The Most Amazing Story in The Current End Times!!! First Ascension Wave on October 27 as Announced in Report-16 Confirmed in Helsinki.

Read About “The Helsinki Miracle”!

by Dr. Georgi Stankov, October 29, 2011

The History of the Helsinki Miracle

In my urgent message in my last Ascension Report-16, October 27, 2011 I wrote to my readers the following

Urgent Message!!!
First Ascensions Started Today, October 27, 2011

Dear friends,

Last night, October  27, I opened in the lucid dream state the first portals and the first star seeds entered these portals and ascended to the 5th dimension. They will not return to earth.  I know them well as souls, but I do not know their names as incarnated human entities. The only thing I know is that they are readers of this website and are younger than me.

If you hear anything about somebody, who has disappeared suddenly, please notify me immediately.

Georgi Stankov

On October 28, 2011 I received the following email from my regular reader and member of the PAT, Janne Joonatan Söderholm  from Helsinki:

Hello my friend!

I’m sorry it took me so long to write this message, as there were some doubts which I had to clear first. But let’s go to the point. This text is not written personally to you as you can see, and I think you know these things, but are just waiting for my confirmation. I hope that you publish the text below in the next State-Of-Ascension Report.

Sun Ystävä

Okay this is my first email to ALL the members of PAT, First Wavers and Candidates.

I have a very uplifting message to share and I hope all of you read it with heart full of Joy as this is a very great example of our magnificence as Sovereign Beings of All-That-Is and The Creator of our lives.

OK, here’s my story:

The Helsinki Miracle

“It all started as a regular night in the Downtown of Helsinki. I popped some MDMA and went to the local Underground Dance Club as usual. I started to feel a bit euphoric after half an hour. Then I went outside to have some fresh air and sat on the stairs in front of the bar, I started to do some meditative work, when all of a sudden, got a crystal-clear Idea, that I want to manifest my Soul Mate right there next to me.

I visualised that she was already sitting next to me and we were holding hands. And all of a sudden 3-5 seconds after this visualisation, a young nice looking girl walked AND SAT NEXT TO ME! She was the nicest girl I have ever met. There was a straight connection between us. We had a beautiful conversation and after that she went back inside the bar and I said to her I will be there soon.

Then I was there, sitting alone again, when I again got an idea to manifest someone sitting next to me. Then somehow I got the idea that I manifest the man himself, Georgi Stankov sitting there. I heard some steps behind the corner and heard a male voice speaking Russian. Then I said silently in my mind: “That man coming behind the corner is Georgie Stankov” I was 100 percent sure that He is Georgie and when he came to my side I said: “Hello Georgie, how are you doing?”

Georgie came there sat next to me and we started a conversation. Somehow I do not fully remember all of our conversation. But it was truly a very nice meeting, like meeting an old friend after many many years of loneliness and isolation. It was a funny thing that Georgie spoke some Finnish and tried to help me manifest things to physical reality. I was a bit scattered, so there was no actual manifestation, but very great lesson indeed!

I can tell you, guys, that Georgie is the TRUE Teacher of Teachers. His energy is very Intense and uplifting. I was honored to meet him like this.

Other funny thing was that there were other members of PAT at the same place, at the same time, somehow “camouflaged”. Georgie was also somehow camouflaged as crew members of the club and regular party people. Then when I realised fully that this was the situation, it felt like being in the movie Inception or Matrix.

Then I saw my soul mate and she was leaving the club and told me that she was in a hurry to catch the last train. We all left the club and walked to a train/bus station. Then we somehow jumped to a bus. At few stops after the departure of the bus. the bus driver stopped the bus at the bus station and kept the doors open. I was wondering why the bus is not moving. And I went to ask driver why the bus is not moving and the driver told me that this bus is not moving anywhere before someone has stepped out of the bus. Then I realised that I have to jump out of that bus. I helloed all my friends quickly and stepped out of the bus.

When the bus drove away I sensed a very strong energy and felt desire to run. First, I jumped down from the bus stop to a lawn, which was quite crazy as there was quite a big drop. I landed and started to run and laugh. I ran few hundred meters and then I saw a big purple colored ORB shining in the park. I think I was guided there by my guides. I felt a very strong desire to take of all my clothes and Ascend right NOW.

