The Concept of Relativity in Electromagnetism

Georgi Stankov, May 26, 2017

The partial correction and further development of Newtonian mechanics was done by Einstein – first, in the special theory of relativity and then in the general theory of relativity. The latter is the basis of modern cosmology. However, the origins of the theory of relativity were laid in electromagnetism and this concept is meaningless from an epistemological point of view without considering the concept of ether.

The main achievements in electromagnetism (Maxwell, Lorentz) are based on the firm belief that ether exists and is another form of substance, which fills empty Euclidean space, that is, it should substitute empty space. The further development of the ether concept, leading to its refutation, has furnished the two basic ideas of the theory of relativity:

1. Light has a constant finite velocity for all observers;

2. The ether, which has been regarded as an invisible elastic matter, substance, or continuum, where light is propagated, cannot fulfill the expectations attributed to the absolute, static Euclidean space of mechanics (see previous publication). Because of this, there is no possibility of proving the principle of simultaneity that has been considered valid in classical mechanics. Instead, it has been found that all phenomena appear to be relative for any observer with respect to space and time.

It was Einstein’s accidental stroke of genius to realize the full importance of this simple fact. Before we proceed with Einstein’s theory of relativity and explain why he failed to discover the universal field equation” (read here), we must first discuss the precursors of the concept of relativity in electromagnetism.

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Space-Time Concept in Classical Physics

Georgi Stankov, May 24, 2017

Like mathematics, physics has failed to define the primary concept of space-time in terms of knowledge. This principal flaw has been carried on in all subsequent ideas which this discipline has developed so far. The method of definition of space-time in physics is geometry. It begins with Euclidean space of classical mechanics.

The substitution of real space-time with this abstract geometric space necessitated the introduction of two a priori assumptions on space and time by Newton that have not been seriously challenged since. Otherwise, we would not witness the parallel existence of classical mechanics and the theory of relativity. If Einstein’s theory of relativity were a full revision of Newtonian mechanics, the latter would no longer exist.

In the new Axiomatics, we integrate all particular disciplines of physics into one consistent axiomatic system of physics and mathematics and thus eliminate them as separate areas of scientific knowledge.

There is no doubt that we cannot develop any scientific concept about the physical world without establishing a primary idea of space and time. Newton’s primary notion of space and time is documented in his Principles of Mathematics:

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Pitfalls in the Interpretation of Redshifts in Failed Present-Day Cosmology

Georgi Stankov, May 22, 2017

The method of measurement of escape velocity in Hubble’s law is the determination of redshifts of selected galaxies. Hubble was the first astronomer to suggest a relationship between his application of the universal equation for the one-dimensional space-time of the visible universe (read herehere and here) and the redshifts observed by the Doppler effect. In my article on the Doppler effect from April this year

Doppler Effect Is the Universal Proof for the Reciprocity of Space and Time

I have shown that it is a ubiquitous phenomenon that demonstrates the reciprocity of space and time – that the two constituents (dimensions) of space-time are canonically conjugated entities. This fundamental knowledge is the core of all understanding of physics and cosmology. It is needless to reiterate, but I do it nonetheless for the sake of total clarity, that neither present-day physics nor cosmology have any clue about this fundamental property of energy = space-time = All-That-Is, which is the only object of their study. It is also the primary term of human or any other consciousness in All-That-Is. That is why the primary term is the first and only a priori axiom in the new Axiomatics of the Universal Law and there should not be any more if it is a true science.

I have used the Doppler effect to explain the mechanism of gravitation in my recent article The Mechanism of Gravitation – for the First Time Explained. It proves:

  • Redshifts in visible light are observed when the space of the photon system confined by the source and the observer expands;
  • violet-shifts are observed when the space of the system contracts.

