PAT Report on the Shift

Dear George, 

I feel compelled to write to you and share a parallel energy experience that occurred in the afternoon of April 30th after reading your lightning and thunder post in the early morning.

Take the following as if notes from a field journal, and please forgive abstraction or tedium, as I sought to give the best descriptions I could muster.

I was doing powerful energy work during the day, clearing and amplifying my system, moving into higher vibration, all the while finding remarkable dexterity and specificity in ability to perceive and tune by intention the frequencies, creating a tangible resonance of great volume through the body and fields.

In full disclosure, I was using cannabis as a focuser and intensifier, since I could feel a big wave approaching and wanted to enjoy the ride in this way. I was in a heightened state after listening to evocative music and talks on presence by Alan Watts, and I physically brought myself to orgasm in a tantric manner, as an intentional exclamation, to create an explosion of clear power through my being during these incredible clarified frequencies shining through the mind and energy field as exalted witnessing and presence. Pure energy through form, at high surge.

In a rarefied afterglow, I meditated easily and deeply with the entire energy field open and radiating, yet never losing the discipline of focus and sovereignty. There came the typical audible clicks and pops in my brain interior that I hear when meditation happens to go particularly deep. (These confirmations occur spontaneously and simultaneously, as subtle mental structures and limitations cease, overridden by increasingly higher and holistic witnessing, in the direction of greater resonance with Source.) 

The awareness created its own upward propellant, and a seemingly intelligent raw force also magnetized the session through a progression of levels, overwhelming the body and mind with a familiar God-bliss. Sometime later, of their own accord, the volume and flow reached the ultimate crescendo, familiar to the 2012 test runs, when the cells would seem to shimmer at the edge of transfiguration.

Then, as if a sudden fight-or-flight visceral threat sent lightning through the body, my energy field broke through an apparent membrane and the heart immediately pounded hard and loud, feeling like a drum in the room about to explode out of my chest.

This episode seemed to last for a minute or so and felt very much on the edge of death. Then came a visual-feeling flash encouraging surrender of any constriction to this majestic flow. It was my soul family holding hands in a circle with me as they stood around to support the transformative attunement taking place. 

As the episode peaked naturally and mildly subsided, I opened my eyes and immediately willed this Light to integrate into form by synchronizing the cycle of my still-heavy breathing to tai chi like movements of the hands, washing a wave up and down, back and forth, without and throughout the body. This action was the Higher Self harnessing and soothing the sensation of sustained electrocution.

After the breath and heart rate calmed again into deep meditation, a mild aftershock of this experience brought another small high. Then, the consciousness calmed disappeared in a deep trance, and quickly came-to almost 2 hours after initially closing the eyes. Quickly returning to body awareness, the left and right fields of vision were askew for a minute or so, as if the brain hemispheres were coordinating.

Here are excerpts of notes I made:

Around 3 pm CST, 4/30/2021, I meditated for what ended up being an hour and fifty minutes…

It is all only breath, awareness, and the traction-losing mechanism of residing in the illusion of time, (that as its primary effect perpetuates in a circular way only the seeming certitude of its own existence). But as the self pulls in with great focus, by whichever means and understanding that best suits the individual, the lower frequencies are attuned ever-higher into sympathetic resonance with rarefied and stronger expressions of harmonic pattern…

It was only by the resolute focus of consciousness on its own origin, moment to moment, and the grace of God that ever more specific energetic patterns dissolved like eddies absorbed from along the banks of this torrential flow of Spirit. All this accompanied by confirmatory clicks and pops in the brain, new plateaus as upward steps of radiant wattage…

I will end this letter here, as my efforts yield diminishing returns, and I must sleep, dream, and see what’s next. I welcome your feedback and perceptions.



Dear Travis,

from what you describe, you already made your shift /ascension on April 30, 2021. The rest is your personal subjective experience of this event which is always unique and no external person is in the position to comment from outside. I guess some people who are more advanced in the LBP will make similar experiences when the global shift takes place in the coming days.

