State-of-Ascension-Report-1: “I have built my Personal Portal.”

On-Line Reports from Members of PAT And First Ascension Wave Candidates

Dear George

October 5, 2011

Perhaps that explains all the extreme helicopter that have been circling and buzzing my home for the last several weeks. BTW, just this morning before you released this I  wrote to suzile to tell her thanks and how I felt that you and her had a HUGE role to play in this end times drama- the image of the old American tv show “The A Team” came to mind….hmm I might have been mr T in that image, im not ! Thanks again cap’n I appreciate the heads up and much love to you..take care!


Harry is a German student, who writes me that he is now going to Frankfurt to begin with his studies at the university there and that he intends to build his portal there to enlighten the banksters in the Frankfurter City, which is the German Wall Street. He feels that energies in this city are very low and dark and need some more light.

Lieber Georg

October 5, 2011
Gerade habe ich deinen neuesten Bericht gelesen. Ich fahre morgen  nach Frankfurt dort werde ich die nächsten Wochen/Monate sein. Ich denke es würde sehr viel Sinn machen dort ein Portal zu öffnen die Energien dort sind so niedrig und unangenehm Gaia und die Menschen können in diesem Gebiet sicher alles positive vertragen was sie bekommen können.

Alles Liebe


October 6, 2011


Wonderful! All day here: huge gorgeous portal! Just wanted to let you know! I look forward to your next update…




October 6, 2011

Fabirzio is an Italian teenager and a crystalline child. He contacted me because he was treated with psychotropic drugs for his LBP symptoms and asked me for my advise and help. Now he has stopped his treatment and is building his personal portal. Please, appreciate his English language.

Dear George,

as you are the captain I’d like to make you now further research I’ve made on the portal.

Any if I can feel it without outer instruments I called a friend of mine and measured it with an EMF detector to do a crossed test between my sensations and the EMF… I also had the confirmation I have some medial skills because I detected, among other things, a very old soul in form of a young beautiful woman that protects me, stays a lot with me and shares information and light with me in a subconscious manner till yesterday. I also think “she” guided me to you.

Now some semi-scientific  information on the portal.

-It is not static any if you can find it mostly in a specific area of the house. My idea is that is like a  vertical vortex moving on an horizontal plane.

– When you are invested by its energy, time becomes “fluid”, dilatates and you experience synchronicity. Emotions become ecstasy. you can experience true knowledge and I experienced talking about things I’ve never heard in this life or about intuitions I could never transport to the 5th chakra.

-It is always increasing: the instrument I used is not perfect at all, but measured in the order of µT. usually it stays about 10 to 50… I put it in the electric central line and it never went above 41: my house centraline can manage 30+ KW, has a phone centraline, and lots of other very EMF polluting devices. 3 people can stand comfortably in the centraline to make an idea. When it is near to the spirit of the woman or during minor portal experiences it stays to about 215.00 µT. During middle portal experiences, 300 µT. During major portal experiences the instrument measured 480 µT and stopped at his maximum sensibility!!! the needle reached it’s limit and the line went above the graphic and could not be seen. I should procure another instrument and see where it can arrive :) To the 5th dimension you could answer :D
I don’t know if these measurements are high, but I can tell you that my nervous system feels it a lot.

I hope that my “work” can be useful to other people like me or to other members of the PAT in some way.

I set a meditation about “I am that I am and I want to ascend now”, took that decision in my heart as you suggested and I felt the portal and every being in the surroundings enjoyed.

Love and Light,




Subject: Greetings from Mexico!
October 6, 2011

Dear Callista,

I just finished reading the last article that Georgi Stankov published on his web page: The Most Important Message For Humanity!
I have been following Georgi’s work and advice for some time now. What a brilliant mind and soul he is!

