Hypnosis Session: Saturn, the Fish People, the Blue Star Kachina, and White Earth Tara

rumi no kami with Laura Whitworth, June 26, 2021



Georgi Alexandrov Stankov

Our long-standing PAT member from Germany rumi no kami, whom you know well from his previous outstanding articles, has just sent me the transcript and the videos to his recent hypnosis session on June 13, 2021, with Laura Whitworth from the UK, about whom I was recently made aware of, containing “ascension-related information”.

I decided to publish this transcript on the eve of the Shift and our ascension as it presents a completely new perspective of Saturn and a number of related issues, about which I must admit I have very little or no knowledge and cannot comment. But I am receiving recently increasingly forceful information that the whole ascension process of Gaia and humanity as the focal point of the ascension of this universe includes so many new unknown aspects of unimaginable proportions, that we are well-advised not to discard any new information and try to integrate it into our currently established ideas on the upcoming shift, our ascension, and our future mission as ascended masters and the world spiritual teachers of humanity. After our ascension, we will undoubtedly know much more, but the key point is to begin with the expansion of our awareness now so that we can accelerate the shift by moving to the most favorable ascending timelines.


Hello Yuri,

(Rumi calls me “Yuri” for George in Russian as a private joke between us.)

I received the following Ascension-related information on June 13, 2021, in a hypnosis session with Laura Whitworth.

Session Part 1: 

Saturn & the Fish People Speak regarding the Ascension of Earth to 5D

Session Part 2 (begins minute 21):

New Earth Birth – White Tara

The first transcript is in English, the second one in German.

All the best

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Transcript of the Hypnosis Session

In a hypnosis session I ask for clarity regarding the recurring drilling sensation in my left-brain hemisphere, the associated hellfire streams, and whether Saturn once was a star. As soon as we begin, the drilling and hellfire start to kick in. We investigate what is going on.

It’s a sphere, like a planet, inside a whirlwind of dark colours that moves into the hemisphere, moving clockwise … It’s like a storm, connected to that planet, [a] destructive storm, that came from outside of space …

And that planet, would that be Maldek? Or is this something else?

It has no name. It’s a very pure planet, it’s entirely white light, this almost feels like a new planet.

Yes. And why is this storm associated with this white new planet?

Storm’s like a gateway. It leads downwards and downwards, there is an opening, and there is just blackness, like a void, a spherical giant void.

Tell me more about why this is located–

It’s a giant planet. It’s one of the ancient gods.

Why is this connected to Leon?

At the old time, when the gods still were visible in the sky, humans saw it all.

Yes. Tell me more about why–

It’s a black star, it’s a black eye in the sky, and it’s connected to a white light, to violet light, it’s the radiation from that giant planet, it was violet, a violet light, a warming light, a healing light, a growing light. It’s like you put UV-light on plants, and plants begin to grow like nothing. Wild life. Giant growth of plants and animals and humans. Those days, giants ruled the Earth, and I am the god of the ancient time. I am the ancient one, the all-seeing eye of that age gone past. I am the twilight, the dawn, the purple eye, the purple rain, the purple silver. I am that old order of stability, the old age. I am the old age, and from that age came the rage, the rage that has been in your world, that has been the shadow ruler and form and shape of your world orders.

Tell me more about how it is that you are connected to Leon in his head. Tell me more about that connection. Were you a part of his multi-dimensional self? What is the connection there?

I am connected to all-that-is, and this human self is all-that-is, an expression of all-that-is, and on a different level he is all-that-is, like everything-else-that-is is all-that-is. So, I am this planet. I am this eye. I am this creator of this solar system that existed long before Man was born, long before the Solar system came into play. The Solar system was seeded much later, a very young and beautiful star. But, within my womb, my reach, my magnetism, my own solar system, I am a subsystem of all-that-is. I am here on behalf of all-that-is. I created this. I was placed here to oversee this creation. I was here to provide a sacred and safe space, sheltered from outside radiation, providing my light to this solar system so that all these environmental experiments here could flourish and flower. Many lifeforms were seeded here from various star systems, various star peoples, they all came here and left their mark, their DNA, they were let in into this garden, they were invited to plant this garden, to tend for it, to care for it, and I just was given the energy to nurture this environment.