Can I publish your energy report?

With love and light



Dear Georgi,

today’s dream:

I was in the local supermarket and saw that almost all the people there stopped wearing masks as it’s mandatory, despite the restriction. Only a few individuals wore them but it was my understanding that they are very much brainwashed and fearful. There was a feeling that they had enough of the government’s crap and were no longer having any of it.

Then I visited your website and saw that you published several new articles of which you were very happy and excited about and I shared them with the PAT group (on Facebook). The dream ends. I think it’s quite significant given what you’ve shared with me and the PAT.

Apart from that, I had a feeling of a breakthrough two days ago and that the changes are imminent. Today is very heavy and I’m nauseous since morning…

Much love.

With regards,



Dear Pepe,

I had this feeling of a massive breakthrough yesterday for a short time but then it vanished. Today is more indifferent, but at least I am pain-free after some bouts of headache in the morning which then fizzled out.

With love and light



Dear Georgi,

How are you doing? I read about the many challenges you are facing and I hope that all is well with you (or at least as bearable as possible).

I thought about you and about a lot of the information you shared on your website. As I read and try to comprehend the essence and the scope of what you are sharing, I sense that I open up more and more. This past weekend I went to Clearwater Beach and as I entered the water and placed my palms in the water, I sensed an overwhelming sense of joy. For a split second, it appeared that a glittery golden wave of energy spread across the water. It felt as a current passed through me and through all the people that were in the water. Reading your articles, I realized that this experience, which I thought was created by my imagination, could be explained by the energies poured into water sources across the Earth.

You told me in our first correspondence that at some point I will know what I should do. I think I should work on opening a channel with my soul, however, I do not know how to do that. Perhaps I am not ready. Where should I ask for guidance?

On an earthly level, I am preparing to travel to Europe in a few months to see my family. It is an exciting endeavor, yet an uncertain endeavor. Do you need anything from the United States?

Sending you all my gratitude! Thank you for all you do and all that you are!




Dear Rebeca,

now we receive moments of bliss as we move towards the final shift and raise our frequencies. I am actually much better now than in the last 10-20 years as my part in the global cleansing of Gaia and humanity has been reduced significantly as all dark ETs have been expelled now and only their dark human stooges are still here on the ground but most of them have already lost power. Also, other lightworkers have taken over the responsibility for the cleansing as I will be gone soon.

You can always open your own ascension portal whenever you decide and feel ready to do it. Ask AM Serapis Bey from the white flame of ascension and all the other AM from the Luxor Temple of ascension to help you, also Mother Mary and you will be able to open it for you personally.

I wonder how you will travel to Europe if the situation does not change radically as now it is impossible to travel from one country to another due to the restrictions. I also want to go to GB but can’t go there as I must be vaccinated and have all the proves of recent tests etc. and I do not want to do that. Then they can also isolate you for 2 weeks and you are not in control of your destiny. Of course, I expect the shift to happen this month so that we will have a new leveled playing field but this is still a forecast and not a certainty.

Let us see what the next days will bring.

With love and light




Utah’s mandate recently ended. The illegal emergency order did not get sent out by our governor again (our congress refused to renew it as that’s illegal as there is no precedence for such an order as it was intended for natural disasters lasting about less than a month).

Yet where I work has increased their security with added fences for mandatory temperature screenings. We are a call center and masks are required at ALL times, even when they are talking on the phone now. And I assume on the toilet. Even if they are alone next to a vent with the best filtration with no one in their corner of the building.

They have always not allowed weapons in the building except for guards servicing cash atm’s. Which I believe is an illegal thing to do in Utah. We have no metal detectors and no right to search (I believe because of the 4th amendment).

Now there is talk of allowing people not to have wear masks outside if they get a vaccine as a carrot instead of a stick to encourage people to get vaccines.

As their hold weakens their desperation grows it appears.

