Gnosis as a Personal Experience – Part 4

Georgi Stankov, December 12, 2017

This essay originally appeared in German language as Part II in my second book on Human Gnosis from 2004: “Gnostic Tradition of Western Philosophy“.

follows from Part 3

I make the experience that many readers who read my books would tell me afterwards that they are fascinated by the content while reading it, but as soon as they close my book they cannot remember anything and are unable to reproduce the content or the meaning of it. In such a case, the mind of the reader gets no active support from his soul. Given the high-frequency vibrations of the General Theory of Science of the Universal Law and its numerous applications, the human brain cannot maintain these vibrations on its own and the person cannot store the content and its deeper meaning in his memory. This mental deficit occurs mainly in young, unripe souls and is a major obstacle for the proper understanding and dissemination of the new Scientific Theory and Gnosis of the Universal Law on a global scale.

(N.B. Human memory is actively supported and managed by the soul as it operates as an electromagnetic organ that stores all information. The human mind and the ego can only make a limited use of this stored information in the mental field of the incarnated personality depending on how high or low they vibrate. If the personality is fear-based and low vibrating, her access to the memory will be limited to low-vibrating thoughts and patterns and she will effectively forget most things, as is the case with dementia patients who are in their vast majority unripe young, child or baby souls as previously discussed. The less fears the individual has and the higher the vibrations of his body-mind-spirit system are, the better his memory will function. This is also due to the fact that such persons have developed an expanded holistic awareness which encompasses all the facts and information in a logical, structured manner that is synchronized with the harmony of All-That-Is, and is much easier to store and reproduce. Essentially this is the objective of this essay – to show how the individual can raise his frequencies and expand his awareness to encompass the transcendental dimension by training his mind and intelligence to operate in a coherent manner throughout his whole life. Energetic coherence of body, mind, psyche and spirit is the only pathway to individual ascension as the energies in the higher realms are entirely coherent.)

I had the same experience with the high frequencies of a few channelled texts when I first started reading this kind of literature in the 90’s. As the stuff presented in these texts was still relatively new to me, at the beginning I was able to keep only a few fragments in my mind and then slowly internalize them, although I was already quite advanced in my mediality. I had to contemplate and rethink the content of such texts for a long time, then review the statements empirically and read them several more times. I noticed that over time I could better understand the hidden message behind the lines, until it became so familiar to me, as if I had written it myself. However, I had to discard many channelled messages as incorrect and fear-tainted. In such cases I rely on the judgment of my Soul which always manifests as the “inner voice of truth”.

How many channellers and readers actually bother to make this intellectual effort? I do not know many in the esoteric scene. If such authors make an exception and deal with their channeled messages in an intensive intellectual way as is the case with the German team Varda Hasselmann as a medium, and Frank Schmolke as a questioner, one still remains stuck in the given idiom and makes no effort mainly due to spiritual high-esteem (which is a popular basic fear among light workers) to analyze other channelled texts and include them in his/her reflections. It is even less unlikely that they would check for contradictions in their own channelled texts, some of which are intentionally introduced by the source as to test the logical faculty of the channeller and the reader.

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Gnosis as a Personal Experience – Part 3

Georgi Stankov, December 10, 2017

This essay originally appeared in German language as Part II in my second book on Human Gnosis from 2004: “Gnostic Tradition of Western Philosophy“.

follows from Part 2

Meanwhile, I use this important intellectual manifestation of my soul, for which I am very grateful to her, extensively in an almost instinctive way. It saves me countless aberrations and mistakes, even if they generate at the same time many inconveniences and friction with the environment. Because I cannot explain to the people why I consider the many art and literary works, things and actions that they highly value or love to do, as nonsense and junk.

This “voice of inner truth” reveals itself to me neither quietly nor lovingly, as many light workers would believe in their esoteric delusion, but operates with the hammer method of somatic and psychological extortion. It was my Cicerone, my Vergil in my erratic passages through the earthly underworld. It was my relentless tormentor every time I refused to follow the predetermined path of my mental and spiritual evolution. Looking back in order to assess what spiritual ability helped me most to discover the Universal Law and to unravel the Gordian knot of science, I would definitely name in the first place my “voice of inner truth”.

