Energy Report of the PAT – December 16, 2016

About Arts, Clarity of Mind and Our Responsibility to Use Logical Axiomatic Language

Greetings Georgi,

Please excuse the somewhat random nature of the mail, I know you must be extremely busy and if this is not your cup of tea, I apologize in advance… but I just had the impulse to send over a document I have been sitting on. The document is a thesis first written in 1979 by my mentor, the late graffiti artist “Rammellzee”. I was one of his art students. Most know of his more popular expressions as an MC and his pivotal roll in the early hip-hop movement of NYC, but the majority have yet to realize the depth of the knowledge he had regarding the true nature of letters, the alphabet, symbolism and how they relate to matrix systems and quantum level concepts.

With my somewhat lesser intellect and having spent a few years (mostly in his absence) decrypting it, I now understand much more of the message contained and I have no doubt at a glance you will too. Perhaps you would be interested in having a look – in that it was some of your work that has allowed me to understand what much more of what it states from a higher level.

I would love to hear your thoughts on it…but regardless I would like to thank you for your work and I will continue to read the information your bring forward with much interest.


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Basic Scientific and Gnostic Ideas Revisited

The Universal Law of Nature

by Georgi Stankov, Copyright 2009

Scientific definition


Conventional science has not yet discovered a single law of Nature, with which all natural phenomena can be assessed without exception. Such a law should be defined as “universal”. Based on sound, self-evident scientific principles and facts, the current article analyses, from the viewpoint of the methodology of science, the formal theoretical criteria, which a natural law should fulfil in order to acquire the status of a “Universal Law”

Current Concepts

In science, some known natural laws, such as Newton’s law of gravitation, are referred to as “universal”, e.g. “universal law of gravitation”. This term implies that this particular law is valid for the whole universe independently of space and time, although these physical dimensions are subjected to relativistic changes as assessed in the theory of relativity (e.g. by Lorentz’ transformations).

The same holds true for all known physical laws in modern physics, including Newton’s three laws of classical mechanics, Kepler’s laws on the rotation of planets, various laws on the behaviour of gases, fluids, and levers, the first law of thermodynamics on the conservation of energy, the second law of thermodynamics on growing entropy, diverse laws of radiation, numerous laws of electrostatics, electrodynamics, electricity, and magnetism, (summarised in Maxwell’s four equations of electromagnetism), laws of wave theory, Einstein’s famous law on the equivalence of mass and energy, Schrödinger’s wave equation of quantum mechanics, and so on. Modern textbooks of physics contain more than a hundred distinct laws, all of them being considered to be of universal character.

According to current physical theory, Nature – in fact, only inorganic, physical matter – seems to obey numerous laws, which are of universal character, e.g. they hold true at any place and time in the universe, and operate simultaneously and in a perfect harmony with each other, so that human mind perceives Nature as an ordered Whole.

Empirical science, conducted as experimental research, seems to confirm the universal validity of these physical laws without exception. For this purpose, all physical laws are presented as mathematical equations. Laws of Nature, expressed without the means of mathematics, are unthinkable in the context of present-day science. Any true, natural law should be empirically verified by precise measurements, before it acquires the status of a universal physical law. All measurements in science are based on mathematics, e.g. as various units of the SI-System, which are defined as numerical relationships within mathematics, and only then derived as mathematical results from experimental measurements. Without the possibility of presenting a natural law as a mathematical equation, there is no possibility of objectively proving its universal validity under experimental conditions.

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Open Letter to President-Elect Donald Trump

How to Make America Great Again and Bring Peace and Abundance to the Entire Humanity

Georgi Stankov, December 14, 2016

Dear President-Elect Donald Trump,

I have arduously supported your election campaign through articles on my website and to a much greater extent behind the veil, even though this may not be visible at first sight. But one should not underestimate our power as nothing happens on this earth against our will, which is the will of All-That-Is.

Regarding your goal to “make America great again”, I can help you more than any other human being on this planet. Ultimately it will not be the American Greatness you envision in the context of the national state as this is not the divine plan for this planet. But America and this planet will indeed become very soon a much better place to live in where wars, poverty, injustice and the hazards of criminal undemocratic regimes will no longer exist.

In order to achieve all that one needs a much bigger reform of human thinking and doing than just improving a little bit the existing governmental and national structures and institutions. I assume that this fact is well comprehended by you and your team of advisers and future governmental experts.