Yes. And tell me more about how you nurtured this environment. What is–

My light. It’s about my light. It’s violet radiation. And if you follow the teachings called Electric Universe Thunderbolts Project, they are following all the clues that mankind left in its long history of survival, passing on all the bits of information that were left to them, before I closed my eyes forever, before I was retrieved from my station.

Tell me more about why you were retrieved from your station.

It was time for a new creation under the guidance of the Sun.

I see. And in this Solar system as we are in now, as we know it now, do you have a name that we would refer to you by?

Saturn. I have many names. Mankind has known me and given me many different names. Some are today very confusing, given to planetary bodies which are different than me. All that humanity witnessed back then was me in my glory, in my splendor, in my radiance. All these phenomena that took place back then were witnessed by humans and other beings back then. And all that humanity could do back then was to report it. What do I mean by report? That happened much later when I was gone. The survivors wanted to retain the memory and pass it on to their generations. Because I was the splendid eye, beholder of all of creation, I was the visible eye of creation. And I was a god to humanity, although humanity, depending on [their > its] consciousness, mistook me for the one and only God, while others with a higher understanding knew what I was really about – just a station, a medium, an agent with far-reaching powers, but not all-powerful. It was all mistaken and misunderstood, much later. And some people on your world have done very disturbing [ways > things] in my name. I have never asked them to do any of it, and I am not responsible for that. It’s really ashaming what some humans and human-looking entities have been doing all this time in my name. These people are, you know them by name. They picture me as the Horned One, the Flaming One, the Hoofed One, the One With Hooves, the One With Long Tails and Glowing Eyes, and devouring children and doing abominable things to all of life … I’ve never done that, and I’ve never asked anybody to do that in my name. It is a big, traumatic misunderstanding.

Tell me how it is that these people have misunderstood.

The sky has changed. We are in this different Solar system. And here, the stars are different, the planets are no longer where they used to be. All has changed, humanity has been changed on so many levels. Man is a wounded animal, some wise man has said, and it’s true. Man is unable to witness [its > his] own traumatic past. And because of that, humans have to repeat it all over again. The sky was different in my realm, there was order and stability.

Tell me more about what it was like back then.

There are megalithic structures on Earth because gravity was different. There were giants walking the Earth because gravity was very much different. In today’s gravity on Earth, it’s impossible to create such structures without hardcore technology equipment. Back then, the people during my age did not need that, they had the consciousness, and reduced gravity. They used their spirits to shape reality. Many of them were aligned with all-that-is, they all were aligned with all-that-is because of my protection. It was only when humanity survived the cataclysm, the destruction of my age, and moved on to the Earth realm that they lost the connection.

Tell me more about that, that cataclysm that changed your age.

I was the system they call Saturn, and I met the system they call Sol. You see – Sol and the soul, the shining soul of the New Earth, the New Humanity, this new self-experiential environment, and the two of us met. We merged, rather, we touched, our energies touched. This Solar system has a very different vibration than I have. My energy is stable unless it gets triggered, and once it gets triggered, my energy becomes unstable. I have no self-regulating mechanism. My energies are of a different order. The Sun’s energies are of a different order. The Sun’s energies entered my system – and all went to hell, so to speak.

Tell me what occurred. How did it unfold?

Massive conflagrations. Massive energy exchanges of catastrophic proportions took place between the Sun-Sol and me, Saturn. The energies moved forth and back, sometimes creating permanent plasma streams, fantastic, spectacular in the sky. The war of the gods, immortalized by humans all over the world. They were living witnesses to what the so-called gods, the planetary bodies, the rulers of their ages witnessed and survived.

How did that feel for you as one of those gods of that time?

