Life After Ascension. Response to Medwyn’s Questions

by Georgi Stankov, February 25, 2012, Copyright 2012

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St Apollinare in Classe (Ravenna), Italy,  6th century, Paradise, Byzantine mosaic


Individual Cosmic Ascension Versus Planetary Mass Ascension

Why this elaboration on life after ascension will not apply to the members of the PAT, but to all future readers of this website who will participate in the mass ascension on Dec 21, 2012 to the second level of the 5th dimension. As we have discussed this issue on many occasions in the past, all of you have already ascended beyond the 5th dimension – from the 6th to the 12th dimension of the Source – and are now only staying on earth in a physical vessel to help Gaia and humanity make their last strides towards their final ascension. The highest 5th dimension is the frequency level of Universal Creation and has been also described by myself as the 144-octave. This level is universal for all parallel worlds and incarnation experiments throughout the three-dimensional solar universes.

You will all ascend beyond this level, where Creation is no longer individual, but also includes the creation of new planets, solar systems and even galaxies. Many of you will qualify for this job after you have successfully accomplished the current ascension of Gaia and humanity. This job has been your best qualification, which you can acquire throughout the whole universe. It could as well be that some of you will decide to help the ascended Gaia and humanity for a while from these higher dimensions by coordinating the new life with the help of astral probability alternatives and exploring new areas of creative social life. Or you may take responsibility for the new crystalline grid, which is a very complex ongoing coordination activity beyond human imagination. This is normally the work of the Elohims and many of you will indeed become Elohims after ascension. If you wish you may appear on the New Earth in a crystalline light body, which you can gestalt in your individual aesthetic imagination.

And now I come to the key word “imagination”. It is impossible to depict any of your future experiences after your ascension, as at these higher levels anything you can possibly imagine will immediately be your reality. In addition you will be able to participate in infinite parallel realities and have a glimpse in the construction of new solar systems and galaxies that escape any human imagination, still trapped in the linearity of our physiological brains. Therefore, I hope that you understand the impossibility of my task as posed to me by Medwyn with his questions. What I guess is that he actually wanted me to depict how life will be in the lower second level of the 5th dimension, where the majority of human beings will ascend by the end of this year and where some of us may continue with our mission.

Different Levels of Perception and Awareness

Before I continue with the description of life on the New Earth, let me elaborate several aspects that to my surprise have not been discussed yet in any esoteric writing whatsoever – at least to my knowledge.

We are all sentient beings and our perceptions of the outer world are gathered by our five senses. In fact, about 90% of all these sensations affecting our thoughts and ideas are of optical character. Therefore, I describe the human species often as an “eye-animal” (Augentier, in German). The other four senses are of less importance, especially in the current modern world of rapidly changing visual images that flicker on the screens of our mass media. In more “primitive” societies other senses, such as smell, taste and tactile sensations may have a much greater importance in building human ideas of the outer world. I deliberately speak of the “outer” world, which is now perceived as an independent objective reality in the current materialistic society, knowing very well that this world is a product of the imagination of our souls, in which we enter in a secondary manner upon incarnation to collect specific, limited experiences in a state of forgetfulness about the true reality.

The scope of these experiences is predetermined by the limitations of human senses – the very senses that we have developed as creator souls in an a priori manner. If we would have decided to have other experiences in the 3d-reality before we started with this incarnation experiment on earth, we would have created our senses in another, more favourable manner or we would have provided the incarnated human entities with developed inner telepathic senses, enabling direct knowing. For instance, there is no apparent reason why our eyes should be limited to the narrow spectrum of the visible light or why our hearing should be only in the range of 8 to 20 000 hertz. We could as well see ultraviolet light or even Röntgen rays and hear ultra-sounds that whales, for instance, are able to perceive and use in their navigation.

