My Desperation With Humanity

Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, May 9, 2021

Recently, I received a letter from the editor of a spiritual website in Italy dedicated to the Indian philosopher and nationalist Sri Aurobindo, with whom I was in sporadic contact in the past. I felt obliged to make a comment on it, first politely in Italian and since my correspondence partner, Gaia Ambrosini preferred the English language, I continued my email exchange with him in English.

The overall tenor from such interactions is my total desperation with all humans, even with the more enlightened ones, because they don’t get it even on the eve of the Shift and just run around like headless chickens.

Judge by yourselves:

May 7, 2021

Hi everybody!

In this Newsletter, I am offering two different documents which whoever wishes can read.

HERE you can find the position of Mère and Sri Aurobindo on vaccines. Please, read it carefully!

In the second document, you can find (translated into ENGLISH and into FRENCH) the introduction of a recent Italian ebook written by Tommaso Iorco, CORONAVICIS.

We take this opportunity to inform those who do not know that an international network of thousands of lawyers (led by Reiner Fuellmich, a world-renowned lawyer operating in Germany and the United States of America) has decided to sue the W.H.O. for crimes against humanity: the largest collective action in history is being prepared, christened “Nuremberg 2”. A special “Commission of Inquiry” has already been set up in Germany. This new Nuremberg Tribunal will have to try the biggest tort case of all time.

We have also modified an article on our website dedicated to the edition named “The Complete Work of Sri Aurobindo”, adding an update on the bottom. If the topic interests you, we invite you to read it. You can find it HERE (scroll the article and you will find the subtitle:

“— Update May 2021 —”).

With warm good wishes,

Gaia Ambrosini

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Conosco questo avvocato tedesco e non è degno di fiducia e gli ho scritto questo. Anche questo approccio non porterà da nessuna parte perché non è basato sulla vera conoscenza scientifica e non è nemmeno spirituale. Non ci saranno nuovi processi di Nueremberg perché questo è il vecchio pensiero di separazione e tu, come studente di Aurobindo, dovresti saperlo meglio.

Ecco i fatti:

Perché non ci sono virus

The Coronavirus Scamdemic

Dr. med. Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, MD


I know this German lawyer and he is not trustworthy and I have written this to him. This approach will also lead nowhere because it is not based on true scientific knowledge and it is not even spiritual. There will be no new Nuremberg trials because this is the old thinking of separation and you, as a student of Aurobindo, should know better.

Here are the facts:

Perché non ci sono virus

The Coronavirus Scamdemic

Dr. med. Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, MD


Dear Georgi,

thanks for your prompt reply.

Our mailing list (the thousands of people who receive our newsletters) is made up of individuals from the most varied backgrounds and we try to provide them with information (questionable and criticizable as any information) with the sole purpose of offering stimuli, without posing as a master of humanity or as the possessor of the Truth. And we do not consider ourselves the spokespersons of anyone (including Sri Aurobindo).

Furthermore, we are convinced that the establishment of a new Nuremberg trial would not be useless, given the times and circumstances, and most importantly, given the level of consciousness of humanity in general. We do not know the German lawyer personally, but some of our collaborators have spoken of him as a person worthy of a certain trust. Since you are of a radically different opinion, we would like to receive some demonstration of these claims from you and we thank you in advance for this.

Best wishes,


Dear Gaia,

your arguments are all invalid, as there is such a thing as scientific truth and the current coronavirus is based on a scientific lie. You can only fight a lie with the real truth, nothing else works or matters.

Jurisdiction is just as a corrupt system as the national state, politics, and the ruling cabal that controls the courts. To expect truth or justice to come from such a judicial system is plain stupid and the opposite of an evolved personality. You should read first what I sent you before answering me as this is not a qualified answer – I speak now as a scientist, as a thinker, and as a spiritual person. I do not know why people need so many words to avoid the plain truth.

Besides precisely because you address so many readers, you must be very careful what you disseminate. I also have a worldwide public and take great care not to write a single word or sentence which I cannot prove to be valid.

As far as this German guy is concerned, make your own research as a serious journalist: You should study his biography to know what I mean and then try to translate his family name into proper Italian to get the final clue.

(“Reiner Fuellmich” means “Pure Fill-me-in” mentality which is a metaphor for the lawyer’s greed. This man only eyes expensive class-action lawsuits under alleged humanitarian goals to get rich according to the usual despicable US legal practice. I had to deal with similar greedy Canadian lawyers who pretended to be humanitarians. NB. George).

Besides, I know the German justice system better than most people as I have had 14 major lawsuits there even until the last level prior to the Supreme court, as I am a German citizen, however now emigrated to Canada and currently doing development help in dark Italy at the spiritual level, and know the Nazi justice there perfectly well and how the Geman lawyers “tick”. And by default the EU justice that is a copy of the German Nazi jurisdiction.

You have in Italy the best constitution and you do not even apply it and I have not met a single Italian who knows his basic human rights and that is why you are a banana republic governed by a chief mafioso:

By the way, Conte is under arrest:

And Draghi too, it is only a matter of time when this will be announced. But I do not care about this stupid human justice.

If you are so convinced of your intellectual, spiritual, and political position as a free thinker, why don’t you write an article on this topic and I will publish it on my website in 3 languages, and then I will answer to you. You can do the same. This is how true journalism operates and how an honest discussion is led in a free society. Take the challenge, I want to meet finally a courageous Italian:

With love and light



Dear Georgi,

your harsh words are totally unwarranted, I assure you.

