Important Reminders in the Current End Time of Total Confusion of Conflicting Esoteric Predictions

Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, April 5, 2021

It has been a recurrent motif in my writings that we create and choose our timelines and when we jump onto these new timelines, we take the portion of humanity as souls that are ready to ascend with us. We are not waiting for anybody to prepare the political ground for our ascension or the manifestation of the new earth by reforming the current debased human society, and the last one that could do that is the invisible and questionable “American resistance” with their hypothetical quantum computer whose only effect has been so far the total confusion and disillusionment of all the American patriots who are still much more war-mongers than peace-bringers in order to be any positive power of change in the current End Time.

This should be so obvious to any enlightened person that I wonder why most new agers do not get it. Forget the rest of humanity, I am talking here about the alleged spearhead of the awakening portion of mankind.

But how is this possible? – you may ask. Because when we decide to ascend and are ready for that, of course in alignment with the entire multiverse and the numerous ascending timelines of Gaia, we simply do it, and then we awaken one morning in a new reality on the new earth that can display numerous ascended expressions and energetic modalities  – from the upper 4D astral plane to the infinite lower 5D realities with a fluently changing capacity of immediate creation and expansion of human awareness. We can’t even imagine the bandwidth of all energetic possibilities that are now available to us.

As soon as we are ready to move to a higher vibrating timeline, what we, by the way, are doing in every moment in the Now, we take that portion of humanity that is energetically ready to follow us. The rest of the empty bodies are immediately provided with new advanced souls as walk-ins to preserve the holographic image as if we still deal with the same humanity, which is an utter illusion. I would say, the greatest illusion of all humans who are still trapped in their linear mode of thinking.

Hence the importance of this discussion at this place as you can observe this faulty world view in all esoteric writings and channelings nowadays that only forge the already peaking confusion of the agnostic masses and serve nobody.

I still do not understand why these people do not fully grasp the multi-dimensionality of all existence and how ascension occurs according to the propulsion multistage rocket principle and the activation of the PAT Supernova of Ascension through our expanded global fields, which they can find on this website and which we have discussed at great length in the last 8 year since I first introduced these theoretical and cognitive concepts in modern esoteric literature.

The linear thinking of all new agers is their greatest cognitive enemy and it also prevents them from raising their own personal vibrations and thus quickly ascend along the stairway to heaven of infinite ascending timelines.

For instance, if you stay long enough on an x-timeline to disseminate your powerful overarching energies and vibrations to humanity as I do every day on a global and universal scale for a quarter of a century, you raise the frequencies of so many ascension candidates sufficiently enough that as soon as you reach, let us say, 2% of the awakened individuals in the world population, you take them automatically within your expanded global fields to a much higher timeline, without anybody being aware of that except for yourself.

Automatically, the 98% soul-empty bodies are ensouled by new walk-ins of highly evolved souls that are compatible with the overall higher frequencies of this new timeline. This does not mean that the individuals you still meet on this timeline that represents a kind of Potemkin village of the old earth behave much differently, then if you have had enough experience with walk-ins as I do, you should know that this is impossible as the energetic structure of the incarnated human personality is rather rigid and only minute and discrete improvements are possible over time.

But if you are attentive enough and also have developed a high level of transcendental sensitivity, you will immediately recognize a walk-in in a person you knew before. But as you do not know the rest of humanity, except for a few relatives and friends, you will never discern the difference in the collective soul essence of the entire humanity on your new timeline  – the rise in vibrations and energy quality if this timeline is only a little bit better and higher vibrating than the one you have just left. This creates the illusion of a seamless transition from one timeline to the next higher one which you experience at the human level as gradual progress in the collective awakening along the time axis of human history. Nothing is further from the truth.

Now if you follow this logic, you will eventually reach a timeline with a sufficient number of awakened souls ready to take with you to the next bigger jump, rather evolutionary leap of mankind, let us say from 2% initially to 8% at the current moment. These numbers were given to me today in a channeled message personally for me. It said that the 2% were reached in 2016 when we accomplished a grand alignment on a universal level.

Message from the ElohimThe “Magnificent and Most Dramatic Event” on May 30, 2016, Was a Full Opening and Transition of Gaia and Humanity into Light

Currently we can make a much bigger jump which we, and the humanity we take with us, will then experience as The Shift. This is the Shift, I am talking about all the time in my articles and reports as I am creating this Shift actively and completely independently from all predictions and what is happening politically on the ground.

I explained and demonstrated this in January after all predictions regarding what would happen in Washington DC during the inauguration of the new president totally failed. As the captain of the PAT, I made a pivotal decision based on some important theoretical considerations to jump into much higher timelines with the PAT, who is always following me as we are the motor that drives all ascension on the earth, where the debased American resistance, if only it exists, will play no role in the ascension scenario I am creating for the most favorable timelines.

