The Portal 5.5.5 – An Appeal to Vigilance

Michael Schmitz, May 5, 2021

Current Energy Report on the Portal 5.5.5

Georgi Alexandrov Stankov

The preparation for the portal 5.5.5 started 3 days ago and the energies picked up on Monday and Tuesday. On Monday, I went hiking in the hills where the interception of the healing centre of light with this reality is and connected to the higher realms. It was a harmonious encounter as I knew that the shift is happening now with full force and I did not need to ask for more.

Back home, I noticed in the silence of the apartment that I was buzzing incredibly and was embedded in a huge and very powerful vortex. The high-pitched tone was deafening. My body was unusually painful and this could not be from the hiking alone. I knew that the ascension timelines were undergoing another magnetic anomaly due to MPR (magnetic pole reversal). I had to lie down after I had a shower and ate something as I was exhausted. Other PAT members wrote to me that they also experienced a vortex on Monday in the afternoon and complained about strong nausea.

In the night to Tuesday, I had a splitting headache on the right side the whole time due to massive downloads of source energies. The pain continued unabated in the morning and then even peaked in the early afternoon. I knew that we were separating again big numbers of timelines that didn’t make it for the shift and some of them were destroyed by MPR as I felt the magnetic disturbances in my stiff and very painful body as has always been the case in the last 10-20 years.

I knew that this was the last major separation of timelines before the Shift can manifest. I was in contact with some PAT members, with whom I closely collaborate these days and one of them heard distinctly a message during meditation on that day: Are You Ready for the mission?”

It is notable to mention that a few days before that we received another information that we had changed the course of the ascension, i.e. we accelerated its course with respect to the original planning. No further details were given to us.

Such U-turns in the ascension schedule are always achieved by massive cleansing of numerous timelines and their subsequent separation from the ascending earth timelines to which we bilocate while taking with us the version of humanity that wants to participate in our creations of the new earth. I have discussed this ascension mechanism on numerous occasions.

On Tuesday in the evening, I went for a walk along the seaside and saw two spaceships that were positioned very close above the town to the left and right side of where I stood. They were hiding in perfect geometric clouds as if they were the guardians of the healing centre of light. I established telepathic contact with them and asked them to merge in order to demonstrate that they belong to the GF. Within a few minutes, they began to move towards each other, and shortly before they merged, suddenly a very cold west wind came and my ears almost froze.

I realized that I had suddenly descended to very low timelines as is always the case when a massive ascension leap takes place. In this way, I can take the whole batch of ascending timelines with me when I personally ascend. Rapid deterioration of the weather is always associated with a rapid descent onto very low timelines and vice versa.

As I was very cold, I hurried back home and stopped watching the clouds formation for a few minutes. When I looked again towards the sky, it had completely changed. All the clouds I had observed a few minutes ago had vanished as if with a magic wand. This was the proof that I was in the middle of a massive final separation of timelines in preparation for the Shift to manifest.

The cc-wave with an excruciating headache in the night and during the day due to massive downloads of Source energies, the magnetic anomaly that began the previous day and the rapid descend to lower timelines with very bad weather in the evening while walking/moving, presented the classical picture of another massive shift as I have observed it dozens of time since 2013 when we created the first seven 3D earths which were subsequently destroyed when we began to ascend Gaia to the new Golden Galaxy in 2014.

Late in the evening, a new massive ascension wave began and continued the whole night. My body was trembling all the time from that maximal intensity of the downpouring ascension waves and I had the impression it could disintegrate into trillions of particles. For I moment I thought – this is it!

In the morning, it took me an hour to be able to move. I knew that we again made a huge shift upwards as we did on March 15 when we initiated the last crucial phase of the Shift about which I reported on this website. The intensity today was comparable to this significant event on March 15 so that the Portal 5.5.5 delivered everything it had promised to be. If we continue with this intensity, and everything speaks for that, we must see visible results soon.

This afternoon the Arcturians came with the message I actually expected all the time and confirmed my energetic experience in the last 3 days around the portal 5.5.5 and how dramatic this latest shift was for the future of humanity:

Humanity Just Avoided a Very Dark Timeline ∞The 9D Arcturian Council

We are celebrating yet another milestone for humanity, as you continue to impress not only ourselves but many other higher-dimensional beings and collectives that we have been communicating with. We have noticed that you have all moved past a point in your history where you could have taken a very sharp left turn as a collective and put yourselves on a much darker timeline. Now that you have passed that point, we are happy to say that the timeline you are on is filled with even more light, more love, more joy, more freedom, and more of what each individual has been waiting for in their own lives.

This announcement may seem very dramatic to the inexperienced reader, however, I must stress that we had quite a few similar dramatic events in the past and they all went well. Nothing to compare with the destruction of the physical earth in November 2017 which was immediately substituted with a replica and the vegetation was then withered and sick for a few weeks as some PAT members noticed in the aftermath.

