The Usual Delay of the Ascension Scenario Propels Us to Much Higher Favourable Timelines

Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, January 22, 2021

It has been a leitmotiv in our discussions over the years that every delay in the anticipated ascension scenario represents, in reality, a bigger success of our light work mission and propels us to higher more favorable timelines for mankind. This does not mean though that we ourselves automatically move to higher ascending timelines from our human perspective.

For instance, when we accomplished the first planetary ascension on May 28, 2014, we decided not to ascend fully, but to descend with our last incarnated soul fragment (from altogether twelve) to this last batches of ascending timelines that were the most infested ones by the treacherous Atlantean past.

That is why our last several years were so exhausting and devastating for us, the light warriors of the first and last hour – the PAT. This website is the seamless chronicle of this inhuman endeavour that escapes the perception and the acknowledgement of all humans for which we are committing this sacrifice, including those who pretend to be spiritual and enlightened but have no experience with the cleansing mission of the PAT.

Trump is very much in this same situation now after his new, old soul entered his body as a walk-in on October 18, 2020.

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Let me explain what happened yesterday as we, Patrick and I almost got it, but then I was so tired late in the evening that I had to go to bed and couldn’t elaborate on what actually occurred in Washington DC in real-time. Today this is the riddle of all humans who follow closely the events.

Patrick decided to go out for a drive to clear his mind and we postponed the analysis for today. I did already the first part of the analysis, but I was waiting for further confirmation through the 3D intel of Simon Parkes on the ground. I knew he would come up with new information as soon as he can and he delivered tonight. Here is his video:

Essentially, he confirms what Patrick and I knew intuitively already yesterday around noon time in Washington DC or even several hours before that. When I listened to the farewell speech of Trump at Joint Base Andrews around 9 am and heard him warning three times the military to be careful, I knew that something had gone wrong. I even mentioned this in my previous post but did not elaborate on that as I did not have the full information:

“Pay attention to some coded keywords he gave to his supporters from the military prior to his departure in view of the ongoing military operation to dismantle the entire deep state of the corrupt cabal.”

We have had this situation so many times in the past when we have shed off lower timelines from the ascending earth only to be destroyed in a natural catastrophe through MPR or nuclear explosions, that it is not funny anymore.

I felt the menace actually already on January 13 when the Insurrection Act was activated as I wrote in my article “The Soul Catharsis of the Shift – The Descent of the Human Souls“:

“The inner tension is unbearable and it is in ample contrast to the calmness of the outer world around me, contrary to what is happening in the USA and elsewhere. I even wrote to Brad that I feel so much menace in the air although I live in probably the calmest and most peaceful place in Italy where the average age of the inhabitants exceeds mine. This place is one big open-air senior residence. Only the young nurses are not here. Joke aside…”

The difference this time is that I have a very close telepathic contact with Trump and knew that he was worried about something serious and I had to calm him through my protuberance field. I know this as I also get distressed and depressed when such a situation arises with the people I coach as I am also involved in this dangerous situation from the higher realms but the danger feels also very personal.

That is why I was unhappy the whole day yesterday and knew something had gone wrong as I had exactly this same feeling of menace and delay but somehow did not want to admit it, which is always wrong from a spiritual point of view as we must be impartial and have no expectations.

As early as 10 am my time (4 am in Washington DC) I had a massive download of source energies with an excruciating headache due to a cc-wave and felt enormous tension in my body and fields. I knew immediately that we had to deal with another very dangerous planetary-threatening situation and, honestly, I expected and feared this eventuality as I have experienced it so often in the past.

Simon Parkes has just confirmed this from his 3D intel which he gets from the US military, namely that the dark satanic cabal must have been able to activate a kind of a doomsday device, a dirty bomb, that escaped the attention of the military and would have wiped out vast swaths of the USA if the military would have arrested the entire cabal attending the virtual inauguration of Biden.

Please do not concentrate on the fact whether it was a holographic, respectively pre-staged spectacle or real – it was both and one could see the discrepancies and seams in the dramaturgy. However, as Simon confirms, the military missed the best chance they have had so far to cash the entire political elite at one place and now must wait maybe till March to arrest all criminals one by one.