After reading your correspondence I felt so overwhelmed with joy and with need to write you and congratulate you on the success you have while building a portal. The moment after finishing reading my body had a strong reaction and I feel so filed with new energy like never before. I guess your message to the others are so strong and clearly tells us that ascension is near and we need to follow the Wayshowers. This is the time we have been waiting for for years and now we have to follow through with our mission.
with love,
Playa Del Carmen

Sanita comes originally from Latvia and has had similar experiences with the former communist system as I did, although she is much younger than me. Only recently did she read my Russian book on my scientific prophecies for the End Times, which I wrote in 1997, published on my website. She wrote to me afterwards:


October 3, 2011

Dear George,

I just finished reading “Introduction to the Universal Law” n Russian (have to mention that Russian is my second language). I have to tell you that translation is very good and material is brilliant. I was really enjoying reading (especially the second part) of the book discussing UL in medicine and economy which I can relate and I understand more clearly. I wish that Universal Law would be a subject in school for children to learn. I can only imagine how knowing and understanding this law would change humanity. As you mentioned in your book the science these days can still be like a religion. It could be oppressive and dogmatic and not respond to innovation or new way of thinking. I can see this very clearly in case with my father ( professor, member of academy of sciences ) who is typical “product” of soviet era and now semi-confused member of “new society” who refuses to change his thinking but still is viewed as one of the “brightest minds” in country and holding a position as adviser to President. How there could be a progress if the same old thinking is present and the same old approach to the problems is applied…

Back to the book. While reading it I had to remind myself that this book was written years ago but it felt like it is fresh out of printer.
I will definitely spend more time on the rest of the articles regarding Universal Law which I find very educational read for me at this time. I do believe that spirituality needs to be “practical” and useful for people.
Best Regards,


From: <>
Subject: RE:Greetings from Mexico!
October 6, 2011

Dear Sanita;

Thank you so much and I am so glad that you resonate with my experience. George had to persuade me to allow my emails to be put on the website, but now I am so glad he was so insistent, as my experience will hopefully validate many others.

Indeed Ascension is near and it is very exciting. My travels into the portal fill me with lightness and joy, then I find that I am quite disappointed and nostalgic when I return to this 3D. Do not be surprised if you feel weepy and nostalgic but let it flow. It has been a long haul and I am hoping there is a wonderful holiday resort waiting on the other side so we can regain our strength!! :)

love and kindest regards from Callista


One day before Callista opened her personal portal, she had this amazing experience with her soul family in the 5th dimension. It is so impressive and elevating that I would recommend to all the members from the PAT to ask their soul families for a similar experience as to gain some glimpses into the blissful life that is awaiting you after Ascension very soon. (George).

Dear George,

Below is an account of my experiences this morning.  I don’t know if there is anything particularly significant in it for other people, but it might be similar to what others are experiencing a this time.  For me it gave me a taste and reminder of “home” and although it has affected me emotionally, it was obviously something that Indeed to have right now.

Tuesday 4 Oct 2011

I woke up this morning heavy and disoriented so after vaguely making myself some toast and a chocolate drink I had to go back to bed again.

I usually fall into a deep sleep where I wake and only remember fragments of where I had been.  But today it was different – I couldn’t go to sleep and I had the feeling that this time I would remember where I had been.

I drifted in to a lucid state and found that I was toning and my toning was being answered from far away.  The toning from afar became closer until I found myself in the heavens and sitting before a semi-circle of beings with whom I felt extremely comfortable and familiar.  The feeling I had was that I was surrounded by extremely respectful and encompassing love and this was wrapped around the group like a blanket.

They asked me how things were progressing from my personal viewpoint – I replied that much progress seems to be made but we on the ground are very tired.  They regarded me with awe and respect which puzzled me until they explained that we are enacting a process which is beyond imagining and the success of our endeavours are resounding through the galaxies into the far reaches of the universes.  Somehow we on the ground are emanating an energy which means freedom in many forms.

They surrounded me with a feeling of sympathy and compassion for the effort which has been expected of us on the ground and reassured me that soon there will be a time for relaxing and enjoyment, according to each one’s desire, in the realm of each one’s desire.

After this exchange (which I understood fully with my understanding) I then started to speak to them in a cosmic language.  This language bypasses my rational mind and therefore is not tainted by it.  I have used this cosmic language (I don’t know what else to call it) for many years when I cannot explain things in my rational English language – I only use this language for myself and on very rare occasions when an earthbound companion may understand this usage and it is necessary for me to use it for the further development of their own understanding.

I continued in this language for some time, and all the while they listened intently, occasionally nodding in agreement.  They told me it was necessary for me to transmit information to them in this way, as my rational earthbound mind needed to be ignorant of these matters so that I was not unduly influenced in making decisions in my life on earth.  Somehow the knowledge that I am accumulating in my rational mind is being emanated throughout the ether of the planet in order to educate those who are receptive.  I have no idea how this happens, because I am a recluse, and rarely communicate with anyone, and I don’t belong to a social network.

