On Human Ego, Arrogance, Spiritual Self-Esteem and Other Myths in the End Times

by Dr. Georgi Stankov, October 14, 2011, Copyright 2011


A Spiritual conversation with Douglas Burns

October 14, 2011

Dear Brother,

Enjoyed perusing your articles. Came here from Steve Beckow’s site.

A little background: been a student of metaphysics since the early ’70s, channeled AA Michael since 1976 when he “appeared” to me, was called chosen to lead/coordinate the Harmonic Convergence at Mount Shasta, etc.

Your “revelations” are very informed and well stated although the information you present was well known to many of us back in the ’70s. So I am not quite sure, where your arrogance comes from.

You treated Steve with contempt and disrespect, not characteristics of a Light-worker and Ascended Being. I do not doubt that you are. We ALL are still human and have our flaws and challenges. However, I should not have to remind you that Love and Compassion are the cornerstones of Ascension and our New Heaven/New Earth.

Arrogance has been one of my challenges too, so I appreciate your frustrations. I am becoming more humble and less concerned about me and my role in all of this. It is only about the individual ultimately.

Be well and be a bit more humble. It will become you.

Love & Light,


Dear Douglas,

Thank you very much for your email and your comments. It is always a great confirmation to hear that a reader knew many of the things, about which I am writing in my popular publications. This is a proof that I am on the right track.

Now it is time for you to start scrutinizing my scientific books on the Universal Law,  where you will find one million things, about which you have not heard anything yet. One must always strive for greater knowledge, and I will be happy to assist you in understanding my physical theory of the Universal Law.

I  appreciate your emotional engagement on behalf of Steve Beckow, but I must admit that it displays a spiritual narrow-mindedness that should not be part of a true Metaphysicist, as you say, you are. It stems from your underpinning dualistic weltanschauung, which makes you erroneously believe that I could live in opposition to any other human being – an attitude, which  is so typical for you, American young souls, still engaged in social battles, conquests, defeats, and massive destruction of nature and human lives. You are children-souls in your vast majority and you are still “playing with the fire” all day long, to quote another German saying.

This is one of the reasons why I always advocate the dialectical thinking of the German idealistic school of philosophy, which is completely unknown to all Americans, being ignorant of any kind of true philosophy. I cannot be more blunt on these cold facts and I thank you very much for giving me this opportunity to express them in this firm manner.

To your information: A have personally absolutely nothing against Steve. If you have read my recent open letter on the confusion of light workers carefully and with understanding, what you have obviously failed to do, you should have learned that I have made many honest attempts privately to help this rather confused entity, called Steve Beckow in this incarnation, so that he can find his way to truth, but he stubbornly disregarded all of them.

I must however admit in this particular case that I took some pleasure for some time, playing the role of “machina ex deus” by creating some superficial dramas around this humourless personality and his even more humourless devotees, in order to propagate certain pedagogical goals and ideas, which are inherent to my theory and dear to my heart.

Obviously, I have achieved my goal, for which I am very proud as a cosmic play writer. One important prerequisite was to gestalt this drama as realistic as possible in order to engage emotionally as many people as possible, and, indeed, many swallowed the hook.

I expected this outcome, considering the low level of discernment of most participants in this artificial drama, which I  put on stage with a great creative pleasure – just as our souls are permanently creating our personal human dramas, so that we learn something new and expand our limited view of the world  beyond the evident crisis.

If you are a Metaphysicist, you should be best educated to understand this intrinsic aspect of the soul. Our soul can only manifest herself through emotions. As I write in my last book “The Cosmic Laws of Creation and Destruction“,  the ancient Greek called the soul “psyche”, which means emotion.

Emotions can only be evoked when there is a drama, otherwise they will slumber, as in many dumbed down human beings, especially in the USA. In this case Steve’s soul urged me to present a small harmless drama for him as his daily consciousness was obviously completely impermeable to the voice of his soul and was rejecting any positive impulses from her whatsoever.

In such a case, an external agent must enter the scene and stage a particular drama for this or any other confused entity. Most of the time it happens in an unconscious manner – hence the perennial karmic dramas on this planet, which have only one pedagogical goal: To expand the awareness of the incarnated entity beyond the visible world.

