By Dr. Georgi Stankov, July 13, 2011, Copyright 2011


Some readers approached us, after they have read my last article on  “free photon energy“, and asked me to explain in depth the role of thermal or any other energetic gradient in the Creation/Gestalt of All-That-Is. I am now responding to this request.

While human beings use all kinds of energetic gradients in everyday life and in industrial production, the theoretical background of this universal phenomenon of Nature has not been truly comprehended by all scientists and the rest of mankind so far.

Let me, therefore, depart from what is known to all of you, before I expand my discussion.

When we plug an electric device in the electric grid, we use an energetic, electric gradient. This gradient may differ from country to country, so that you need an adapter. For instance, in Europe we use the 220 voltage, which is another technical term for electric gradient. Some other countries use the 110 voltage, etc.

What we, however, seldom realize, is that without the use of an energy gradient, there will be no technology at all, and we will still dwell as cave men.

Let us stay by electricity and illustrate this ubiquitous fact, so that everybody can easily perceive it for himself.


In order to produce electric power, we build, for instance, dams on rivers and lakes and create a water gradient, which is the most evident form of an energy gradient. When the dam is closed, and no water flows, the water stored in the dam has a “potential energy”, which can be converted into electric energy.

Here, we have another word or synonym for a gradient – a “potential”. A potential is stored energy that can be transformed anytime into active, kinetic energy.

Those of you, who still have some knowledge of physics from school, may remember that there are only two forms of energy – potential and kinetic energy. When you carry a ball to the roof of your house, it has acquired a gravitational potential, which will only depend on the height of your house.

When you drop the ball, this gravitational potential is fully transformed into kinetic energy of the falling ball. Kinetic energy is energy in motion, while potential energy is energy at rest.

What does this observation tell us actually? That energy cannot be destroyed, but can only exist in a stored, static state or in a kinetic form, in motion. This is the law of conservation of energy as already discussed in my previous article on free photon energy.

From a teleological point of view, the above observation, which, I hope, should be cogent to all my readers, tells us actually that

 energetic gradients exist everywhere in Nature = All-That-Is,

no matter if this is evident to the human observer or not.

As human senses are rather limited, we, in fact, can only observe energetic gradients, when they perform a kinetic action that is mainly accessible to our vision and, to a lesser extent, to the other senses.

For many centuries, electromagnetic energy in matter was not known to humans because they could not manifest its action as a movement and use it for their needs. If you have no idea of power turbines that transform the falling water from the dam into electric energy, you will never perceive that the dam reservoir contains potential electric power.

Before I proceed with the discussion, I would like to clear another potential source of semantic confusion at this place – “energy” and “power” are, in practice, one and the same. In reality, there is only Energy, which is a synonym for Nature, respectively for All-That-Is, and power is a specific, abstract mathematical presentation of Energy.

At this place, I must make an important statement that should be in the core of all human understanding of Energy = All-That-Is = Nature:

The Nature of Energy is to exist as Energetic Gradients = Potentials!

Everything we observe is a product of energy gradients. Matter is the aggregate of numerous energetic gradients at various levels. We have the nuclear forces of the elementary particles that build the nucleus and then the electrons in the atom, rotating around the nucleus as described in the famous Bohr’s Atomic Model. At the more macroscopic level, we have molecules and clusters of molecules that build the actual physical matter as substances by exerting the so called “van der Waal’s forces”, of which the reader may have heard from chemistry, etc.

When we separate these elementary particles in a nuclear or chemical reaction, we can liberate a huge and highly destructive amount of energy, as the citizens of Hiroshima and Nagasaki had to experience at the expense of their lives.

When matter is in a static form, we do not perceive the incredible energies that are stored in its atoms and molecules. Only when we manipulate matter by various chemical or physical reactions as to liberate this stored potential energy in the atoms, do we realize the actual power of this energy.

The same holds true for free photon energy, which I also define as photon space-time, because it surrounds all material objects and creates the illusion of empty space, respectively, of space-time, in which all material objects, such as stars, planets, and galaxies are embedded.

As long as human beings have no direct or indirect access to free photon energy in terms of visible, kinetic energy in practical motion, which they can use in everyday life, they will continue to assume that there is no such thing as free photon energy.

