State-of-Ascension-Report-32: The Ascension Season 11.11.11 Is Still Opened.

On-Line Reports from Members of PAT And First Ascension Wave Candidates;

Report-32, November 24, 2011

November 23, 2011

Hi Georgi,

I have been following your website since mid October. Last night I was reading state of ascension report 30 before bed. Throughout the night I woke up 3 to 4 times, each time saying “oh that Georgi Stankov!”. I rarely remember the details of my dreams, but I remember the experience of being in space surrounded by stars. My rational mind said this morning that I should avoid reading your website before going to bed. Imagine my surprise (big enough that I am writing!) when I read your latest report tonight (31).


November 23, 2011

Dear George

I do confirm the collective initiation for Ascension last night. I was flabbergasted when I read about the important Announcement in Report-31. I can not remember anything from the night, but this morning my boyfriend told me I had talked a lot in my sleep. He wished he had written it down, and so do I. The only thing he could remember was that I had sat up in the bed saying: «It´s happening now!»
I got the message.

Your lucid mission made the night entertaining for my insomniac boyfriend, and this following day exciting and brilliant for me.

Thank you, with love
November 23, 2011


You asked for some response to your report 31. I humbly offer my heart to you as One We Are. Congratulations on your ability and that of the TEAM to be able to express in writing the perceptions, thoughts, and deep aware feelings as to the current situation on the eleventh day threshold.

Please bear with me, as it is beyond my ability to express in words all or any I have experienced before, on and since the 11.11.11 gateway. The whole experience with 11.11.11 was most profound ascension with descension. I am still recovering my wits about self and situation.

Everything changed, continues to change, more truthfully perhaps merely rearranged because I am still as before — consciousness in a corporal physical body.  Or so it seems to my understanding.


I AM in total resonance, concurrence and agreement to the gestalt expressed in reports 30 and 31. I am grateful for your ability to express and publish such affidavit as testimony. I affirm its validity in entirety. Gaia has ascended and you, the team and me have been released from our obligation, thus free to go to another experience of service. That new service, duty, honor and privilege is to be earth born ascended masters available to humanity and indeed all the life wave on earth and all beyond.

The body ascension of the TEAM is the key that unlocks ascensions for all everywhere. We do it and we prove it! Do you understand what I am saying?

Let us bring the issue of personal bodily ascension, the transformation of physical body into light body to an understanding of where the rubber meets the road, so to speak. Embracing a broad definition of ascension, then perhaps one million or more did experience some ascension on or about 11.11.11 gateway and continue on their ascension experience to this day.

I do not disparage the GF and all other groups for they fulfilled obligations for the ascension of Gaia. Such was the primary directive; ascension of humanity is next on the agenda. I AM Responsible for my bodily ascension. On 11.11.11 — I did not attain body ascension because the opportunity for more service presented and I understood I had not yet put all the puzzle pieces together to my satisfaction and that of the cosmic collective.

It is a process of continual ascension for Gaia with all her life waves. There is no end in sight because there is no end to infinite and eternal love, light and life. Honestly, my brother, you and I have lived the whole of our lives seeking the consciously chosen demarcation for the moment of translation from flesh to light.

We want to take the body into light. We are NOW aware we will transition at any moment, any time; any place soon because such are the energies of all that is. We are experiencing the process of personal body ascension, as too those of the TEAM.

Our physical bodies have yet to totally dissolve in light but meantime we are immortal physical bodies because of the indwelling light body of consciousness. I know Anton Kadmon as beloved brother and friend. I revere him for his mahasamadhi. He made a choice and fulfilled the moment of his decision for ascension, like many other mahasamadhis before him. An act of conscious will to depart the physical body as ascension for the best of all with harm to none.

I know I can experience mahasamadhi at my choice. What a shock it would be for survivors and problem to deal with deceased body. Rather I choose mahasamadhi ascension of body by conscious will at time and place of choosing as ultimate challenge of Self, to solve the never ending riddle as the purpose pursuit of my life. 11.11.11 asked me once again where is my choice in all that is?