From this short discussion it is cogent that our experience depends exclusively on the artificially selected scope of our senses which, in their turn, determine the expansion of our awareness. After ascension our awareness will all of a sudden expand to such a great extent that the influx of sensations and impressions will overwhelm us at the first moment and we will need some time to adjust to it before our multidimensional operating system starts to function.

And here I come to another aspect that has not been discussed in the esoteric literature so far – the speed of perception. From the vantage point of view of our souls, we move, think and perceive extremely slow as if in a retarded motion. This is necessary as in this way the higher realms can easily coordinate the whole matrix of slow movements done by incarnated human beings and the rest of nature, including flora, fauna and the elementals of inanimate matter. All these kinematic actions which transmit the impression of exuberant life are driven by the vis vitalis of the higher realms – by their invisible parent energies, which demand an extreme precision and overall coordination, so that “life” on any planet can exist. Even Gaia is a sentient being that is regulated by higher frequency energies as everybody should know by now. This is difficult to understand in its totality, as long as one is confined to the low processing of information by the human biological brain, to which the human mind is attached as a local astral programme of the cosmic spirit.

I will illustrate this circumstance with the following example. Some years ago my soul made an experiment with me and switched my daily consciousness to the awareness of my higher self at a time when I was pondering on the different aspects of individual perception in All-That-Is. All of a sudden I began to receive images with such an incredible velocity that within several seconds I received millions of images. My biological brain, however, was so overwhelmed that it collapses after several seconds and returned to its normal, sequential data processing. Then I received the following information from my higher self: “Now you understand why it is impossible to relay to human incarnated beings the overwhelming expanded awareness of their souls, which they will acquire after ascension in the higher dimensions”. Therefore, it is a naive attempt to try to present in words the pristine experience we will regain, once we have ascended and our limited human consciousness has merged with the all pervading awareness of our souls and monads.   

There is another important aspect of our perception, which is also not well understood by most people. Our habitual perception of the world is, as said above, essentially based on our five senses. These sensations determine vastly the scope of our world view. As long as they are as limited as is the case in the vast majority of sleeping human beings, there is little hope to create a better reality. Before we can begin to create the New Earth, we must expand our sensations. This is done during the individual LBP, and you have all gone through this transformation process that turns all your senses upside down and opens your inner latent senses.

This was known since the early 70s, when in some rare channelled messages of a much better quality than nowadays, these major changes of human perceptions were announced, but not really comprehended. I think in particular of the channeling group in the vicinity of Cornwall, where Medwyn now lives. The book I have in mind is titled “The Revelation of Ramala”  and was edited by the Ramala Society in Glastonbury, England in 1979, which I would strongly recommend to all of you if this book is still available. Seth, channelled by Jane Roberts, also spoke of the huge expansion of the inner humans senses in the coming End Times which both, Jane Roberts and her man, who wrote down her channellings as a stenographer, wrongly interpreted to come around 2070. This is the historical perspective.

We have external senses, on which we exclusively rely, but we also harbour latent inner senses, which are much more powerful and reliable and have to be developed step by step in the course of our LBP. You all remember how your heart chakras fully opened at 11.11.11 and shortly thereafter, and you all began to perceive the world through this emotional centre by short circuiting your mental brain. Most of our perceptions are at present still mentally processed. This essay makes no exception. But beyond our mental perceptions, we also have an inner sensual perception at our disposal that goes beyond the limited scope of the five senses and their mental processing. When we are switched onto this new inner perception, our awareness of the world is transformed profoundly. In order to illustrate this new level of inner sensation, I would like to quote from an email of Joelle, which I received only yesterday, where she describes this new state of experience in a beautiful way:

“After 11.11 I was not able to harbor such things as anger, furry, etc in the same way, towards myself or externally towards others. I had felt as though I walked off a cliff (11.11) and found nothing underneath but the dark abyss. I could neither turn back or fall, but move forward with only the light that radiates from my chest. (Visual that comes to mind: Me centered within myself while a whirl wind of dark energy swirls around me. At my feet is light, but it comes from within me and flows out from me, every step creates my path.)”

