Economic Collapse 2012 – February Update

by Georgi Stankov, February 10, 2012, Copyright 2012

It is true that I was somewhat too optimistic last year with respect to the occurrence of the financial and economic crash. Unfortunately, we had to endure several major delays from the higher realms for good reasons. The most important one was associated with the postponement of the magnetic pole shift at the opening of the stargate 11.11.11 due to the fact that the light quotient on earth was not reached, as most of the people are still in a deep slumber. This cosmic decision also caused the delay of our ascension. This circumstance is extensively discussed in my article “The Winds of Change”, where I make a precise forecast of the Ascension scenario in 2012 and also address this financial issue.

One must clearly distinguish between the real situation behind the veil of illusion on this planet and the camouflage that is presented in the mass media, which are fully under the control of the still Powers That Be. As long as this unfavourable situation is persisting, it is almost impossible to make the people aware of the fact, how dire the actual financial conditions are worldwide.

The financial collapse actually took place in 2008, and since then the financial cabal are operating on global fraud by printing money out of thin air and thus impoverishing the masses through Draconian austerity programmes, as is the case in Greece, Ireland, Italy, Spain, Portugal, GB, but also in the USA and other economically somewhat more “stable” countries, such as Germany and France. This trend will stipulate in early 2012.

If the actual collapse as predicted by myself for 2011 did not happen earlier, this is entirely due to the clandestine coordination of the forces of light, whose intention is to prevent this crash at any price under the conditions of the dark human minions of the Orion/reptilian system. Their aim is namely to default the Western national states and to substitute them with the New World Order. The Greek crisis, for instance, is an attempt of the American faction of the dark banksters to hijack the European Union and default the Euro currency and thus eliminate the sovereignty of the national states, by putting them under the firm financial control of unelected reptilian-minded bureaucrats in Brussels.

Although the national states are currently entirely under the control of the Orion/Reptilian system through their corrupt puppets of politicians and reptilian shape-shifters, the national state is still a citadel for some basic civil rights of the people, which could be easily wiped out when the states are abolished and substituted with an anonymous New World Order.

The forces of light were confronted with a very complicated optimization exercise during the current End Times. On the one hand, both the national states and the old economic order must collapse at some point in time before humanity can start preparing for mass ascension in Dec 2012.

On the other hand, humanity is still in huge retard with its awakening and revolting against the ruling cabal as the anemic Occupy movement in the USA explicitly shows. If this crash would have come earlier in 2011, this would have only unleashed the basic survival fears of the masses and the crash would have been exploited by the dark ones to promote their agenda of the New World Order. When you have scared, fearful masses you can manipulate them very easily, as this has always been the case in the past.

For that reason it was decided in the higher realms that there will be first a powerful infusion of loving energies by opening the stargate 11.11.11 and two further portals 12.12 and 21.12 (winter solstice), which were as magnificent as the stargate 11.11.11. These energies have raised the basic vibrations of the masses, so that they already begin to experience more loving emotional and mental patterns and to disentangle themselves from the prevailing dark Orion ideas that have reigned on this planet and society for eons of time. These baseline energies, promoting love, compassion and truthfulness by opening the 4th heart chakras in many human beings since 11.11.11, were further augmented in January and are about to reach a peak in February, when the first cracks in the dysfunctional financial and economic system of the world economy can no longer be hidden.

Only when the necessary threshold is reached to completely dismantle the old matrix of the Orion monetary system, will the forces of light allow for the financial crash to occur. As I said, it is already there, but has not yet manifested in this 3d-reality, as it displays a big inertia and the 3D events on this planet occur with a certain time-lag.

In my article “The Winds of Change” I present a probable scenario how the coming events will unfold in 2012. However, I did no specify on the particular economic situation in 2012, as it is the same one observed in 2011, but with a growing evidence that there is no remedy for the huge state budged deficits of all Western countries and that the implemented austerity programmes in the last two years do not yield any tangible results, but only trigger the revolutionary impetus of the impoverished masses. This is the classical catch-22 in which all politicians are currently caught.

For instance, while Germany , being the only money lender to financially defaulted countries in the EU, wants to impose severe sanctions on budget deficit culprits, such as Greece, Ireland, Italy and Spain, and put them under a strict financial control from Brussels, its chief ally France has just announced an increase in the budget deficit of 6% for the coming year of 2013, knowing that the rest of humanity, which will not be able to ascend in Dec 2012, will continue to live on a catastrophic earth, where state budget deficits will be the least problem and pure physical survival – the biggest.

This example only illustrates the profound confusion and helplessness, in which the current Orion dominated political Elite in Europe is embroiled. These paradoxes and social oxymorons will soon become visible to everybody, when even the most dumbed down entities will realize that politicians and governments cannot be part of the solution, as they are the very perpetrators that have led humanity to this devastating financial situation.

The advantage of a late financial crash – most probably in association with the pending magnetic pole shift this spring – is that it will not affect that much the portion of humanity, which is bound to ascend at the end of 2012. They will move immediately after the shift and the split of the two timelines to the new ascending timeline, where new, just and transparent numerical systems of payments will be introduced very soon, together with new advanced technologies from the higher realms. This will happen in the second half of 2012. The financial crash may begin this month (February) and will painfully unfold, until the magnetic pole reversal will occur. I personally expect this event in early spring, around or shortly after Spring equinox.

The remaining fraction of humanity, which will stay on the catastrophic 3d-earth, will be badly hit by the financial and economic collapse. The latter will be additionally aggravated by the material mayhem from the magnetic pole reversal that will lead to huge continental mass movements and a possible collapse of the electric grid and other infrastructures. The electric grid in particular may no longer function in the new energetic atmosphere of the earth after the shift, when most of the current magnetism of earth will be abolished. In the 5th dimension, there will be no magnetism and polarity anymore, but this change must begin now. For instance, I expect that part of North Germany will be flooded after the magnetic pole shift, so that this website will definitely stop to exist as our new server is in Hamburg. But then we must expect new, more advanced solutions that will substitute the current systems of communication.

