Pallas Athene: The Current Rollercoaster Ride to Ascension

Gabriele Schmitz, September 8, 2021

Transcript of the Message

I greet you from the Oneness of all Being. I am Pallas Athena and you hear from me more often at this time. I am in healing sessions and I am giving messages like today. I have an important task at this time as I have told you.

Especially my qualities are needed at this time, which are equated with me: the quality of truthfulness, the quality of courage and the quality of wisdom. These qualities are also for you to train at the moment and that is why I am so present. You should be truthful in your being. Stand by what you are, what you feel. You should also be courageous in this day and age because it takes courage to stand by your truthfulness because everything on the outside is designed to break your courage.

You should know: Whenever this is attempted to stop your courage and your truthfulness, it is necessary to be wise. Look at what you encounter and train your discernment using your inherent qualities of divinity and wisdom. Question what truth is being shown to you and then wisely decide how you will align. Your feelings are your clue. Check how you feel when information reaches you. If the information is uplifting, you will feel good. If the information is true, you will feel the truth in it. If all this is true, then we ask you to be courageous and courageously go your own way. Step by step, as we have said.

Take each day as a unique opportunity to align with the divine within you, with your inner guidance and then act upon that inner guidance and courageously go step by step.

This quality of time is very special and this month is a very special month. At the end of the month, you will realise what has happened. The energies that are reaching you are becoming more powerful by the day and this requires your daily alignment. Some feel these energies reaching them as waves and you often go through what could be described as a roller coaster ride. At times you are up and balanced, at other times you are going through a valley and you will be troubled by what you are perceiving, how you are feeling in the physical manifestations. But know that this image of a roller coaster is very true. When you are in the valley, you automatically go up again. This should give you guidance today, day by day. Know that when you feel down, it can and will get better. When you are exhausted, it can and will get better.

If you seek the truth, you will find it. Your feelings are a decisive factor in this. Everything will work out for you according to your divine plan if you allow it. And so we say to you again today, especially this month your inner alignment is needed, for events may occur that challenge you. Then it is time to pause. What is your Higher Self trying to tell you? What are your feelings saying? Where are you drawn to? It is vital that you allow this to be a perception, a feeling and an important guide.

We know of your longing for change and we say to you: change is happening, aligned with the cosmic events that are now manifesting. So stay aligned day by day. Look closely, discern what is important to you. Guidance is being given to you within. People will also be brought to you who are now important for you. People who belong to your soul family, with whom you may now work together, with whom you may have a common plan that you completed prenatally and you may now realise what is intended for you. And I can assure you that this will be a very fulfilling task for you. So notice what wants to reach you, which people suddenly seek contact with you.

Nothing happens by chance, everything now falls into place and so remain in the certainty that it will also be this way for you personally. Align yourselves again and again with your Higher Being. Perhaps people will be brought to you whom you can help further. Sometimes a friendly facial expression, a handout or a kind word is enough to touch someone deeply in the heart, to trigger something in them. Do not underestimate these small moments. They are so important and for some very, very unique.

It is now about showing humanity where there is inhumanity on the outside. It is about being in love where there is fear fuelled on the outside. It is about staying with yourself where everything is designed to lose you on the outside.

That is what I want to share with you today. Your abilities are needed now. You are so important at this time and your tasks will reach you now. Train yourselves in your personal perception. Gratefully accept what is offered to you in learning situations. This month is a month where you can train yourselves. I can assure you of that.

Each day before you go into the day, align yourselves with your heart and then create the day in alignment with the divine being that you are. In that alignment you will not go wrong. We have also told you repeatedly: Ask for guidance from your Higher Self. Speak to it like a good friend. It is all within you. Also, orient yourselves to that which wants to reach you within. Which angelic being is close to you? Speak to it! Which master or she-master wants to come to you? Find out! And do not forget your guardian angel. He is always around you to protect you and also to guide you.

You are powerful beings and now is the time to accept this power within you. Be with it in love, for love is the answer to all questions.

We are happy to see you aligning more and more with your inner divinity and we see that many are doing so and that the number of those who are following their inner divinity is increasing day by day. Our messages are also helping you to do this and so the number of those who are seeking these messages is increasing. We are grateful for that too, for we see it as our sacred task now to be by your side day by day and to guide your steps if you will allow it. We are grateful that we can now fulfill this task in so many ways.

And so we will meet again, as I say at each end of the video. I thank you for following me and I am honoured if you take me seriously with my words. I am Pallas Athena and I am always happy to be with you.

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