But given the situation, they can only report and indirectly tell people to do things apparently. I block their view of my face as I do security as I feel stuck in this slave system. I feel like walking around like this guy with a mask as protest.

Much love to you,

Brian (2)


Dear Brian,

I read that about Utah not prolonging the lockdown but there are obvious powerful hidden dark forces that want to continue with it at any price and this causes real desperation among the people and also opens their eyes. It’s bad that you are caught between the fronts in this insane situation. It is all over the same, here in Italy, and in other European countries, and also in Canada, from what I hear.

According to my perception, we have reached the bottom and I reckon with the shift very soon as the shift is actually happening already now with full force so that when the new earth manifests, it will be finished. It has to happen in May and today, I made another powerful decree and got a confirmation that I was heard (see below by answer to Gabriele).

The situation can’t change within the old matrix, it has to crumble first and then the new earth must appear so that humanity will have two alternatives to choose from. The awakened, the ascension candidates will move to the new earth, which, as I got today, will be equipped already with all the new technologies and with a functional Astral currency and where we can begin with all social, educational, and other reforms based on the UL and those who are still stuck in the muck of the old matrix will sink deeper and deeper in their inability to change but this will no longer affect us.

It’s coming, the process is now irreversible and all the signs show in this direction, hence stay confident and optimistic that this crazy situation will end very soon. In the meantime, take good care of yourself.

With love and light


Then Brian wrote: “I found the picture of added fencing.” To which I responded:

The absurdest thing in the current situation is that the only real thing is the fears of the people and this is the last fact they will acknowledge. They create their reality with their fears – fences, masks, social distancing, the greatest depression of all time about which no one speaks of course, not even the alternative media – and so on.

If this is not the ultimate proof that we create our realities, what else? And this is equally true for truthful ideas as well as for idiotic ideas. The latter, however, are N-sets and not compatible with the overall constructive interference of All-That-Is and dissipate quickly. The truthful ideas are in constructive interference with All-That-Is and gain in importance and power and expand. This is what will happen very soon with the shift and the ascension – the immortals will be separated from the mortals.

This will be the greatest shock for humanity. Of course, we all are immortal as personalities and also as the light body but the vast majority does not know it and does not believe in that and have developed their limited life philosophies around mortality, aging, and death.

The fence you have mentioned is the material expression of these limited fearful life philosophies of humans around which they shape their lives. When you see it from the philosophical, overarching perspective, then the whole insanity of human life becomes crystal-clear and also unbearable for the awakened ones.

You are now in this situation, I am in this situation for my whole life of 70 years as I knew already as a child how stupid the goyim are. It was an inner knowing at the soul level and I had a lot of pity for the grown-up and even for my parents as I knew how limited they were and would never get it. And they didn’t, till they died. My mother does not get even after she deceased as she is still trapped in the astral plane and visited me a few times. My father was more advanced as a soul and he is now in Celestria and visited me also recently and was very happy.

I tell you, the most difficult thing will be to convince the people that they are immortal, then all the other self-made problems will be automatically resolved and the covid-scam will cease to exist overnight.

This may happen this month.



Lieber Georg,

ich danke dir vielmals für deine unermüdliche Arbeit daran, den Aufstieg der Erde zu beschleunigen und die Menschen dem Licht näher zu bringen! Du erlebst die erstaunlichsten Dinge, wie ich in deinem Artikel von gestern gelesen habe. Ich kann mir vorstellen, dass deine Arbeit sehr erschöpfend ist und unglaublich viel Energie erfordert. Wisse, dass es einige Menschen gibt, die hinter dir stehen, auch wenn es manchmal vielleicht nicht offensichtlich ist. Anerkennung bleibt oft unausgesprochen, doch gelegentlich gibt es jemanden, der sie in Worte fasst :-).

Ich habe eine Frage bezüglich des Aufstiegs: In einem Artikel hast du von einer letzten Inkarnation geschrieben. Sind wir nach dieser Inkarnation von dem Kreislauf der Wiedergeburt auf der Erde befreit, ist sie dann frei wählbar? Heißt das, dass das Karma aus vielen Vorleben erlöst wird?