I remember very well how many of you described similar sensual sensations beyond the five common human senses after the opening of the stargate 11.11.11 and our personal portals. Why is this observation so important? Because it tells us that when we will ascend, we will acquire all of a sudden a completely new energetic set of sensual perceptions that will offset all our previous experience and knowledge, collected during our earthly life and with the help of which we define ourselves as human individuals and sentient beings.

The Moment of Ascension is the Moment of Your Cosmic Orgasm

The moment we ascend and transform our carbon-based bodies into crystalline light bodies – most probably in the dream state as we do this every night when we leave our physical vessel in bed and travel in our astral body – we will experience the greatest energetic orgasm, any soul has been ever allowed to experience. In this moment we will merge with the Source for a short period of time and will become aware with our whole energetic soul structure of the maximal state of bliss and satisfaction throughout our whole reincarnation cycle. This will be our compensation and a reward for a well done job on this toxic and dangerous planet. For all of you, this is your last incarnation in this reincarnation cycle on earth, and only souls that finish with their incarnation cycle enjoy the privilege of making this unique experience.

The merging with the Source is the actual return to Oneness. This experience results from an immense increase in frequency and harmonization beyond human imagination, where words simply lose their meaning. However there are some notable differences in this particular experience which depend on the essential energy (role) of each individual incarnated soul. As I have explained in my book “The Evolutionary Leap of Mankind”, there are seven essential soul energies (roles), and each soul represents the same essential energy/role throughout her whole reincarnation cycle.

The energy of the healer (1), which is identical with the emotional energy of the heart centre (4th chakra) will allow an ascended entity with this essential role to experience for instance an orgasm of unlimited unconditional love of the Source that he has been searching in vain throughout all his incarnations. An entity with the essential energy of the warrior (3) will experience at the moment of ascension the complete satisfaction of the realization of all his goals, for which he has fought many futile battles throughout his whole incarnation cycle. An entity with the essential energy of the wise (5) will experience the complete mental clarity that he has searched in vain in a physical body, and so on. It is impossible to describe the quality of each individual blissful orgasm of energy explosion that you will experience at the moment of your ascension. But if you go inside yourself and ask your soul to reveal to you her essential energy role, she will do it with pleasure, then with the help of this knowledge you will better understand the experiences you have made in the past and the goals you have endeavoured to achieve throughout your life. This is important in this final stage of your spiritual evolution.

This blissful orgiastic state cannot be hold for a very long time and we will then decent to a lower level than that of the Source, where the bliss will continue, but not in this unique intensity as at the moment of our ascension. However this event will imbue our sensual perceptions for ever. This gratification, this heavenly benediction, upon ascension is meant to serve as a motivation vehicle for the soul to proceed on the ladder of her evolution to new unknown horizons.

And now I come to life after mass ascension at the second level of the 5th dimension, where most of the ascended human beings will find themselves at the end of this year, and where the New Earth will still retain some kind of physicality and material structure, although most of the images and forms will be much more malleable than on this earth. Please, do not underestimate this level. In comparison to the curred toxic atmosphere on earth, this will be a real paradise. The bliss, which all humans will enjoy all of a sudden, will exceed their greatest expectations.      

Life on the New 5d-Earth

What will it look like, like earth only pristine?

It will indeed look like quite similar to the current earth, so that some individuals may not immediately perceive the difference after they will awaken in their new crystalline bodies on the New 5d-Earth. There is a common saying that humans very easily adopt to better conditions, but very slowly adjust to a deteriorating situation. The greatest difference will be that there will be no ugly metropolis and big cities, where now about 80% of the human population lives.