This sensual limitation of human beings is the source of their current enslavement by the Powers That Be from the Orion/Reptilian Empire. These dark aliens from the 4th dimension exploit shamelessly the restricted senses of the incarnated human entities to subjugate them to their hideous plans instead of expanding their perception, as the Forces of Light are currently doing in numerous channeling messages from the higher realms.

The current hallucinatory perception of reality by human beings is created by the highly restricted function of human senses. I will dedicate a special article on this fundamental gnostic topic and will explain in depth, how human mind creates the illusionary idea of space-time as static empty space, by processing the limited data, generated by the five human senses, and especially by human vision. Or as I put it, I will explain why human beings are blind Eye-Animals , in German: “Augentiere”. This key gnostic problem is extensively discussed in all my scientific books on the New Gnosis of the Universal Law.

This aspect of restricted human cognition is currently totally unknown, precisely, neglected by empirical science and explains, why it has failed to understand the Nature of All-That-Is. For further information, I recommend the reader to check my discussion in Part I of my last book “The Cosmic Laws of Creation and Destruction“, published on this website.


Let us now summarize the basic tenets of our previous discussion:

–  All-That-Is manifests itself as energy gradients.

–  All systems and levels of it, which we may, or may not, observe with our senses, are products of energy gradients.

We have shown that this is the case with matter and all material objects, which contain huge nuclear, atomic, electric (electrons), and thermodynamic, kinetic forces/energies. This also holds true for the astral energies of the higher realms, which are invisible to our senses, but will very soon manifest themselves in the course of human Ascension.

The thermodynamic forces in matter are currently explained in physics with the motion of electrons and other electrically charged molecules, which is a rather simplistic, mechanical interpretation of current physics, as I have proved in my books on the new Physical Theory of the Universal Law (see volume I and  volume II, full version).

The very term “force” implies the existence of a gradient. Force is a specific mathematical presentation of the term “gradient”. The same holds true for the term “power”.

Both magnitudes, force and power, are abstract mathematical presentations of Energy = All That Is. They have no meaning outside human consciousness.

Currently, scientists believe that these magnitudes are intrinsic properties of physical matter. This is another cognitive imbecility of present-day scientists, whose pristine perception of All-That-Is has been dumbed down to such an extent by the current manipulated educational system of the Powers That Be, that they are virtually blind to the Nature of All-That-Is, which they are supposed to explore empirically.

They should re-member the wisdom of the ancient Greek thinkers that science is not a random search for scattered facts in the outer world, but a remembrance of who we really are. But that is another huge theme, which I should elaborate in a special essay (see also my book “Cosmic Laws of Creation and Destruction.“).

This is another fundamental cognitive knowledge that all scientists have failed to comprehend so far. Hence their total agnosticism with respect to All-That-Is. This collective ignorance of mankind will surface in the coming months, after the first wave of Ascension of human beings has taken place and will dominate the theoretical discussion prior to Ascension for several reasons, which I will introduce at this place;



The human organic body is nothing else, but a product of huge energetic, electric gradients.

This fact is not known to bio-scientists so far, and this ignorance has hindered their understanding of the current light body process, LBP, in which most light workers are involved at the conscious level and many other human entities at the subconscious.

This is, indeed, terra incognita for all my readers, but I must introduce you in this area, if you want to transform your carbon-based bodies into crystalline light bodies in order to overcome physical death and ascend to the 5th dimension.

I warn you that the following discussion is a real roller-coaster and you had better fasten your seat-belts, as you will hear some facts for the first time in your life that will fundamentally change your destiny.

I begin with my first new basic statement that offsets all current ideas in bio-science and medicine so far.

The human or any organic body is not the product of biochemical metabolism, as you may read in any textbook on biochemistry or physiology, but an electromagnetic system that employs chemical moieties to create an electric (electromagnetic) gradient in every cell and organelle, in every chemical molecule, and within every organ, as well as in the whole multi-cellular organism.

This new knowledge revolutionizes our very idea of who we really are, and how organic matter operates in the context of us being multidimensional entities as an integral part of All-That-Is.

After my reader has digested this information, I will proceed with the details. I promise you that my explanations will remain very general and I recommend that you check the details in Volume III: ” The General Theory of Biological Regulation in Bio-Science and Medicine on this website.