My time had come. I had to go. And this had to happen. It was painful to see so many lifeforms perish, and so much pain was there, disembodied, and I – took it in. I couldn’t leave them alone. I chose to [took > take] them in. I offered them to take them in. Some of them chose to stay with me, within my lightsphere, to avoid trauma, to avoid the pain of … having to go back to life again. I chose to let them in, and they stayed in this timespace, disconnected from timestreams. I am like an environment outside of time and space as you know it. And all these energies I chose to let in, all that pain and trauma is still here with me. I chose to keep it outside of time and space. And the solution is to release all of this.


And some of your people, of course, took all that pain with them. They chose to leave me, they chose the reincarnation experience, and went from planet to planet and brought the same story down upon them.

Tell me more about that.

There are two interesting planets, one is called Maldek, one is called Marduk. And there was a water world. A water world … and you have not heard about the water world yet.

Tell me more.

It’s almost like Celestia. You people might call it, or would have called it, Celestia. It’s a planetary environment made of water, almost a hundred percent water environment. That’s your fascination with water because you were [breeded > bred] there. You were born on the bottom of the oceans. You were … created and … allowed to develop into … lifeforms that were able to survive in the water. The water is your most natural element. You love the sea, you love the salt and the water. You love to swim, to dive, that’s why some of your human self-expression forms love deep-diving.

Tell me more about what is was like to be on that planet.

You wish to be one with the water again, because the water is the womb of creation. What happens in the human female body during gestation is just a miniscule replica of a giant experiment that took place a long time ago on Celestia – if you wish to call me, this planet, this way.

Tell me more about what happened there, what occurred.

I am in the orbit of Celestia. I see the water, I see some land, I see this unfathomable ocean, and there’s light on the bottom of the ocean in one location, could be more, but this is the one I am seeing. And as I am moving into that light on the bottom of the ocean … there’s a crevice on the ground … almost like the water is moving, being sucked, dragged into that crevice. Something is pulling the water inside, like a machine installed there, maybe it’s something natural. This is a place of creation. This is a … gate of life … into … the sea. And all those experiments that took place there moved out into the sea, like spermlings. Humans and fish are not so different.

Tell me more about those experiments that took place there.

You know, the Fish People and the humans have a strong relationship. The Fish People, they are not really fish people, but it’s an analogy. And they came to this planet of water. They are master engineers of life. They are aligned with their higher selves, aligned with the laws of creation. They work on behalf of the Source-of-all-that-is. And I, the Source-of-all-that-is, asked them to create this environment, to use this environment, to enhance this environment for the purpose of creating new, enhanced lifeforms. I wanted this safe environment to be free from outside influences, a pristine world where no other lifeform could tread, could put [their > its] feet on. I wanted this place to be safe and … not isolated, but … free from outside interference, so that this new life experiment, these many new life experiments could … see the light. This happened on this water planet, and the Fish People were placed in charge …

And We, the Fish People, took the charge because We have been at this [for] a very long time. We are from a water world, and We inhabit, by nature of our personality, many different water worlds. We are able to engineer the saline components of [this > these] watery environments. We are able to shape and influence water composition, chemical interactions. We are able to engineer lifeforms and create suitable habitats depending on the lifeforms We are allowed and charged to … call into life. We are engineers, life engineers. I think some of your people used to call us Nommo. In Mesopotamia, you might remember the fish people who came from the sea, the Oannes. Nobody could place who these people, beings were, but yes, We lived in the oceans of Earth, later, much, much later. Do you think We are only on water planets? We are on planets where there is water! Planets, where We are are allowed and told to go. We have the choice to go, so We go. There’s water, We go, We thrive, We create new life. It comes from the sea. Because when there is radiation outside on [sic] the environment of a planet, if there are continents, landmasses in turmoil, shaped by solar radiation, cosmic radiation, if there are plasma eruptions outside, if the entire world surface looks like hell – We are in the ocean and We are safe, because We know the volcanoes inside the oceans give new life.