How does this voice actually feel when I ignore it? It transforms with a monstrous elasticity rapidly into an internal psycho-mental tension pain, which grows and condenses into a tangible wad in my body that encompasses my whole being and affects it in a very unpleasant manner. This all-encompassing sensation captures all my senses, thoughts and feelings and directs them with an omnipotence which I cannot escape in the predetermined pathway. If I follow my voice of the inner truth voluntarily, the physical pain turns into a loving well-being and I feel a happy mental wholeness that imbues my thoughts with gratitude and satisfaction.

Only later I learned that this experience is described as the “middle pathway” in philosophy and especially in ancient Gnosis, although I could not find anywhere an adequate description of the mental and psychic dynamics the leads to this experience. One only comes across secondary arguments of reason in favor of balanced feelings and thoughts, whereas this balancing is very often confused with moderation, and sometimes with mediocrity.

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Gnosis as a Personal Experience – Part 2

Georgi Stankov, December 4, 2017

This essay originally appeared in German language as Part II in my second book on Human Gnosis from 2004: “Gnostic Tradition of Western Philosophy“.

follows from Part 1

At the beginning of the 70’s, my intellectual interests as a dissident were predominantly in literature and liberal arts, although I was very good at mathematics and physics and had deeply internalized the axiomatic thinking of classical geometry and algebra, which was intensively practiced in my school. This training in formal logic was very accommodating to my inner being and I decided to employ logic actively in order to reveal the absurdity of the communist reality.

Since logic is at best practiced in conversations, I designed my conversations in this direction. The immediate result was that all my friends and acquaintances got afraid to communicate with me and started to blatantly avoid me. Until that time, I was a very sociable person and now I had to make the experience how all of a sudden it became very lonely around me. At the same time, I recognized the benefits of this, more or less, voluntary isolation. It offered me a welcome chance to reduce to a minimum the inevitable indoctrination by the social environment which increasingly tormented my psyche and mind. In this way I was able to establish the necessary free space where I could wander undisturbed in my mental activities.

This crucial experience made me for the first time aware on a very deep existential level of the dualistic, dialectical character of every human experience. I started to perceive the superficial, illusory character of all external events and to recognize the importance of their subjective psycho-mental interpretation for the individual fate. Instead of suffering from being treated as a political leper by my friends, as I initially feared, the new situation turned out to be extremely beneficial as soon as I abandoned the usual point of view of the sociable habit of “being always together” which most Bulgarians cherished at that time and began to look at my situation through the eyes of a dissident. A concrete advantage of my social ostracizing was the lesser danger of a betrayal by friends who worked for the secret service as informers as this was most usual under communism.

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Gnosis as a Personal Experience -Part 1

Georgi Stankov, November 29, 2017

This essay originally appeared in German language as Part II in my second book on Human Gnosis from 2004: “Gnostic Tradition of Western Philosophy“.

After I discovered the Universal Law in 1994 and elaborated in the next two years on the new General Theory of Science, I wrote down for a change in late 1995 a forecast on the political, economic and scientific consequences of this discovery. An extended version of it appeared as a book in Bulgarian language in 1998. Many predictions that I made there from, as it appears to me today a somewhat limited, conventional point of view, have already happened or are beginning to take shape. At that time my predictions were found by many people to be frightening, exaggerated and incomprehensible, although individual readers were deeply touched by them as they told me in personal conversations.

Shortly thereafter, I entered the last, most intense phase of the Light Body Process (LBP) that “bestowed” me with many physical ailments, but also with profound gnostic knowledge. Without ever intending it, I became a “prophet” of the upcoming Evolutionary Leap of Mankind – a process that is so complex and intricate as is human existence in general. Since five years I am in an incessant, conscious contact with the 7F-creationary levels that have fundamentally transformed, not just my biological body, but also my psyche.

(Nota bene: In this essay I use, for the sake of simplicity and with respect to the energetic structure of the higher dimensional realms, two terms for the higher dimensions beyond the 3rd and 4th dimension of the current holographic model: “7F-creationary levels” and “astral energies or planes“. “7F” stands for the fact that the higher dimensional energies manifest in this holographic model as seven sacred flames that come directly from the Source, whereas “F” is an abbreviation for “frequency” indicating that each flame / source energy is characterized by a specific frequency spectrum. On many occasions I use the word “astral” for these energies with respect to the language in the old esoteric literature, with which many half-enlightened persons as those belonging to the Rudolf Steiner movement in Germany are familiar. I did this in full awareness that actually the term “astral” is restricted to the 4D plane where all the archons and other dark entities used to dwell and from where they manipulated extensively the incarnated human personalities for eons of time before we expelled them in the summer of 2016 and wrapped up this plane for the actual ascending Gaia.)