Or it may happen in a conscious manner, if the agent of the drama is an enlightened being, as is the case with me. I must admit, until now I have hugely enjoyed this drama that has involved more persons and has stirred more minds than you can imagine or I could have ever perceived at the beginning. Obviously, the inner impulse has started to torment many participants in the End TImes, and they are flocking to this human drama with great delihgt, as you, Douglas, are now doing with this letter, in order to learn something new. Be aware that this drama will very soon achieve cosmic proportions.

This is just the beginning. The great final accord is yet to come. And it will be a huge embarassment for everyone – a masterpiece of comedia del’arte, an apotheosis of all human follies.

Today, ii ts a common habit to condemn somebody, anybody, for being arrogant or having a huge ego. These aspects seem to be the real devils in the eyes of many a light worker, and not the real ones – the Greys and the Reptilians from the Orion Empire, who have enslaved them for eons of time and are still playing “shabernack” (a Jewish word for “humbug” or “to fool”) with many of them, as is the case with Steve and his ill-advised followers.

The reason for this is that most light workers still have a lot of work to do on eliminating their own ego. In their spiritual self-esteem, however, they are very quick in condemning others for this same vice.

It is primitive, it is stupid. It is blind, and it is unenlightened. When somebody tells me “You are arrogant and you have a huge ego” I hear:  “Well-well, you do not belong to our PAT and you will not be in the first wave of Ascension. It is a pity, but I know it now. I will expect you some time later, brother, when you become much more enlightened and discerning.”

Dear Douglas, If you were that much advanced as to participate in the first ascension wave in November, as most of my readers and members of the PAT will do, you must have been aware of one fundamental truth:  Nobody could have qualified for Ascension, unless his ego has been demolished infinite times by his own soul long time ago. as a prerequisite to enter the LBP. I have written a lot about this. But you should also read all the emotional, poetical emails, which I publish on our Ascension Reports, written by many other  members of the PAT from the position of total honesty and transparency, and you will know what true surrender of the ego really means, and why you will have to make this experience in the near future.

What you misinterpret for my ego, by projecting your unresolved egomanic problems onto my personality, is in fact my scientific and medial certainty on certain issues, on which you obviously can only cherish doubts in your heart. And this insecurity hurts badly, I know this very well. When one feels hurt on this toxic planet, he is very quick with his condemnations. This is what your email perspires, and this is how humanity has been controlled eons of time by the Orion Empire.

I can assure you that Steve will very soon creep to me like a beaten dog as soon as our Planetary Ascension Team has ascended in November and will begin to shape the destiny of mankind in an open manner. They are already doing this in a clandestine manner, but only few enlightened people are capable of discerning it.

And you may also creep to us. And you know what –  we will embrace your with all our love and compassion of ascended masters for what you are. Your flawed ideas you must abolish by yourself. We will only serve you as a beacon of light.

In the meantime you will have to put up with your uncertainties, which even I cannot abolish with my recent ultimate scientific proof.

In love and light

Reply from Douglas:

Sorry. Couldn’t read your reply. It is not all about you (?).

Dear Douglas,

As far as can read, your email was personally addressed to me. Or did you mean another brother? And what is the reason to decline reading the answer of your brother? Fear that it maybe true?

In that case I am compelled to make my answer public, so that other people can read it, as there is a lot one can learn from this next episode of real or alleged human drama.

In love and light

Thanky for the publicity. I still love you.

So do I, my brother!


The drama continues:

Are there any interviews or photos of Dr. Georgi Stankov? There is a rumor going around that he is not a real person. I want to help clear the rumors.

Kind Regards,
Eddy Chyrek

Dear Eddy,

The entity Dr. Georgi Stankov is a very real person, Ask Douglas above. Only real persons can evoke such emotional rejections in other human beings.

He only does not want to participate in the current esoteric Vanity Fair and for this reason he does not give interviews or publish his photos in the company of  avaricious Reptilians as some other entities such as Steve Beckow, the “Anonymous Munch” as he calls himself in self-irony, do. He wants to be only judged by his written word.

However he will appear very soon with members of the PAT as Ascended Master on earth, while some people may still continue to ask themselves, if he is a real human being or not. He was one, and he has always been one since the Atlantean times when his soul ascended for the first time.

With love and light

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