My choice is to discover answer to ultimate question and quest. How to dissolve into light body transition from one breath to next? George, I hope you can make sense of this letter. It was a three-hour meditation at the keyboard as value for something. I live as hermit on mountain in forest. I have now one choice and only one option for life and it is samadhi.

I wait the next eleven days…As the fulfillment of my choice and my time of physical body mahasamadhi light body in alignment and accord with all my vows as co-creator and servant of the love and light of all this is and ever shall be.

November 23, 2011

Hi George.

Read your latest report and we resonate well with it. From what I gathered about my dreams I have been participating in the council meetings. I have been pushing for more dramatic measures as it is obvious to me humanity is not going to awaken with the softer approach. The Dark Ones have such a firm grip on the vast majority that a pole shift is the best course of action.

I have been aware of the planned physical ascension and the splitting of the Earth since 2004. My understanding of this event is for the complete elimination of all the Dark Ones in this universe and the physical ascension is our reward for acting as the bait. The Dark Ones have been causing so much trouble, breaking every rule and agreement with the True Creator that their time has come to be booted out of this grand experiment. An excellent example of their wrong doings is what happened with Atlantis, everything would have progressed just fine if it were not for their interference.

The amount of discomfort or loss of life caused by a pole shift is insignificant to what has been perpetrated throughout the universe for eons of time by the Dark Ones. We have nothing to lose, nothing to fear and everything to gain. Bring on ascension so we can Be who we really are. We are worthy, we always have been.

Love and Light


November 23, 2011

Hi George,

I haven’t written to you until now, even though I’ve been reading your website every day since early October. Like many others I am glad that you kept posting after the 11.11.11. I was most interested to read the exchanges between you and Ute, and I very much resonate with your views and feelings about this post- 11.11.11 scenario and the pole shift.

What made me write to you now is your message today about the initiation for ascension. During meditation yesterday (the 22nd) I did get a message from my higher self to the effect that I am now ready for ascension. I can’t remember the exact words. I didn’t really pay that much attention to it at the time, but I remembered it straight away when I read your post. And now I know what it was about.

Thank you for all your work.
love edith
November 23, 2011

S…..More observations re: Mother Nature:

–Since YU-55’s  near miss of the moon, on a semi-cloudy night, the clouds around the moon are red. The night of the near miss, the clouds glowed fire red and for a substantial amount of time.

–My butterfly bush is reblooming with new growth, as well as some other plants, such as my Honeysuckle vine, and roses. I live in WNY (Western New York State) and by now, nearing the end of November, this is unheard of!

–I saw a dragonfly 2 weeks ago, clearly outlining exactly where the portal on our property is. Any dragonflies should have been long gone by now.

–My animals are eating double, some triple their normal amount.

–I heard Spring Mating songs from birds….another never.

–Our evergreen trees have never been greener instead of getting their usual dull Winter green.

–As with my cats, the horses next to me are not getting their Winter coats. My cats, in fact, are shedding as though Spring is coming.

–I know the earth is tilting in ways it normally does not, for the sun seems to be in a different position in the sky, different every day or so it seems, and in positions normally not seen at this time of year.

–We have had unusually warm weather.

–My indoor/outdoor cat has a Swiss watch. In other words she knows time right to the minute. We have an agreement she comes in at 10pm nightly. Lately, she has been coming in around 10:30, an indication that time, is rapidly speeding up. This is the same cat that wouldn’t go out today, something unheard of.

Again, I thank you for everything you have done for us and for the world. I also have had “visions” of Hawaii lately, a symbol of HOME for me. I am also being drawn to Hawaii as though I were a magnet. I am even speaking in a language I am not familiar with, yet, my animals seem to understand what I am saying, and it feels more natural than English does.

In closing, I say Aloha,


November 23, 2011

Dear George,

This past weekend I was downloading new energies into my physical vessel. I felt very slow and heavy, centered and in s synchronistic flow. I slept long hours and awakened with no sense of where I had been. Up until 11/11/11 I was aware of much activity. Then this morning I awoke earlier than I have for weeks to do a ritual I have never done. I don’t particularly like baths, but I made a bath with sea salt to cleanse my self and also the ocean. I saw the dolphins jumping with joy at having the ocean crystal clear and clean once more. The whole ocean sang it’s praise.