Then they said it is time for us to go, we cannot stay any longer.  I watched them fade away and returned fully to my bed.  The familiar heaviness and fatigue returned to me and I found myself weeping for the departure of my beloved companions.  I found myself longing for the unfettered realms of the cosmos.  Even though I know they are not really far away, I miss them dearly and nothing on this earth compares with the affinity I feel with them.



October 6, 2011

Dear Georgi,

After reading your last article The Most Important Message For Humanity I feel so energized. My body is filled with new and very strong energy waves that I never felt before. All I can think right now is : “I Am That I Am and I have decided to Ascend Now!

Decision is made. I am ready.

with love, Sanita


October 6, 2011

Aloha George,

Thank you very much for responding to me. I am intending with my heart(s)  to follow you through the Stargate soon.

Many times each day I have been communing with my higher self and affirm  – “my heart is my center…I open up to all its power…I allow Love and Light to pour through me”.  I feel done with 3D and so excited about 5D and beyond…and returning ‘home’…and certainly willing to assist major 3D issues if I am needed.

Questions: I read that this Ascension is unique since one has the rare opportunity to ascend in their current physical body, as it becomes crystalline.  If so, I would hope that one would be rejuvenated in this process and would be physically stronger to work multi-dimensionally.  

If you have time to respond, I am very curious about the following:

How will health and age be affected – in general – if you happen to be part of the FIRST WAVE?  

Do you retain your physical body?  

How does a crystalline body “feel” in comparison to a 3D physical body?  

Will people recognize you if you return to 3D from 5D to help others? 

How has your health and body been affected since your ascension and return(s)?

All information much appreciated.  As the Hawaiians say, “mahalo”.

Kindest Regards, margi. k.


October 6, 2011

Dear Margi,

Thank you for your email. The new crystalline body after ascension will be completely rejuvenated and practically immortal. All bodies will be slim and very gracious.

Later on, one will be able to change the outer appearance at his discretion, either as a young women or an old wise man, depending on how you see your personality from within. But this will be possible after some time, when the ascended humans have adjusted to the new conditions in the 5th dimension.

The crystalline bodies will be a little bit bigger than now and absolutely healthy. We  will all be bold at the beginning as the human cranium will be enlarged as to accommodate the more powerful crystalline brain with a much great capacity and intelligence, so that the hair follicles will be destroyed for a while.

The sexual organs will degenerate, as sexual experience will no longer be performed in the old way on 3d-earth, but will be experienced by merging the energetic fields of the partners and by touching the hands, which will become powerful energetic centres in the 5th dimension. Altogether there will be many more surprises that await us very soon in the 5th dimension.

Wish you a lot of joy after Ascension!



October 6, 2011

From: Tomas . <>
Subject: about Personal Portals

Hi, I’m from Mexico, live in Juarez city, I write to you because i read your emails at

Yesterday I had a dream in which i was building frantically or in some kind of trance an Aztec pyramid like structure and made it my home, while being there, inside of it, i receive two visitors, a couple, I salute them and after that I guess they left.
I remember being so happy building that Aztec pyramid, but it didn’t made much sense why, until I read the article above. So maybe I’m sending you this email in a sense of looking for confirmation, given your remote vision skills. But don’t mind me, just writing these lines to you, is comforting enough, since I don’t have someone to speak to, about these stuff.


Dear Thomas,

Thank you for your email about the portals.  It is indeed encouraging to have someone else to talk about these things.

When I read your email for the first time I saw your Aztec pyramid and it was made of crystal.  It is indeed your portal.  It seems natural that we should have individually shaped portals, as we are all individuals and not all portals will be the same shape.

It is significant that you had a couple visiting you.  I believe this means that you will be sharing your portal with others who don’t have their own portals.  I don’t know why some people will build a portal and others will not, but it doesn’t matter.  We are here to help each other and we are all achieving the same goal.

It is wonderful that you can be part of the community that Georgi is building online and this will give you valuable support in the days ahead.

kindest regards from Callista

October 6, 2011


I am totally speechless on reading your article today re opening portals.

My first experience with this was Tara Eire. I am not good in English, but I feel you see it all anyway and i am simply confirming. Then a few weeks ago – I have lost sense of time now for a while- I tuned into the 13th stone at new grange Eire and the tone E and suddenly the stone lifted up, landed on my head and suddenly Mother Sekhmet. My entire body seemed to vibrate for some time.