Tell me about that.

They call them ‘black smokers’, sources of life. [It’s|We’ve] always been there. We are in the depths of the ocean of the Earth, the deeper, the better, doesn’t matter to us. We are because We can.

Tell me more about how–

We keep seeding life. We keep changing lifeforms to adapt to changing outside influences. Cosmic rays keep coming to the Earth. Water is a [superconductor | super conductor] for incoming energies, and We just establish perfect environments for these energies to come through. We can modulate frequencies in the water. We create new life inside this ocean right now because Earth is being bombarded by evolutionary energies of positive change. If you look for … If you want to look for new lifeforms, check out the oceans. It’s where you might find us – if we want to be seen.

Tell me more about how those energies, that are coming into the planet, are affecting the oceans and the people.

It’s the magnetic field, it’s so weak, and it allows energies from far, far away to penetrate the Earth almost without resistance. It’s [on > by] design, it’s been designed this way. There is no need to be afraid of [this > these] reduced magnetic resistance properties of the Earth field. It has to happen, otherwise the change could not come. The shield, so to say, had to be lowered to this point of almost (chuckles) zero resistance, and some people are scared of a solar flash that could wipe them out and their technology and their way of life. If this happens – don’t be afraid. We know why – because your own personal energy shields have been lowered and are being lowered, so that these energies of evolutionary change can penetrate you on every level. Some of you are most willing to accept that. And some of you are just so full of inner and outer resistance, you choose to … go down the drain, so to say. You people who have been closed or have closed yourselves, you really cannot be saved. You have to open up [yourself > yourselves]. You have to … make yourselves lighter from within. If you wish to be part of this new, creative experiment in this new, created environment, you have to open up yourselves and let the light forces, evolutionary energies of change in, to change you from within. That’s all you have to do. For the rest of humans, there is nothing to say anymore because you know what’s happening. You are being changed from within. You have been clearing out yourselves consciously, and you have been cleared out, are still being cleared out … whether you like it or not, whether your human selves like it or not, doesn’t matter. Because if you are, so to say part of the team that was scheduled to move into a more interesting self-experience learning environment, then you are free to go, no matter what your human selves might think about that. All the human selves can lose, are your limitations. And if that means to get rid of all those structures set in place to keep you in place on purpose around the world, there’s nothing these people can do about it. Everything shall go, and you shall delight at it. You shall be full of light, and you shall almost laugh about what’s happening, all that density on your planet, there’s nothing to stop it.

Thank you. Thank you so much for that message. Is there anything else that you and your people would like to tell us here on the surface of planet Earth?

Stop polluting us (chuckles). Really, stop polluting us. The most terrible thing is toxic waste from nuclear power plants. We have to do, you would call it overtime to get rid of that stuff. Eventually, We and the sea shall integrate it into this new body of the Earth. Earth is doing her best to get rid of all [this > these] toxins which humanity and non-human beings keep inserting into her on purpose. So, Earth shall manage with our help and the assistance of many other star forms present on this planet, outside this planet. Everything shall go fine. You humans could just become a bit more, even more conscious of your actions and influences.

Yes, and I apologize profusely on behalf of humanity, I apologize.

You don’t have to. You people who know what this is about don’t have to apologize. You know and We know who you are. You are cleansing this. You know what this new planet is about. You are this new planet energetically. You are this white new planet, this planet of white bright light, the partner to the Blue Star in the sky. And you are just taking in all this negative energy, and it’s repulsive, it’s intense and debilitating. And yet, if you keep cleansing yourselves, you shall prevail, the Earth shall prevail. Nothing can stop what’s coming. Nothing and no one can stop this evolutionary process that has been … let’s say ordained from the Highest-Source-of-all-that-is.

Tell me more about the Earth when it’s this white light, this white star, and the connection to that Blue Star Kachina.