These changes of space are relativistic and occur simultaneously everywhere in the universe. For instance, one can observe both redshifts and violet-shifts of distant galaxies. Altogether, redshifts are predominant. This has led to the idea of using them as a method of measurement of the escape velocity of galaxies in an “expanding” universe which is a wrongly postulated and so far unverified idea (or better “idio“) in current failed cosmology.

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The Role of the CBR-Constant in Cosmology

Georgi Stankov, May 20, 2017

As already mentioned (here, here and here), the “big bang“ hypothesis of the standard model of cosmology is based on two pillars:

  •  the cosmic background radiation (CBR) and
  •  the expansion of the universe as assessed by Hubble’s law.

If these pillars can be interpreted in a different way, for instance, by the Universal Law, then the standard model must be refuted.

In the previous article, I have explained how the idea of an expanding universe has evolved in cosmology, namely, from the one-sided perception of the vertical energy exchange between matter and photon space-time. In this article I shall discuss the interpretational flaws of CBR in modern cosmology.

The experimental confirmation of the CBR, as predicted by Gamov on the basis of Friedmann’s model and coincidentally discovered by Penzias and Wilson in the sixties, has evoked the mistaken conviction among cosmologists that the theoretical assumptions of the standard model of cosmology hold true. The key assumption of this model is that, from the very beginning, the universe has been dominated by an extremely hot blackbody radiation (hot photon space-time) that has cooled down during the adiabatic expansion of the universe to the present temperature of about 3K – hence the term 3K-CBR.

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The Cosmological Outlook of Traditional Physics in the Light of the Universal Law

Georgi Stankov, May 18, 2017

The hot expanding hypothesis of the standard model in cosmology assumes that the universe, as observed today, has evolved from a state of homogeneous energy with a negligible space and incredible density which exploded in a small fraction of a second. This initial state of the universe is described as the “big bang“. Since then, the visible universe – recall that cosmologists can only perceive the visible universe – is believed to have been expanding incessantly. For further information on the “big bang” hypothesis and how this bogus idea was introduced historically in science read also this article:

The “Big Bang” Is Yet to Come in the Empty Brain Cavities of the Cosmologists – Two PAT Opinions

In the context of this cosmological outlook, Hubble’s law is interpreted as a “law of expansion“. As this law is an application of the universal equation, we must reject this cosmological interpretation on axiomatic grounds. I have shown that Hubble’s law assesses the constant space-time of the visible universe (see my previous article). The two natural constants that are derived from this law, the radius of the visible universe RU and Hubble time assessing the age of the expanding universe 1/ H= AU =  1/fvis, give the constant space and time of the visible universe and confirm this conclusion. In this way I eliminate the first basic pillar of the standard model – the interpretation of Hubble’s law as a law of universal expansion.

We shall now present additional proofs for this irrefutable conclusion. The idea of the expanding universe is a consequence of the faulty idea of homogeneous space-time in the theory of relativity. I have shown in the new physical and mathematical theory of the Universal Law (volume I and volume II) that Einstein had not completely corrected the empty Euclidean space of classical mechanics, but had only introduced the reciprocity of space and time for the systems of matter.

Einstein regarded the gravitational objects as embedded in empty and “massless” photon space-time defined as vacuum, which is an absolutely wrong idea (I have proved that photons have mass and thus eliminated another epic blunder of present-day cosmology – the existence of “dark matter“- that alone makes it to fake science). With respect to the reciprocity of space and time, he assumed in the general theory of relativity that vacuum could be curved or bent by local gravitation. The current interpretation is that the path of light is attracted by local gravitational potentials and for this reason cannot be a straight line in space.

When this space-time concept is applied to cosmology, it inevitably leads to the neglect of the finite lifetimes of stars, as they have been described by Chandrasekhar and have been only later verified in modern astrophysics. The finite lifetime of any gravitational system is a consequence of the energy exchange between matter and photon space-time.