November 23, 2011

Dear George

I can confirm that the energies have definitely changed since Saturday which is a relief as it means I don’t need to sleep all the time.  Interestingly my partner has felt tired and ill ever since and I wonder if he has been able to tap into my energy before and can’t now?

In love and light

November 23, 2011

Dear SirI dare to finally approach you. I discovered your webside almost at the very beginning. Since then I cannot stop reading and reading your opinions regarding medicine and economy and… yes even physics, though that I am not an expert in this field. Intuitively I can follow your ideas.I would kindly ask you one question (I have so many but I know that your time is dedicated to other issues for the time being):
What is your opinion regarding this subject – German New Medicine? I am a Romanian doctor and my speciality is anesthesia and intensive care. I also start some time before to read your book regarding bio-regulation.

Forgive me this direct approach. I know that you are assaulted with a lot of emails. I am just one of the doctors who became fully aware about the limits of the “classical medicine” (2004). I would appreciate from the bottom of my heart an answer when and if you will consider that the time is right for me. With all my light that I have inside, with gratitude and with highly respect for who you are,


Dear Ana  Maria,

I am very happy to hear from you that you enjoy the articles on my website and that you read them so avidly. I  would love to answer your question, but I do not know exactly what do you mean under the term “New German Medicine”. There are so many new schools and trends regarding deviations from the classical school medicine (Schulmedizin) that it is impossible for me to know what you precisely mean by this term.

But I can answer your question in a general manner. Many alternative forms of therapy have positive and correct approaches, but then they start to over-evaluate one or another aspect of human health and therapy, while neglecting at the same time the whole regulation of the body. In addition, most of them are completely ignorant on the bioenergetic regulation of the organism, As they all have no proper idea on the nature of energy from a physical point of view, the energetic regulation of the body is grossly misinterpreted or simply neglected. Ultimately, their therapeutic results are modest and as they are not able to challenge the school medicine on its own ground, as I do, they have little chance to firmly establish themselves in the short period of time prior to Ascension.

I personally believe that just as the school medicine will soon disappear, so will also most of the other alternative medical teachings and therapies. They will be substituted with completely new forms of energetic therapy that will begin to flourish in the 5th dimension after Dec 2012.

In love and light
Dear Sir,

Thank you for your answer. When I say German New Medicine I am referring to Dr.Ryke Hamer( and his 5 biological laws and his ideas – banned from all EU countries. However his ideas are well known for some years. It seems that they are applied only here and there so to speak…

Dear Ana Maria,

I assumed that you meant Ryke Hamer. His approach is indeed much better and sound that the school medicine and for that purpose he is persecuted by the dark lobby in the health care system.

But my general comments are still valid for him. Ultimately, the very essence of medicine will change dramatically as most diseases are coming from the carbon-based bodies which have numerous energy blockages embedded as templates by the Anunnaki, the genetic creators of homo sapiens. These blockages will no longer exist in the 5th dimension. From this perspective it is not necessary nowadays to follow rigidly alternative pathways of medicine and treatments as they all have their inherent limitations.

I could have healed many people with my methods and through reiki as my energy is extremely powerful and healing, but my soul explicitly forbid me and I could not find the adequate patients as an essential part of my therapy strategy was the education of the patient. Most of them were renegades and resorted at some point in time to the old school medicine and counterfeited my therapeutic principles. For this reason I gave it up. In order to treat the people really, you need to change their minds and this was not possible in the past.

In love and light
November 23, 2011

Dear Georgi!When I woke up this morning, I told my wife, that the whole night I was speaking with people (friends and unknown) about ascension and the coming times and what lies ahead, although I can barely feel what’s happening in my dream state. I think we did the same last night. As I read this last update, however I do not remember directly, I have strong feelings. My heart absolutely confirms this. As I write this I can dimly see the imprint of the event in myself.With Love and Light:
Mate Toth

November 23, 2011

Dear George,

I too had these headaches during the whole weekend until last Monday. And I knew it was another build up of the energies because of the greater impact on my being.