This will not happen – not on our timelines, this I can promise you.

And here comes my second premonition in play, about which I have written almost compulsively in the last several days and knew it was important. I was weighing very carefully what will be the temporal connection between the beginning of the 3D arrests on the ground and the arrival of the Interdimensional Shift.

In the last two weeks, I had the impression that the mass arrests will come first, followed by massive revelations that will shock the masses and prepare them emotionally and mentally for the expected soul catharsis during the shift about which I have written so much in the last 2 months.

But the more we neared January 20, the less probably I could see with my third eye the arrests and the announcements of the military interregnum in the USA coming first, which all awakening people now expect eagerly and are so much disappointed that they were postponed. Many of them are in utter disbelief.

To this add my principal skepticism about the planned financial reform about which Simon is talking extensively in his latest video. I have never been a great friend of gold-based fiat currency or anything similar for the simple reason: All these so-called financial experts miss the key point – what is the nature of money?

They have no clue about that and hence whatever reform they would work out, it will be faulty and will not fulfill the spiritual criteria of the new earth as we envisioned it and have created it. I even wrote yesterday about that before Simon published his latest video in the evening:

I also do not trust the new quantum digital currency which the new military regime in the USA is expected to introduce in the next days as it will be man-made by low vibrating unenlightened young souls from the military who still do not understand the nature of money as a mirror image of the behavior of space-time – the only way humans can perceive energy with their limited senses. That is why whatever system of payments and transactions they will introduce, will be inherently flawed.

For this same reason, you are well-advised not to invest any higher dimensional hopes in this population of young souls who are now creating their new 3D worlds free of the perennial dark evil cabal installed on this planet by the likewise evil ETs from the Orion/Reptilian empire eons of time ago, where they will slowly evolve in the next few centuries before they will eventually qualify for the individual transfiguration of their carbon-based bodies into crystalline light bodies. Precisely, what we are about to accomplish in the coming days and weeks depending on which timelines we dwell and bilocate.

With this conclusion as the chief analyst on the ground on behalf of the Prime Creator, I created the new ascending timelines for us out of this chaotic situation and the portion of human souls that will come with us, where the introduction of this gold-based new currency by the US military will not affect us.

Please observe that I do not say that this solution will not come into being on other lower vibrating timelines. I only say that this is simply not the reality we want to create – I want to create – and I have expressed this vision clearly in my recent posts.

Hence, I actually created the current delay in the ascension scenario with this unexpected dirty bomb, for which Simon Parkes now blames the satanic cabal. This may be correct from a 3D point of view based on deterministic causality but I wished he would be able to consider more the transcendental, multidimensional perspective of All-That-Is, given the fact that he sees himself as a spiritual person. Thus he is limiting his own discernment and sees only a fraction of the complex multidimensional process that is now transforming humanity and this reality beyond recognition. You can’t confound 3d politics with higher dimensional evolution and expect to ascend to 5D where such ideas of polarity and separation as advocated in politics will have no place.

And here comes the great irony of this illusory incarnation experiment on earth that confuses so much all humans. I wrote this article late in the evening yesterday and went to bed with a few more questions to my HS and guides to answer them. The whole night I conferred with numerous souls in the astral plane and explained to them what happened in Washington DC on the day of Biden’s inauguration. This morning when I woke up and was still in a state of expanded awareness I was given the answer. And now read carefully as it will pulverize all your deterministic ideas.

The doomsday device which the cabal was in possession of was actually disabled by us, the PAT on the ground with the help of the GF, and would not have exploded. It was the fear of the military that prevented them not to go forward and arrest all the dark political cabal gathered at the inauguration ceremony. The fears of these young souls, and surely also of Trump, prevented a quick resolution – nothing else.

But by following their fears, these young and some ripe souls in leading positions were able to redeem their karma from their dark Atlantean past where they destroyed this civilisation and Mars and then continued with this destructive tradition on the earth where they moved as survivors and future incarnations. That is why this postponement was the best possible scenario as the big population of young souls on the earth was able for the first time to overcome their belligerent character and move into the ripe soul age cycle.