Then recently, I was guided to Vatican to take back the key-which I did, and it was so weird and sudden- I am standing there with this key , holding it and suddenly an opening opens in the “wall” and i am so conscious that the opening is not for me alone but for others to go through if they choose.

I have friends in Worthing UK and they also report helicopters overhead- they have stargate. I was guided to this house in Cheshire, yet know there is another one which is or will be in 5D at Alresford near Winchester.

This is all starting to make much more sense now. Thank you to you and Sue. if you think of anything else needing doing, please say and I will do.

At the moment I simply intuit in the moment, then often forget, but this article has me remembering moments.

As a child in the 50’s I kept on about my spaceship and how I could not miss it. in 2004 the urgency grew when I brought back my star child, feeling it was safe to do so.

Blessings and Joy.


October 6, 2011

Subject: Re: Greetings from Mexico!

Dear Callista,

I cannot thank Georgi enough for convincing you to post your experiences. We…the others out there need assurance that positive things are happening and there is progress in our work. I have not experienced wonderful travels the way you have but hope that I will be able to do so in the near future. I am ready with my heart and soul! I say bring it on!

I can absolutely imagine that once you get out of here you do not feel like coming back…

On the practical note…how do you start building a portal? Did Georgi helped you with” foundation”? Did you just visualize a portal and then “create it”? Or you went different route to make it happen…I feel that at this time the more info and advice we can have the better.
with love,


P.S. I am apologizing in advance if I am taking you away from more interesting things than giving me ABC’s on building portals…lol


October 6, 2011

From: <>
Subject: RE:Re: Greetings from Mexico!

Dear Sanita,

It is a pleasure to communicate with you and please don’t feel apologetic. This adventure has never been done before and we are all learning as we go.

I really don’t know how I built the portal, except that I have been visualising and imagining the Ascension process for weeks and then the other day I just found myself using it. I had an email from another today, who found himself feverishly building a pyramid whilst lucid dreaming yesterday. It is indeed his portal.

I am also of the opinion that not everyone will build a portal, but many will use portals that have been built by others.
I don’t know why some build portals and others don’t, but we are all helping one another achieve the same goal.
You will know when you have built your portal, but don’t be alarmed if you don’t, because you will use another when the time comes. You can still lucid dream about 5D and I encourage you to go to Sue’s website where the descriptions of her experiences will assist you.

kindest regards from Callista


October 6, 2011

Dear Georgi

I know you are very busy and I just wanted to ask one little question.

When some of us are ascended on the 11.11.11 what will happen to our loved ones do we have a choice to take them with us? Or do we leave without them. Also with regards to this, do we just disappear from other people that have not ascended. So in other words if we live in a small community do we vanish form them. So once we get to this 11.11.11 we will have pockets of people just disappearing on the planet?!  Is this correct ?

Kind regards Eric J.


Dear Eric,

This is the most common question that is posed these days. Yes, when you ascend, you will disappear from the sight of your family and other people, as you will vibrate with a much higher frequency, which cannot be perceived with human eyes, which are very limited within the white light spectrum. But there are two further possibilities to stay in contact with your family members.

If it is in your soul contract to return to 3d-earth and help humanity prepare for the final ascension in 2012, you can appear in front of your beloved ones in a light body. Or you will go to the the new 5th-earth blueprint and prepare the conditions there for the arrival of many ascended humans after mass ascension in December 2012. In the meantime you can communicate with your family members in the dream state.

Please do not forget that separation is a human illusion on 3d-earth. In reality we are all one and never separated.

In love and light



October 6, 2011

Hi.. i would like to know if when we ascend we will appear in another reality totally different from here or there will be like the same as here? Is there any way you can see if i am ascending on this first wave? thank you so much!


Dear Cleyton,

I can assure you that when you ascend you will immediately know it. Much will be different, and much will be common to you as you know it already during your work in the dream state when you prepare the new earth-blueprint in the 5th dimension. If you firmly decide to ascend now, you have all the chances to be in the first wave. It depends only on your free will and firm determination.


October 6, 2011

Hello Georgi,

Male, 53 years
California, USA
Married, 2 kids (21 & 13 yrs)
Mechanical Design Eng.
Laid-off going on 2.5 yrs., resources
waning and never felt more ‘Alive’
in my Life!

