Pallas Athena: News from the Karmic Council

Gabriele Schmitz, July 7, 2021

Preface to the Creation of the Video Message

Georgi Alexandrov Stankov

I wrote to Gabriele and Michael on July 3 and told them the following:

“Dear Gabriele and Michael,

Since I moved on June 30, I am again in intense telepathic contact with Pallas Athena and I hear that she will soon give us a new message about where we are at the moment. With each passing day it becomes clearer that this reality is rapidly collapsing and no longer has any meaning, with the challenges posed by forced vaccinations fatefully dividing families worldwide and causing deep tragedies. This is seen with acquaintances in Germany, UK, and North America. Everything speaks for the imminent appearance of us as “deus ex machina” to abruptly end this hopeless state of humanity.

All love


Shortly thereafter Gabriele replied:

Dear Georg,

Thank you for this positive report, which of course delighted us very much with all the points you listed, including the ‘deus ex machina’ fact, which fascinated me already in my school days in the ancient writings!

As for the message from Pallas Athena, I have known since Friday (July 2) that it is due for the coming week, as you also learned telepathically. I have asked that it come when the weather permits a recording in the garden and that could very well be on Wednesday (7/7!). The nature spirits and birds can be supportive, as I noted earlier.

All love

Gabriele & Michael”

This morning when the message came through there was a powerful “purge and repulsion” wave, which according to my classification of ascension energy qualities is the most massive form of a single ascension thrust. At the same time, I received the message that today’s wave will irrevocably transform humanity and this reality and that we will see this change very soon. This is the shift and my ascension in real-time and they are directly related to the message of the karmic councils of the universe, which have been meeting for 3 weeks and whose convening Pallas Athena already announced in her last message.

In this message, she tells us in a coded form that these karmic councils will meet for another week to finally evaluate the fate of all incarnated humans. After that, the shift and our ascension can happen immediately because everything is already accomplished. Given the crushing severity of the current situation worldwide, the resolution can no longer be postponed. This is the prevailing feeling that I have been perceiving since the beginning of this month, and it eclipses everything else. My impression is that more and more awakened people feel the same, and this is the surest sign that we have already reached the energetic threshold of the long-awaited shift.

Video Transcript

I welcome you to another video. I am Pallas Athena and I would like to take you by the hand today to tell you news as we have perceived it in the Karmic Council. I said in the last video that the Karmic Council is currently in session and it has been three weeks since then and there is still another week to go. May I bring greetings from all the members of the Karmic Council.

They are delighted to see the developments here on planet Earth and throughout the Universe.

Everything is now going to manifest. Ascension is happening, the shift is happening. Everything is prepared. From our side, we see no more obstacles. And it is also necessary that change happens now because you see it everywhere in your world. There is conscious division. That will change in the time to come.

You are going back into unity consciousness. Everything is prepared for that and so we say to you today from the Karmic Council: look forward to what is coming for it takes away the illusions.

The illusions that have shown themselves in this world in such a way that many have lost themselves in these illusions. And that will change. But those who live in these illusions will be shocked by what they will experience.

You will be supported in all these processes by us from the Spiritual Hierarchy. But not only that. You are receiving the support of your friends from the Galaxy. Everything is prepared, everything is ready. And this too will be a shock to many when they learn that there is also life on other planets, that this life surrounds you in spaceships and that these have come here to observe, to support and eventually to show themselves to your process that you are walking together with Mother Earth now. There is life throughout the galaxy and you are to experience that life now. The world is ready but some will be overwhelmed by this news.

So will the facts that there is life in Inner Earth. This too has been withheld from you and very few know of it. However, you will also become aware of it and find support from the Inner Earth Beings.

Mother Earth continues her processes and you are part of Mother Earth. You are so connected to her that you cannot even imagine it in detail. When Mother Earth breathes in, you breathe out. When you breathe in, Mother Earth breathes out. That is how much there is a connection between you. You are one. You have chosen to be here at this time when Mother Earth is ascending and that will happen with many changes in her outer face as well.

You should prepare yourselves for the newness that is to come, be ready to go with the changes. You are not alone, you have all the support. You have spiritual teachers standing by. You have mediums like Gabriele who receive our messages directly and pass them on to you. You are never alone and you never have been.

Your path is now a very exciting path. That which is connected to Ascension as a whole can manifest at any time. Everything is prepared. So in these three weeks where we have been looking at these situations together in the Karmic Council, we have seen that it will not be long now. So we would like to say to you today: Prepare yourselves inwardly for it. And when that moment comes, it will be unmistakable to you. And then you will receive guidance. All parties are ready. Everything is prepared as we have said and it will manifest.

Be certain that it is coming and be in the joy that these changes will occur, for they will take you into a totally different free life where there is no more oppression, no more manipulation. It will be a life of love, of harmony, of dedication to divine service, which everyone will see as an important goal for themselves, and service to the community. There will be no more against each other. It is about togetherness. And the most important thing: you will live out of love, out of your heart. You will make all decisions intuitively and from the heart. This will bring great changes for each and every one of you.

We tell you today that the time until our further meeting in the Karmic Council in December is the time that will make these changes visible to everyone. It can be any day. Be attuned to it. By being in joyful anticipation you are helping it manifest. Then, when all of humanity is ready, the divine plan will be fulfilled for each individual, for Mother Earth and for all of us.

Some also have doubts whether it will be as we have been saying for a while. Put the doubts aside. Go into trust. Everything will be as it is prepared. Nothing is left to chance and it is in divine perfection.

What can your preparation be for that Day X when everything will be evident? Do not be confused by the external circumstances. Everything that no longer fits into the new world will pass away. And so be in confidence, be in trust. Look forward to the freedom that will come for everyone.

This is our message for you today with best regards, with loving greetings from all the members of the Karmic Council. Enjoy the time, allow yourselves the rest. These are the last days of humanity in this old being that has put you through so much. Change is happening.

Thank you for your attention. We want to assure you that you are infinitely loved for who you are, divine beings.

Especially the divine feminine will return to you. Much has already been healed that has been done to the feminine incarnate, but much has yet to be healed. We tell you that the systems that have been designed to exclude the feminine, that those systems will be the first to collapse. The divine feminine is that which gives birth to life. That is how it will be in the new time and that is what we are all looking forward to, that there will be no more suppression of femininity. And also the male incarnates will be allowed to live their feminine aspects, to be able to live and also to appreciate that.

We thank you for your attention and we enjoyed speaking to you today and we greet you again until our next meeting. We thank you.


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