I can render you the ultimate trump (pun intended) in the hand how to unleash the greatest revolution in the history of humankind and win an immortal place in the Pantheon of human leaders.

I have discovered the Universal Law of Nature and have revolutionized physics and science by showing that all known current physical laws are mere mathematical derivations of one single law of nature – the Universal Law. This was suspected for many years by all leading German and European physicists before WW1 and between the two world wars. This basic idea was buried after WW2 by the American cabal scientists who began to dominate modern empirical science and distorted the leading ideas of its founders by fractionalizing the holistic world view of the great thinkers in the past. Deliberately, of course, as to hide the truth from the people who we really are and much to the detriment of humanity as we witness today and you have lamented rightly so in many of your speeches at the rallies during your election campaign.

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Le leggi cosmiche della Creazione e della Distruzione: Perché e Come l’Ordine Economico Mondiale crollerà nel 2011

Italian Translation by Daniela Lupo of the book

The Cosmic Laws of Creation and Destruction – Why and How the World Economic Order Will Collapse in 2011

by Georgi Stankov

The ebook can be downloaded as a file at the bottom of the text.

Here is Daniela Lupo’s latest email that also deals with the technical problems I had to resolve in order to publish her Italian translation of this book. It is so important as it highlights one more time the necessity to acquire basic gnostic knowledge in order to navigate with great ease in the LBP and the ascension process with a clear mind. It is amazing what cacophony reigns in the minds of most light workers with regard to basic spiritual and gnostic aspects – not to speak of their profound ignorance and utter naiveté with regard to politics and economics that prevents them from understanding the world they live in – many of whom present themselves as infallible gurus while becoming an easy prey to their spiritual high-esteem which is a very common basic angst amongst New Agers.

I am very thankful to Daniela for her tremendous effort to make this wonderful Italian translation which I read with great pleasure (gusto).

Dear Georgi,

great job, with the help of our HS we can do things that we never thought we could do.

My translations are an example, I did my best, and your two books have fascinated me so much that translating them for me was the right tribute to so much truth and wisdom.

As you have seen I have not translated part II – the emails, it is a part equally full of information, but I decided to leave this job,  if necessary, to someone else with good will, who maybe is pushed by personal curiosity and in love with the text as happened with me.

This book along with the Evolutionary Leap of mankind, are as you say, a “must” that every light worker on this planet should read.  I hope that as many people as possible come into contact with your site and read everything that they need to successfully get on with their Ascension.

As has been repeatedly pointed out in your articles and in those of other Pat members, there needs to be an overview of the events and facts and knowledge of how they develop. After having analyzed and reflected on details, on every single concept, the reader must take a step back to then be able to see the framework in all its breadth. With this mental openness you will allow the understanding and the metabolization of received  information at all levels of one’s being.

Time does not matter indeed, we are always in the Now.

We have lived these years until now as an endless repetition of the same scenario, to allow for those necessary adjustments that the realms of Light have implemented through us and our energy fields. What is written in your books is timeless, it has an eternal truth and validity, which will serve to all those who follow, as this truth comes directly from the Source and through you it is now written in the annals of the Akashic records.

We leave as winners and with broken bones, the people finally look at life with a new approach and a new Weltanschauung.

Thanks so much for your appreciation.

With Love and Light


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by Georgi Stankov, December 12, 2016

Punctually to the auspicious 12.12 portal that will open humanity for the final ID shift, I have decided to publish this PostScript. Two events yesterday triggered this decision. First Dominique Lagae, the moderator of the PAT resource page on Facebook, asked me as follows:

List of recommended articles + request

Dear George,

We have quite a few members now that are totally unfamiliar with your website.  I wrote this in the group:

“I want to compile a list of recommended and essential reading on Dr. Stankov’s website which I would post as a note that can be found in the Files section, e.g. as gateway articles for new members who are unfamiliar with the material and for all to brush up our understanding. I welcome any recommendations.

Much Love,
Dominique “

Members are submitting their favorite or recommended articles.  Apart from your own, I would like to ask if you would be willing to write an introduction, as this will be published as a note that is always available in our Files section.  This will, imho, greatly encourage both new and long time readers to focus on your material.  While I have allowed for a variety of sources that can further the understanding of the Ascension in progress and embolden the candidates, I sense that the focus is shifting and getting blurred, I can vouch for that myself (!) .  The members that are well-versed seem to prefer to do this inner work in silence, which is their prerogative. Like I said before: just trying to keep the noses pointed in the same direction.