It’s a higher-vibrating environment in terms of density. It’s a less-dense environment for new planetary bodies of self-expression. Each planet and every planet, star system, galaxy has its own body, a physically visible body, has a spiritual body, so many other energy layers around them. They can be … diamonized, no, We call it diamondized … they can be turned into diamonds, if they are on the list, so to say. If they are to become diamonds, they shall be turned, shall become diamonds in a figurative sense. So – these are two planets in this new environment of lesser-density, a White Star Earth, a planet-turned-star, a white star across the cosmos, and a Blue Star as her companion.

Tell me more about that Blue Star.

[Both|Those] stars ignite in their respective colours of being and higher-vibrating self-expression because they are in this new environment that ignites these colours. It couldn’t be other way, it couldn’t be in a lower density. The more they move up [the more refined they become], the brighter the light gets. It’s not like an explosion, it’s like a transition, it’s getting lighter. From a higher-dimensional perspective, removed from the concepts of time and space, it’s a flash. But – if you are an observer on the ground, it’s different, it could take time, and we know you don’t like to talk about time. You in your short lifespans want change visible, graspable right now, within a humanly-conceivable timeframe. And sometimes it works like that. Nothing more needs to be added at this point.

Tell me more about what we will see on this planet.

It’s getting lighter and lighter, brighter and brighter in your fellow men and fellow women, and your children, your animals, the plants, life and vibes in surroundings around you. It’s in the atmosphere, it’s in the climate, it’s in the breeze that touches you every day and the sunlight that shines down upon you. It’s how the stars twinkle every night. And when you people stand outside in the middle of the night on a field, just have a look at the stars and let them talk to you, let them touch you. There are so many stories, so many beings out there, so many families and clans of stellar origins wishing to reconnect with their seed which has been planted on … a certain water planet. It was planted so long time ago, and the seed is … you know, it’s brightening up, it’s coming to a new life, a new realm of self-expression. We are so excited and proud to see this happening, it’s happening right now if you look around yourselves, you people with open hearts, open minds, open souls and open spirits shall … undoubtedly witness this ongoing transmission into greatness. It’s happening right now. It keeps going on. And all the dramas you keep seeing around you are just desperate attempts of attention [from > by] deeply wounded entities, who are very frustrated [of not getting > not to get] what they need. And they shall get what they need, but not here with you. They shall be removed to other realms, no fight, no flight, no fright. They shall be removed when the time is right, and Source determines when the time is right to retrieve all those self-expression elements of itself not in alignment with itself.

Thank you so much for coming through and speaking to us today. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for that message.

If you wish, I would like to expand a little more on the Blue Star Kachina.

Yes please, please do.

It’s an energy event visible in the sky. And the mask that drops from the Dancer-in-the-Sky is symbolic of the old density that’s falling. This Star Dancer symbolically drops its costume, its mask of density, its old self, like a snake shedding her skin, being all anew, all bright and shiny. That’s the Blue Star Kachina, the Dancer-in-the-Sky. It’s a new blue star in its new, shiny, lighter density – in its lightbody, if you will. It’s an ancient promise, a sacred promise given to people of the Earth, at a time when people were still very young, and yet connected to all-that-is. During a time of great turmoil, this vision was given to one of these people[s] in particular, to pass it on, like a sacred fire, and pass on the story of the Blue Star Kachina, so that future generations have something to live for. All these genetical lineages … Think about it. You humans, who are alive today, are the tip of the iceberg of two streams of infinite genetical memories and potential. All those human beings alive today are so blessed, privileged, in a sense. Although, you chose to be here, and some were nudged to be here (chuckles), not liking it really much, but you were nudged to be, some were tricked to be here to experience this. And after this transformation has been done, you people, in your new self-expression potential, shall be able to look back and almost laugh about what happened to you. You shall understand the full picture. You shall be fully reunited with your star lineages, and you shall be able to accomplish so much more across the universe. Because what happened on Earth, shall be a unique pinnacle in the history of this universe. You shall be the living embodiment, living evidence and proof of what happened and what is possible everywhere in all-that-is. You shall be the Diamond Soul emissaries of this new age if you choose to do so. Nobody pushes you to do anything. You could just go back to your homeworlds. You could just create your own realms. The choice really is yours. Some of you will be called, and you are free to accept or do something different.