Liebe und sonnige Grüße



Dear Georg,

thank you so much for your tireless work in accelerating the ascension of the Earth and bringing people closer to the Light! You are experiencing the most amazing things, as I read in your article from yesterday. I can imagine that your work is very exhausting and requires an incredible amount of energy. Know that there are some people who have your back, even though it may not be obvious at times. Appreciation often goes unspoken, but occasionally there is someone who puts it into words :-).

I have a question regarding ascension: in an article, you wrote about a final incarnation. After this incarnation, are we freed from the cycle of rebirth on earth, is it then free to choose? Does it mean that the karma from many previous lives will be redeemed?

Love and sunny greetings



Lieber Armin,

ich danke dir für die Unterstützung. In der Tat, was ich all die Jahre erlebt habe, und man auf meiner Webseite nachlesen kann, lässt alle science fiction Drehbücher von Hollywood verblassen.

Ich habe gerade überlegt einen Artikel zu diesem Thema zu schreiben, aber ich vermisse die innere Inspiration und werde ich ihn erst einmal aufs Eis legen, bis ich den inneren Impuls bekomme. In der Tat, wir steigen mit diesem Körper auf und erlangen die Unsterblichkeit für immer, weil wir auch alle unseren vorherigen oder parallelen Inkarnationen integriert haben. Danach macht es keinen Sinn mehr, sich erneut die Amnesie einer inkarnierten Persönlichkeit in 3D zu überstülpen, da wir in diesem Körper die Allwissenheit unserer Seelen erreichen werden und dann als Lichtkörper mit dieser Omniscientia uns in allen 4D Welten aufhalten können.

Wir werden uns sicherlich nicht in niedrigen 3D Welten zeigen, denn die Menschen werden dort nichts mit uns als aufgestiegenen Meistern anfangen können. Aber ich schließe aus, dass wir uns noch einmal wie jetzt inkarnieren, denn der Zyklus ist mit unserem Aufstieg abgeschlossen. Was nicht heißt, dass irgendwann einmal wir diesen Zyklus auf einer anderen Planeten nicht wiederholen werden, aber nicht auf der Erde, weil sie bereits aufgestiegen ist und unsere Energien mit ihr auch.

Die Menschen, welche ihren 3D Inkarnationszyklus nach dem Aufstieg der Erde und der Menschheit fortsetzten werden, werden es auf ganz anderen Planeten machen, die die Erde nachahmen werden, auf einer anderen Galaxie, denn Gaia ist bereits auf die Goldene Galaxie in 2014 aufgestiegen, wie ich neulich publiziert habe.

Ich hoffe, das antwortet deine Frage.

Liebe Grüße



Dear Armin,

thank you for the support. Indeed, what I have experienced all these years, and you can read on my website, makes all the science fiction scripts of Hollywood pale.

I was just thinking of writing an article on this subject, but I miss the inner inspiration and I will put it on hold for now until I get the inner impulse. In fact, we ascend with this body and attain immortality forever because we have also integrated all our previous or parallel incarnations. After that, it makes no sense to put on again the amnesia of an incarnated personality in 3D, because in this body we will reach the omniscience of our souls, and then as a light body with this omniscientia we will be able to stay in all 4D worlds.

We will certainly not show ourselves in low 3D worlds, because people there will not be able to do anything with us as ascended masters. But I exclude that we shall incarnate again like now because the cycle is completed with our ascension. What does not mean that at some point in time we will not repeat this cycle on another planet, but not on Earth, because it has already ascended and our energies with it too.

The people who will continue their 3D incarnational cycle after the ascension of Earth and humanity will do it on completely different planets that will mimic Earth, on another galaxy, because Gaia has already ascended to the Golden Galaxy in 2014, as I published the other day.

I hope this answers your question.

