Short Energy Update For April, 2021 – The Beginning of the End of the Old Order

Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, April 3, 2021

Since the full moon portal on March 29, we have gone through 3 major ascension shifts of great importance. The last very extremely powerful shift and cosmic alignment happened this night. They were preceded by a great alignment that occurred on March 15. All these alignments concern my expanded energetic fields and represent a necessary preparation for the activation of the propulsion multi-stage rocket of the PAT Supernova of planetary ascension.

I cannot go now into details about what exactly happened, but rest assured that it was magnificent, it was not only on a global and galactic level, it was also on a universal scale and it prepared the ground for the final Shift and my appearance as the new world spiritual leader who will introduce the new scientific theory of the Universal Law as the only compatible gnostic view of humanity with the 5D and higher dimensions, thus leading it to the final ascension.

This novel holistic point of view will be the new higher dimensional perspective from which all the dreadful revelations of what has happened on this toxic planet can be fully revealed without destroying the unprepared agnostic psyche of the still slumbering masses. It goes without saying that this can only happen on the most favourable ascending timelines where humanity has made the decision to experience my appearance as the new world spiritual teacher and where the new theory of the UL will have a great breakthrough in the course of this year that will lead to rapid mass awakenings as also announced by the Arcturians a few days ago.

This will be facilitated by the full activation of the threefold flame of life in all ascension candidates that are now energetically inextricably connected to my planetary threefold centre of my Elohim soul as I AM Presence and through the fountain of freedom and the wheel of light and life we created in 2019 in Europe and North America. Expect a massive soul catharsis of humanity in the coming days.

All these energetic power centres experienced a huge upgrade in the last 5 days in three consecutive activations and accompanying shifts to higher frequency levels. I am expecting a few more multistage-rocket activations in the coming week and then anything can happen as soon as we reach the threshold of the global Shift.

Everything that is happening now is in full alignment with my expectations and higher knowledge I receive daily from my HS and stands in an impeccably coordinated coherence with the daily experience I make with these extremely powerful Source energies.

For instance, I was urged on April 1st, by my HS to translate my pivotal article “Why There are No Viruses” into the German language and publish it on the same day to make full use of the energies of truth revealing all the lies on that Fool’s day.

Warum es keine Viren in der Natur gibt

I published this translation predated on my website in order to be together with the English original publication as I have very few German readers and my friends Roswitha and Max von Gaia then graciously published this article on their websites

which are visited by many German readers who now rapidly awaken under the barrage of the upcoming source energies. I was told by my soul that I should pay again more attention to the German-speaking space as many important impulses will first come from this part of Europe, where I will play a big role after the shift. This is how I prepare my favourite ascension scenario under the precise guidance of my HS.

I was also told that the divine union with my twin flame will happen during the Shift or shortly thereafter as it is not possible for us to meet physically together for the same reason as to why I cannot be physically together with my dual soul Amora: Our fields are so expanded and powerful that this will create a disequilibrium of global proportions and will jeopardize the upcoming shift. With that, I want to end all false expectations of some female readers who cherish hopes to be my twin flame, predominantly from the German-speaking space.

Finally, I want to make you aware of the latest channelling of Brad Johnson about what will happen in the coming days. It is an excellent contribution to the ascension scenario and is in full alignment with what I know, experience and envision. All the imminent changes that Adronis announces in this video can only happen and be understood if you assume my immediate ascension and appearance as an ascended master, together with my still unknown twin flame as a powerful unity field bringing profound change to the entire humanity.

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