Urgent Message: The Stock Markets Are Crashing

Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, September 27, 2020


I have stopped following the stock and financial markets almost 4 years ago as they are unreal. What is the purpose of dealing with the phantasmagoria of the dark ones whose only goal is to delude the people and force them into lower vibrating timelines of total chaos and confusion in order to prevent the planetary ascension? One should always avoid the dark narratives these rascals constantly impose on humanity as this is how they control the masses. The once brilliant and very critical Zero Hedge website, for instance, has swallowed these lies of the ruling banksters hook, line, and sinker and has devolved into another embarrassing fake MSM outlet.

The only exception was the recent publication of the ingenious article of Brad on the current financial situation which he follows for professional reasons. In fact, his review is the core revelation of the Zionist agenda to enslave humanity and has thus an eternal validity beyond the current financial madness he also very professionally describes as to make a point. He is a champion of precious metals in the interim period of financial transition when the shift will come and the inflated fiat currencies will rapidly devaluate, that is to say before the Astral currency and the INFER can be introduced. However, I am not so sure if humanity will have the time to enjoy the high prices of gold and silver which will prevent their practical application as broadly used exchange currencies because when the changes ones start, they will roll like an avalanche.

That being said, I didn’t even register that the US stock markets (Dow Jones and S&P) have plunged in the last three weeks of September roughly 8% from their all-time high on September 2nd, which is the beginning of a bear market the like of which no bankster has ever seen. Therefore, I was surely not biased while receiving the higher-dimensional announcement in the dream state this night about which I shall report below.

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Ascending Gaia as Logos Gods – Part 11

Adama and the Elohim Are Busy as Conciliators

Amora and Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, September 27, 2020


On January 30, 2014, Amora and I were hit very hard by heavy waves opening the new moon portal on that day and were very debilitated. We had several conversations on skype on that day arranging my arrival in Canada. There was a semantic misunderstanding that stirred some emotions in both of us but we managed to resolve it very quickly on our own.

It was though amazing how quickly Adama and the Elohim assumed the role of conciliators on that day as they knew how important our coming together was for the mission “Ascension of Gaia and Humanity” and could not allow anything to jeopardize it. We both were stunned and had to laugh a lot about this loving intervention. We haven’t had such a caring personal exchange with Adama and the Elohim since then, most probably because we do not need it as our ascension tandem functions impeccably. However, the advises of Adama and the Elohim are of universal character and they apply to any person on the spiritual pathway and are worth considering.

It is notable to mention that Amora has her main incarnation in Agartha/Lemuria and is thus very closely affiliated with Adama who is a High Priest there.

January 30, 2014, Adama of Telos and the Elohim

Amora: Here is a long message that I received late yesterday evening, first from Adama of Telos, followed by the Elohim. They had all been with me for a long period of time before making full contact, clearly concerned about our highly emotional interaction earlier in the day. I have been too tired until tonight to prepare it thoroughly for you to read.

They really wanted to console us after our very unfortunate misunderstanding, and all radiated pure love and compassion for us both.

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Ascending Gaia as Logos Gods – Part 10

The High Council of Light Announces Our Ascension to the 6th Dimension upon my Arrival in Canada and the Beginning of the Creation of the Second City of Light New Lemuria in Vancouver

Amora and Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, September 26, 2020


This message is another most important historical document on the very methodological and consistent light work Amora and I have been doing now for years. This endeavour has been meticulously documented on this website in a seamless chronological manner, never losing the red thread and always in full awareness of what we are doing and why. In this we are following the advice of the High Council of Light from its previous message:

“It is recommended that you both keep your own record describing your experiences on every level, including the physical, emotional, mental and energetic, as these written forms shall one day become greatly honoured reference materials for the new human. There will be New Humans, and you indeed, are the prototypes.”

This documentation is unprecedented in the entire spiritual literature in the past and currently. It is the most comprehensive chronicle of the ascension of Gaia and humanity carried out entirely by us as Elohim souls and hugely supported by the most evolved and courageous group of incarnated human souls on the earth – the light warriors of the first and the last hour, constituting the Planetary Ascension Team, the PAT.

This message announces the creation of the Infinity Portal in White Rock, from the fulcrum of which the second city of light, New Lemuria, was created in early 2015 after we fully created the first city of light in Central Europe, New Raetia in 2013. I had laid the foundation for this city of light as early as 2000, just as Amora had laid the foundation of New Lemuria in Vancouver, Canada, much earlier but the joining of our expanded Elohim fields was ultimately needed to successfully complete this creation.

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Ascending Gaia as Logos Gods – Part 9

“There Will Be New Humans, and You Indeed, Are the Prototypes!” – The High Council of Light From the Mothership Announces on January 22, 2014, Our Imminent Transfiguration and Ascension

Amora and Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, September 25, 2020


One day after I had booked my flight to Vancouver to arrive in Canada and live with Amora, we received this very uplifting message from the High Council on the Mothership of the Galactic Federation that accompanied and protected us during our sojourn in Lofer, Austria but had disappeared since then. It speaks for itself.

January 22, 2014,  The High Council of Light from the Mothership of the Galactic Federation

Amora: This afternoon (Jan 21, in Vancouver) a group of entities connected to me in my apartment. They identified themselves as a High Council, composed of members of the Sirian and Pleiadian star systems, working together under the Galactic Federation of Light.

It is my impression that we are under the care of the Galactic Federation of Light once again, for which I am personally very relieved. Here is their message and I must say that I found their language unclear at times, so please let me know if you have any questions.

