Energy Report of the PAT – May 12, 2017

On Healing this also confirms most of what we have shared today (When Dreams Come True).

We all have a unique way of doing things, as I’m sure everyone in the PAT team dos, it’s the way that those differences come together and produce the same/similar result.

It’s really interesting that you mentioned healing as last week I had one of those moments that my mind went blank and I didn’t have the urge to do anything. It was too early to go to sleep and I didn’t feel like it, as I also didn’t feel like reading anything or meditate and I stared at the computer screen for a good few minutes. I can’t remember what I was doing to get to this website that had various quizzes (yes, I was that bored that I completed one, even though I know these online quizzes are pre-populated with the same answers and sometimes no matter what you choose it generally goes to the same thing), but as you mentioned healing I thought that my answer to the quiz ‘what is your spiritual power’ is right on point.

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Living the Dream Amidst Energy-Induced Encephalomalacia of the Service-to-Self Entities

Synchronicities Abound!

Fiona Fairchild and Georgi Stankov, March 12, 2017

Living the Dream

Hi George!

I just read your message and my jaw dropped… I experienced the exact same “dream” last night!  I could have written this statement word for word!

“This night I had a lengthy conference with Trump with his administration and advised them what to do next. I learnt that Trump is no longer listening to his war mongering generals and has taken a more independent course. This was not a dream but a very realistic meeting at the soul level as I was in lucid consciousness”

Wow!  I was at this same meeting all night, and was lucid…. I kept thinking, “I can’t believe I’m really at the White House with Trump”. I was wearing these beautiful clothes, irridescent, which he noticed and admired. The interesting thing was that he was listening, no responses were made except for nods in agreement. Unfortunately my dream recall is not as clear as yours, but the experience and feeling were identical. I knew there were other people in attendance, but I didn’t recognize anyone, or you!

The past few weeks I have had dreams of being at the White House, also conferring with Melania and Ivanka.  Again, I don’t recall the content of our conversations, but the feeling was very clear and real that we (the PAT) are working closely with them to bring about sweeping changes.  I also came across the very same article you did about Trump clearing out the government, which was another confirmation of the reality we are creating.

Yes, the Wesak and Full Moon energies continue to be very powerful today… the same high vibrations and ringing in the ears. I am also noticing many glitches in the matrix when I am out in 3D… things are missing, the houses I walk by everyday are different colors, different cars parked in front… and I am feeling like I am floating, not in my body.  My vision also expands to 180 degrees… I have a very definite sense that I am finally on my way out of 3D.  Thankfully!  I am intending to recognize you the next time I’m in the higher dimensions…. tonight! Look for me and say hi!

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When Dreams Come True

Dalila de Caires and Georgi Stankov, May 11, 2017

Dear Georgi

I know you don’t need me to confirm this but Charlotte’s latest emails resonate with me too and I am grateful to have come across your website and have the grace to be a part of it. For me the good thing is that most of these ‘wanna be gurus’ are sounding and acting so irrational and at times very aggressive in the way they portray their ideas and beliefs that their energy just doesn’t serve those who are awakening. Not many follow them now as they would ‘back in the day’.

The most interesting thing is that from all the quotes and outside information Charlotte and yourself have included in your e-mails I have read every single one of them. Synchronicity at its best as this hasn’t happened to me before in such an intense way.

Things are certainly changing in a way that not even I knew was possible. From dreams to the awakened state I find myself. I don’t feel time, my head seems like it’s floating most of the time and I feel like if I fell off a cliff I would survive, maybe that sounded a bit silly but I’m not very good at describing feelings because they are so intense and hardly relate to what others whom I meet are feeling. So I can relate to what Charlotte mentioned,

When certain truths make them uncomfortable, they say, “Oh, that doesn’t matter” so that they can avoid the reality of that particular truth because it is so different than what we’ve been programmed to believe”

You are our driving force and we all work as one, hence the reason your work gets noticed whether or not humanity is reading and absorbing it correctly. Just know that many are and we all signed up for this together, it’s an amazing feeling.

