Multidimensionality and Bilocation – How to Perceive Them?

Polina Korneeva and Georgi Stankov, January 5, 2016

Yesterday I received the following set of questions from Polina from Russia that deal exactly with what we experience these days – the gradual and impulsive adaptation of our minds to higher awareness through constant raising of our frequencies to the natural multidimensional experience of all sentient beings in the higher realms:

“Dear Georgi,

All timelines exist simultaneously, correct? But how do they exist in this simultaneity? Do they overlap/lie on top of each other? Or are they like different frequencies/waves, and not like space at all – hence the word ‘overlap’ is inappropriate here? How can one’s mind visualise 2, 3 or more separate timelines and is it possible to visualise them in terms of spatial relationships?

And then, how do all these separate timelines exist within one single entity that births them? Or are they the entity themselves, hence there’s no real separation between them? But then, there must be ‘some’ kind of separation right? – since we’re able to differentiate between different systems/people/processes/give things names. How does this process of division manifest itself and how does this entire system maintain all its different parts (timelines or individual events)? How is it able to hold all of them together and navigate them in an orderly fashion, so that they don’t collide and wreak havoc? And I’m talking about the bigger scheme of things that already precludes the existence of destructions on Earth as a part of a bigger design. I think a part of my question might be also related to Schrödinger’s paradox (but I might be wrong).”

“These are very difficult questions indeed and in the core of any expanded awareness. I cannot give you precise answer and you should try to find your own explanation as well as you can.” – George

The reason why I am unable to give Polina the right answers lies in the limitations of human language. The way it is constructed, language is a medium of sequential communication of information. It cannot relate simultaneous events and experiences. This has to do with grammar, syntax and semantics of the words used. In fact language is the most profound trap that sustains the illusion of linear time in this 3D holographic reality. I have tackled this issue theoretically at the end of my gnostic book “Thoughts”.

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Ten Reasons Why the New Age Movement Has Declared Intellectual and Moral Bankruptcy – Full Article

by Georgi Stankov, first published on October 31, 2014

This article was written as sequels throughout October 2014 in response to the obvious intellectual and spiritual collapse of the New Age movement since the opening of the 12.21.12 portal of ascension by the PAT that is now coming to completion four years later in 2017. I republish this pivotal overview because of its even greater actuality on the eve of the final ID shift this year.


This is a requiem of the old “New Age” and a Manifesto of the New Age of the Universal Law of Ascension.

Here are ten major reasons why the Western, predominantly American New Age movement has intellectually and morally declared a total bankruptcy and why these people have no chance to ascend in the coming days. To this conclusion I would like to refresh your memory and ask you to read one more time this message from the ascended masters, which I published a month and a half ago: “The Day of Days“.

And here are the ten intellectual blunders of the New Age Movement leading to this tragic and historically most dramatic failure of the vast majority of star seeds that came from various civilizations and star systems in this omniverse to first comprehend this illusory 3D reality and then awaken and help Gaia and humanity to ascend to 4D and 5D in the current End Time:

1) Why the National State is the Primary Cause of Most Evil on Earth

All light workers, except this author, failed to make a proper analysis of the current Orion order and discard all its forms of social life and individual manifestations. In particular, the New Age failed to explain why the national state is the most insidious form of Orion organisation of any sentient civilization that is the primary cause of all wars, civil unrest, exploitation, poverty, slavery, international blackmailing, trafficking, prostitution, narcotics trade, Mafia structures  etc.

At the same time all light workers failed to create a new utopia for humanity and envision how this civilization will live in higher dimensions by observing true spiritual principles. In short, they did not realize the creationary potential of human thoughts and how they shape this and any other reality. Ultimately, they succumbed to the Orion interpretation of life as an entirely biological species, subjugated to a very slow, painful and highly random evolution and thus betrayed their original soul mission.

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American Culture, The Myth of The American Melting Pot

Patrick Amoroso, January 2, 2017

American Culture, The Myth of the Melting Pot

Patrick’s excellent essay is a total rejection of the karmic heritage of the United States of Atrocities as “a centuries-driven crime in progress since its colonial inception… with a karmic debt (that) is so overwhelming from a universal perspective compared to any nation in the annals of history in such a short period of time” and a passionate plea for its imminent abolition as a state in the coming final ID shift. It reduces all patriotic tirades in the alt-media (e.g. Alex Jones) to anti-intellectual, amoral rubbish.


When one ponders the history of the country that claims the title of the United States of America, you might begin to contemplate whether there is meaning in such an identification and what if any commonality in terms of culture can adequately define Americans as a united people. We are primarily the third generation progeny of white Anglo-Saxon and European persecuted immigrants who were driven from a continent drenched in a thousand years of political and ecclesiastical blood-soaked warfare. Our ancestral origins are feudal, an era when a caste system of nobility and church-centered hierarchical usury were the social paradigm of a time epoch approximately encompassing a thousand years in duration. Our ancestors who became the inheritors of the American experience would have their earth-aligned and tribal cultures ransacked by a first century imperial power only to be followed with their cultural marginalization by an ecclesiastical and state-sanctioned church hierarchy professing blessings in another world. This necessitated the abandonment of established cultural inheritances reared in a spirit of spiritual diversity, ancestral reverence and folklore which had formerly been bestowed upon their minds for a vast period of time.

