You Are Already Ascended Masters. My Comments on The Last Arcturian Message.

Georgi Stankov, October 22, 2011

My Dear Friends, Members of the PAT and First Ascended Masters of Humanity,

I published yesterday the Arcturian message channelled by Suzanne Caroll without any comments on my part as you all are fully informed about your mission and how it will take place in the coming days. The message from yesterday (October 21) brought about the ultimate clarity, which all of you must have welcomed and many of you have already achieved in your thoughts and perceptions.

Yesterday I wrote to Sue that it is time to receive an actualized update from the Arcturians who are supervising the process of Ascension at the stargate 11.11.11. An hour later I received this message and I immediately published it for your information as I knew from your emails how eager you are expecting a final confirmation from Heaven for the successful accomplishment of your mission to open numerous portals the world over in preparation for this event.

Although the Arcturian message is crystal-clear, let me summarize once again the basic facts as presented by this source. This repetition is necessary so that you all can store deeply in your consciousness the key aspects of the coming Ascension and be mentally fully prepared for this culmination point, towards which you have worked so hard throughout this last incarnation on earth.

The transdimensional challenge that is awaiting you when you go through the portal has absolutely nothing in common with anything you have experienced so far in your current lives. Although this event has been rehearsed many times by you in the dream state in the last years, and although your higher self has absolute knowledge of it, it is now the time that this subconscious knowledge surges on the surface and imbues your conscious minds. Entering the portal and Ascension must become an unshakable reality in your world view – the certain event that has already taken place in the simultaneous “Now” of All-That-Is and will inevitably materialize in the current 3d-plane of earth at the opening of the stargate 11.11.11. This confidence will carry you through the last days of tribulations like a surfer on the crest of the wave.

Here are the basic facts as presented by the Arcturians in their last message to you – the First Ascended Master of Humanity in the End Times:

1. Ascension will definitely take place at the stargate 11.11.11. It will include all members of the PAT and all star seeds who will participate in the First Wave of Ascension at this time. All readers of this website belong either to PAT or to the First Wave of Ascended Masters. Otherwise you will not have been attracted by this website and you would not have been able to resonate with its content. This is the litmus-test.

2. This Ascension hast already taken place in the multidimensional “Now” of the higher realms and is a full success. There is no power in this galaxy, and not only on earth, that can influence or change the course of this event. I have said this repeatedly in my previous messages to you and now you have once again the confirmation from the Arcturians who supervise the opening of the stargate 11.11.11. Therefore do not let you being confused by wrong information that will inevitably come from various dubious sources in the coming days. This will be the last futile effort of the dark ones to let you astray from your predetermined mission as members of the PAT and first Ascended Masters.

3. You are already Ascended Masters in the multidimensional “Now”, where all events are created and from where they enter the 3d-matrix of earth and human reality. I have repeatedly addressed you in my articles as the most highly evolved human beings on earth and have said many times that you are de facto Ascended Masters. Now you have the ultimate confirmation from the Arcturians and you should be proud of this fact and live accordingly with this immense knowledge.

Many of you are already fully aware of this new state of multidimensional existence because many of you have already finished with your process of releasing old fear based patterns from your physical vessels. Please, read once again my last article “Your Hilarious Future Is Knocking on the Door” to see that all my past messages are fully coalescent with the last Arcturian message.

I hope that this fact will delete your rest doubts. You must firmly believe in the success of your mission as to make your transition to the 5th dimension as smooth and effective as possible. You should enjoy it and this can be only possible if you release all your fears and doubts now. All-That-Is is perfect and its coordination and synchronization are awesome. Have faith in it.

3. The readers of this website constitute the two groups of wayshowers of humanity:

a) The small group of “Openers”, the members of the PAT will be the first to open their inner portals at the stargate 11.11.11 and keep them open until the larger group of First Ascended Masters go through the portals and enter the 5th dimension. Therefore, please observe that it is not necessary that everybody should build a portal. There will be enough portals at the stargate 11.11.11 and all of you will ascend as long as you believe in it and have made a firm decision. The key to your individual ascension lies exclusively in your own mind-set.

b) The larger group of Ascended Masters will be the first to go through the portals at the stargate 11.11.11. They will assist Gaia in its Ascension from the 5th dimension.

4. When you go through the portals, you will release all low frequency beliefs and patterns from the 3d-matrix of earth and will activate your Multidimensional Operating System (MOS) which will allow you to participate simultaneously in many realities and planes of existence. Sue has elaborated the role of the MOS in numerous channeled messages and personal reports. I recommend you to visit her website and study the role of MOS once again.

5. While going through the portal, your personal energy will be amplified one million times and you will automatically become masters of your energy. This transmutation is associated from the very beginning with enormous responsibility. When you leave the portal and enter the 5th dimension, you become immediately a sovereign creator being and have acquired the full responsibility for all your creation. In order to do this, you must become master of your consciousness and thoughts. This may be somewhat difficult at the very beginning, but you will immediately recollect all your multidimensional knowledge as an emissary of light and experienced birth helper of many new 5d-planets out of the density of 3d-space-time of the solar universes of All-That-Is. You will realize how powerful you are.

6. The only statement In the Arcturian message that needs additional explanation is the following: “The Openers, the members of the PAT, will simultaneously be experiencing both the reality of closing 3D Earth AND the reality of blossoming 5D Earth.”

According to my intuitive knowledge, this sentence encompasses several energetic aspects. The Openers are the ones among us who have started long time ago with their LBP and have progressed the farthest in transforming their light body into crystalline light body. They have achieved the highest frequency in their physical vessels from all ascended masters participating in the first wave.

The Openers are thus in the position to incorporate at the same time the lower 3d-frequency of the present earth and the higher 5d-frequencies of the New Earth. They display the broadest frequency range/spectrum from all of us, as their light bodies are very advanced and can sustain this spectrum.

For this reason the Openers will be able to return to earth after their ascension at the stargate 11.11.11. This transformed earth will contain elements of the ascended 4d-Gaia and the old 3d-earth of the vast majority of human beings, who will be caught in this planetary transformation completely unprepared and will be in a state of total collective shock.

The Openers will be thus the first ascended masters who will appear officially in front of humanity and will show it the way to mass ascension in December 2012. That is why they are also called “wayshowers”. Those of you, who will stay with me on earth after your transformation to Ascended Masters during the stargate 11.11.11 will be the new leaders of humanity and the caretakers of earth. This also holds true for all Ascended Masters after the mass ascension of humanity in Dec 2012.

Your mission as multidimensional powerful creator beings will be to transform the current debased society to a loving, enlightened civilisation within one revolution of earth around the sun. This will be accomplished with the massive help from the higher realms, the Galactic Federation and the Inner Earth Agartha. The events that will then unfold on earth are beyond the present elaboration.

Hold on and keep the course. Streamline your thoughts and ideas and be mentally and emotionally fully prepared for the greatest adventure on this planet and in the whole galaxy.

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