Blessings, Rob
November 23, 2011

Hi George,

It seems to me that our personal Ascension and the magnetic pole-shift will occur after the world financial collapse. Is this correct?

Odaine Carr
Dear Odaine,

This is also my guess  for a long time. This was the reason why I expected the financial crash in October prior to 11.11.11, but everything was postponed once again.

November 23, 2011

Dear George,

Thank you for keeping us up to date on the current situation on your website. Your ascension reports really give me the strength to keep going again! I also just read Ute’s new message (, it looks like “Our desperate shout for the awakening of the masses has been heard!”. Are you going to clarify this message (with all implications) in your next report?
Yesterday when I woke up I had the feeling I had been doing something with you all night long but I couldn’t remember what it was. It did feel important tough :) Do you have any idea what it was?
I noticed something strange on your website yesterday, when I reloaded your “breaking astral news” page it didn’t show your last article (report 30) in FireFox. When I loaded the page in another web browser (Safari) the new article did appear. I restarted my computer and tried again to open it in firefox but again it wasn’t there. I have a lot of knowledge on computers and specially on websites and I never encountered something like this. Did anyone else report something familiar?
Because my brother and I have a lot of spare time these days we were thinking of making a new website to awaken people. But after reading your reports it seems like the gradual awakening of humanity didn’t work and its time for the “immediate awakening” now. What do you think?
In love and Light

Dear Cedric,

I am happy to hear from you again and I hope that you and your brother are well and have no great problems for the time being.

Yes, I knew this latest article by Ute in advance as she sent me the content of it as emails before publication.

Indeed, I do have a new and very exciting information for all of you, which goes beyond what Ute and  I have published so far, and it will appear in the next report-31 of today.

This report contains also an explanation for what you have been doing with me in the dream state in the higher realms last night, but I will leave you with this surprise after you have read my latest report.

I have no other explanation for these technical difficulties to access my website and content, but to point out to the fact that my website was targeted by the dark ones before 11.11.11 who created similar technical difficulties to access my website from  many parts of the world.

I thought that they have stopped these futile efforts after that. However, in the last several days I was personally a target of several new attacks – or better, weak attempts by  the dark ones – to exert a negative influence on myself, but I discerned them immediately and they completely failed.

From this fact I gather that there are still some clandestine attempts to block my website. I heard this complaint in particular from Holland, where you also live. We asked our provider what we can do, but he has also no explanation. I even discussed this issue with German Telecom that wanted to sell me a new protection programme and they had also to admit that are powerless when the secret services begin to block websites in Internet, as is the case in China. However, we know that this is the case in this country, while the dark ones in the USA and Europe will not even admit that they are engaged in such disruptive activities as they are much more heinous and dangerous than the red Chinese communists.

To your last question: It is up to you to decide if you want to establish a new website or not. We will need some more time to awaken the masses and your website may be a good starter. The big changes should not dissuade you from this plan. Perhaps it will be a good engagement for you and your brother in these times when any other activity does not make any sense.

In love and light
Dear George,

My brother and me are doing fine, we still have a very good relation with our parents, but we can feel/see that they are sad and disappointed. We also will have to move out on 1 January but that won’t be a problem. We are going to see “Thrive” together tomorrow, their last (minimal) effort to try to understand us.

What a wonderful surprise was it to read your message today! I felt I needed to check your website once again and your article had just been posted 1 minute ago. When I read the first sentences I got an enormous boost of energy, something I never felt before. Wonderful!

Your website works again in firefox and the 2 last articles are posted.

The big problem i have to start a website (to awaken people like my parents) is that you have to build up the information gradually. You can’t begin to explain the whole ascension-scenario without first explaining the “basics”. Therefore I was thinking of focusing my efforts to educate light workers who are “lost” in the current esoteric Vanity Fair. Maybe by starting a dutch blog and translate your work and the PAT’s. I don’t know it yet.