I believe this channeling came in as a response to our request for clarity on our situation, following recent events that now tell us we are on a new path, one that is to take us to our new reality as ascended masters. This is certainly a surprise for me and I need to sit with it. It’s as though they have created, or I guess WE have created this, in order to hone our skills as ascended masters, so that we may “return” to the earth’s surface to appear to humanity. This has been your end-time scenario all along (and this is what will happen this year.).

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Ascending Gaia as Logos Gods – Part 8

How We Prevented WW3 in January 2014 as a Template for the Ascension Scenario This Fall

Amora and Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, September 24, 2020


What happened in January 2o14 can be regarded as a dress rehearsal for what is happening now in the fall of 2020. The continuing equinox portal of peaking ascension energies is a repetition of the dramatic events associated with the Syrian crisis and the attempt of Netanyahu to start WW3 seven years ago. The same situation is repeating now with the second lockdown of Israel by this political monster and officially indicted criminal who is surely also responsible for the huge explosion in South Lebanon in the Hezbollah area, just as he was responsible for the devastating nuclear explosion in Beirut in early August.

Therefore, when I revive these old messages from 2013/2014, I am doing this deliberately to show you that nothing has essentially changed in terms of the essence of the mortal battle we are leading on this planet – however, this time on a much higher energetic level and in the full assurance that the final victory is ours. Please observe that in January 2014 we had the same conviction before the ascension scenario changed suddenly in May 2014 for reasons we still have to learn. This time I do not expect any delay as humanity is much more advanced in the dark night of their collective soul and ripe for the Big Change.

Here, I am publishing two messages. The first one from Sananda elucidates one more time the preeminent role Amora will play in the upcoming ascension in duo with me. The second message from the Elohim discusses the very dramatic personal and political situation in January 2014 which is now being repeated in an almost identical manner. I understand very well why we were urged by our guides to republish these messages and energetic reports from seven years ago as they give us the red thread about what is happening now and will happen this fall.

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Ascending Gaia as Logos Gods – Part 7

The Elohim Speak About Georgi’s Role as “Prime Communicator” Enlightening the Spiritual Hierarchy of This Universe on How the Most Difficult Ascension of the Earth Is Successfully Accomplished

Amora and Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, September 23, 2020


Before I come to my topic in this report, let me say a few words on the actual energetic situation. The equinox portal continues unabated for 72 hours now and is even more powerful than the Lion’s Gate portal, and the latter was already a solitary energetic peak. There are massive downloads of source energies, global cleansing, constant bilocation of timelines associated with all the typical symptoms and pain I will not discuss here.

Parallel to that, there is a flurry of activities of the dark ones and their political stooges who are now feverishly trying to install the second lockdown as I predicted more than two months ago. There is a clear escalation of events that will lead to the announced Divine Intervention beginning with our ascension and the appearance of the cities of light.

Before that or simultaneously with it, there will be some big natural catastrophes that will destroy the old matrix and life as people know it. There is no way to avoid this ascension scenario which is still the most favorable for these ascending timelines. That being said, back to the Elohim message from almost 7 years ago that is even more valid today.

This message is of paramount importance as it reveals some unknown or not fully appreciated aspects by the entire new age community regarding the peculiarities and obstacles of the ascension process of Gaia and humanity throughout the last several decades and in particular since we, the PAT, opened the two major stargates 11.11.11 and 12.12.12.

The entire ascension process of Gaia and humanity has been essentially driven by us as Elohim souls from the original God’s spark and Prime Creators of this planet. We are doing this with the help of a small group of very courageous light warriors of the first and last hour, known as the PAT. The messages which I am publishing now for more than a month give testimony to this fundamental fact that was obvious to us already in 2011, 2012, and especially in 2013. Continue reading

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Ascending Gaia as Logos Gods – Part 6

The Elohim Comment on Our Hard Work as Creator Logos

Amora and Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, September 22, 2020


Foreword: Expect Some Catastrophic Geological Events in the Coming Days

This message elucidates what will most probably happen this fall on our ascending timelines and about which I have chosen not to speak sofar. However, the indications grow that we must reckon with some major geological cataclysmic events that will precede the global shift and will trigger the total collapse of the old 3D matrix. According to our preliminary information, North America will be hit in the worst possible way. I do not want to trigger any fears in my readers and PAT members living in this part of the globe as you will not be affected in any way if you do not resonate with this catastrophic ascension scenario as the Arcturians also stress in their recent message.

We have participated consciously in so many destructions of lower timelines through MPR all these years, while safely bilocating to higher intact timelines, that we no longer bother to deal with such negative scenarios.

This is convincingly confirmed by the Elohim in their message below: Being great empaths, we not only sense all dreadful devastating MPR on lower timelines, but it is actually our emotional response that fuels these events through a powerful alchemical reaction on multidimensional levels. This is essentially our mission as Creator Logos (Logos Gods), and I have written recently a lot about the nature of the alchemical reaction we use for our creations: Continue reading

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The 5D Healing Centre of Light in Diano Marina Appears at the Equinox Portal, September 21, 2020

Amora and Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, September 21, 2020


This afternoon when we went to the beach the three of us experienced the most amazing spectacle ever. In the beginning, it was a beautiful white cloud formation and what we failed to capture was the existence of a special horizontal layer that separated the clouds above the sea horizon as if this was the boundary between this 3D reality and the 5D city of light emerging above the Mediterranean sea in the south-east direction from Diano Marina/San Bartolomeo, exactly where we have regularly seen crimson-violet rays coming from the sea at sunset since several months.

It took a few hours for this cloud formation to evolve into a staggering city of light under our close observation and intentional creation with our thoughts and focused emotions:

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