I could write precise and detailed reports about every single phase of this energetic transformation would it not be for my realization that mankind does not yet have any experience with such phenomena and such a memoir, at the present stage of its mental development, would be premature. Nevertheless, I have reported in the Gnosis about various individual, mental, psychic and somatic symptoms of the LBP as to explain the  psychological energetic processes of human fears reduction, which are currently happening on a global scale and affect all the people in one form or another. I could, of course, have written much more beyond that, but it would have been totally misinterpreted by my readers.

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My Ultimate Message to the Light Worker Community – Be Curious and Open to Enlightening Discussions If You Want to Ascend

Georgi Stankov, October 31, 2017

On the eve of my 66th birthday (has nothing to do with the sign of the beast “666” but the more so with “All Saints”), here is my ultimate message to the light workers community in attendance of their ascension, as embodied by Daniel Scranton who has a remarkable record of precise messages, especially when one knows what is happening real time in the planetary ascension process of Gaia:

“Your last message – We Have Opened a Portal ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council

We have opened a gateway, a portal, that will allow more energy to flow directly to your heart chakras. This gateway has been opened previously, …

Dear Daniel,

In order to understand the gravity of this message you should read this information on the historical background of the stargate / portal 11.11.11 which indeed began to open a few days ago, but this is another story. Here are two messages of the Arcturians from September 2011 channelled by my friend Sue on the opening of this stargate in 2011 that ushered the final phase of planetary ascension of Gaia: Continue reading

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On Hawking and All Representatives of Modern Fake Science

An Enlightening Discussion

Georgi Stankov and Patrick Amoroso, October 27, 2017

Dear Georgi.

Yesterday in my FB news feeds, I came across this item:

I downloaded it in pdf format and I have attached same to this email message. I also took the time to review this exercise in 10 page increments which resulted in my brain short-circuiting for lack of any axiomatic and logical deductions presented in this gross amalgamation of other scientist’s posited explanations which Hawking proceeds to obfuscate in his embellished equations, which incidentally he also borrowed en masse. The paper does not actually begin until page 9 and is quite faint making it hard to read. I would guess that the dissertation comprises 70% of unexplained equations that border on the absurd. There is no definitive conclusion to his summary and leaves one in a state of consummate quandary.

How is it possible that your treatise  Volume II  “The Universal Law in Physics and Cosmology” cannot be construed and accepted as the masterpiece of scientific reasoning when compared to such gibberish?

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An Easy Propaedeutics Into the New Physical and Mathematical Science of the Universal Law – ebook

For Non-Idiotic Scientists, Intelligent Light Workers and All Humans With a Sincere Quest for True Knowledge and Rapid Spiritual Evolution

Georgi Stankov, June 1, 2017

This ebook is also available in two different PDF formats: 

An Easy Propaedeutics

and here as PDF and ePub:

An Easy Propaedeutics Into the New Physical and Mathematical Science of the Universal Law – ebook

An Easy Propaedeutics Into the New Physical and Mathematical Science of the Universal Law

For Non-Idiotic Scientists, Intelligent Light Workers and All Humans With a Sincere Quest for True Knowledge and Rapid Spiritual Evolution

Georgi Stankov, June 1, 2017


Visit original source here.


Dear Sir,

Modern physics is, to use a popular modern term, essentially “fake science” and so is mathematics since 1931 when the famous Austrian mathematician Kurt Goedel showed beyond any doubt with his famous incompleteness theorem (in Über formal unentscheidbare Sätze der “Principia Mathematica” und verwandter Systemethat mathematics cannot prove its own validity as a hermeneutic discipline of abstract human thinking with its own means. Since then mathematics, and together with it all exact natural sciences that use mathematics as a tool to describe nature in terms of natural laws and mathematical models, exist in the famous Foundation Crisis of Mathematics and Science (Grundlagenkrise der Mathematik).

I hope you as a theoretician are well aware of this fact and consider it in your research. I say that because most scientists have swept this unpleasant truth with a huge broom under the carpet of total forgetfulness and live as innocent sinners in their self-afflicted illusion, called “physics” and “human science”.

Present-day physics is in big troubles as the standard model cannot explain most of the phenomena observed. It is unable to integrate gravitation with the other three fundamental forces and there is no theory of gravitation at all. This deficiency is well-known.