The crux of the matter is that this fact ought to be known to all bio-scientists. It is a well established fact that all cells and organelles, such as mitochondria, create a huge electric gradient across their membranes that surround these biological structures and determine not only their form, but also their function.

The electric field (force) of the membrane gradients of human cells and organelles is in the order of 10 (high 7 to 8), that is to say, it is one billion to one trillion V/m (Voltmeter per meter distance). Such powerful electric fields can only be observed in the stratosphere, where lightnings/ discharges of cosmic proportions take place. I am the first scientist to have properly calculated these gradients and to have comprehended their function for the regulation of the cell and the organism (volume III).

Now you are surprised to learn that the same powers/gradients are stored in each of your cells. Wait until you realize what powers are stored in your thoughts, which you now regard as chimeric phenomenon without any practical and material relevance.

All the chemical energy that we receive as food intake and degrade in our bodies in the process of cell metabolism is transformed into stored electric energy of the membrane potentials of cells and organelles. This stored energy is used for the regulation of the cell and the body.

By modulating these potentials in an infinite, discrete manner, the fine-tuned regulation of the cells and the organism is effected.

All physical substances, such as drugs and pollution agents, being electric charged chemical molecules, interfere with the electric potentials of the cells and affect them in a positive or deleterious manner. The extent of their effects depends only on the magnitude of their dipole moment.

This is not known in bio-science and medicine at present. Hence the great confusion in these disciplines that leads to a collective genocide of humanity by the health care system and the pharmaceutical industry (see my last book “Cosmic Laws of Creation and Destruction..” and volume III, also my article on the use of psychedelic drugs).

The whole organic human body is an electromagnetic stationary wave, a huge quantum soliton or a crystal, if you wish, that is regulated by the software programme of the soul, known as the astral or ethereal body through the chakra system.

This novel fact about our human bodies was discovered for the first time by the author in 1993 in the course of his clinical research activities and led finally to the discovery of the Universal Law of All-That-Is.

It explains how it is possible to transform our present carbon-based bodies to crystalline-based light bodies, and why we may not need food any more in the 5th dimension as the cell membrane gradients in our future light bodies will be directly created without the need of food-intake.

Now I would like to suggest that the reader be honest and self-reflective and answer the following question: Has he ever heard of these fundamental scientific facts about how his human body is organized and regulated and why he may not need food in the 5th dimension, in case he has pondered on this issue?

I have, personally, not come upon a single channeled or other esoteric text that covers this issue or even mentions it, as these messages are not intended for scientists, and most of the light workers are not scientists or competent in science. But the topics which I discuss in this series of popular scientific articles, will become central after Ascension, when human beings will have to learn very quickly, how All-That-Is is organized as to become responsible creators on their own.

My articles are the first introduction to this wave of new knowledge that will flood the consciousness of the ascended entities. But then it has to be comprehended at the theoretical level. This is the chief objective of the new Scientific Theory of the Universal Law as developed by the author – it builds the basis of the new Theory of Ascension.

Finally, let me explain one last scientific aspect that is in the core of free photon energy.

We have proved so far that every system or phenomenon of All-That-Is is a product of energy gradient – gravitation, electricity, engines of combustion (gas pressure as mechanical, adiabatic gradient), and even our body cells are products of energetic gradients.

How about photon space-time? In my previous article I have proved that free photon energy = space-time can build numerous thermodynamic gradients, which we can use as a free source of energy in our everyday life.

But photon space-time has in addition a huge electromagnetic gradient of cosmic proportion, which I have discovered for the first time in the history of human science and have defined it in my theory as  the  “world gradient of photon space-time”. It is in the order of 10 (high 16) Voltmeter.

How have I measured it?

Read volume II on physics and you will find out. This would say that we, humans, and the whole planet and solar system, just as all celestial bodies, are immersed in a huge photon field of free energy with a potential that is many times greater than the membrane potentials of our body cells, which are indeed extremely powerful.

But this fact tells us also that our bodies have evolved within this powerful field, which is, but an envelope of the incredible forces of the astral energies that create photon space-time and the 3d-reality of the solar universes.

From this point onward our knowledge becomes metaphysical and for this reason I will stop at this place.

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