Essentially, it should be stressed that both, the world revolution of the masses and the financial collapse, were postponed by the forces of light, which actually control the events on earth from the higher realms, including the heinous actions of the PTB, because humanity is in huge retard with its awakening and has not lived up to the expectations for the End Times. This holds true to an even greater extent for many light workers and star seeds, who are still sleeping and will have very soon a nasty awakening. This is a recurrent motif in our discussions in the ascension report.

The recent joyride drama of Steve Beckow, who intended to visit the mother ship of the GF with black limousines, is paradigmatic for the nasty awakening of many light workers in a new, heightened state of profound confusion after their prolonged intellectual slumber in the past, when they will realize that they have followed for a long time false prophets and have been manipulated by dark channeling sources from the 4th astral plane. The reasons and function of this psycho-mental confusion of the masses when the “Evolutionary Leap of mankind” will commence is extensively explained in my first gnostic book written in 2001. It is a long-term prophecy that will be realized this year.

Purely for this reason, both events, the financial and economic collapse and the shift of Gaia to the higher dimensions in the course of the magnetic pole reversal, were postponed to the last possible moment. They will now take place together in the first half of 2012, but will not affect that much the ascending portion of humanity. The two events will not be cancelled for the ascending candidates, but when they will happen, half of the spectators and participants will have left the theatre of action.

This scenario was, by the way, predicted by the Arcturians in my special interview with them concerning the opening of the stargate 11.11.11 when the higher realms still assumed that there will be full ascension of the PAT at that date. Now, this same scenario will be implemented in the course of this spring. As linear time is not real, all events that will materialize on earth have already occurred in the probability alternative worlds of the higher realms and are constantly adjusted to the rapidly changing situation on the ground.

In this sense, everything I have anticipated so far with regard to the economic collapse in 2011 is still valid and will now take place in 2012. Only the magnitude and the speed of these sweeping events will be accordingly augmented as to take into account the huge delays in the 2012 scenario. Only in this way can the optimal conditions be achieved, under which humanity can be prepared for the coming mass ascension by the end of this year.

The amount and scope of revelations as to who has actually reigned on this planet, will be so huge that even I have my doubts as to how this whole re-educational program of the sleeping masses will be accomplished in such a short period of time, given the historical experience with the Germans, who are still unaware of their true past, notwithstanding the massive anti-Nazi, educational programmes, sponsored by the Allied Forces after the defeat of Nazi Germany in WW2.

This is my succinct version concerning the inner dynamics and logic behind the upcoming apocalyptic events. The time for further delays has irreversibly ended and any forecast of future events is now much more easy to make.

The chain of events that will lead to the collapse of the Old World Order is easily predictable. Greece, Ireland, Spain, Italy and all bankrupt East European countries cannot be saved, no matter what the scared politicians will decide in the coming days. The banks of the two major EU powers, Germany and France, are also broke and need more money to survive this year than all defaulted EU countries put together.

Although the financial catastrophe of the USA has purposefully disappeared from the radar of the mass media in the last days, the actual situation in this darkest Western power is even more dire than that of Europe, which still has some sound social and material infrastructure, notwithstanding the equally high unemployment rate as that of the USA. Great Britain, the second dark citadel of the Orion Empire, is a notable exception in this respect, as it has always followed the reckless financial policy of its bigger brother oversee and has the most rotten economy of all countries in Europe. Therefore, it is not at all surprising that this island of a country is already in its next recession – the third one since 2008.

The default of the EU states and the Euro currency will automatically trigger the collapse of the dollar as a world currency. This trend has already commenced with the decision of the BRIC states in association with further 120 non-aligned countries to substitute the dollar with a new basket of exchange currencies. I personally do not believe in the feasibility of this move, as the events that will gain momentum in the next months will preclude such a cosmetic operation. But this decision is already enough to undermine the dollar and cause its collapse.

When these events will precipitate in the first half of this year, all world currencies will crumble within several days. Let us not forget that they also harbour numerous fraudulent derivatives, such as CDOs, the total amount of which surpasses the BSP of the world producing economy by a factor of 50 (650 – 700 000 trillion dollar). Can anyone imagine this sum? These assets, which have been mainly issued by the ten biggest US banks, will evaporate within the blink of an eye, and then all big banks and corporations will have to close their doors overnight. I expect this scenario in the spring of this year.

Altogether, everything I have written about the last and biggest economic crisis, beginning with my 1999-forecast, until my latest prognosis in my article “Winds of Changes” is correct and assesses the most probable scenario for the End Times, before humanity will be able to ascend to the 5th dimension. This also holds true for you, the members of the PAT, who will soon ascend and will have to take the destiny of humanity in your “ascended” hands and lead it to new bright horizons.

Ultimately, all our visions will be realized at some point in linear time. Even Steve Beckow’s ridiculous joyride to the galactic mother ship will become reality in the course of this year. The only difference will be that Steve will be probably the last one to make this journey, as he must first delete his earthly ego, urging him to be the first one to establish contact with ETs, and enter the LBP before he can qualify for this excursion.

You have done your job in the past. You have transformed your bodies during the painful and prolonged experience of the LBP and now you have already ascended in frequency and spirit beyond the 5th dimension. You have only postponed your cosmic ascension to assist humanity and Gaia to the very last moment – the moment, when the magnetic pole shift will come and the first ascension wave as announced for 11.11.11 will ultimately take place. After that human civilisation will leave its current state of isolation and will become a transgalactic, multidimensional community.

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