“First Contact” of Humanity with the Forces of Light – A Probable Scenario

by Georgi Stankov,  January 25, 2011, Copyright 2011


In this article, I would like to address an key issue of broad interest that is passionately discussed among light workers. As the reader must have surely read or heard, most of the light workers are expecting a “First Contact” with aliens, preferably with representatives of the Galactic Federation of the Forces of Light, which are taking care of the current process of Ascension of both, mankind and earth. This will be the First Act of Disclosure in the End Times.

This contact is expected to take place prior to Mass Ascension on  December 21, 2012. Numerous forecasts have been made in the past, as well as every new day, and many prominent, or less so, peers of the light workers’ movement have compromised their reputation as thoughtful prophets on more than one occasion, as is the perennial case with the stubborn, but otherwise very active, entity Steve Beckow. Evidently, some human entities love to step in the archetypal role of the “false prophet”, which is enjoying a long and notorious tradition on this planet.  

Some light workers have obviously degraded to “Internet junkies” and seem to have no time to enlarge their spiritual knowledge, thus falling pitilessly down the ladder of their soul evolution in preparation for Ascension. This topic is huge and rather depressing, as it involves the wrong existential strategies of many light workers in the End Times that should be discussed in a separate essay.

Some sources from the higher, and not so high, astral realms seem to have also discovered this problem of the “enlightened Earthans” and have begun to send channeling messages on this topic in the last days.

The expectations of a First Contact are nurtured by many channels on a daily basis, as it is the case, for instance, with SaLuSa. However, most of these channels are of rather dubious character and seem to have their own agenda, and care little about the enlightenment of the channeler.


Few light workers discern that such a first contact with highly evolved aliens will inevitably trigger the inferiority complex among most human incarnated beings, as it will only demonstrate, how much more developed these galactic civilisations – be they Pleiadians or Arcturians –  are in comparison to current debased human society.

Therefore, it is highly unlikely that such a contact will take place as a first event of ET-Disclosure in the End Times. According to the information, I am gettting from my sources from the Causal Worlds – the Highest Levels of Cosmic Providence for this or any other planet:

the First Contact will be an encounter with us as cosmic beings.

That is to say, there are currently selected individuals on earth, who have almost finished with their Light Body Process (LBP) and will be able to ascend prior to the huge wave of Ascension at the end of 2012. ThisFirst Wave of Ascended Human Masters will most probably take place around the star portal 11.11.11, when these entities will be able to transform their carbon-based bodies into crystalline light body.

They, or at least some of them, will appear officially in front of mankind, thus demonstrating the immortality of Homo Sapiens and the human soul – in other words, they will demonstrate the multidimensional nature of all incarnated human beings. This is a leitmotif in all my books, beginning with my first book on Human Gnosis The Evolutionary Leap of Mankind“, written in 2000-2001.

Such ascended individuals will be “transliminal (boundless) souls”, such as Jesus, Buddha or Krishna, and will be able to overcome gravitation and beam themselves in space-time. Their sojourn will be the sixth and seventh dimension according to current esoteric definitions. In fact, they will be representatives of the Causal Worlds and will also carry energies from the angelic realms.

The Causal Worlds are the high frequency energetic levels, where the soul families ascend as a unified entity (monad) of about 1000 souls with the experience of approximately 100 000 human incarnations after finishing with the incarnation cycle on earth or any other 3d-planet. Such entities are currently referred to as “Ascended Masters”, although this term is often grossly misinterpreted.

In fact, the so called “First Contact” may actually begin with a single personality, who will be followed by some more entities. This event was already predicted in the New Testament and is circumscribed by the theological Greek term “parousia”, which is erroneously translated in English as the “Second Coming (Appearance) of Christ”.

This topic was hugely discussed in the early days of Christianity by the so called Gnostics, especially in the famous work of Origenes (3rd century A.C., Alexandria) “Peri archon tomoi ” (“Four Books About the First Things”), who is the actual founder of modern Christian theology.

