October 8, 2011


As promised, you can find below the last message of CA on our common theme “Opening of Portals”. The questions, posed to CA by members of the CAC-group, were inspired by our website and by your State-Of-Ascension-Reports.

Obviously these reports are much more widely read and discussed in the light worker community  than one can imagine. The inner impulse has already begun to trigger the necessary reactions in many light workers and your example will be soon followed by millions. Do not underestimate the dynamics which is now unfolding on earth and will soon encompass the whole humanity.

This last message of CA confirms in a brilliant way the basic tenets of our discussions in our daily Ascension Reports, which have helped you streamline your intuitive knowledge in these last days of preparation for Ascension.

When you have finished with this message, you will find out that there is nothing more you can learn from a channeling source, no matter how clean and reliable it may be. This should be the ultimate proof for the fact that you are all ascended masters and that the final act that is still to be accomplished is to go through the portals and begin to enjoy the existence of unlimited powerful multidimensional beings.

But it is always a very good feeling  to have your inner and explicit knowledge being confirmed once again by such a clear and reliable channel as Cosmic Awareness. The comments in parenthesis are mine.

Georgi Stankov, October 26, 2011


QUESTIONER: Yes it does, and there’s a further comment, regarding to the portal openings. That these portal openings will, of course, only be perceived by those who have volunteered to “see them” and will be perceived by each person according to their personal inclination. Because of the vast variety of inhabitants on earth it must always be this way. Furthermore, the cetaceans will be very instrumental in the portal openings over the great oceans and vast waterways. Is this so?

COSMIC AWARENESS: The cetaceans are the whales and the dolphins and porpoises. This Awareness would say indeed this is so. What must be understood is many of the portals already are in existence but many do not understand this, many do not perceive this. This Awareness has talked on occasion of the mounds in such places as Burlington and that when one visits the mounds and takes pictures in the dark, many unusual phenomena are shown, including lights of brilliance, snakelike in form, orbs and even portals and vortexes can be seen.

These are now starting to even be seen with the physical eyes, and there are those who are competent and capable now of seeing them (such as most of you, and of course, Callista).

In the past, shamans and medicine men could see these portals and would use them, but now in this time of Mass Ascension many are starting to awaken to these energy vortexes, although largely they are still invisible and these portals are not necessarily seen, but can often be felt. With the times ahead as they are now unfolding, more and more individuals are starting to see them and feel them even more strongly, and when the time is right and those who have volunteered and agreed are ready, then they will be shown to those who have made such agreement. It is already a work in progress (the work of the members of the PAT), in other words.

QUESTIONER: Exactly. The statement that the opening of these portals will not be frightening in the least, for they resonate to the mid-4th dimension and travel into the 5th andonly those who have recovered their multidimensional perceptions will even know that they are there. Your comment?

COSMIC AWARENESS: This is basically so. This Awareness in the past has stated that those who can even think of Ascension, ask questions, consider Ascension, are already those who are starting to be in contact with their multidimensionality. Those who are able to do this and understand this and question this already are those who are marked for Ascension (that is why I always say that all of you are candidates for Ascension because you resonate with this theme on my website), for the majority ask no such questions, have no concern, and think it to be rather foolish and silly, if they have even heard of 2012, and simply blow it off as the delusional thinking of crazy people. Thus, they are not necessarily those who are ready to ascend, or would see the vortexes.

Indeed, those who are ready, who have adjusted their vibrations already and are continuing to adjust them, will see things that others will not see. Thus, two individuals, an individual attuned to the energies and vibrations of the vortex will see this vortex or portal, and right beside him perhaps his neighbor or even family member will not see it if they are not themselves at that level. Thus, one cannot go to another for verification that what they are seeing is right and true and proper. One must trust the Inner Guidance, the Inner Voice, and the Inner Light.

Many wish to have these sightings verified by others and will go to others and ask, “Did you see that?” only to hear from the other, “No, I saw nothing. Are you crazy or what?” (Because they do not go to Callista). To hear such an attitude expressed would often, if taken too deeply and too seriously, deflate one and cause them to suspect they are delusional, and are not really seeing these things. The danger here is that one can be led away from participating.

Therefore, it is important to understand that not all (because they are not at the vibrational density), will see such phenomena. And to ask those who are not at such a density, who have no belief in such matters and are not even interested, would be a failing on the part of the individual who cannot trust what they themselves are getting (That is why we have established our Ascension Reports to get mutual confirmation and verification from other members of the PAT).

One of the major areas that now needs to be intensified in the journey towards Ascension is trusting Spirit, trusting that one is being led forward, and that many miraculous things will start to unfold. Indeed, this Awareness said a year ago to, “Be prepared for all manner of weird and wacky and magical and miraculous events” and indeed there have been many reports of such events happening. The truth is not to question one’s sanity but to simply be open and say that they have witnessed something they cannot quite explain, but they are certainly open for more, and to trust and know that Spirit Itself is guiding them (This is precisely what you are often describing in your emails, published in the Ascension Reports).

One quick way to ascertain this, and to be sure of this, is to surround oneself in the Light, to call to the High Self and the low self and ask for the protection of both, as well as the spiritual energies that surround one, qualifying therefore that one will only accept what is of the highest level and not what is delusional or perpetrated on one by those who would misguide and mislead. Purposely giving one’s power away to another by believing what they say is not advisable (a common topic for discussion in our reports).

This Awareness would say that it is a learning curve that many are now experiencing, learning to trust themselves and their inner guidance and the voice of Spirit in whatever way It speaks – of how to bring the Light into their lives, to Be the Light and to force those that are not of the Light, that are in darkness, to be exposed and shown, and transmuted or removed.

These are all parts of that journey that is now available to the majority. As this Awareness said, those who are questioning and looking deeper into Ascension are already those at a multidimensional level who are being drawn to this experience. But one can still be distracted and detoured if one does not believe their own ability and their own experience, and instead goes to another for validation or verification.

This is indeed an area where many will be challenged and this Awareness recommends that discussion and dialogue occur amongst the members (of PAT) to help them understand how to move forward. This Awareness, of course, is also available to answer any questions that may bring more clarity and more understanding to the matter.

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