My waking ‘acceleration’ engaged in the mid 80’s prompting me to ‘extract’ myself out of conventional Christian religion and other matrix distractions. Then, Gurdjieff work, Kristamurti, Subud Latihan interests have helped in coming to ‘Presence’ in my work-a-day life.

My sense has been the fall of 2011 is very special. Ive been experiencing the powerful energies and changes you have described.

This sense of being an antenna, ‘receiver’ and ‘transmitter’ of more purified energies has always been apart of my ‘knowing’. However, the challenge is to remain in a ‘non-dual’ and ‘Present’ states for longer durations so as not to get ‘fetched’ back into completely identifying with the matrix and ‘contaminating my ‘inner’. Especially in the current run-up.

With the addition of the Portal information, i know this activity i am involved with as well. Since the beginning of the year, profound changes have accelerated to enable a more sustained and stable ‘Being’, ‘Presence’ and a minimized duality-state that is equal-to and greater-than any challenge I am confronted with (so far!). Spending copious amounts of time in the redwood forests here, has proven ‘essential’ to my changes and aligns me beautifully with the Earth. I’m detecting very powerful ‘zones’ in around my environs, though, i do not have the higher vision yet to view them, but certainly ‘feel’ them. Sometimes in a bolt-upright ‘Stop’ attention.

Although my veil seems to be ‘iron clad’, my sensing is more on the inner ‘tones’ and strong ‘vibration’ detecting, which have been nothing short of ‘loud’ and dramatic. Lots of ‘electric’ shock like ‘bolts’ as well…

Definitely know my Soul, mental, emotional and physical permutations within the current 3D environment have been nearly exhausted.

Warm Regards in this profound time,


October 6, 2011


My name is Erin Yilmaz, and I am from a small town in Kansas.  For several years now, I have sought for truth.  I recently stumbled across your website, and I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed reading your insights.  I also wanted to thank you for taking the time to write something as extensive as this in order to inform people on many important issues.  Also, I am writing because I had a question.

You spoke of making our own personal portals for the upcoming first wave of ascension.  I want to make the first wave, but I have a feeling that I will be waiting until the second wave of mass ascension.  My question is, for the mass ascension, will we be required to make our own portals?  Or will we be drawn to pre-made portals (i.e,: ones made by those in the first wave, such as your own)?  My other question is, how do I connect with my higher self?  I always try to think and act from the heart, but I have never had success with things such as meditation.

Is my veil ever going to lift?  Am I not focusing enough?  And last but not least, I wanted to say that I noticed in your writings that you have a reverence for intelligence.  But isn’t intelligence merely an illusion?  I look forward to hearing from you, but I understand if you are too busy or tired to respond.  Take care.


Dear Erin,

Thank you very much for your kind and affirmative email. Now to your questions:

The mass ascension in December 2012 will be different from the one at the stargate 11.11.11 when the huge photon wave after the last stargate 12.12.12. will be opened will heave most of humanity to the 5th dimension in the so called three days of darkness, which may not be so dark as currently assumed. In reality the the consciousness of the ascending entities will be retrieved to the 5th dimension of the souls, while their carbon-based bodies will be transformed in a quick procedure into crystalline bodies. When one awakens, he will find himself in the 5th dimensional earth and will be dazzled by its beauty in the first minutes.

The portals, which the members of the PAT have already commenced to build on earth, will help many light workers to ascend in this first wave. They will stay open during the whole interim period between 11.11.11 and 12.12.12, respectively 21.12.12.

Many of the ascended masters from the first wave will return to the 3d-earth and will help humanity restructure its society as to prepare for the final shift. To this I am intending to write more in my future articles, if I will have the time to do it.

Your last question is very important, as it is in the core of the new theory of the Universal Law. The greatest myth of the New Age movement is to
reject the role of intelligence, or human mind, and to substitute it with the heart. Both are needed. You cannot however understand and control your feelings without  a clear mind and you cannot expand your intelligence without letting it swing on the wings of your emotions.

Now we have on this planet emotionally retarded scientists with limited intelligence, where the limits are set by their unrecognized fear based patterns which are in fact negative emotions, on the one hand, and the right-brain centered light workers from the New Age, who have amputated deliberately their left brain, if they have had one in the first place, which I strongly doubt, on the other hand. This is a very deplorable situation as a whole. It will radically improve after Ascension when the human brain will increase its current capacity of 8-10% to 50% and more.  This will enable the understanding of the new Theory of the Universal Law, which will be the new Theory of Ascension.

