during the Light Body Process can this design flaw be overcome by the soul (see below). This process builds the basis of the Evolutionary Leap of the species “man”.

The majority of the incarnated souls are currently baby, child and young souls. At this age, the soul is revealed mainly by the three lower chakras, which also empha­size the instinctive nature in humans. For the same reason, the heart chakra is largely closed in this soul population. This chakra is also known as the chakra of grace because it gives the feeling of love and grace (compassion). Unconditional love always leads to grace, compassion and forgiveness.

Feelings are sensual perceptions: they are perceived not only mentally as emotions, but also physically (somatically) as well-being or discomfort. Their intensity can be strong and determine human behaviour.

The three lower chakras of preservation instinct (1), sexuality (2) and motion (3), whereby the latter reaction pattern manifests at present mainly as a power-drive condition, determine decisively the individual and collective conduct in present-day society, which is dominated by obnoxious norms and behaviour standards.

The current karma that was exclusively introduced by the souls for the sake of accumulating experience, is based on the dominion of the three lower chakras and the simultaneous exclusion of the propensity of love (closed 4th heart chakra), the logic of the mind (insufficient 5th chakra) and in a state of almost complete blockade of the spiritual (6) and ecstatic centre (7).

Under these limiting energetic conditions it is not at all difficult for the soul to manoeuvre her incarnation in all sorts of entanglements that would be unthinkable in the activation of the three upper chakras. These aberrations in human behaviour include: murder, torture, betrayal, love withdrawal, acts of ruthlessness, brutality, irresponsibility, in other words, all kinds of debased demeanour that one can exces­sively watch on TV and in Hollywood films.

Most of karmic entanglements are linked to the cycle of the young soul and solved in a responsible manner in the cycle of the mature or old soul, for karmic bonds can be solved only by the ability to love, which is reached only in the late soul age. When karmic deeds are committed, the incarnated entity is usually manipulated by the soul through the three lower chakras, because there are agreements on the astral plane, which must be adhered to. In such cases, free will is repealed. Such involvement can take place only in the karmic condition of lovelessness.

For this reason, in the last two to three thousand years, the three lower chakras were primarily emphasized, with the help of which appropriate karmic response pat­terns can be triggered. It is no coincidence that the known human history is an unbroken chain of wars and violence, while the principle of grace that was exemp­lified by Jesus was only theoretically known, but was not practically lived.

3. Energetic Aspects of the Light Body Process and the Evolutionary Leap of Mankind

Based on this discussion of the effect of the chakras and their importance in shaping the individual psyche and personality, I will illuminate at the end relevant aspects of the Light Body Process and the Evolutionary Leap of mankind.

The first process represents an increase in the frequencies of the physical body to match the frequencies of the astral body, which allows a transition of the physical carbon-based body into crystalline light body and vice verse. At the same time the personality acquires the energetic and intellectual abilities of the soul and becomes a multidimensional personality. These include: telepathy, teleportation, teleki­nesis, spontaneous recognition, universal awareness, for example, on novel techno­logies that will be introduced to the earth, total recall of all past incarnations, etc.

This sounds very simple and wonderful, but it is really much more complicated and difficult than the innocent reader suspects at first glance. The process is especially in mental, psychological and physical terms extremely stressful and challenging. During the Light Body Process, the person involved experiences purgatory on earth. Why? I already anticipated the answer to this question in part in my previous discussion. I’ll summarize it here again.

Human being, and his personality, is not a fixed, predetermined magnitude, but an energy system that is in constant change. The current psychic and mental structure of man is a product of his historical evolution and the selection of his soul matrix in the astral worlds. Both psyche and mind have developed slowly in several millennia, until they have reached the present level. And now they have to evolve in a few years so radically in order to achieve the perfect awareness of the soul, at least in some areas, before man can ascend in his light body.

This Evolutionary Leap takes place under the condition of severe amnesia and the restrictions of physicality. The Light Body Process is thus a powerful, time-ruffled program that only old souls can handle at the end of their incarnation cycle. They must experience how their old behaviour patterns, which they have acquired in their long cycle of incarnations, including the last incarnation, are coming up. These behaviour patterns dominate the actual personality for a short period of time and must be overcome with the help of the will and a loving psyche. These are low frequency, destructive, fear-based patterns, which can take different gestalt, depen­ding on the individual. By being recognized as an energetic epiphenomena that do not belong to the essence of the personality, they are eliminated (cleansed) by the human spirit in constructive interference with the psyche.