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The Arcturians: Preparing For First Contact

Susanne Lie, January 1, 2016


Georgi Stankov

I have decided to publish this message from Sue because it confirms prospectively what the Hyperboreans (the creators of Inner Earth Agartha) from the 7th – 9th dimension told us when we met with them at the Infinity Portal in White Rock on December 21, 2016 during the opening of this massive ascension portal as reported by myself and then confirmed a day later to Carla in their channelled lecture on the learning universe and function of the blue light:

“The light warriors of the first and the last hour have been given clearance to establish conscious multidimensional contact with other higher dimensional beings and civilisations in 2017.”

This is what Sharman, the Arcturian entity from the spaceship, has just confirmed to Sue while giving us some valuable information how to prepare for First Contact:

“If you wonder why we are giving you this information, it is because we are preparing you for your “contact” with Light beings. Many of you have “gained clearance” for this honor by giving service to others, even at the expense of your own self.”


Dear Ones, I Sharman, an honored to speak with you again. It has been quite a bit of your “time” since my last transmission, but we, the members of our Ship, have been very busy with projects that we cannot, yet, share with you.

However, because the ever-expanding fifth dimensional energy fields are increasingly entering Gaia atmosphere, which is Her aura, as well as the auras of all of Gaia’s inhabitants, humanity is being confronted with many choices.

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The Dialectics of Human Mind Devolution in the End Time

Georgi Stankov, December 29, 2016

We live in a serendipitous time of amazing synchronicities. After I wrote my article “A Few Frank and Unpleasant ObservationsI had a lengthy discussion with Carla as to why and how the minds of the scientists and the small community of enlightened people were shut down in the last two to three decades simultaneously with the march of modern electronics that deprived them of any independent, critical thinking and disabled them to develop a true understanding and appreciation of the revolutionary character of the new theory of the Universal Law. This is an old theme for me since the time when I discovered the Universal Law in 1994, but recently I gained some startling insights as to the cause of this devolution of the human mind in the End Time that I would like to share with you here. The next day Patrick sent me inadvertently his essay on the electronic era and its impact on human intelligence and behaviour which is a valuable contribution to this same topic. I am publishing his essay below as a testimony that highlights this same issue from a different angle.

Then I read yesterday an article which confirms one more time the creeping enslavement of humanity in daily life which I shall quote below. And finally today Leesa from Australia sent me another article which also deals with this same issue. If I have had any doubts as to the relevance of this expose, then my HS showed me that I have no chance but to write down the ideas with which I am pregnant since long time. This may be a challenging thesis for you as it will divest you from some unduly euphemistic ideas as to the always benevolent intentions of our souls – of all incarnated souls on the earth. It will be about the dialectics of human evolution through devolution of the human ego-mind as never understood in this clarity before.

All those older members of the PAT, such as Patrick below, who still remember the times before the electronic era began, have a good baseline memory as to how humans behaved and thought before the PCs came and the Internet connected humanity. When I began with the propagation of the new theory of the Universal Law in the 90s, the Internet was in its infancy and most scientists used their PCs as a better typing machine. When I developed the theory between 1993 – 1995 I had to use specialized data banks for my research as Internet did not really exist and had no scientific data stored. I was a rare exception to write down my book directly on a PC. Many scientists and most writers used at that time still a pencil and a sheet of paper or a typing machine to put down their ideas.

In the 90s, I could still find a few older scientists who were well aware of the deficiencies of physics and all natural sciences and were capable of recognizing the revolutionary character of the new theory of the Universal Law. After 2000 I have not met a single scientist capable of that. The reason is that, with the invasion of the Internet and all kinds of electronic gadgets, most humans lost their human nature, which is natural curiosity, and the propensity of independent abstract thinking.

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Energy Report of the PAT – December 27, 2016

A Testimony of the PAT

Dear Georgi,

I awoke throughout the evening as source energies continue unabated in waves of induced physical discomfort . My HS prompted me to write this testimony to your leadership and all PAT Members,

I remain:  A light warrior of the first and last hour.

With love and light,



A Testimony to the PAT

They are you and I, taken from all nations and who oftentimes find themselves living on the edge of a civilization entrenched in its own perdition and road to extinction. They have known from their very early age that they are different and destined for a huge undertaking in the service of Humanity. Empaths, each and everyone of them who are sensitive to their environment, to the suffering of others and oftentimes and unexpectedly, tears appear in their eyes for no apparent reason other than to hear a distress or ponder a calamity of human suffering. Some even might term them as depressed but this is a misunderstanding of the prevalent theme of a civilization unable to come to terms with their own intuitive and forgotten history. Alienation serves them well by being unable and unwilling both spiritually and scientifically to see and learn from the truth of nature all around them.

To whom I extend my personal accolades to; Theirs is a steely resolve marked with a humility and unwavering determination in the pursuit of their calling to bring a wayward civilization back into the immersion of “All That Is “.