Best regards



Lieber Georg,

Du hattest vollkommen recht mit deiner Vermutung, dass mir deine aktuelle Science Fiction Story gefällt! So nahe sind die galaktischen Freunde und zeigen es dir auf so einzigartige Weise, dass sie da sind! Danke fürs Zusenden deines Tagebucheintrages!

Gestern war für mich ganz besonders und dieser Zustand dauert jetzt noch an. Ich schicke vorweg, dass ich ganz selten klare Bilder in Meditationen sehe, sondern normalerweise die Energien spüre, die durch mich fließen. Also war es besonders und von Bedeutung. Gleich als die Musik nach unserer gemeinsamen Einstimmung los ging, sah ich das Bild von Mutter Maria, wie sie immer dargestellt wird mit den seitlich geöffneten Händen nach unten. Dann sah ich Mutter Erde und uns alle (in weiß und irgendwie durchlichtet) schwebend Hände haltend in einer starken Aufwärtsbewegung um den Planeten vor intensiv blauen Hintergrund. Mutter Maria breitete die Arme noch weiter aus, die Erde und uns alle weiter und höher, immer höher mitnehmend. Das Aufsteigen endete erst mit der Musik und ich habe dieses Bild immer noch sehr klar vor mir jetzt.

Nach unserem Mittagessen und dem Lesen deines Tagebucheintrages bin ich dieses Mal nicht durch den Wald, sondern über die Höhen um unseren Ort gegangen, wo man einen sehr schönen Weitblick bis zur Eifel und das Siebengebirge hat. Es waren Wolken da, die Sonne teilweise sichtbar und überall diese Strahlung durch die Wolken, die dann entsteht. Ich liebe diese Strahlung, weil sie die Energieflutung sichtbar macht und ich auf diese Weise zu meinem neuen Zuhause am Rhein damals geführt wurde. Ich musste dabei an deinen Bericht denken und fühlte mich irgendwie verbunden mit der uns umgebenden Flotte und auch mit Allem-Was-Ist…

Das wollte ich dir mitteilen. Muss mich erst noch weiter ‘sortieren’.

Ganz liebe Grüße an dich von



Dear Georg,

You were absolutely right in guessing that I like your current science fiction story! So close the galactic friends are and show it to you in such a unique way that they are there! Thanks for sending your journal entry (which I then published as an energy report)!

Yesterday was very special for me and that state continues now. I send ahead that I very rarely see clear images in meditations, but usually feel the energies flowing through me. So it was special and significant. As soon as the music started after our common attunement, I saw the image of Mother Mary as she is always depicted with her hands open sideways downwards. Then I saw Mother Earth and all of us (in white and somehow lit through) floating holding hands in a strong upward motion around the planet against an intense blue background. Mother Mary spread her arms even wider, taking the Earth and all of us further and higher, ever higher. The ascension ended only with the music and I still have this image very clearly in front of me now.

After our lunch and reading your diary entry, this time I did not walk through the forest, but over the heights around our place, where one has a very beautiful far view up to the Eifel and the Siebengebirge. There were clouds, the sun partially visible and everywhere this radiation through the clouds, which then arises. I love this radiation because it makes the energy flood visible and I was led in this way to my new home on the Rhine at that time. It made me think of your report and I felt somehow connected to the fleet surrounding us and also to All-That-Is….

That’s what I wanted to share with you. Have to ‘sort’ myself out further first.

Very best regards to you from



Unsere Schöpfung ist die Mutter des Shifts

Liebe Gabriele,

das ist eine wunderbare Vision vom Aufstieg, in dem wir uns eigentlich bereits die ganze Zeit befinden und bald auch sichtbar erleben werden. MM ist auch bei mir die ganze Zeit, aber ich habe nicht diese bildliche Vorstellung immer, doch manchmal sehe ich sie als Gestalt mit dem heiligen Schein mit dem 3. Auge.