In practice, the mind rationally deals with these fear patterns and recognizes their illusory nature. This inner dynamics is certainly not easy, because the patterns are laden with very strong anxiety, and the temptation of the mind to succumb to their internal pressure is often unbearable.

The personality does not have to do anything at all. During this time she must try to be her soul – for soul is Being and not doing – and in a society based on doing, the biggest challenge of all is the conscious Non-Doing. Instead, she must think and re-think a lot about herself and All-That-Is. In this way, the incarnated personality frees herself from all socially, family and historically grafted opinions, beliefs and beha­viour patterns that have imbued her character. She is thus cleansed.

Specifically, this process is felt as if one goes through purgatory and renews himself, like the famous phoenix in ancient Egyptian mythology, which arises from the ashes. However, this is not a solitary act, as there are numerous energy waves, which occur over many years, each time increasing in intensity and representing a unique hurdle for the person.

At the end of the Light Body process, the person develops an unconditional love for nature and all living creatures that he has never known before. At the same time he dissolves all ties with the material world that have put shackles on him. From an entangled personality, he now becomes a loving observer, who is able to express a dispassionate understanding for even the most deviant behaviour observed on this toxic planet.

This distanced apprehension should not be confused in any way with the Buddhist, Stoic indifference to all the world’s ills. Rather, one must imagine the Light Body Process as if one weaves his psyche and his mind anew by ultimately shovelling the inner spiritual core of his personality from the dung of worldly experience.

However, the person experiences at the beginning of the process a firework of unpleasant events that put him into a state of total helplessness. From this he learns to surrender the free will of his ego completely to the soul and to voluntarily go into the care of the soul and the universal Spirit. From this date onward, the soul deter­mines the fate of the earthly personality.

This cut of the cord from the last illusion with regard to the self-sufficiency of human existence is very painful and requires the surmounting of existential fears, about which a young soul has no clue. At the same time, the person in the Light Body Process must allow his soul to transform his physical vessel, he must willingly affirm it and, during the long period of this exhausting process, stoically bear up and actively support it.

The transformation of the physical body is massive and unimaginably exhaustive, not least, because in today’s society one has not yet developed a concept of this process, and the person in the Light Body Process has to endure the lack of under­standing and consideration by the environment. Rather, he is exposed to the many irrational hostility and aggression acts of young souls, he must bear up in addition to the physical and mental tortures of the Light Body Process. The thought of death is a constant companion at this time. The biochemical and energetic aspects of this transformation can not be discussed here.

Externally, the Light Body process takes the form of a serious chronic disease that runs in batch mode. The total physical and mental exhaustion is accompanied by many symptoms that are known from various degenerative diseases of the CNS and muscle-skeletal apparatus.

Since the organism is rejuvenated in the course of the Light Body Process to achieve immortality at the end, the external appearance of the person is in blatant contradiction to the subjective persistent feeling of psycho-mental depression and to the objectively reduced efficiency of the body (an oxymoron).

The mind is largely eliminated in this process; it must watch helplessly as the body is controlled by higher forces, and still boldly affirm and promote this painful process. In the later stages, when the mind is able to cope better with it, he can give valuable clues to the soul. If the intensity of the light body transformation waves is too strong or too long a period, then one can ask for a break and the soul will give it to him whenever possible (However, this does not occur very often, as the soul has her own agenda how to proceed with the Light Body Process).

The light body process is, as the reader can already take from this short run, the greatest and most daring challenge, which an embodied soul can currently under­take on Earth. One must bear up with every cell of his body, with every thought of his mind and with every feeling of his psyche the mighty power of the faulty collec­tive beliefs and behaviour patterns in order to realize the grandest vision of himself on earth – achieve a cosmic ascension and become a transliminal soul.

He cannot hope of any help from the society or family, for no man, who himself is not in the Light Body Process, can understand and empathize with what he is going through. The current society has no experience with such processes and what people do not know, they also do not accept. The rejection experienced by a person during that time can be extreme. In his light body transformation marathon he builds a solitary pair with his soul and must encapsulate himself from the society and family, at least temporarily. This behaviour is often misunderstood, and the exhaus­ted person faces multiple fear-laden prejudices from the immediate surroundings, which he cannot refute at this stage.

At the end of the Light Body Process, the frequencies and the energy intensity augment to such an extent that the power of the aura that such a person radiates is unbearable for others. In particular, young and immature souls, but also mature, non-centred souls, feel very uncomfortable in the presence of a person standing at the end of the process. They do not know what to do with him, because their low frequency fields no longer correlate with his high frequency, unified energy field.