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It would have been inconceivable that this worst-case scenario would have happened on our ascending timelines and the cabal would have succeeded in destroying a large part of the USA, as they surely intended. The weapons of mass destruction of the cabal have been disabled numerous times by the GF with the help of the light warriors on the ground as they need human incarnations to do that.

The GF uses our energetic fields as we are fully embedded in this incarnation experiment and because they also have to observe the free will on this planet.  It is a co-production between our souls and those of the GF in the higher realms and what we decide at the soul level is what happens in this 3D illusion of human incarnation. There are no chances and no imponderables. Everything is immaculate perfection.

I know actually all that but I didn’t consider it to the full extent at first. In fact, this is how we eliminated the rogue multidimensional Atlantean clique end of March 2020 when we arrived in Italy and thus created a new earth – accomplished another planetary ascension in early April when the lockdown began as reported at that time:

Melchizedek Acknowledges the New Study and Spiritual Centres in Italy and Our Lightwork

In the same manner, we eliminated the big ugly evilest reptilians from these ascending timelines on June 10, 2020, again with the help of the GF; these reptilians were responsible for the installment of the current lockdown due to a fake viral epidemics that still mires the minds of all the people, including all lightworkers and most specialists, in order to enslave humanity and prevent the final ascension. It is really painful for me to hear all the stupidities these people utter in a brainless manner about this greatest lie and illusion in human history:

The Full Moon Eclipse Portal on July 4th Was a Giant Leap in Our Ascension – Full Report

Why We Had to Eliminate the Reptilians (Draco) From the Earth on June 10, 2020

That is why the only reason why we had this postponement was not the existence of real danger but the fears of the young souls from the National Guard engaged in this action. This fear was exploited by the HR to create new much higher timelines out of this confusion and chaos for one sole reason:

The more I was listening to the explanations of Simon Parkes and Charlie Ward who were praising the good characters of the military resistance in the USA and how they will help the entire world with the introduction of a new quantum digital currency, without knowing what the word “quantum” actually means, the more uncomfortable I felt with their perspective. This was my trigger. I went inside and after some long discussions with my guides from the White Brotherhood, I concluded that this ascension scenario which the two advocated, where the young American souls are setting the tone, is not what I desire to experience as it is not the highest version of myself as the Arcturians advised us.

I knew that these American souls are too unripe to create anything of true value and that they are now entering the cycle of the ripe soul age. Therefore they can only create the living conditions for themselves but not for us, the light warriors of the first and the last hour coming from the source and also not for the ripe and old souls in Europe, and especially in Italy, for whom we are here to heave to the new cities of light.

I hope you understand now the incredible energetic dynamics of human ideas, presented as a case study through my prism that shape the current ascension process.

What can we expect in the coming days? As I said, it is our thumb rule that each obvious delay of the ascension scenario in the perceived 3D linear time opens the portals to bilocate rapidly onto much higher timelines where the Shift will arrive first and then the 3D resolution of the current political drama in the USA and the world over can take place in a more favorable fashion.

As I wrote yesterday, the Creator obviously also considers the delay of the military coup in the USA as a short breather before the real storm breaks loose with the Shift:

Think of this as a short breather before the next round begins. (Smiling) The work ahead will be vital in moving your Earth plane to its new level of wisdom and knowledge so, it is particularly important to keep your wits about you.”

Indeed, I reported that since yesterday, actually since a few days, we are ascending very rapidly across the timelines that led to internet disruptions in my case, and also Patrick complained about the same problems:

Dear Patrick,

I had also big problems this morning with the Internet and could not open my websites. However, I had another blast of very high vibrations and I was ascending very rapidly through the timelines. My computer showed that I was connected to the internet but there was no real connection. Then after half an hour, it returned to normal.

In the meantime, the USA will have two governments – the fake Biden government and the invisible military regime where the real power lies. This is a stalemate situation that serves us perfectly well to accomplish our ultimate goal – to leave this toxic reality asap as we cannot care any longer about how the masses of young souls organize their new life. They have to make their own choices without our stewardship and guidance on the ground, otherwise, they will not learn anything and will not progress in their soul evolution.


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