I made a survey on the main focus of research activities of ca. 1000 representative physicists worldwide as they presented themselves on their personal websites and found out that more than 60% of all physicists have dedicated their theoretical activities on improving or substituting the standard model which is still considered, out of inertia and lack of viable alternative solutions, to be the pinnacle of modern physics, incorporating classical quantum mechanics, QED and QCD with the theory of relativity, but not classical mechanics.

This is the most convincing proof that the standard model is “fake science” and that it must be substituted as it does not explain anything. It is very encouraging that the majority of physicists and scientists (theoreticians and mathematicians) understand and accept this stark and shocking fact.

When the Nobel Prize Committee awarded in 2015

Takaaki Kajita
Super-Kamiokande Collaboration
University of Tokyo, Kashiwa, Japan


Arthur B. McDonald
Sudbury Neutrino Observatory Collaboration
Queen’s University, Kingston, Canada

for their experimental work showing that neutrinos might have a mass, it had to admit in the press release that:

“The discovery led to the far-reaching conclusion that neutrinos, which for a long time were considered massless (?), must have some mass, however small.

For particle physics this was a historic discovery. Its Standard Model of the innermost workings of matter had been incredibly successful, having resisted all experimental challenges for more than twenty years. However, as it requires neutrinos to be massless, the new observations had clearly showed that the Standard Model cannot be the complete theory of the fundamental constituents of the universe.” (for more information read here)

Let me summarize some of the greatest blunders that have been made in physics so far and expose it as “fake science” only because physicists have not realized that their discipline is simply applied mathematics to the physical world and have not employed it appropriately to established axiomatic, formalistic standards. Therefore, before one can reform physics, one should apply rigidly and methodologically the principle of mathematical formalism as first introduced by Hilbert and led, through the famous Grundlagenstreit (Foundation dispute) between the two world wars in Europe, to Goedel’s irrefutable proof of the invalidity of mathematics and the acknowledgement of the Foundation Crisis of mathematics that simmered since the beginning of the 20th century after B. Russell presented his famous paradoxes (antinomies):

1) Neither photons, nor neutrinos are massless particles. Physicists have failed to understand epistemologically their own definition of mass, which is based on mathematics and is in fact  “energy relationship“. All particles and systems of nature have energy and thus mass (for further information read here).

2) This eliminates the ridiculous concept of “dark matter” that accounts for 95% of the total mass in the universe according to the current standard model in cosmology which is another epitome of “fake science” as the recent dispute on the inflation hypothesis not being a real science has truly revealed (read here). The 95% missing matter is the mass of the photon space-time which is now considered to be “massless”. I have shown how one can calculate the mass of photons very easily and from there calculate the mass of matter beginning with the chemical elements (read here  and see Table 1).

In this way one can easily integrate gravitation with the other three fundamental forces and explain for the first time the mechanism of gravitation by unifying classical mechanics with electromagnetism and quantum mechanics while eliminating the esoteric search for the hypothetical graviton, which is another epic blunder of physics (read here)

3) Charge does not exist. When the current definition of charge is written in the correct mathematical manner, which physicists have failed to do for almost four centuries (actually since Antiquity) since electricity is known, it can be easily shown that charge is a synonym, a pleonasm for “geometric area” and the SI unit 1 coulomb is equivalent to 1 square meter. Unforgivable flaw!

Read here: The Greatest Blunder of Science: „Electric Charge“ is a Synonym for „Geometric Area

And I can go on and on and list at least 20 further epic blunders of modern physics that make it a “fake science”. At the same time present-day physics can be very easily revised and turned from fake science into true science when one first resolves the foundation crisis of mathematics as I have already done in 1995 with the development of

The New Integrated Physical and Mathematical Axiomatics of the Universal Law

With this theoretical foundation I was able to prove that all current distinct physical laws that make up for the confusing stuff of physical textbooks nowadays are derivations and partial applications of one Universal Law of Nature as this was postulated by Einstein (world field equation, Weltformel), H. Weyl (unified field theory), and many other prominent physicists between the two world wars.