All houses will be embedded in the landscape and nature, some houses will be built within huge trees. They will have all possible forms and structures with a lot of light and harmony. The vegetation will be integrated in the architecture. The space of these domiciles will be in accordance with the actual needs of the people and there will be no huge masons with dozens of rooms as some rich people now enjoy. This conspicuous consumption as practiced by the current Elite of rich young souls on this earth will no longer exist on the New Earth. As all people will not need to work as to survive, but will only perform creative activities at their discretion, they will spent a lot of time in their houses and surroundings; they will have a lot of free time and leisure to invite guests and indulge in discussions and other joyful collective activities.

All houses will have their own unlimited source of free energy, As the temperatures will be moderate on the New Earth, there will not be any need for central heating and the air circulation will be organized in new more efficient ways. This rural infrastructure of human housing will be only possible if new means of transport will be introduced. In the first phase, there will be new anti-gravity vehicles that will float noiseless in the air. There will be also portals at many places that will allow the beaming of the physical body to any place on the New Earth. By the way, the new earth will be much bigger than the current 3d-planet and will have place for about 10 billion incarnated entities at a time.

All these technologies are already available and the ascended humanity will have them at its disposal from the very beginning. There will be thus no need to develop them by tedious technological experiments as is the case now. I assume that part of these technologies will be introduced in the second half of 2012 after the magnetic pole reversal and the split of the two timelines has taken place this spring. These new technologies will be only introduced on the ascending part of Gaia, which will enter the 4th and lower 5th dimensions after the split.

Will those who died and went to spirit be there, will lost loved pets be there?

As I will discuss in my next report-62, some of the candidates for ascension may not wait until mass ascension in Dec 2012, but decide to leave earth earlier by death experience. Many of these entities will enter Celestria – the highest level of the 5th dimension, where most souls dwell between the incarnations and then immediately acquire a crystalline body and appear on the New Earth at the lower second level of the 5th dimension, where they will meet or welcome the ascending masses at the end of this year.

Other human beings, who will end this incarnation with a death experience, may prefer to stay for a while in Celestria and incarnate later on the New Earth in a new setting and family. By the way – the families: The earthly families may retain their structure on the New Earth, if this is part of the plans and wishes of the ascended entities, but there will be also some completely new family and community arrangements.

Generally, the social structure will be much more flexible and will change quickly according to the spiritual needs of the individuals. As there will be much more freedom and easiness in daily life than now – the instinct of survival will be substituted with the deep knowing of the immortality of the soul and its incarnations – all these social contacts will be associated with a lot of pleasure, joy and desire for creative experiments. It is impossible to describe the vast plurality of new ways of life that will be possible on the New Earth.  

There is one important aspect I would like to convey at this place that has been also extensively discussed in our ascension reports. Many of you have a partner and/or children that are not that much advanced in the LBP as you are and may eventually ascend on the New Earth, instead coming with you to the higher dimensions. However there is a possibility that these family members also ascend with you to these higher dimensions, although they have not gone through the exhausting LBP as you have done. The reason for this is encoded in the simple cosmic rule: “Every incarnated soul will return to the same dimension, from where she has incarnated on earth at this time. If a soul has come from the 6th or 7th dimension as a star seed and is still asleep and has not yet started fully with the LBP, she will, nonetheless, return to the same dimension when she finishes with her last incarnation on earth.

This may sound somewhat unjust, but that is how the individual soul contracts are arranged in free will. If your family members will ascend only to the New Earth and you will ascend, say, to the 7th dimension, you may visit them whenever you want in a crystalline light body or enter in telepathic contact with them. In addition, these entities will continue to dwell in the higher realms of the 5th dimension in the dream state, where such encounters will be much easier to arrange. From this elaboration we can conclude that there will be infinite possibilities to establish very intensive and much more rewarding relationships to former family members and other people than here on this earth.