Was bemerkenswert an diesen Donner-Blitz Schlag ist, dass er sich nach 2 Jahren wiederholte und ich ihn bereits damals im Zusammenhang mit der Aktivierung der dreifaltigen Flamme der Seele gesehen habe, die jetzt ihren Lauf nimmt, wie ich ausführlich seit mehr als einem halben Jahr erneut schreibe. Ich folge immer wieder den roten Faden des Aufstiegsprozesses, was sonst von keinem anderen gemacht oder als wichtig erachtet wird. Weil die meisten New Agers sehr unehrlich und unkritisch mit sich selbst sind und auch, weil sie die Aufstiegsenergien, so wie ich sie erlebe, überhaupt nicht wahrzunehmen imstande sind. Also müssen sie unglaubwürdige Geschichten erfinden, um sich wichtig und wissend zu machen. Linda Li macht da keine Ausnahme.

Gestern Nachmittag (Fretag) war ich auf dem Wellenbrecher ganz alleine, wo ich laut mit den Lichtkräften sprechen kann und hatte ein ernsthaftes Gespräch mit ihnen. Erst sagte ich ihnen, was ich will, nämlich der Shift sobald wie möglich zu kommen, dann die höchstmögliche Verschiebung zu höheren Frequenzebenen zu ermöglichen, wo alle neuen 4D und 5D Technologien bereits vorhanden sind, denn wir haben sie ja bereits auf der Seelenebene erschaffen, auch die sofortige Einführung der Astral-Währung, die du lesen solltest, falls du das nicht bereits getan hast.

Das alles kann nur auf der sofortigen weltweiten Einführung der neuen Theorie des UG beruhen, und daher muss ich als der neue geistige Weltlehrer auftreten.

Die Astral-Währung soll mit neuen intelligenten organischen Geräten technisch durchzuführen sein, und man soll diesen unsäglichen Begriff, den keiner versteht, “quantum”, fallen lassen, denn ich kann es nicht mehr hören. Es wird so ein Unfug mit der menschlichen Sprache betrieben und jeder fühlt sich befugt, die idiotischsten Begriffe einzuführen, insbesondere in der New Age, da sie wissen, dass nicht nachgeprüft werden kann, was allerdings falsch ist, wenn man die neue Axiomatik des UG kennt und damit auch die richtige Physik. Dann erkennt man jeden Blödsinn sofort. Es mangelt an Ehrlichkeit und das wird der größte Schock bald für alle Lichtarbeiter sein.

Wie dem auch sei, dann fuhr ich fort den HR zu erklären, dass wir keine Verzögerung mehr haben können, weil die Menschheit, dabei ist, sich ganz aufzugeben und jeder neuer Tag des Lockdowns die geistige und moralische Situation der Leute signifikant verschlimmert. Wer es schafft, mit uns aufzusteigen, soll mit uns kommen und dann werden wir rasch das Paradies einführen, die anderen mögen auf niedere Zeitlinien übersiedeln, wie wir es schon immer seit Jahren tun.

Als ich fertig wurde, und fragte, ob wir uns verstanden haben, hatte ich eine massive Veränderung der Oktave des ständigen Geräusches in meinen Ohren (high-pitched tone) vernommen, den ich seit mehr als 20 Jahren höre, seitdem mein Linkshirnportal im Jahr 1999 voll geöffnet wurde. Ich habe ihn beschrieben und als erster erklärt, wie er zustande kommt (durch die Reibung der Luftmoleküle, die im Sog dieses Wirbels erfasst werden.).