Read here: The Universal Law of Nature

Herewith, I strongly recommend you to revise your knowledge on physics which is as false as this science is fake and start with the new introduction into the Theory of Science of the Universal Law which I have just published as an ebook:

An Easy Propaedeutics Into the New Physical and Mathematical Science of the Universal Law – ebook

After you have grasped the basic tenets of the new theory, you can proceed with my scientific books and articles on the new physical and mathematical theory of the Universal Law that reduces physics to applied mathematics:

Let me assure you, with my best intentions, that you have only two options:

1) Outright rejection of my proposal based on prejudices and inappropriate high-esteem which are but a manifestation of personal fears that lead to ignorance or

2) Show discernment, open mind and intellectual curiosity and make a leap in your understanding of Nature.

I have dealt with the first response on the part of conventional scientists for more than 20 years since I published my first book on the Universal Law in 1997 and I am not impressed at all by this kind of stubborn attitude that only afflicts the person that expresses it.

Besides I know beyond any doubt that this year of 2017 is the year of the introduction of the new theory of the Universal Law on a global scale and thus I am making you a great favour to inform you in advance.

Then with the breakthrough of the new theory of the Universal Law nothing will remain the same in science and your allegedly secure position in your scientific institution will be just as ephemeral as the secure election of Hillary Clinton with “more than 95% certainty” as was claimed by the fake MSM. Then believe me, there is no difference between the fake MSM, which with their obvious lies are currently in a free fall, and present-day fake physics and science which will also cease to exist in their present form within the blink of an eye in the course of this year. Exactly like the fake MSM narrative has collapsed within a few weeks before and after the election of Trump, notwithstanding the fact that it has controlled the opinion of the masses for decades, if not centuries. The parallels are striking and that should convince you that your current scientific position is untenable.

It is your choice to accept this unconditional offer of infinite cognitive value or reject it and stay blind for the rest of your life and I hope you make the right choice. In this case I am on your side to help you make this giant leap in human awareness and leave the current condition of cognitive blindness.

Finally I would like to make you aware of my proposal (official announcement) to the international scientific community from July 2014 that is still valid.

With best regards

Dr. Georgi Stankov


While the numbers of the first two groups of people addressed in the title are asymptotically approaching the zero value in the current End Time, the number of the third, much larger group of humans will rapidly rise in the coming days during the profound change and transformation of this planet and humanity. This is the target group of the current propaedeutics into the new revolutionary Theory of Science of the Universal Law that will be the vehicle for this transformation of mankind. This group of people will become the wayshowers of the new humanity and custodians of the new ascended Gaia in all eternity.

There is no doubt that the new scientific theory of the Universal Law, as presented in its totality on this website, encompasses the entire bandwidth of all fundamental scientific, social, economic, psychological, political, gnostic and philosophical aspects and topics with which humanity has dealt throughout its long and not so glorious history in order to survive. For this reason the new science of the Universal Law will very soon become the dominant Weltanschauung (world view) of the new evolved humanity and thus a cornucopia of new revolutionary, higher-dimensional technologies that will bring infinite prosperity to all humans.

This is the divine plan of the Source for this earth and its human population and it is already a reality in all simultaneously existing upper 4D and 5D earths which we, the PAT (the Planetary Ascension Team of Gaia and humanity) and myself who had the privilege to be its captain, have been creating for a very long time.

The new theory of the Universal Law is a gift of Godhead to humanity on the verge of its glorious ascension when the end of the old dreadful era of Orion oppression meets the new beginning of the new era of enlightenment, peace, freedom and prosperity.

As all evil in this reality stems from the spiritual ignorance of the incarnated human personalities, it can be very easily eradicated when the new axiomatic scientific theory of the Universal Law based on the unity of All-That-Is is fully implemented and understood by all the people. This will streamline the collective consciousness in a yet unknown, revolutionary manner while stimulating at the same time the individual creationary potential of each and every human being. This will lead to infinite prosperity, bliss, happiness and human progress for the new mankind that will rapidly evolve to a multidimensional, transliminal, transgalactic civilisation.

The pathway to this magnificent end can only go through a full comprehension and implementation of the new theory of the Universal Law.

This publication as an ebook will remain on the front page for a further 30 days. During this time I would humbly ask all my readers and members of the PAT to send everyday at least one email with a link of this publication – and the more, the better – to any person, scientist, institution or website on the Internet that is deemed to profit from this new knowledge and perspires a modicum of genuine desire to expand his/her/its awareness. In this way we shall trigger an energetic avalanche that will usher the new era of enlightenment for mankind.