This is obviously a request and I hope you will be willing to meet it.

Love and Light to Carla and You,

To which I replied:

“Dear Dominique,

I agree with this observation which I have also made on a broader scale regarding the entire light worker community (and humanity as a whole). It is a very discouraging trend indeed and I do not know what to suggest. Obviously stupidity and disinformation is spreading vastly these days and the people do not want to learn anything meaningful. 

What else can we do but to advise them to read more. If they do not sense this necessity from within, there is little we can do about it and all additional instructions will not achieve anything. They have the log function on my website and can scroll down to any article they are interested in or they can even read the ten volumes which Erik Westhoven has compiled and I have published on the home page. I have tried to keep my website didactic and easy to overview so that everybody can navigate there without much effort or confusion that many other websites display which I have studied and tried to avoid.

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The Beginning of the Final Ascension Shift Period on December 5th, 2016

Georgi Stankov, December 6, 2016

Yesterday we entered with aplomb the final ascension shift period that is intended to culminate around winter solstice. For me it began as usual with a massive cc-wave from the source causing excruciating headache, stomach crisis, skin burning and a complete shock of the body elemental. This continued throughout the night with left eye socket pain and throat pain causing a severe coughing attack. I knew that we have entered the final period of ascension. Today Patrick made me aware of the huge coronal hole that has appeared again on the sun showing that we are again at maximal activity of the Central sun that is sending a huge proton stream of transformation as this has been repeatedly the case in the past when we have made significant leaps in the ascension process:

“HERE COMES THE SOLAR WIND: A solar wind stream is approaching Earth with wind speeds as high as 700 km/s.  First contact with the fast-moving gas on Dec. 7-8 could produce G1-class geomagnetic storms and auroras at high latitudes. Observers around the Arctic Circle could be in for a fine light show.

The source of this solar wind stream is a hole in the sun’s atmosphere, shown here in a Dec. 5th image from NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory:

This is a “coronal hole”–a region where the sun’s magnetic field has opened up, allowing solar wind to escape.  Because this hole is broad, the emerging stream of solar wind is broad as well. It should influence Earth for several days after it arrives.”

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Is Janet Yellen Trying to Crash Stocks to Screw Trump?

Georgi Stankov, December 1, 2016

Is Janet Yellen Trying to Crash Stocks to Screw Trump?” – asks the well informed Phoenix capital in his latest of many apocalyptic predictions, which, while essentially correct in their analysis, failed to materialize in this linear time due to rapidly changing timelines on this ascending uppermost mother planet. These scenarios however take place on lower timelines and the same holds true for all my forecasts as I have explained thoroughly in previous articles.

What are the current developments in the financial markets behind this announcement? Since Trump was elected, we witness an unprecedented rally of all equity indices which were already at historical highs. At the same time the GAAP earnings of the companies listed in the broader S&P 500 index have reached their lowest values since the beginning of the 2008 crisis. GAAP stands for “generally accepted accounting principles” which simply means that most of the revenue numbers given by these companies are utter fraud and do not reflect the true financial situation of the US economy.

The reason for that is that the dollar index has climbed to more than 101 points and has become so expensive that there is a massive flight away from the dollar as a currency worldwide.

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Follow-Up of the First QHHT Session

Todd (Suzanne’s QHHT client), Georgi Stankov, November 29, 2016


Suzanne (Spooner) told me that you had blogged our session about ascension and Donald Trump. I am the voice giving the information. It appears that you would like to know about me.

I went to Suzanne because I “knew” something was different about me and always has been. My path to awakening took about two years and when something internal knew I was ready,  I was drawn to a session with Suzanne.

During the session the information came out that I am a soul fragment from a planet in Alpha Centauri that has evolved beyond physical existence. I was here before to assist evolvement from 300 BC to 12 BC at which time I left the planet in disgust. I am back now to help finish what began all those linear years ago.

The torsion spin of photons was just one of several things I said and had to look up later when I listened to the recording.

The part where I state that time makes no sense and then say “Rotations” is where higher self had analyzed my internal definition of time and had pulled out to view the Earth transiting around our Sun. Suzanne asked another question before the calculation was finished but the transit was slow as if I was attempting to arrive at a fraction. The answer I feel would have been something less than one “Rotation” around the sun. I saw approximately 3/4 of one rotation from where we are currently.

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