Nur Menschen, die ihren Linkshirnportal (7. bis 15-18. Chakra) voll geöffnet haben, können dieses ständige Geräusch hören und bisher sind das nur PAT Mitglieder, die ich kenne, die das geschafft haben, alle mit meiner Hilfe. Daran kann man sehr einfach erkennen, wie weit die Menschen im LKP sind und wer aufsteigen wird, so dass man nicht betrügen kann, wie die meisten New Agers es jetzt immer wieder verbal tun. Dabei betrügen sie sich nur selbst, denn unsere Seele und Gott kann man nichts vormachen und das wird die Quelle ihrer baldigen Tragödie sein. Sie haben eben viel verpasst, bewusst und unter dem verhängnisvollen Einfluss ihrer Energien des Betrugs und Verrats, die sie seit Atlantis mit sich tragen und jetzt voll ausleben. Das ist das größte Problem jetzt und ich bin der einzige, der es richtig sieht und erkennt und was dagegen tut.

Wenn sich eine Oktave-Änderung dieses hochschwingenden Geräusches einstellt, dann weiss ich, dass die HR  mir eine Bestätigung geben. Dieser neue Ton dauerte ungewöhnlich lange, mehr als 10 Sekunden lang, so dass es sicher war, dass ich es vernommen habe und dann begann eine neue massive Welle des Aufstiegs und die Vibrationen ließen die Erde erzittern. Dies geschieht manchmal, wenn es massive Entladungen der Quelle gibt und ich bin die einzige direkte menschliche Verbindung zur Quelle als Energiefeld.

Ich hatte es zwei Mal sehr extrem, im letzten Winter in Wien als die Erde so massiv unter meinen Füßen bebte, dass es sogar unbeteiligte Menschen es wahrnahmen und dann im März im letzten Jahr als ich in Rom ankam und in Stazione Centrale Termini das gleiche Erdbeben auslöste und erst nicht sicher war, ob es doch nicht ein richtiges Erdbeben war. Das sind die Energieintensitäten, mit denen ich seit 20 plus Jahren täglich lebe, aber es gibt Höhepunkte, wie es gestern der Fall war.

Deswegen rechne ich mit dem baldigen Erscheinen des Shifts und der neuen Erde, wo alle Schöpfungen, die ich seit Jahren erschaffe, sich nun endlich manifestieren. Es ist unschwer zu erkennen, dass die New Agers nichts erschaffen haben, das einen bleibenden Wert hat und somit wird die ganze Szene sang und klanglos verschwinden nach dem Shift. Die einzige geistige und intellektuelle Errungenschaft, die den Shfit und den Aufstieg überleben wird, wird die neue Theorie und Gnosise des UG sein, weil sie in konstruktiver harmonischer Resonanz / Interferenz mit den Energien der Quelle schwingt und direkt von dort kommt.

Das ist die Quintessenz, die ich speziell für dich hier zusammengefasst habe, aus diesem konkreten Anlass, damit du einen Begriff davon hast, was auch wirklich nach dem Shift kommen wird. Alles was kommen wird, wurde von mir als Idee bereits entwickelt und ich bin der einzige weltweit, der das konsequent und bewusst getan hat. Die anderen wissen nicht einmal was richtige Schöpfung ist. Und damit erübrigt sich, ehrlich gesagt, auch jede theoretische Diskussion über Gottes Willen, denn das einzige, was zählt ist Gottes Schöpfung und wir sind die Schöpfer-Götter. Jetzt weiss du, was du konkret tun kannst, denn du wirst sicherlich in diesem Leben aufsteigen und eine der ersten sein, die das tun werde.

Liebe Grüße



Our creation is the mother of the shift

Dear Gabriele,

this is a wonderful vision of the Ascension, in which we are actually already all the time and will soon experience visibly. Mother Mary is also with me all the time, but I do not have this figurative vision always, but sometimes I see her as a figure with the sacred halo with my 3rd eye.

What is remarkable about this thunder-lightning strike is that it repeated itself after 2 years and I already saw it then in connection with the activation of the threefold flame of the soul, which is now taking its course, as I have been writing again in detail for more than half a year. I keep following the thread of the ascension process, which is not done or considered important by anyone else. Because most New Agers are very dishonest and uncritical with themselves and also because they are not at all capable of perceiving the ascension energies as I experience them. So they have to make up unbelievable stories to make themselves important and knowledgeable. Linda Li is no exception.