I thank, from the bottom of my heart, all my readers and the PAT for your indomitable and faithful support throughout all the years and for your participation in this, hopefully, final effort of cosmic proportions which we must perform in order to trigger the ultimate ascension leap and transmutation of Gaia and humanity in the current End Time. After all we are the ones who create and fuel the planetary ascension process guided by the Universal Law of All-That-Is.


(All chapters in this book can be also found as separate publications on this website by clicking on the link.)

Introduction: The Universal Law of Nature

I. Space-Time = Energy Has only Two Dimensions (Constituents) – Space and Time

II. Wrong Space-Time Concepts of Conventional Physics and Their Revision in the Light of the New Axiomatics of the Universal Law

III: Why Modern Cosmology Is a Fake Science

Further Basic Literature on the Universal Law:


Introduction: The Universal Law of Nature

Scientific definition

Conventional science has not yet discovered a single law of Nature, with which all natural phenomena can be assessed without exception. Such a law should be defined as “universal”. Based on sound, self-evident scientific principles and facts, the current article analyses, from the viewpoint of the methodology of science, the formal theoretical criteria, which a natural law should fulfill in order to acquire the status of a “Universal Law”

Current concepts

In science, some known natural laws, such as Newton’s law of gravitation, are referred to as “universal”, e.g. “universal law of gravitation”. This term implies that this particular law is valid for the whole universe independently of space and time, although these physical dimensions are subjected to relativistic changes as assessed in the theory of relativity (e.g. by Lorentz’ transformations).

The same holds true for all known physical laws in modern physics, including Newton’s three laws of classical mechanics, Kepler’s laws on the rotation of planets, various laws on the behaviour of gases, fluids, and levers, the first law of thermodynamics on the conservation of energy, the second law of thermodynamics on growing entropy, diverse laws of radiation, numerous laws of electrostatics, electrodynamics, electricity, and magnetism, (summarised in Maxwell’s four equations of electromagnetism), laws of wave theory, Einstein’s famous law on the equivalence of mass and energy, Schrödinger’s wave equation of quantum mechanics, and so on. Modern textbooks of physics contain more than a hundred distinct laws, all of them being considered to be of universal character.

According to current physical theory, Nature – in fact, only inorganic, physical matter – seems to obey numerous laws, which are of universal character, e.g. they hold true at any place and time in the universe, and operate simultaneously and in a perfect harmony with each other, so that human mind perceives Nature as an ordered Whole.

Empirical science, conducted as experimental research, seems to confirm the universal validity of these physical laws without exception. For this purpose, all physical laws are presented as mathematical equations. Laws of Nature, expressed without the means of mathematics, are unthinkable in the context of present-day science. Any true, natural law should be empirically verified by precise measurements, before it acquires the status of a universal physical law. All measurements in science are based on mathematics, e.g. as various units of the SI-System, which are defined as numerical relationships within mathematics, and only then derived as mathematical results from experimental measurements. Without the possibility of presenting a natural law as a mathematical equation, there is no possibility of objectively proving its universal validity under experimental conditions.

State-of-the-art in science

From the above elaboration we can conclude that the term “Universal Law”, should be applied only to laws that can be presented by means of mathematics and verified without exception in experimental research. This is the only valid “proof of existence” (Existenzbeweis, Dedekind) of an “universal law” in science from a cognitive and epistemological point of view.

Until now, only the known physical laws fulfill the criterion to be universally valid within the physical universe and at the same time to be independent of the fallacies of human thinking at the individual and collective level. For instance, the universal gravitational constant G in Newton’s law of gravitation, is valid at any place in the physical universe. The gravitational acceleration of the earth g, also a basic constant of Newton’s laws of gravitation, applies only to our planet – therefore, this constant is not universal. Physical laws which contain such constants are local laws and not universal.

It is important to observe that science has discovered universal laws only for the physical world, defined as inanimate matter, and has failed to establish such laws for the regulation of organic matter. Bio-science and medicine are still not in the position to formulate similar universal laws for the functioning of biological organisms in general and for the human organism in particular. This is a well-known fact that discredits these disciplines as exact scientific studies.

The various bio-sciences, such as biology, biochemistry, genetics, medicine – with the notable exception of physiology, where the action potentials of cells, such as neurons and muscle cells, are described by the laws of electromagnetism – are entirely descriptive, non-mathematical disciplines. This is basic methodology of science which should be cogent to any specialist.