The united, cleansed chakra of a person at the end of his transformation does not allow any interactions with the blocked lower chakras of ordinary people who vibrate with the frequencies of fear. Since all human relationships come about through such astral interference, most people unconsciously feel that they cannot handle such a person. They develop, depending on the individual and situation, strong aggression, rejection, or anger against him, or simply feel fear and discomfort. As they do not comprehend that they are the actual source of these negative feelings, they may react extremely irrationally. The high energy of a person at the end of the Light Body Process reinforces the disharmony in immature souls, and since they are not in a position to recognize the cause in themselves, they tend too quickly to demonize such a light gestalt.

One must learn in this time to live with human rejection. This was also the fate of Jesus, as this is adamantly depicted in the Bible. Since the individual in LBP is in a very close contact with his soul, it usually does not bother him to be left on his own. In addition, his mind is more open to other parallel realities, so that he is barely susceptible to everyday stimuli. Since he is no longer truly involved in earthly life, he can look down upon the bustle around him with calmness and detached appre­hension.

Nevertheless, the person in Light Body Process must still linger a while on earth and he can not avoid to turn on and off in the general atmosphere of fear in everyday life. This process is then perceived as particularly painful: One feels the insatiable longing, to leave this world full of disgust and interpersonal atrocities as soon as possible (3).

At least this is the current situation at this moment (2001). In the foreseeable future, the public attitude towards such persons must definitely change. The people will have to learn to deal with such evolved human beings with more apprehension than is the case today: People will soon realize that they will be dependent on each ascended masters to survive (as this will be case very soon in 2012).

These old souls, who have given their consent to go through with the Light Body Process, embody the heroic myth of All-That-Is, whose true scope and importance they will discover in full only after their cosmic ascension. At the moment of Ascen­sion, they will enter a state of incredible serenity, full contentment and blissful fulfil­ment that will compensate for all the hardships of their long and tedious reincarna­tion cycle and can only be described as ecstasy.

The individuals (such as the members of the PAT), who will successfully complete this process, will be an example for the rest of humanity that is still in the middle or the last third of their reincarnation cycle. They will embody what is in principle possible for all incarnated souls and can be reached at the end of the cycle of reincarnation (This includes also all souls who will ascend on December 21, 2012 during mass Ascension to the lower levels of the 5th dimension, but will need at least another 2000 years earthly time to reach the moment of their final cosmic ascension.).

When this shift in awareness occurs, the earth will be energetically completely renewed. Many processes that previously required centuries to come to fruition, will be realized much faster now. Also, the karma of the past will change fundamentally. Humanity will no longer be the same species.

Instead of today’s materialistic principles will come spiritual principles. The horizontal human consciousness will expand its knowledge on the vertical, astral dimension and will throw over board today’s limited ideas. However, life on Earth will continue to provide some challenges of physicality for the majority of the incarnated souls. Only they will enjoy a much wider range of opportunities and resources to gestalt their earthly existence more comfortable and spiritual than it is today.

The ascended, multidimensional personalities (such as the members of the PAT) will establish the connection to the higher astral dimensions and other planets and realities that are inhabited by incarnated souls. The terrestrial civilization will evolve as a result of the Evolutionary Leap and the Light Body Process to a community of loving souls. This will take some time. This vision, which some readers will expe­rience still in this incarnation, will be so great that it can hardly be put into words. So I will stop at this place.


1.  Even Jesus refers to the lower amnesia of the children who have a largely unimpeded access to their soul and the spirit worlds, as he blesses the children (Mark,10,14-15): “Suffer the little children come unto me and forbid them not, for of such is the kingdom of God. Verily I say unto you: “Who shall not receive the kingdom of God like a child shall not enter therein.” Like most statements in the Bible, this one is also not properly understood by the Church and Christians.

2.  In this context, I recommend the reader to watch or listen any health program on tele­vision or radio, and he will come to the same conclusion. Such programs are paramount examples of how the media operate with the subliminal fears of diseases among all people and how they address these fears with scientifically flawed concepts. This is the stuff, with which most traditional beliefs are woven. Such medical programs have a potentiating effect through the mass media. They amplify and spread in this way the collective patterns of fear, and their striking effect on the psyche of the viewers and listeners should not be under­estimated in any way.

3.  This psychological aspect is very convincingly expressed in the Bible, when Jesus, completely disgusted by his people, while performing one of his healing miracles, cries in exasperation to God: “Oh, you, unfaithful folks! How long should I dwell among you? How long should I bear you?” (Mk, 9,19)


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