The upcoming Ascension of human beings is, by the way, also a common theme in the gnostic teaching of Plotinus, known as Neo-Platonism. Plotinus was a friend of Origenes and a fierce opponent to Christianity. His gnostic teaching was the unification of the philosophies of Plato and Aristotle and represented the main stream of philosophical thinking in Europe, until English empiricism emerged during Enlightenment and spoiled Western philosophical thinking up to the present day (see Neoplatonism and Christianity” and “Gnostic Tradition of Western Philosophy“).

This is basic history of Western ideas. Please, observe that Renaissance was essentially the re-discovery of Neo-Platonism, as embodied in the first Neoplatonic Academy in Florence, which was founded by Cosimo Medici. So much about history. I have only showed here that there is nothing new on earth – only the historic competence of most people and, unfortunately, of most light workers is not always up to the point.

The first entity to ascend will be a transliminal soul and a multidimensional personality. The latter term reflects the multidimensionality – the simultaneous existence of parallel planes of experience (past, present, and future), such as the omni-earth, and myriad probability worlds in the higher realms, where the soul is at home.

The separation of the earth in planet A (ascended earth) and planet B (descending earth), as presented in the article “Ascension 2012 – The Ongoing Scenario”, reflects this multidimensionality, so that the “Rapture” of the earth is the only logical outcome with respect to the energetic fabric of All-That-Is.

This first ascended master of modern times will have a mission of accomplish. He will be, so to say, “a smoking gun” – an irrefutable proof – that humans are immortal beings and that biological death is a camouflage of current illusionary life on earth. He will trigger a mental revolution in the collective perception and weltanschauung of agnostic mankind.

Please reflect how much easier it will be for human beings to apprehend the idea that a human personality, who has lived on earth and has suffered like all other people, has now evolved to a cosmic being and is able to ascend. This will trigger a worldwide competition in the new human discipline “Ascension”.


This evolutionary leap in human thinking and behaviour is indispensable, as human entities must make a choice in the next two years, whether they will ascend in the 5th-dimensional earth or stay on a catastrophic planet and proceed in a state of further separation from spirit and entrapment in materialism. Soon, there will be an urgent duty for every enlightened light worker to inform his surroundings, the sleeping majority, what will happen in 2012.

Parallel to this mental shock, the news about the First Ascended Master will inevitably trigger the collapse of the three major systems that currently dominate mankind:

1) The Orion monetary system, which has practically already collapsed;

2) The scientific empirical system of the last two centuries, which repudiates the existence of higher frequency levels of Creation beyond 3d-space-time, being the only energetic level that scientists can nowadays experimentally measure and confirm. This is the so called empirical doctrine: “What cannot be measured, should not exist.” (see Tetralogy of Science and all scientific books on the New Gnosis);

3) organized religions (Christianity, Islam, etc.), which are unable to understand transcendence (see “Neoplatonism and Christianity“).

The house of cards – the current civilisation of mankind – will inevitably collapse within a very short period of time by the end of 2011.

Now, this first ascended master will, to my calculation, appear most probably in 2011 because mankind will need some time to shed away the old social structures of Separation and develop a new cosmic insight. This is mandatory, as about 2-3 billion incarnated human beings (old souls, such as indigo and crystalline children, and most adult souls) must make a conscious choice to ascend and proceed with their incarnation in the new 5th-dimensional earth.

The current earth’s Ascension is insofar unique, as both the planet and mankind will ascend simultaneously. Normally, Ascension takes places only after the incarnated entities go back home – either through death experience or simply through dematerializing their bodies. This outcome will, indeed, affect a large portion of mankind in the next two years.

What we now observe is a cosmic battle between the Forces of Light and the Dark Forces for each and every incarnated soul on earth. This fight presupposes Revelations and Tribulations of the whole humanity – then true insights on earth are, unfortunately, most quickly acquired by suffering. This is also the quickest way for the soul to evolve – hence her incarnation cycle on this toxic planet.

But this is another huge theme of karmic experience, I will better avoid for now


This essay was first written as an email on December 5, 2010 to the channeling group around ” cosmicawareness.org ” (CAC – Cosmic Awareness Communications) and later on published in my last book “The Cosmic Laws of Creation and Destruction..

At the beginning of 2011, I revised this email to a personal essay, which is published for the first time in August 2011
on this new website.

Georgi Stankov

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