At great personal cost in terms of the ridicule rallied against them, they continue unabated in the midst of abandonment from family, spouses, partners and an indifferent economic paradigm which does not reward and recognize their contributions as the true knowledge seekers in the service to humanity. Theirs is a personality marked with a quiet deliberation, rational thought processes and abstract and transcendental cognition where all is embraced in a marked humility both to themselves and those around them.

We are the PAT, the Planetary Ascension Team; old and seasoned souls who have shouldered the greatest responsibility ever witnessed in the cosmos where an imminent transformation both for ourselves and the civilization we have chosen to alleviate from a death-dealing 3-D matrix in service to a corrupt cabal of misanthropic soulless proxies of even greater sinister forces in other dimensional realms.

Fellow PAT members, raise your eyes to the heavens. We have accomplished what we have chosen to bring to task by incarnating at this momentous interval of human history into our personal beings. And a grand tribute to Dr. Georgi Stankov for leading this fight. Our cosmic task of completion is near at hand. We are the PAT, light warriors of the first and last hour.

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Basic Scientific and Gnostic Ideas Revisited

Georgi Stankov, December 24, 2016

A Few Frank and Unpleasant Observations

In order to progress humanity has to change profoundly its thinking and its world view. Currently even the brightest minds in the West are completely lost in the maze of conflicting facts, unprocessed cognitive perceptions, wrong semantics and inadequate use of human language and only perpetuate their perennial state of separation from the Source.

Ascension is all about human consciousness, not only with regard to its expansion in the process of transfiguration from carbon-based mind into crystalline mind, but first and foremost with respect to coherent, congruent, logical, in other words, axiomatic thinking at the ego-mind level up and down the scale of human abstraction. At the end, it is all about the full comprehension and application of the new Axiomatics of the Universal Law that departs from the primary term of our consciousness and integrates the entire scientific, philosophical and gnostic knowledge of this human civilisation.

As long as this intellectual leap is not done, humans will remain stuck in their mental deficiencies which are the same for the agnostic scientists and the average Joe as well as for all the more gnostic orientated New Agers, who accept the existence of higher dimensions and realms being instrumental in the creation of this reality. They are the few who believe firmly in the existence of the soul and its omnipresent power and try to identify more or less with their I AM Presence. Nonetheless, the latter ignore profoundly the role of the human mind in this transcendental identification and how important it is to educate their minds in a stringent and coherent abstract thinking in order to achieve this desired spiritual and cognitive cohesion with the all-knowing soul.

As the human mind lacks the inner ability to expand and evolve on its own when it is content with the external conditions and his quest for security is appeased, a true awakening of the human mind can only effectively be induced if the current living conditions fully crumble and the people lose the ground under their feet and all the material play toys they have considered worth worshiping and begin to streamline their thoughts in a logical and axiomatic manner as to survive. Danger and peril are still the best teachers of this human race void of inner insight, while ascension will be the natural progression to more knowledge only after the individual has achieved a sound gnostic and intellectual foundation at the ego-mind level.

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The Hyperboreans’ Lecture: The Role and Function of the Blue Light of God’s Divine Will That Flooded Gaia and Humanity During the Winter Solstice Portal of Ascension on December 21, 2016

Carla Thompson, December  24, 2016

A warm Hello to everyone!

The Winter Solstice Portal was a magnificent experience for us and I feel compelled to share my side of the story (in addition to Georgi’s report) in case any one of you may also relate to what I saw and felt throughout the 21st and carrying on since then. Confirmation through others is very important these days.

First of all, we three, Georgi, Julia and myself, were in a restaurant by the beach at the Infinity portal in White Rock.  Just after Julia joined us, we all began to feel a shift and Julia said “This is once in a blue moon – today’s event – today’s alignment“.  Just as she said this our gaze took us outside where we saw a white paneled van with a blue moon on it.  “Blue Moon Contracting” was written over the large sliver of a blue moon. Both Julia and I thought and stated out loud at the same time, that this van would disappear immediately after driving out of sight, as it was clearly “one of those signs from above” that we all get from time to time, if we are open to receiving them.

As soon as the van disappeared out of view, I was immediately aware of Archangel Michael on my right side, hovering about twelve feet up in the air and with his arrival a stillness prevailed all of a sudden, which was accompanied by a pervasive royal blue light everywhere.  When I mentioned that I saw this blue light, Georgi and Julia both confirmed they saw it as well.

After a minute I was aware of the presence of other beings.  I was wondering if they were the beings of Crystalline Light, which also show up within a blue light, but the energy signature was completely different. Julia sensed it was the Agarthans and I heard  “Hyperboreans“.  Hyperborea is said to also be within the Agartha Earth Network although at a higher frequency than other civilizations there.  This information comes to me as a knowing.  I have included this link to an interesting discussion:

Whether we believe the Hyperboreans to be a mythical society or not, these beings have identified themselves with this name. I will say that their group energy is very familiar to both myself and to Georgi and maybe some of you will also resonate with this information/ energy.  Please feel free to contribute to this inquiry if you have any knowledge or personal experience with this group. I will say at this place that there were no representatives present from the Telosian civilization.

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