This morning I had a beautiful blue sky and warmer weather for the first time in 2 months and it is obvious that we moved to very high timelines.

Another major energetic action happened today which I must mention for the sake of completion. All the past 3D programs and imprints in all ascending candidates were deleted in another massive cleansing and biting wave that made the skin burning, so that many people felt as if they have lost their mind and were unable to think today. It was the “day of mental emptiness” when a clean slate was established in preparation for the final Shift and the subsequent soul catharsis.

This reminds me of a saying that was popular after the Harmonic Convergence when the people could still joke: “Why should I lose the 8 % of my brain capacity in order  to acquire the other 92% of the awareness of my HS?” Now we are too depleted to even make jokes under the current very depressive lockdown. But it is now definitely coming to an end and today, the portal  5.5.5. was a milestone in the entire ascension process of humanity and Gaia. This is the final planetary ascension in which we are participating after we accomplished the first planetary ascension on May 28, 2014.

And now enjoy Michael’s essay on the portal 5.5.5:


An appeal to vigilance

May 5, 2021 is a day like no other!

This date has it in itself because of the 05.05. 2021 that makes a 555. The number 5 is the so-called master number and stands for change and transformation.

From the spiritual world, we know that today a gigantic stargate will be opened, which will influence and activate the consciousness of the entire mankind by the influx of cosmic energies lastingly and permanently. This will open access to high vibrational dimensions for all people, which can lead them out of the usual limited dualistic world of perception into the spiritual freedom of the 5th dimension and even beyond.

We start together according to our will and our individual intention into a completely different and New World through our perception and attention.

This shift, which has already been marked out and prepared for a long time, leads every soul, which is ready for it, out of its captivity of an eons-long earthly system with its programs, control mechanisms, and restricting dogmas and belief systems back into the freedom of the spirit.

In this process, the angelic legions under the direction of Archangel Michael and a multitude of Ascended Masters acting on behalf of the Spiritual Government of our solar system provide protection and umbrella.

In cooperation with the still shrouded starships of the Galactic Federation, more and more also embodied angelic and stellar beings will be activated in the course of the coming days!

Perhaps you yourself belong to these incarnated light souls, star siblings or angelic beings who now receive a noticeable energy upgrade to be able to concentrate on your cosmic destiny and task in the highest clarity.

Therefore, do not hesitate any longer with your definite spiritual decision and turn with even greater attention to the Inner Light that shines in your heart and wants to be expressed.

Sanat Kumara, who is known as the “Lord of Venus” and “Savior of the Earth” far beyond our solar system in the universe, is also standing by our side in this ultimate time of decisions! Your will and intention are instantly perceived by His divine presence and your soul is also under His protection from now on! Yes, it is as ever a question of faith and trust, how the way of man looks and how it will happen to him. This has already been said and taught so often by all avatars and world teachers that I do not want to explain this cosmic law once again here.

So now ask yourself if you are really ready and bold enough to renounce all illusions and promises of the outer world and let go of everything that does not serve your best and highest good. Because your inner decision determines your coming experiences and your perception. Are you really ready to ascend and in this time of worldwide purification (catharsis) and testing to follow only the voice of your true immortal “High Self” and let go of your earthly personality with all its habits and cherished illusions and deceptions? ARE YOU READY to complete your mastery in this time that you have chosen for yourself for this very purpose?!

Many have promised before the Karmic Council to incarnate once again on Earth, in order to serve only the WILL OF GOD, i.e. their “high SELF” and to express the Divine Plan, like their sisters and brothers from the Kingdom of Heaven. But many have lost sight of their promises and their destiny and got lost and entangled in the nets of the worldly matrix. They are those who are called but not chosen. Whether somebody belongs to the chosen ones, everybody determines this himself with his free will!

There is still time to put our trust without ifs and buts, without a net and ground into the hands of God, and to turn to the Inner Eternal Light of Truth and Immortality.

Let us rejoice and spread the wings of our soul full of enthusiasm and confidence on the coming and the so long longed for a change of times, which GOD has provided for all, who go towards his omnipresence persistently like the wise virgins in the parable of Jesus!

(“The parable of the ten virgins” Matthew 25, 1-13)

In truth, our Heavenly Father-Mother God has already sent an incalculable number of His Cosmic Angels, Daughters and Sons in angelic light form to bring us home in the transformation from our fleshly and materialistic caterpillar state to our sovereign ascended master state.

Let us listen to the call and the loud trumpets of this day and follow our inner destiny to return home through the portal to the stars. The pace is now determined by each one of us, as well as the time of meeting face to face with our divine family members.

Thanks go to all who inspired and encouraged me to write these words, and blessings upon blessings to all those who let their minds be touched and activated by them. May the will of God be revealed before your inner eye now and be fulfilled through your being on earth now. So be it!


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