This conclusion holds true independently of the fact that scientists have introduced numerous mathematical models in various fields of bio-science, with which they experiment in an excessive way. Until now they have failed to show that such models are universally valid.

The general impression among scientists today is that organic matter is not subjected to similar universal laws as observed for physical matter. This observation makes, according to their conviction, for the difference between organic and inorganic matter.

The inability of scientists to establish universal laws in biological matter may be due to the fact that:

a) such laws do not exist or

b) they exist, but are so complicated, that they are beyond the cognitive capacity of mortal human minds.

The latter hypothesis has given birth to the religious notion of the existence of divine universal laws, by which God or a higher consciousness has created Nature and Life on earth and regulates them in an incessant, invisible manner.

These considerations do not take into account the fact that there is no principal difference between inorganic and organic matter. Biological organisms are, to a large extent, composed of inorganic substances. Organic molecules, such as proteins, fatty acids, and carbohydrates, contain for instance only inorganic elements, for which the above mentioned physical laws apply. Therefore, they should also apply to organic matter, otherwise they will not be universal. This simple and self-evident fact has been grossly neglected in modern scientific theory.

The discrimination between inorganic and organic matter – between physics and bio-science – is therefore artificial and exclusively based on didactic considerations. This artificial separation of scientific disciplines has emerged historically with the progress of scientific knowledge in the various fields of experimental research in the last four centuries since Descartes and Galilei founded modern science (mathematics and physics). This dichotomy has its roots in modern empiricism and contradicts the theoretical insight and the overwhelming experimental evidence that Nature – be it organic or inorganic – operates as an interrelated, harmonious entity.

Formal scientific criteria for a “Universal Law”

From this disquisition, we can easily define the fundamental theoretical criteria, which a natural law must fulfill in order to be called “Universal Law”. These are:

1. The Law must hold true for inorganic and organic matter.

2. The Law must be presented in a mathematical way, e.g. as a mathematical equation because all known physical laws are mathematical equations.

3. The Law must be empirically verified without exception by all natural phenomena.

4. The Law must integrate all known physical laws, that is to say, they must be derived mathematically from this Universal Law and must be ontologically explained by it. In this case, all known physical laws are mathematical applications of one single Law of Nature.

5. Alternatively, one has to prove that all known fundamental natural constants in physics, which pertain to numerous distinct physical laws are interrelated and can be derived from each other. This will be a powerful mathematical and physical evidence for the unity of Nature under one Universal Law, as all these constants can be experimentally measured by means of mathematical equations.

In this way one can integrate for the first time gravitation with the other three fundamental forces (see below) and ultimately unify physics. Until now conventional physics, which stipulates in the standard model, cannot integrate gravitation with the other three fundamental forces. This is a well-known fact among physicists and this circumstance discredits the whole edifice of this natural science. Physics is unable to explain the unity of Nature. This fact is not well understood by all people nowadays, because it is deliberately neglected or even covered up by all theoreticians.

The unification of physics has been the dream of many prominent physicists such as Einstein, who introduced the notion of the universal field equation, also  known as “Weltformel” (world equation) or H. Weyl, who believed physics can be developed to a universal field theory.

This idea has been carried forward in such modern concepts as Grand Unified Theories (GUTs), theories of everything or string theories, however, without any feasible success.

If such a law can be discovered, it will lead automatically to the unification of physics and all natural sciences to a “General Theory of Science”.

At present, physics cannot be unified. Gravitation cannot be integrated with the other three fundamental forces in the standard model, and there is no theory of gravitation at all. Newton’s laws of gravitation describe precisely motion and gravitational forces between two interacting mass objects, but they give us no explanation as to how gravitation is exerted as an “action at a distance”, also called “long-range correlation”, or what role photons play in the transmission of gravitational forces, given the fact that gravitation is propagated with the speed of light, which is actually the speed of photons.

If this hypothetical “Universal Law” also holds true for the organisation of human society and for the functioning of human thinking, then we are allowed to speak of a true “Universal Law”. The discovery of such a law will lead to the unification of all sciences to a pan-theory of human knowledge. This universal theory will be, in its verbal form presented as a categorical system (Aristotle), without contradictions, that is to say, it will follow the formalistic principle of inner consistency.

From a mathematical point of view, the new General Theory of Science, based on the Universal Law, will be organised as an axiomatics. The potential axiomatisation of all sciences will be thus based on the “Universal Law” or a definition thereof. This will be the first and only axiom, from which all other laws, definitions, and conclusions will be derived in a logical and consistent way. All these theoretical statements will then be confirmed in an experimental manner.