In love And Light
November 23, 2011

Dear Georgi,

Last night (the evening of Nov 21 and morning of Nov 22), I had a dream of being by myself in a large room and either thinking of or receiving a message pertaining to ascension.  The room resembled a kitchen in one of the units for sale in a massive residential/ commercial complex which I just visited this weekend, as my fiance and I have been contemplating a move to this complex, but not to this particular unit. The rest of the dream’s details are unclear so that is the only description I can give you. There were other dreams but details of those have faded too….


November 23, 2011

Dear Ute,

I felt like writing, because I truly resonate with your channeled messages and your personal insights. Because of that similarity, I feel very much connected in a loving sense. I also like to write to you, because it felt right to let you know of this resemblance. In this manner, you may very assume that what you feel, experience and/or channel, is real and not just your mind playing tricks. I thank you for both your messages and your beautiful artwork. Your messages confirm my inner knowledge, feelings and experiences. Your art give me the feeling of home and it is a most magnificent experience. I am very grateful!

As you wrote about the council meeting, I immediately knew that I was part of that experience too for sure. I’ve felt it for quite some time, but when I read your blog and conversation with Georgi yesterday (The Elohim and the Ascension plan for Earth and Humanity, 19 Nov.), it all fell into place and I started to remember more of it right away. Thank you for your contribution regarding this clarification!

I am very aware of the so called Atlantean pattern. I felt this part very strongly during last Sunday. In the course of yesterday, Monday, I was able to transform this pattern and feeling. It took a great amount of energy as I was very tired at the end of yesterday. However, the result is astonishing. I feel so much more in tone with the higher realms and with my (higher) self. I am glad for this experience, because I feel completely harmonized. It feels like this part and pattern is transformed to the light for good. And what a timing, haha!

As you, I strongly felt a difference in energy around me, yesterday. Today, this energy seems to be even more present. People around me seem to be having a hard time dealing with this ever increasing vibration of love and light, and the’re definitely having troublesome times with themselves, because a lot comes to the surface and they mostly don’t know what to do with it or why it even happens to become a conscious thing in their lives. I am very curious about the moments ahead regarding this proces!

Thank you for your new blog of today. I read it with great joy and it resonates completely with my being.

November 23, 2011

Hallo Georgi,Already this morning, when your Ascension Report 31 had not yet been uploaded, I considered writing you. You were not the only one burning like a torch last night. I was tired, went to bed and from one moment to the other, I was “thrown” into a deep meditative state. And there again was that intuitive knowing: something big is happening – it is being worked very hard behind the curtain. Colors swirling in my room. Waves of heat and energy connected with shivers flooded my body. The ultra high tinnitus was hard to bear. I didn’t know exactly what happened, but now I do.  As soon as my babies are born, I’ll follow!
Thank you for your persistence.


November 23, 2011

Dear George,

I have just read your latest report and totally agree with you and many of the PAT team who now feel the need to take the bull by the horns!  In my past emails you can see that I was one of those who recognized that something was/is not going right. I have made the declaration also as others have to my higher self and whoever is handling this ascension that I am fed up and as Callista will willingly hand in my clay vessel if this is what it takes. Like her, I have worked long and hard to build my LBP and would love to see it successfully transition.  I am also requesting that I be transitioned as soon as possible. If however it is necessary or better for the planet to be here for the pole shift, then I am ready for that too!  Better sooner than any later.

Thank you so much for your honest insight and your willingness to look at the “not so nice and pretty” side of everything and everyone.  I also so agree with you on our emotions and can definitely see how the trickster channelings are playing with the all cozy “Love and Light” while not addressing the other side. Glad that I learned in the last years to love my dark and also embrace it in others! I love all my emotions!

Bye my friend!
November 22, 2011

On the moon and other dumbing down practices of the dark ones (see also previous report):

Dear George,

Thanks for the quick reply. Though I follow the logic you present it makes a mockery of the whole of recent human development on earth – it is tragic to me how such controls are being used to enslave a whole race.

