Use of Psychedelic Drugs – Pros and Cons

U.M. and Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, July 14, 2020

Dear Sir,

I have been reading your blog recently and have felt the need to express what I feel and share my own experiences. Your writing fascinates me and at the same time is very far away from my daily experience of reality. From a limited intellectual point of view and my limited knowledge of science, medicine, or mathematics, I fail to grasp the technical parts and cannot really embody it mentally. Also, I do not have daily experiences of aliens, channels, and other dimensions you write about.

I do have have a clear intuitive and direct understanding of the oneness principle that all is. I live by experience and thus never accept what is being said without having embodied it. Yet I am open to accepting that your works did not come as mere coincidence in my life and I feel you might help me see clearly with a fundamental conflict and question that arises in me on a regular basis.

Since a child, I had been on a quest for truth and 3 years ago woke up from my own dream. Using a psychedelic (5 – meo dmt) I went through an extreme experience that stripped me of all that I regarded as “mine” or “me” and thus revealed to me pristinely the essence of that, that I am. It began by seeing a void with a central core, like a donut, that was spinning. Each side of this core had a different effect. One side had a shockwave expanding effect going through me and removing all I held on to. Like a blast. The other side was the negative of previous, drawing me closer to the core, like falling. The power of this experience was so much more than anything I had experienced until then in my life.

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Waarom er geen virussen zijn

De Gebruikelijke Blunder van de Valse Menselijke Wetenschap

Why There Are No Viruses, Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, 10 juni 2020.

Nederlandse vertaling: Pieternel Verburgt, 8 juli 2020.

Laten we eerlijk zijn: de hele menselijke wetenschap is nep, van boven tot onder. En wat het afschuwelijkst is dat het regelmatig is misbruikt om het  menselijke ras tot slaaf te maken door de voormalige Machten die Waren (Powers-That-Were) van het Orion/Reptielen-rijk en hun menselijke handlangers, de duistere kliek die vanachter de sluier aan de touwtjes van politici en wetenschappers trekt – (here).

Dit is nu, onafhankelijk van ons, onthuld in een gedurfde open brief van aartsbisschop Viganó aan Trump – open letter by Archbishop Viganò to Trump, die massaal wordt aangevallen door de duisteren van de diepe kerk en staat – massive attacks by the dark ones from the deep church and state; ze hebben hem ongetwijfeld bedreigd met zijn leven en dat van zijn familie, zoals de verontruste uitdrukking van Melanie onthulde toen ze vorige week het Nationale Heiligdom van Sint Johannes Paulus II – National Shrine of Saint John Paul II  bezochten:

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Poetic Intermezzo For the PAT Between Heavy-Duty Light Work

Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, July 9, 2020

Yesterday I was contacted for the first time by Louise Boscott from Australia. She sent me a wonderful poem dedicated to the PAT, which I couldn’t resist publishing today after the heavy stuff I have been discussing in the last several days. What a relief! Here is what Louise wrote to me after I responded to her that we loved her poem:

Dear George

I’m so glad you like my poem. I live in Wagga Wagga, Australia and I have been reading your site for about 8 years, I think. I found it when looking for information on light body symptoms, thankyou once again, your information has been a godsend.

Love to you all 



Ode For the PAT

Louise Boscott

Find your place within the Divine
Hearts of one all intertwined.
Rejoice, rejoice a new age has begun
Welcome to the 5th dimension.

The veil is lifting
The truth will be seen
Don’t get discouraged or succumb to fear
Start to remember why we are here.

We are no longer controlled
Our lives are our own
The Grey’s have left
Reptilians – overthrown.

Our galactic brothers
With help from the PAT
Have sent them all packing
Thank goodness for that.

So sing and dance
A new dawn begins
Shine bright
And let the light codes in.

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The Biggest Scientific Fraud and Political Crime of All Times: No One Died of Coronavirus!

UN Labor Agency: Lockdown Cost Global Economy 400 Million Full-Time Jobs 

Dr. Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, MD, July 8, 2020

As I announced in my latest energy report on the full moon eclipse portal on July 4th, the gold-yellow flame of illumination is now bringing the long-awaited clarity of the human mind and all the lies and deceptions, with which humanity has lived for eons of time, are finally fully illuminated and revealed. As I predicted, it will begin with the exposure of the fake coronavirus epidemic or as I call it “scamdemic”.

Here is the utmost clarity presented in the most succinct form on the current global lockdown:

A fake epidemic with a non-existent “lethal” virus leads to a global lockdown and causes the biggest economic depression in the history of modern capitalism, leading to the sudden impoverishment of one-third of the world population (the loss of 400 mln breadwinner jobs affects approximately 2 billion people), while there is not a single patient who has died directly from coronavirus.

Let this insane disparity sink into your minds and then follow the facts below.