I was guided to a place, where there was some kind of a terrace with a circle shaped hole in the roof. It was on the small hill surrounded by high-rise apartments. I took all my clothes off and went to stand on the table in the center of the terrace and gazed to the stars through that hole. I started to create a portal and clean my self  from all the negative energies.

It was quite a harsh experience to stand there one hour without moving, just meditating and channelling my higher self. It felt like the whole world was watching me as I stated all kind of affirmations and mantras. At some point my voice started to sound very deep and different, like my words were ascending through that portal.

I truly felt that this was a huge event in human history. It was super cold as there was like +3 Celsius (37-39 Fahrenheit) degrees in the middle of the windy autumn night. Then I realised that It wasn’t time for me to ascend as I have to stay here a little longer as is my mission as a PAT member and an Opener. I welcomed all the First Wavers and Light Beings to my portal and stated something like this “The portal is open, welcome home my friends.”

Then I put on my clothes and left the place. I was trembling because of the cold. Then I walked to a place where I saw a couple of males sitting on the bench in front of the main doors of the Painting & Art Academy. And I went to talk to those two guys. They were very friendly and we had a small chat, and I told them that I do not have any place to stay and they said that I can sleep in the main hall of the School. There was something very special in that meeting, but I realised that only later on the next day. Our chat was full of synchronisations. But at that moment I was so exhausted that I didn’t realise all of them.

Later I chatted with my Higher Self/Soul and she confirmed that those men I met there went to my portal and ascended to the 5th Dimension!! They are not coming back.

So here’s my confirmation too that First Ascensions have started OCT 27th as Georgi stated in an earlier report. My higher self also confirmed that some of those members of PAT and First Wavers who were in that bus with me have also Ascended on the 27th of October”

Yeah, now it is done. We are at home already! WE ARE ASCENDED MASTERS!! Let’s celebrate with heart full of joy!! And see you at home!!!

The author of this text will be the one of those Ascended Masters who will appear officially in front of humanity and announce the arrival of the New Age. Mankind will evolve to a multidimensional, transgalactic civilisation, based on love and compassion, inextricably linked with the Source and All-That-Is.

AM Janne Joonatan Söderholm
October 28, 2011

Dear Janne,

This is the most amazing story I have ever heard. I will keep it short and I have already entered your email in the next report for tomorrow.

When I fled as a communist dissident from Bulgaria, this happened during a journey to Helsinki in the summer of 1975, three weeks after the Helsinki Conference took place there. I left my group which was under an intense surveillance by the secret agents and then asked the Finnish police for a political asylum. They told me that normally they have a clandestine treaty with the Soviets to return all refugees to the Soviets on the border. I responded  that I am not a Russian citizen and that by doing this they will infringe upon the 3rd basket of the Helsinki Agreement that guarantees the freedom of the individual and will thus prove that the host of this conference is not honest in its own international political engagement.

Then a miracle happen – the policemen became all of a sudden very polite and helpful  as if an invisible power switched their minds and they began giving me some advices how I can leave Finland safely and travel to Sweden. As you see, I had already my “Helsinki miracle”. Now you have experienced the “Second Helsinki Miracle” also with my participation. Thank you very much for this report. It is sensational!

In love and light


Please observe that Munich where I live is more than 2000 km away from Helsinki, but also take into consideration the symbolic character of this town for me and for the collapse of the Communist Empire of the Orion System by hosting the famous Helsinki Conference in 1975. The Helsinki Agreement guaranteed for the first time the human rights of the people in Eastern Europe and triggered the end of the Soviet Union and the communist rule in this part of the world.

The same dramatic crash of the Old World Order is to be expected in the coming days. The Fall of the Iron Curtain was a prelude to the coming most apocalyptic events in the history of this mankind and planet in the End Times.

All key events on this planet are carefully orchestrated and they always bear a deep symbolic meaning  in historical and spiritual terms. Helsinki is the crossroad between Occident and Orient and it is an ideal place for the Beginning of the First Ascension Wave which will soon encompass the whole humanity. Finland is known to harbour many old souls and first wave candidates who seek the tranquility of the nature and the tolerance of the Finish society based on individuality.

We must now expect a surge in the news about other spectacular Ascension events in different parts of the world. Be prepared, my friends and Ascended Masters, the cosmic roller coaster has just commenced and you are in the driver-seat.

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