These are the ideal theoretical and formalistic criteria, which a “Universal Law” must fulfill. The new General Theory of Science based on such an “Universal Law” will be thus entirely mathematical, because the very Law is of mathematical origin – it has to be presented as a mathematical equation.

In this case all natural and social sciences can be principally presented as mathematical systems for their particular object of investigation, just as physics today is essentially an applied mathematics for the physical world. Exact sciences are therefore “exact”, because they are presented as mathematical systems.

The foundation crisis of mathematics

(see Wikipedia: Grundlagenkrise der Mathematik)

This methodological approach must solve one fundamental theoretical problem that torments modern theory of science. This problem is well-known as the “Foundation Crisis of mathematics. Mathematics cannot prove its validity with its own means. As mathematics is the universal tool of presenting Nature in all exact physical disciplines, the Foundation Crisis of mathematics extends to all natural sciences. Social sciences do not claim any universal validity, as they cannot be mathematically expressed. Therefore, the Foundation Crisis of mathematics is the Crisis of Science.

Although this crisis should be basic knowledge to any scientist or theoretician, present-day scientists are completely unaware of its existence. Hence their total agnosticism with respect to the essence of Nature.

This ignorance is difficult to explain, as the foundation dispute in mathematics, known in German as Grundlagenstreit der Mathematik, has dominated the spirits of European mathematicians during the first half of the 20th century. The current ignorance of scientists about this crisis of science stems from the fact that mathematicians have not yet been able to solve the foundation crisis of mathematics and have swept it with a large broom under the carpet of total forgetfulness.

Mathematics is a hermeneutic discipline and has no external object of study. All mathematical concepts are “objects of thought” (Gedankendinge). Their validity cannot be verified in the external world, as this is the case with physical laws. Mathematics can only prove its validity by its own means.

This insight emerged at the end of the 19th century and was formulated for the first time as a theoretical programme by Hilbert in 1900. By this time, most of the mathematicians recognized the necessity of unifying the theory of mathematics through its complete axiomatisation. This was called “Hilbert’s formalism“. Hilbert, himself, made an effort to axiomatize geometry on the basis of few elementary concepts, such as straight line, point, etc., which he introduced in an apriori manner.

The partial axiomatisation of mathematics gained momentum in the first three decades of the 20th century, until the Austrian mathematician Gödel proved in 1931 in his famous theorem that mathematics cannot prove its validity by mathematical, axiomatic means. He showed in an irrevocable manner, that each time, Hilbert’s formalistic principle of inner consistency and lack of contradiction is applied to the system of mathematics – be it geometry or algebra – it inevitably leads to a basic antinomy (paradox). This term was first introduced by Russell, who challenged Cantor’s theory of sets, the basis of modern mathematics. Gödel showed by logical means that any axiomatic approach in mathematics inevitably leads to two opposite, excluding results.

The continuum hypothesis

See also: Continuum hypothesis

Until now, no one has been able to disprove Gödel’s theorem, which he further elaborated in 1937. With this theorem the foundation crisis of mathematics began and is still ongoing as embodied in the Continuum hypothesis, notwithstanding the fact, that all mathematicians after Gödel prefer to ignore it. On the other hand, mathematics seems to render valid results, when it is applied to the physical world in form of natural laws.

This observation leads to the only possible conclusion.

The discovery of the “Universal Law”

The solution of the continuum hypothesis and the elimination of the foundation crisis of mathematics can only be achieved in the real physical world and not in the hermeneutic, mental space of mathematical concepts. This is the only possible “proof of existence” that can eliminate the Foundation Crisis of mathematics and abolish the current antinomy between its validity in physics and its inability to prove the same in its own realm.

The new axiomatics that will emerge from this intellectual endeavour will no longer be purely mathematical, but will be physical and mathematical at once. Such an axiomatics can only be based on the discovery of the “Universal Law”, the latter being at once the origin of physics and mathematics. In this case, the “Universal Law” will be the first and only primary axiom, from which all scientific terms, natural laws and various other concepts in science will be axiomatically, i.e. consistently and without any inner contradiction, derived. Such axiomatics is rooted in experience and will be confirmed by all natural phenomena without exception. This axiomatics is the foundation of the General Theory of Science, which the author developed after he discovered the Universal Law of Nature in 1994.


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