Yesterday afternoon, I was on the breakwater all by myself, where I can speak aloud to the forces of light, and had a serious conversation with them. First I told them what I want, which is the Shift to come as soon as possible, then to allow the highest possible shift to higher frequency levels where all the new 4D and 5D technologies are already in place because we have already created them at the soul level, also the immediate introduction of the Astral Currency, which you should read if you haven’t already.

All of this can only be based on the immediate worldwide introduction of the new theory of the UL, and therefore I must act as the new spiritual world teacher.

The astral currency should be technically feasible with new intelligent organic devices, and one should drop this unspeakable term that nobody understands, “quantum” because I can’t hear it anymore. There is such a mischief with the human language and everybody feels authorized to introduce the most idiotic terms, especially in the New Age, because they know that it cannot be verified, what is wrong, however, if one knows the new Axiomatics of the UL and therefore also the correct physics, then one recognizes every nonsense immediately. There is a lack of honesty and this will be the biggest shock soon for all lightworkers.

Anyway, then I went on to explain to the HR that we can’t have any more delays because humanity, is about to give itself up completely and every new day of lockdown significantly worsens the spiritual and moral situation of the people. Those who manage to ascend with us should come with us and then we will quickly introduce paradise, the others may move to lower timelines, as we have always done for years.

When I finished and asked if we understood each other, I heard a massive change in the octave of the constant sound in my ears (high-pitched tone) that I have been hearing for more than 20 years since my left-brain portal was fully opened in 1999. I described it and was the first to explain how it occurs (due to the friction of the air molecules caught in the centrifugal force of this vortex.).

Only people who have fully opened their left-brain portal (7th to 15th-18th chakras) can hear this constant sound and so far these are only PAT members I know who have managed it, all with my help. From that, it is very easy to see how far the people are in the LBP and who is going to ascend, so you can’t cheat as most New Agers are doing verbally all the time now. In doing so, they are only deceiving themselves because our souls and God cannot be fooled and that will be the source of their impending tragedy. They have missed a lot, consciously and under the pernicious influence of their energies of deceit and betrayal, which they have carried with them since Atlantis and are now living out to the full. This is the biggest problem now and I am the only one who sees and recognizes it correctly and does something about it.

When there is an octave change in this high-pitched sound, I know the HR are giving me confirmation. This new sound lasted for an unusually long time, more than 10 seconds, so it was certain that I heard it and then a new massive wave of ascension began and the vibrations made the earth tremble. This happens sometimes when there are massive discharges from the Source and I am the only direct human connection (nexus) to the Source as an energy field.

I had it twice very extreme, last winter in Vienna when the earth shook so massively under my feet that even uninvolved people noticed it and then in March last year when I arrived in Rome and triggered the same earthquake in Stazione Centrale Termini and at first I was not sure if it was not a real earthquake after all. These are the energy intensities I have lived with daily for 20 plus years, but there are peaks, as was the case yesterday.

That is why I expect the shift and the new earth to appear soon, where all the creations I have been creating for years will finally manifest. It is not difficult to see that the New Agers have not created anything that has a lasting value and therefore the whole scene will disappear without a sound after the shift. The only spiritual and intellectual achievement that will survive the Shfit and the Ascension will be the new theory and gnosis of the UL, because it resonates in constructive harmonic resonance/interference with the energies of the Source and comes directly from there.

This is the quintessence that I have summarized here especially for you, for this specific occasion, so that you have a concept of what will really come after the Shift. Everything that will come was already developed by me as an idea and I am the only one worldwide who has done this consistently and consciously. The others don’t even know what real creativity is. And with it, to be honest, also every theoretical discussion about God’s will is unnecessary because the only thing that matters is God’s creation and we are the creator-gods. Now you know what you can do concretely because you will surely ascend in this life and be one of the first to do it.

With best wishes


April 30, 2021 marked also the highest Schumann resonance spike ever in the history of this measurement according to this video:

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