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Hubble’s Law Is an Application of the Universal Law for the Visible Universe

Georgi Stankov, May 16, 2017

The equation of the Hubble’s Law as presented in the previous publication on cosmology shows that this cosmological law is an application of the Universal Law and assesses one-dimensional space-time according to the definition of the new Axiomatics:

 dv = dl/dt =  Hol = [1d-space-time]

As the Hubble constant His a natural constant, the law assesses the constant space-time of the visible universe as the maximal particular system of All-That-Is that is accessible to human senses and material instruments:

 dv = dl/dt =  Holmax = [1d-space-time]

The proof is fairly simple. According to Hubble’s law, the maximal escape velocity dv which a galaxy reaches before it emits a light signal to the observer is the speed of light dv→c. As Hubble’s law claims universal validity, it also holds for escape velocities that are greater than c. In this case, the light emitted by galaxies with dv > c will not reach the observer because the speed of light is smaller than their opposite escape velocity. The resultant speed (space-time) of the emitted photons is negative with respect to the observer, that is, such photons will never reach the observer but they still exist and should be considered in cosmology.

As our information on any material celestial object in the universe is transmitted through photon space-time, galaxies with a higher escape velocity than the speed of light are no longer visible to the observer. This means that there is an event horizon of the visible universe, beyond which Hubble’s law still holds true, but can no longer be observed. The validity of Hubble’s law beyond the event horizon also follows from the fact that it is an application of the Universal Law of space-time, while the visible universe is a particular system thereof.

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Energy Report of the PAT – May 15, 2017

On “The Final Transmutation and Merging of the PAT With the 5D and Higher Dimensions

Dear George & Carla,

The night of May 13-14, I had a cyclic dream/nightmare. I was levitating in lotus position, spinning along vertical axis, loudly toning/resonating multiple frequencies at once in my head/body. There were many cycles, but I remember in all episodes I was levitating, and attempting to move my body back into another room.

I was ecstatic and of a higher-dimensional existence: conscious, automatic, aligned. But on some level, I was screaming for help and in anguish also. I could not anchor back into the physical body, nor make my sounds audible in 3D to receive help from the other room. (In contrast, I often talk in my sleep involuntarily, without conscious control.) The cycles continued maybe 10+ times and I kept momentarily seeing through physical eyes this blue light on an electronic in the room. So I realized despite the dream sequences, I was stuck, each time freshly terrible.

Finally my high-pitch tone made it through and my friend entered from the next room. (He has been present for several horrific nightmare experiences in the past weeks.) I heard him and kept making the sound as a feint cry for help, and he nudged me. I had sensation but could not anchor. Eventually I could mumble ‘Help’, and then ‘Hands’, and he shook me and moved me. Finally I mumbled over and over ‘Help me wake up.’ After several minutes of getting a cold towel on neck and face and my hands massaged, and getting flopped around like a rag doll, I was still paralyzed. Finally, with moans and a burst of tears I reentered physicality.

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The “Big Bang” Is Yet to Come in the Empty Brain Cavities of the Cosmologists – Two PAT Opinions

The Truth about Inflation Theory

Daniel Akkerman, May 14, 2017

The inflation theory is one of the best examples of (scientific) Stockholm syndrome. Instead of recognizing the wrong basis of many of the theories of modern cosmology, an arbitrary, unnecessarily complex “escape card” is invented which does everything to keep the old paradigm of thinking alive, everything except employing logic that is. It is kind of like the infinite QE of the (not too big) to-fail banks. Instead of admitting defeat, they double down on stupidity.

But as not to waste the efforts of so many scientists, I have tried to somewhat preserve the theories of cosmology, although in a slightly different manner. Forgive me if I have copy pasted some of George’s article as a baseline.

1. The scientist’s (or human) brain is homogeneous and isotropic on average, at any place, at any time. This is called the “inner-cosmological principle“.

2. The brain expands according to Potato’s law with the escape velocity v of the neurons, which is proportional to the distance dl of good ideas to the thinker.

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