Love and light to all,

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On Spiritual Ignorance as the Source of All Evil Amidst the Long Dark Night of the Collective Human Soul

Charlotte Smith and Georgi Stankov, May 9, 2017

My observation of huge change in mainstream media

Yesterday my husband turned on the TV to watch an episode of some type of COPS series that show cases law enforcement actions all over the country. I went into the room briefly and saw a scene from North or South Carolina where the cops had pulled over a woman and man driving a car. Both were African-American. Neither had a license and both started using “sovereign citizen” language. They both challenged the cops peacefully. Eventually, they let the male leave and took the woman in since she was driving the car and she refused to give them her name. She did not appear to be as well versed as the male in regard to what she needed to say as the male asked for the Declaration of Authority (“DOA”), and later the cop on screen said that when “they ask for our DOA we know they are part of the sovereign citizen movement; we have it but we don’t just let them be.”

What was most interesting was this:

  1. The commentators in the studio commented on the “sovereign citizen” movement but they did not give any negative statements about any consequences related to the movement, as if by omission of negative judgement it is a credible path of governance.
  2. The MSM, which is historically biased against African-Americans and particularly the males who have been killed at a rate of 2 per week by law enforcement for more than 100 years in America,  portrayed an African-American male speaking intelligently and peacefully as a sovereign citizen and walking away.

This is not something that we would normally have been able to see on TV in America. This appears to be an effort to portray the sovereign citizen movement in a more fair light. This also means that the powers-that-were are about to make a big change in things.

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Hymn of Endtime Transcendence

May 7, 2017

Dear Georgi,

without further and any ado I’d like to present a grand set of poetry I was specifically inspired to channel from the higher realms concerning the newest and truly final phase of the Endtimes. It speaks for itself and it is bound to strike a chord in soul-aligned minds and heart-centered thinkers.

With love and light,



A Poem Written By Lux

For all the sparkLings and the uprisers
For all the indomitable astral fighters
Storm clouds gather beneath these skies
To flawlessly wipe out the wretched sties

Logos, the realm of gods surfaces again
Souls from the infinite stars fill the stem
This is your new life, this is your song
If you sing it, not a thing can go wrong

Visions stream through the mind’s eye
Void the need for secrets and painful lies
No more chains of separation, in unity we realize
That all we will ever need we can find inside

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Service-To-Others Is the Way to Unity Consciousness in 5D

By Angel V. Ornedo Jr., May 5, 2017

Some of us wonder why we live a life of service to others and service to self has been a second fiddle, always on the sidelines.  As a kid at five to twelve, every time our playmate asked for something, anything, I ran home to get what he desired.  We find happiness, satisfaction and deep fulfillment when we have given something, a gift, a favor, a service to family, friend or an acquaintance. My friend is more advanced of help to family, he assists his father at a young age to fish and sell  them to buy necessities for home while I get it from our household to share with friends.

We never tire of giving to help someone, even a new person introduced to us by a friend limited by our meager resources.  We favor them with that little attention, that little something, a gift that will make them happy and fulfilled at our expense.  As a little child up to the age of 72,  this has been my life and even my wife asks me why I do this,  give to others, provide and use my limited working time to help others. In a few instances these assistance led to the detriment of my family finance due to  trust afforded others who turn out  to be  a perpetrator or an element of dark beings.  I have lived in the most urban of all areas in PH (Philippines) with a college buddy, intimate of  friends and the two of us turned victims to people of this type.  We had at least  three major  bad personal investments and a lot minor due to what you may call our “trusting behavior to others”. Our innate trust on others turned sour even at our senior years that cost us part of our retirement provisions.

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My Personal Experience with the Latest Timeline Shift on April 26th: Emotional Alchemy

Kari Marie Werth, May 4, 2017

Hi Georgi,

It has taken me a few days to acclimate since the most recent timeline shift. I knew I wanted to articulate the events I experienced in good detail, as they may be of significance to other PAT members or readers. I was kind of bummed when I saw you had already published an energy update regarding this, but perhaps there are enough other testimonials to make another one. I just sent you a donation. Thank You again for everything. I was thinking tonight that I may have already gone insane if it weren’t for your/our website. We’ve said this many times, and it’s so true, that there is nothing else like it on the entire internet. The information, archives and energy contained within are consistent and incorruptible. I witness so many people who were led astray by dark channelers and who eventually gave up all hope in Ascension. I’ve pointed many people to your website but many do not listen. In the end, I know it is impossible to try to convince anyone that does not have experience with these energies and events in a personal manner. I only hope all of your readers feel nudged to donate something to you for your years of untiring service to us and for having to explain things like a broken record at times (I’m laughing as I remember something you wrote from a recent post about how if we haven’t got it by now, you must have failed as an educator.) Hahahah! I laughed right out loud as I could relate to the feeling. But I digress now to last weeks’ shift.