Surely what should have happened was the experiment (separation from source) run it’s course with precautions in place to allow it to run as designed, in other words, without interference from badly intentioned entities?

No doubt it is my provisional coming to terms with the contents of your website and my limited current understanding of events taking place but … I have read that earth has been in quarantine whilst it learns it’s lessons of harmlessness and only once these lessons are learnt will progress be allowed to take place.  It seems to me that the human race has been under a huge handicap due to the effects of the moon and therefore at a very unfair disadvantage when dealing with the energetic effects as a result. Or am I making too much of it?

Who in their right mind would even devise of such an experiment, knowing fully well how much seeming pain and suffering would be experienced as a result?



Dear Simon,

It is a mockery from a human perspective and on the other hand it is a conundrum, why any soul should give her consent to incarnate on this planet in the first place. My take is that the difficulties on this planet allow for a very rapid spiritual growth, so that the incarnation cycle is much shorter than on other planets and civilisations. And this is very attractive for many souls who want to have they necessary incarnation cycle quickly behind them (of course speaking in terms of linear time).

Humanity on earth is the only civilisation in the whole galaxy, where no binding roles of behaviour for the forces of dark exist. This is the utmost form of separation from the Source and has led to this weird human incarnation experiment. This is also the reason why the dark forces are allowed to do whatever they want without being sanctioned by the forces of light.

It is very difficult to understand this situation on earth, but that is how it works. Now, because the dangers of such an experiment were known pretty well in the Higher Providence for this planet and part of the galaxy from the very beginning, it was planned that at the end of this collective incarnation experiment on earth the possibility of ascension of a large portion of humanity and Gaia should be provided as a compensation for their past tortures and tribulations. This is what the current End Times are all about.

In these times, the forces of light are allowed to intervene on a massive scale, though not in a visible manner and prepare humanity for ascension.  All of us, the so called star seeds, are the Trojan horses of the forces of light on earth with the aim of augmenting the light quotient and help Gaia and humanity ascend. This is in the making, and we are now in the last most decisive phase.

However, up to the last moment the individual free will of the incarnated entities must be respected by the forces of light. Their influence takes place only in the inner space of each and every individual, where he is exposed to both dark and light influences and has to make the right choice on his own.

With the magnetic pole shift, this kind of free will will be eliminated and then there will be a prevalence of the light. In this process the moon must be removed as its influence is detrimental and incompatible with the new light quotient on the ascended Gaia and humanity in the interim 4th dimension in preparation for the final ascension to the 5th dimension in Dec 2012.

I hope that this disquisition explains in more detail the current situation on earth in conjunction with the role of the moon on the dumbing down of all humans as originally designed by the Anunnaki, the PTB on this planet.

In love and light
November 22, 2011

Dear George,

After reading your reply, it has taken me a few days to digest the fountain of information pouring from your vessel of wisdom. Good grief, I feel as though I must start all over with my own thought process. Why is it that we go through a lifetime of grasping for a truth we barely understand only to realize it continues to elude us.

When I said I was disappointed about still being here… it was an understatement! I will not admit that I have a total grasp on energy, however, I know it exists and it works! The fact that we are carrying on a conversation across this planet is one form of proof.

We tap into a reservoir of endless forms of energy and take it all for granted.  As a young woman I was very energetic. This was a given.  Never did I stop and wonder where this energy was coming from. I was simply enjoying life! Another energy enters… my prince… the love energy kicks in and I am blissfully dancing through life experiencing every miracle one could imagine. Here again I never wondered where this love-energy was coming from. I only know I felt as though the universe shined a Light on me forever.

When my prince graduated 28 months ago ALL of my love-energy vanished. That euphoria I was encased in dropped away leaving me empty, in a void, raw within and filled with so many questions. George, is this why we are here?  To be given a taste of our true beginnings then feeling it removed leaving us to figure it all out?  For 32 years I studied about the force, the unknown and how fragile life could be. I had an insatiable thirst for ‘why am I here’. I found that there was universal energy that flowed through ALL and it intrigued me.  When the love-force hit, I knew at that precise moment how this energy worked. Once connected to this all loving force there is no need for questions. We live it all moment to moment with every now being our forever.