How to Create New Timelines of Ascension For Humanity

The Usual Delay of the Ascension Scenario Propels Us to Much Higher Favourable Timelines

All the supporters of the American resistance remained duped by this change in Fortuna and have not yet recovered from the shock (although they may be new walk-ins without knowing that), as you can read on the website of this hapless prophet Simon Parkes and on the Youtube site of this no less hapless and politically clueless, very naive channeling young lady Michelle Fielding. This is how all discrepancies between forecasts and the ever-changing reality of ascending timelines occur and why all these linear thinking people do not grasp it although they are being hit by the events with the existential power of a freight train.

That being said, I was contemplating today how the events will unfold this month as actually, I do every day when I have some leisure from 3D obligations. I realized that the adoption of the multidimensional approach to everything that happens now is vital if we want to survive the current lockdown unscathed and simply transcend by jumping onto much higher timelines instead of waiting for the dark desperate cabal in power to lift it. They are in such a disarray as also Adronis confirmed through Brad Johnson the other day, that they only know one direction – doubling down on all their heinous and criminal decisions and acts until the masses eventually reach the threshold of unbearable pain and revolt.

However, this is their experience, not ours. Our obligation now is to create with our ideas the version of the new earth we want to experience and simply jump onto the ascending timeline leading to it, by taking those souls from the actual humanity that have raised sufficiently their frequencies to come with us.

We have no chance to change anything by engaging in futile 3D activities in this crumbling 3D matrix while being still subjugated to this inhuman lockdown and restrictions. We cannot even come together with other people that share our spiritual ideas and there is virtually no way how to convince any of the masqueraded zombies that you meet on the street and maliciously ask you why you do not wear a mask as this happened to me 2 days ago. Of course, you can confront these people with the truth that there are no viruses in Nature and that the only thing that really exists is their fear. This was what I did so that these four masqueraded Italian zombies, two pairs of fat examples that could have successfully competed with all the fat ugly Americans in George Carlin’s famous rant run away like staggering walruses scared to death. However, you cannot convince any human coward in this way and thus raise his frequencies. We can only do this in the vertical dimension by moving to higher timelines.

Now we have already trespassed the tipping point as Adronis also confirmed when we can make such a major leap from the current timelines we reside upon to much higher timelines that will have no lockdown at all because we have created them so and not because the political cabal has become so reasonable as to cancel it.

Do you get it? This is what the Shift is all about – it is and will always be an individual decision and experience by integrating the rest of humanity that vibrates consensually with you.

This is how all Creation happens in the multiverse.

These are the thoughts I have been pregnant with in the last few days reading the meaningless messages and brain-dead comments of all the new agers, no matter in which language, English, German or Italian…

And today the Arcturians have read my mind as they always do when I deal with key topics and came with a message that highlights these two reminders:

“There are some very simple truths that you all must accept if you have any chance of navigating your life’s journey with joy, freedom, and creativity. One of these very simple truths is that you are going to see your vibration reflected back to you in some way, shape, or form

But within that group, there are many who believe that the more global experiences are still destined to occur, as though these experiences create their reality to a certain extent. And we are here to tell you that this is not true.

1) You are choosing your timeline, whether you are looking at it from a personal perspective or from a global one.

2) Now, you also have the purpose and the responsibility to take as many people with you as you possibly can when you jump to that better feeling timeline with better circumstances for all of humankind. You invite your fellow humans to join you on that timeline when you are openly optimistic, positive, and when the things you say to them are empowering. “

Predictions, Timelines & Simple Universal Truths ∞The 9D Arcturian Council

It should not be difficult to see that this is precisely what I am doing all the time since I accepted officially the role of the captain of the PAT in 2010 and then opened this website in 2011, a decade ago.

Now, understand that from this moment onward you are creating your new timeline of ascension where there is no lockdown and where you can begin to enjoy all your pristine spiritual abilities as expanded multidimensional awareness, bilocating, overcoming space and time and gravitation, visiting simultaneously numerous realities, immediate creation of behalf of the humanity that has ascended with you and so on.

Each one of you will move to the exactly appropriate timeline to your actual frequency level and all those of you who will still share your reality with me will be on the highest possible timeline and experience the ascension scenario which I have been consequently and systematically developing and advocating now for more than a quarter of a century ago as a human being and since the beginning of time as an Elohim and Prime Creator of this earth and the new Golden galaxy, which we the PAT created and to which Gaia ascended already in 2014.


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