Without even knowing me, you sentence and judge. It’s unpleasant. And I don’t know on what basis you claim that I answered you without reading the links you sent me. It’s not true.

Just as several other inferences that you utter towards me and many sincere Italians who are fighting and who are putting their own lives in danger do not correspond to the truth.

I have just published an ebook that I am attaching here, written by Tommaso Iorco (Italian poet and theater director). If you have the patience to read it carefully, with the right calm and objectivity, you will discover that there is at least a courageous Italian. And personally, I know for sure that he is not the only one.

In these conditions, I think that you are incapable to evaluate the situation clearly, but I will try all the same.

I wish you all the best,

P.S.: Unfortunately, Conte is not under arrest. Nor Draghi.


Dear Gaia,

I am not judging you at all and I presume that you are a courageous Italian, otherwise, I would not have wasted my time writing to you. And I offered you to prove that and I am still waiting for your answer in form of an article.  This does not preclude, however, that most Italians are cowards as I observe them daily.

But you again evade the first topic for which I approached you – that there are no viruses in nature and the only solution to this lie is the propagation of the scientific truth. If you have read the article I sent you, then you know what is at stake. And why there can be no legal resolution of the current lockdown. You only need to scroll the latest posts on my website to know that the only solution is the shift and the planetary ascension and everything else is irrelevant – making a hole in the Mediterranean sea.

Hence please do not take it personally as I am operating transpersonally for 2 decades since I first ascended in 2000 and am here only as an avatar. If you would have grasped that you would change your too human reaction and approach.

By the way, you Italians do not need to fight anything as there is nothing to fight, you only need to throw the masks and educate yourselves that there are no viruses, that’s all. You, Italians, tend too much to dramatize life and miss the point.

Besides, all the decrees are no law as there has been no vote in the Italian parliament and thus have no legal power and you Italians should know that and just not obey them as your constitution says.

I come from a former communist country and was a dissident there already in the 70s and know what dictatorship is and what personal courage is, and what real danger for one’s life is, and you do not need any of that now in Italy, just not to obey these illegal, criminal decrees with impunity. Besides, I have not met a single person who has even been fined in Italy for not wearing a mask and nobody has been sent to prison for disobeying the decrees (i decreti) of this decreti-no (cretino = idiot) Conte.

Hence what are you talking about? In what world do you live? How can you show courage if there is no danger at all but only a collective delusion that has to be revealed? Don’t turn life into Comedia del Arte. This is pathetic.

Cut through the BS and stay on the ground.

With love and light



Dear George

Having just read your recent article on the aforementioned subject line, I felt compelled to write you and tell you I feel exactly the same way. It may not be on the same scale as yourself but in my own circle of relationships and observations of those I interact with and am surrounded by here in Scotland…..I am at an utter loss for words in respect of their inability to ‘get it’, considering what we have all gone through and continue to go through with this charade of evil that continues to be prevalent here and most other places also.

I have tried every means I can think of to put across the message of letting it all go and embracing the new paradigm of completeness with our true selves in a multi-dimensional all that is the manner, however, all I see is a clinging onto the old ways which got us here in the first place. Even those who I know are capable and would manage to embrace the UL and all that entails just WILL NOT let go of their comfort blankets which they think gives them purpose. I’m sure I don’t need to go into all the details of what these are as I presume it is the same for all who are of this mindset. Your explanation to Ambrosini about pursuing justice through the same controlled and owned justice system is apt as a metaphor for all I am talking about.

As such, I have now given up on trying to persuade or show anyone what has to be done and understood and I am now just a neutral observer with no stake in the game, so to speak, taking each experience as just that, an experience without fear or favour, good or bad, up or down, left or right. It just is and I am content in this approach now.

I concentrate on my own growth and spiritual development by continuing with my daily exercises and visualisation journeys which have proven very successful to me and that is now enough for me. I continue to pulse out my heart energy into this realm in the hope to assist with the overall transition but that is all. The personal attempts at persuasion are frankly, a waste of my time and energy now.

I thank you for all you have given me in the short time I have been reading your site and will continue to work on my own ascension path in the way that suits me best and by extension, hope this can contribute to the overall work which yourself and the wider PAT have been undertaking for so many years with great success.

Best regards




Dear Bryan,

thank you very much for your very precise description of the current human condition on the eve of the shift, which MM today announced as happening now. Tomorrow I will publish a very important Decree of the PAT to dismantle the lockdown and the current matrix, and this experience with the Italian editor is a prelude to this decree and highlights its energetic importance in the current End Time as you also confirm in your email. May 10 is a powerful day as it contains 2 X 10 (10.5.2021 (5) = 100 and this is my soul code and a guarantee for a  transformative power on the universal scale.

I am expecting a lot to happen soon as the downloads are off the scale these days, also today when I am having stabbing pain in my right eye socket intermittently the whole day and even MM could not help me. At the same time, I am having huge pressure on my chest and can barely breathe as my threefold flame of life of the soul is maximally activated and connecting with that of the entire portion of the ascending humanity. When I prepared the message of MM for publication, this pressure peaked maximally and is still there while responding to you.

A lot is happening now and no one should underestimate it.

I will publish our correspondence as an addendum to the said article.

With love and light



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