The questions I have at this point in time is why am I still here, what purpose am I serving and who are these scoundrels that are keeping me from exercising my free-will? Every message coming from channels is repetitive in this respect. We are told to stay centered, anchor our Light to Gaia, trust, and so on.  All well and good if one is in bliss. While I feel drained of my love-energy and exhausted from emotional hysteria how can I serve in the capacity needed!

Sure, I can pretend and just recite thoughts while feeling a bitter-sweet anxiety running through my body. The part that really exasperates is the fact that we’ve ALL done this before.  Only our memories have been removed. I see no point in my prolonging my stay here. I have nothing more to add to this journey except Love, which needs re-defining. No, I am not being disrespectful to the Creator, I’m just at a point of my evolution showing no escape. As I reach my 77th year of searching and doing, I am now being and observing.

As you stated, we are living on a toxic planet and controlled by forces we cannot see!!!!!!! You mentioned someone by the name of Sue Carroll.  I do not know of her or anything about Arcturians. Your point is well taken though. Many do wrap their own spin around those who are on a quest to be free. It is up to every human to use their own logic and inner promptings to steer clear of this. We always have choices….

Apparently you have devoted your time and efforts for many years about human trials and are able to see through so many obvious pitfalls. I for one appreciate your website, your ability to cut through the deception and for giving me additional oxygen to keep breathing.

In gratitude, Claudette ^jj^

Oregon, USA
Dear Claudette,

I will make it simple in my answer to you then if I undertake the impossible task to answer all your unanswered questions throughout your life, it may take more time than we are supposed to dwell on this planet.

Why don’t you make a clear cut and just put aside all past experiences and different flows of energies throughout your body and fields, some more pleasant when you were young as you mentioned, others less so, when you became older.

This all belongs now to the past. Why? Because we are now evolving with such a great velocity that within a  month from now on you, and all of us, will no longer remember or discern how it  was when we were young and exuberant in our excess of energy and how we lost our energy fountain and hence the spontaneous joy of life at some point in time throughout our life.

Our bodies, precisely, our emotional and mental fields, are currently invigorated with these new energies to such an extent that we will soon reach a state of a permanent bliss, in which we will not even bother to remember the ups and down of our physical and other experiences during this last life on earth. We will begin to regard them as short excursions from the eternal paradise of our pristine home to an arid land for the sake of an extreme contrast.

You may now think, George has entered the fantasy land and has lost his common sense. And this is true in many ways. With only one caveat – that you and all other members of the PAT are also on the cusp of entering this fantasy land very soon. We have now only one duty – to accommodate these powerful energies after 11.11.11 for another week or so, while we may experience this adjustment as a very debilitating condition as so many levels of our physical vessels are now transformed and rejuvenated. But when this process is finished, then we will all of a sudden feel like new-born and our physical years will be meaningless to us as they will have no longer any impact on our new perceptions in the “Now”.

Now, you may ask, when will this blissful state come? I am confident that it may even begin by the end of this year, and definitely in the course of the next year, rest assured, you will not have ascended earlier. In that case my words are a poor substitute for what you will experience in the Oneness of All-That-Is.

I do not think that you should bother any longer to learn anything anymore, then you know everything – deep in your heart, and the rest will come without any effort when you will ascend. You should now simply begin to enjoy your last days on this planet and, if your health allows it, make the best of it. Do all the things you have always wanted to do, but have found so many “reasonable” excuses not to follow. Re-discover your most intimate wishes and try to realize them in this short period of time, while you are still dwelling in a physical vessel. This is your last chance. You will never make this experience again in a human biological body.

And if this all I am writing to you here does not make any logical sense, so what, ask your heart it it swings with it, and if yes, just do it and stop thinking too much what will happen with Gaia and humanity. It will be all perfect very soon.

And if you feel perplexed because you expected a different answer from me, then this is a clear sign that I have struck the right cord.

In love and light

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