Thank you so much for that beautiful, beautiful message. Thank you on behalf of everybody that listens to this. Thank you.

Thank you for making this possible.

Is there any final message that you wish to give us, before I ask your consciousness to recede and for the higher self to drop into that space?

Yes. My human self would like to pee.

(After having a pee, the session goes on.)

I have met my white-light-twin … We merged, we swirled around each other and took off into a star, a white star. We are the white star. A cool, white light … A white rose is just growing out of that star … and it’s a gift … given to … a large, huge light being lying on its side … it’s a mother figure … an inflated belly of creation. The rose is just a gift for her, support, acknowledgment, respect. It’s a white-light-being giving birth to something new, and it seems to be the hour.

Tell me more about that, the hour.

Some children choose to come earlier than expected. Some just take their time. But this one’s going to be here earlier than expected – that’s a surprise.

Tell me more about that.

It’s like a pink, white, golden lotus opening up and light inside. And we are just here supporting this loving-giving mother-star-light-being giving star-life-light and star-light-life. This lotus, the New Earth birth.

Yes. And what do we need to know about that New Earth birth?

It’s gonna happen sooner or later.

Tell me more about what needs to occur in order for that to happen.

Just the inner work. Nothing can stop what is coming. People can only … speed it up by lighting up themselves from within. That’s all, really. Incoming energies are doing the rest – or most of it. It’s like going crazy (chuckles), crazy in a positive sense. People will be so overjoyed. They will simply move away, move into a higher density, like that, and won’t even know what (chuckles) why they stayed all this time in this … heavy place. They won’t even think about it twice, they will just move there, swiftly, smoothly. And all this density here is just like a bad dream. Just do the inner work. Let the energies work you, work on you, change you from within, that’s all. Just keep the focus on that. Even though there are certain distractions popping up around you, doesn’t matter. You know your inner alignment, you know what’s happening inside you, in your personal surroundings, that’s all the proof, the evidence you need that you are on the right track. No matter if your neighbors do crazy things, no matter if there are … preachers … teaching gloom and doom – doesn’t matter to you. They are still unprocessed. They are still not fully healed. But you know what’s up. The best thing you can do – avoid most of these people. They can inflict lots of damage depending on your place. Some places don’t have these problems. Watch your surroundings, and know your people. Keep watching them, and you know that some of their issues shall burst to the fore. And if there are many of them, they can cause people like us, you lots of damage. So just be smart in some areas. Keep sharing your light. Keep spreading it. Make meaningful connections. Expand your personal networks of light, just like that. Nothing can stop the grass from growing. These people who claim to be in charge shall be moved away by these energies, by the people themselves, no longer willing to tolerate all this insanity. People shall bring about the shift they desire – everywhere, in all countries, enough is enough. That’s the next level towards the visible manifestation of this White Star Earth. It’s our light that shines that makes the White Earth. It’s the rebirth of White Tara, the embodiment of White Tara. And she has been also in the Himalayas, she’s been there for some time, as a refuge, to keep her light in that place. There are still people aligned with her, and she [has] kept on teaching them. But now, thanks to this global awakening White Tara can be everywhere, can access so many more people. White Tara is a higher-dimensional expression of this Earth. She shall be a new form of … individuality in this new, higher-vibrating environment. She shall be the New Earth, the White Tara – Earth White Tara. Just call her. She’s already there, watching, using one of her disguises. She could work through Quan Yin, you know, because White Tara is a higher order. She could use anybody. She is in all cells because we are of this planet, made by this planet, by the organic material, by the minerals, all the elements that are within our bodies, make up our being. White Tara is inside every one of us, in all [of] our cells. Just ask her to light you up.


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