The goal should be now to integrate both emotionality and spiritual intellectuality as I am trying to convey in all my writings. I am personally a highly emotional man, but at the same time I know how to use my emotions in a creative way as to achieve specific intellectual results, and some of my correspondence partners have to experience from time to time the creative, power of my emotional indignation against all manifestations of human stupidity. For me, emotions are the source of all creativity, but only when this creativity is based on true and sound knowledge. Sound knowledge is always logical thinking. Therefore, I often use emotions to promote true knowledge and logic. They do not exclude each other, but complement.

I hope that I have answered your last question to some extent, although this topic cannot be easily exhausted.

In lover and light


October 6, 2011

What exactly does the End Times mean?  Can you let me know in detail.  michael quincey channels SaLuSa mentions the end times. Your messages are profound and beyond ….  i am so grateful to have found your articles, peace, joy abundance of heart,


Dear Cindy,

The End Times have actually begun after WW2 when Gaia was in dying and asked for help from the Divine Providence for this planet. This period is also described in John’s Revelations and was characterized by the severe battle between Gog and Magog, between the dark forces from the Orion/Reptilian Empire and the forces of light of the star seeds, who began to incarnate in great numbers on earth in the post-war time, to which I also belong.

This was also the time of the birthing of the idea of New Age. In the strict sense of End Times, as I use it in my last publications, it is the last triad 2010-2012, when the greatest energetic changes have already taken place, leading humanity and mankind to ascension in this fall. Does this answer your question?



October 6, 2011

Dear George,

I was wondering if you could shed some light on a happening I had in 2007. If you had any personal experience of the like. You response would be helpful to me and appreciated.

I was gently awakened at about 3:00 am, there was a golden beam about 6-8 inches wide that latched onto the top of my head, crown chakra, coming down at a 45 degree angle. I did not see this with my  physical eyes but intuitively knew that this is what it was. Then as a dial is turned up after lock on I became fully awake. Then there was a down load that was taking place at a hyper velocity. This produced a rapid energy vibration in my energetic body and I was feeling the heat in my physical. This was rather startling as I lay there. I was not panicked but was in observation mode. The intensity and speed were increasing and getting a little uncomfortable. I then moved my head to the side of my pillow, trying to break the connection and the beam followed my movement! As I lay there I was able to slow my perception down and I viewed some of the download as snapshots. I was able to get a fleeting glance of some of the symbols, they were what I can describe as glyphs similar to crop circles… and other geometric forms.

While vibrating (non physically) and heating up physically I thought to myself  “I don’t know how much more of this I can take”? A short while after that the “dial” was gently turned down and slowly faded away. I then jumped out of bed just shaking with energy and amazement. I looked up at the wall and ceiling fully expecting to see burn or singe marks… there were none.

George, I know this sounds off the wall and I can 100% assure you that this was NO dream and no drugs were involved. With your experience, have you ever had or heard of anything like this? I have talked to some other people about this and get looks like… This guy is ready for the funny farm.LOL. My conscious mind really has no clue as to the information received. On the other hand my perceptual window has been ever expanding. I do work on this though and have always been interested in “esoteric” topics and self improvement. I did not get a malevolent intent about this happening. But, I know there was one hell of a lot of information being downloaded.

This is really not something I am manic about but I am searching for answers and thought you might be able to shed some light on this for me. I posted this story on a forum and got some really hostile responses…. I really felt the so called seekers on that board were rather threatened and maybe some jealousy going on which really surprised me. I think possibly that the information will be released and recognized at some point but one never knows.

Thank you George for taking the time to read this. I know you are a busy man!

Kind regards,


Dear Ed,

Your experience is quite normal during the LBP. The energy download you have perceived is quite normal and I have such downloads on a daily basis for the last 12 years, They open the left brain portal and transform the body. I can see these waves coming from the higher chakras. These waves are also associated with huge downloads of light language, which one can visualize as hieroglyphs or other signs. I have been receiving such downloads for more than 8 years in the past every night. Sometimes, the signs were in Cyrillic alphabet. Many people have this experience. You are loaded with knowledge  which you will use extensively in the 5th dimension.


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