Pets! Many of our pets and other domestic animals will ascend with Gaia to the 5th dimension in Dec 2012. In addition, there will be new pets that will be much more intelligent that the present ones. Altogether pets receive portions of our spirit, emotions and intelligence when they live with us. It is a well-known fact that all pets acquire more or less the features, good or bad, of their master. In the New Earth, this energetic interdependence will be even more pronounced and the responsibility for our pets will be greater and well accepted. There will be no longer any antagonism between the different animal species – the sheep and the lion will walk hand in hand, as it has been prophesied for the coming Golden Age.

I had another vision – that our cats and other new pets will be so intelligent that they will be able to climb the trees and collect fruits and other organic products for our meals.

Will there be buildings, towns?

There will be beautiful masons embedded in the nature, as previously said, and there will be small communities with associated buildings, but there will be definitely no big, ugly cities and metropolis as we know them today. As there will be no streets for transport on wheels anymore, there will be much more landscape with alternating forests and fields and many lakes in between. There will be much more water than on this earth and much more evenly distributed (no deserts anymore), so that the people can enjoy the beauty of the new sparkling water. All trees and vegetation will be much more intensive and colourful and will have much greater regenerative power as part of the 5d-energies.

There will be no industrial production in the current sense and thus no ugly industrial zones. The new technologies will be self-creative, although at the beginning most humans will make use of them without understanding their mechanism of operation, but later on they will begin to create on their own new technological applications and devices. All these technologies will be based on free photon energy or cosmic energy, call it as you wish.

The transport will be free of pollution, just as all other technologies, and will include new anti-gravity vehicles, but also the use of portals when bigger journeys will be made. It will be possible to move from one part of the New Earth to any other within several minutes earthly time.

But I must add at this place that linear time will no longer play any role on the New Earth. All humans will leave in the Now and will be very relaxed and free of any fear as to how they will survive in the future. All these primitive instincts that currently dominate human life and society on this planet will disappear for ever. This is in fact the major psychological improvement that the new way of life will bring about.

Will there be weather?

At the beginning there will be weather and it will be very moderate – around 22 degree Celsius, but later on, when the new ascended human beings start to regain their potential to create from the fulcrum of their soul, they may begin to modulate the weather, however in coordination with the desires of the other people. It is difficult to imagine how intricate the relationship of the ascended entities with the new surrounding nature will be. They will, for the first time, realize that the environment, in which they live, is part of their own creative imagination and that they can change it anytime they wish. For instance, they will soon begin to modulate the architecture of their houses at their discretion, without using any building materials, but by pure imagination.   

Will we be able to instantly heal ourselves of any minor or serious illness?

Most of the current diseases of the carbon-based body will automatically disappear when the human beings awaken in their crystalline light bodes after the “three days of stasis”, which may be, in fact, no stasis at all, but a nice prolonged sleep, while the new crystalline bodies will be created in the higher realms. There may be still some disharmonies in the mental and emotional body that may need new healing techniques based on crystals and higher frequency healing energies, but altogether the profession of the current physician, as myself, will belong to the past, just as such ridiculous professions as banksters or state employees. There will be many teachers in different areas and many “soul healers” who will operate with the new energies and concepts. These professions will be exerted by the most evolved incarnated souls on the New Earth.

Will there be rivers, oceans, trees, forests, climates, life?

There will be many rivers and lakes, forests and fields, and animals, as said before, and all these natural beauties will be much more evenly and harmoniously distributed on the New Earth. There will be also oceans, but their surface will be less than that on the current earth. Altogether, there will be much more land to live on and there will be huge national parks with wild life, which will be anything, but wild, as aggression among animals will no longer exist, and there will be hence no predators.

Will we eat, drink or not need to?

At the beginning, the ascended entities will still eat and drink and the food will be prepared automatically by new invisible technologies and will be served on the table at wish. The taste and quality of the food will exceed anything known on earth. The rest will be recycled and there will be no need to wash dishes anymore. Later on, most of the entities will start using prana and food will lose its importance, but it will still be possible to enjoy food, whenever one wishes.

Will we be bodies of light?