My compatriot, the Bulgarian doctor Stoyan Aleksov is the Chairman of the Bulgarian Association of Pathology (BPA) and as such participated in a remarkable webinar of the European Society of Pathology (ESP) on COVID-19 on May 8th.

In a video interview with Dr. Aleksov conducted by Dr. Stoycho Katsarov, chair of the Center for Protection of Citizens’ Rights in Sofia and a former Bulgarian deputy minister of health, published on the BPA’s website on May 13th, both medical experts highlight the main points discussed by the European experts on pathology at the ESP webinar.

Dr. Aleksov boldly sums up the main conclusion of the pathologists from Switzerland, France, Germany, Italy, and Spain:

The coronavirus is not deadly.

No one died of coronavirus!

In order to say that a person has died of a coronavirus, one must establish an inflammatory reaction that led to death, without any other life-incompatible diseases. There are no such cases.

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The Full Moon Eclipse Portal on July 4th Was a Giant Leap in Our Ascension – Full Report

Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, July 7, 2020

Part 1

July began exactly as June ended – with a firework of downloads of source energies and codes, and a barrage of fateful events. Everything we shall experience this month is the result of the incredible lightwork we accomplished in the previous months.

Therefore, I shall begin my energy report with a retrospective overview of what happened in May and June. I have kept this information confidential sofar as the time was not ripe yet and any premature disclosure would have played into the hands of our enemies and would have jeopardized the Divine Plan.

After May was full of healing miracles, I promised you that June would bring surprises and further miracles, in particular around the Sommer solstice and we were not disappointed in that. First, on June 3rd we eliminated in a most dramatic purge most dark entities from the human fields that were sponging on human soul energies and preventing their evolution as incarnated personalities (here). This was a major operation.

Immediately after that, the earth and humanity began to be flooded with the yellow flame of illumination in order to install the divine mind on this planet and sharpen the focus of the human mind to see the truth and not be misled by the usual lies upon which this holographic model is based (here). I am both on the yellow flame of illumination and the blue flame of divine God’s will.

The yellow flame of illumination is now reaching a second peak with the beginning of July and we shall soon see the results of the new clarity of human thinking at the societal level.

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The Full Moon Eclipse Portal on July 4th Was a Giant Leap in Our Ascension – Part 3

Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, July 7, 2020

In Part 2, I reported how we won the most glorious and decisive battle in the whole ascension process and freed humanity and Gaia from the evilest big, ugly reptilians that were the self-proclaimed masters of humanity and the cause of all evil on the earth. I hope one day the new humans will give us credit for that.

Now that the earth has been liberated from these evil ETs, the next act in this magnificent cosmic drama is to disavow and oust from power their human stooges known as the cabal or the “elite”. Since humanity still lives in an Orwellian world, the “newspeak” is exactly the opposite of what the words are supposed to mean. Very soon the people will realize that the current elite is, and has always been, the pariah of human civilisation and this process has commenced with the arrest of Epstein’s madame pimp Ghislaine Maxwell. Many more arrests will surely follow. The self-proclaimed gods must fall from their pedestal and it has already begun in the USA with the demolition of the monuments of the founding fathers of the Empire of Evil.

The month of July promises an explosion of revelations and even some more arrests of dark criminal entities, which are irrelevant in the bigger picture of planetary ascension that I have always adopted in my disquisitions. However, this will have a significant cathartic effect on the masses that should not be neglected in our evaluation of the current very dynamic situation on the earth.

As I mentioned already, we experienced at the end of June the greatest miracle in our lives which was also the greatest and most beautiful surprise we couldn’t even imagine. And we have experienced so many miracles and surprises, positive and negative, that we should be immune to that. This gives you a measure of what you should expect this month and until the end of the year.

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The Full Moon Eclipse Portal on July 4th Was a Giant Leap in Our Ascension – Part 2

Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, July 6, 2020

In Part 1 of this energy report, I explained how this lockdown was installed by the big ugly reptilians that controlled the Unholy Six from the Orion /Reptilian Empire and fulfilled the function of the former evil Powers That Be, whose role was to enslave humanity and dumb down all humans for eons of time to the lowest level of consciousness in the entire multiverse.

As Gaia and humanity are now on the steady course of ascension  – actually on the verge of this event thanks to the heroic light work of the PAT – this evilest clique of dark entities in this galaxy had to be finally eliminated from the earth. Only after that, it will be possible to end the current unnatural lockdown that has fulfilled its pedagogical function, has helped awaken sufficient numbers of humans and has paved the way for the sweeping revelations that are scheduled to begin in July.

As I mentioned in Part 1, I was instrumental in luring the big, ugly, evilest reptilians into their final mortal battle which had to be waged before being eliminated on June 10th, 2020. The bait was my pivotal article “Why There are no Viruses” that will go into human history as probably the most important and consequential publication of all times. Judge for yourselves. This is what I entered in my diary for that day:

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