In your post about the Earth splitting into two halves, you mentioned that the rift occurred on Wednesday, the 26th. I do believe it did but for some reason I experienced it personally on Thursday, the 27th at night. First off, all of last week felt heavy and off to me. I was having feelings of overwhelm and sadness and of course, moments of bliss. I also felt like the days were moving so quickly that I could not catch my breath or accomplish nearly anything I wanted to in a day. My friend/boyfriend said that he just had a heaviness he could not shake. This explained partially my feelings as well. Yet, I have been busier lately as I now teach Pilates and yoga a few times a week at a new business and I’ve been throwing myself into service there because I really believe in this business and know that it has the intention of Service to Others. So I’ve been distracted with that and not having as much time for rest and focusing on all the subtle and not so subtle energies. I only mention that to say I did not realize a shift was happening because I was attributing the majority of my feelings to this new job and having less time to rest.

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Living Daily the Multidimensionality of Ascension

Georgi Stankov, May 2, 2017

Yesterday, Sunday, the last day of April, was auspicious by all measure. Early in the morning I received a letter from Dominique suggesting that I should republish my initial article on the multidimensional model of ascension which I first posted on June 10, 2013 when I learned of our creation of the first seven 4D earths of ascension from the Elohim in May during Carla’s first visit in Germany. This is what Dominique wrote to me:

“Dear George,

Jerry says:

“[…] I have suffered physical symptoms on a daily basis for so long that the only way I can distinguish a heightened download is by the intensity not the occurrence. And intense they lately have been. Loud ringing in ears which still persists. Alternating diarrhea and constipation, hot flashes, vertigo. Anyone hearing this would think “poor thing he is to kick the bucket soon.” But no, today I felt better and hiked four miles before another wave has just started for me but this time no fear just headache, ringing ears and fatigue.

What does this mean? I am sure as you have concluded we have made another significant timeline split. But our service is not over yet. The beautiful blue skies of Arizona were heavily chemtrailed today.[…]”


I think that up to this very day there is still confusion and miscomprehension among your readers and even PAT members of how we can be both (incrementally) ascending yet seemingly live in the same world as before.  I came across your comprehensive explanation of the phenomenon of instant creation of parallel earths and timelines of June 10th, 2013 in terms of ‘the omni-earth of infinite timelines … (which) can be considered as a stable, standing wave that is created /composed of infinite superimposed, extremely rapidly fluctuating waves that build a crest and also determine the steepness of the slopes of this standing wave. […] The individual waves can be then regarded as parallel timelines/realities of the stable 3D-holographic model /standing wave, which emerges as a composite reality from these rapidly changing parallel waves/timelines. […]

I have posted a far longer excerpt of this clarifying article at and in the group.

At your discretion, I would like to suggest that a repost, maybe edited or with an additional explanation of the current State of The Ascension might benefit your readers.

With Love and Light,


And this is what happened to us on Sunday after I confirmed to Dominique that his idea is excellent and I will re-publish my article from 2013 on the multidimensional model of ascension and will refresh it eventually with some new insights which I have gained in the meantime from our constant bilocations to various timelines.

It was so bizarre and surreal that we still cannot wrap up our minds around our experience yesterday. Carla and I went early in the morning for a hike in the mountains. We drove to Squamish, a place half-way to Whistler, the Olympic village, in the mountains. We drove from the highway onto a side road and ended up in front of a big automatic gate that barred the road. There was a plate on it with red letters – “Do Not Enter”. Carla was surprised as normally you do not find such fences and signs in Canada and said: “I would love to see what’s behind that fence!”  She had her hunch. We assumed it was an old quarry.

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