All members of the PAT will have bodies of pure light – they will be light. But they can create a visible crystalline body anytime they wish as to meet other humans on the New Earth. All ascended humans will have a crystalline body, which they will not be able to transform at the beginning. Later on, they will learn how to change its outer appearance.

Will there be sex?

Sex is not a human invention, but a gift of Heaven. Hence, there is a lot of sex in the higher realms, but it is of a completely different quality and experience. Any two entitles in the higher realms will be able to merge their fields and thus augment their intensity and frequency and experience a kind of a cosmic orgasm. The current sexual attributes will lose their technical and mechanical importance and even the sexual organs may no longer exist. The hands will be a powerful catalyst for sexual experience of the new art. In this case there will no longer be any pregnancy as the new incarnated soul will simply materialize her crystalline body when she decides to enter the New Earth from a higher dimension.

Will we have homes, houses, a place of our own if we wanted one?

This question has been already tackled above. One may create his own houses, whenever he wishes and change their architecture anytime, but he may also prefer to live with other people in a common mason. As there will be no private possession, this distinction “place of our own” will be irrelevant. One may as well prefer to live in the free nature without any belongings as everything can be immediately created upon wish.

Will animals be there, will we be able to talk with them?

Yes, as discussed above, and we will communicate with the animals much more intensively in a telepathic way. Humans will soon discard the oral language as a means of communication and substitute it with a pure telepathic transmission of ideas and emotions, which is a much more effective, intensive and rewarding way of communication.

How does one ascend by a personal portal, a mass public portal?

Ascension is a personal process and each one of you has his own inner portal. In addition, there will be mass portals for the mass ascension in Dec 2012, but it will not be so, that the people will build queues and wait to be lifted to the New Earth. Simply, there will be areas on this planet where ascension will take place much more easily. These places will be known and the people who want to ascend will flock there at the right time.

Is it a wormhole from one earth to the other?

I personally have great difficulties with the word “wormhole” and I do not use it. But there will be portals between the new ascended earth and the remaining catastrophic earth for some time after the split as to allow for some laggards to enter the New Earth at a later date, after they have awakened in the hell of the catastrophic earth. This aspect is also discussed in the report-63.

Will there be help, others on the other side?

There is always huge help for every incarnated entity on earth. It is only a question of discerning this help. There will be a lot of help for all those entities that have not awaken this year, although it was in their soul contract to do so and will have to stay on the catastrophic earth for a while to learn their final lessons. Some of us may help such entities as ascended masters and guide them through the portals to the New Earth. On the New Earth, the help from the higher dimensions will be as ubiquitous in its manifestations as the new Nature itself.

Will there be ET’s to greet us on the other side, into a galactic family?

Maybe. I am inclined to believe that we will be greeted in the first place by the many human beings/souls that already populate the New Earth and prepare it for the ascending masses in December this year. By the way, we all work in the dream state on the New Earth and create her new matrix. In this sense for some of the ascending humans their human brothers and sisters living on the New Earth may appear as ETs. From that point onward the contact with other civilisations and parallel worlds will be quite natural. But it will take some time before true relationships are established on a grander scale with distinct civilisations.

What will we do with our time, what choices will there be?

As nobody will be constraint to work as to survive, only pleasant and creative activities will be exerted. I leave it here to the imagination of the reader, what anybody can and will do on the New Earth one whole eternity, knowing that he is immortal.

Will we be able to teleport around the new earth by thought?

At the beginning the teleportation on the New Earth will be accomplished by external portals. But all of you as ascended masters will be able to teleport yourself in whatever reality you wish, and not only on the New Earth.

Will we be telepathic?

I thought that you are already telepathic. I, on my part, am rather telepathic and I could have been much more telepathic if I did not have to receive all the negative thoughts and emotional patterns of most people in my surroundings. But on the New Earth telepathy will be soon the normal way of communication.

And with this I have done it – the New Earth is just around the corner, waiting for every one of you, who only expresses the wish to ascend.

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