The Soul Catharsis of the Shift – The Descent of the Human Souls

Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, January 13, 2021

Since the end of November I am talking constantly about the activation of the threefold flame of life, the seat of the soul, in all ascending candidates by myself which will be completed with the Shift and will thrust humanity into a collective global soul catharsis:

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Only humans who have experienced the full descent of their souls into their physical vessels know the incredible dramatics that such an event triggers in the energetic bodies – emotional, mental, chakras, ethereal and physical – and how devastating this experience is for the mind, psyche, and physical body. Especially the latter is almost completely paralyzed for a few days as to accommodate the much higher frequencies of the archetypal structure of the soul, while at the same time the ego-mind is completely offset and practically no physical activities are possible for a certain period of time. People will fall into what I have already described as catalepsy.

The total collapse of human Weltanschauung is the most painful aspect to deal with and there is no point to describe this process here unless you have experienced it and know what that means. The others will not believe me anyway until they have made this experience. However, you can count on the fingers of one hand the living human beings on this planet who have undergone this all-transforming soul catharsis, have harnessed its overwhelming energies, and have emerged like Phoenix on the other side of the firewall as the true master.

Especially the emotional storm that will sweep over the ascending portion of humanity will be overwhelming. The dark portion of humanity will not experience any descent of the soul as they are just beginning with another gruesome incarnation cycle on new lower 3D timelines that will be separated from this ascending earth after the Shift.

But their darkness will be triggered in the utmost possible way and their inner nastiness and evilness will come up onto the surface like the burning lava of an exploded volcano. What will happen then at the societal level, I would rather leave to your creative imagination.

This morning even I was overwhelmed by the upcoming emotional tsunami that is now gaining momentum after yesterday another massive download of Source energies and accompanied global cleansing of humanity took place. This process of massive fear release was triggered by the seemingly hopeless political situation in the USA where it appears as if Trump and the patriots have lost the battle with the leftist mob, the deep state, and its dark corporations and were devastated at the perspective to live in a communist country under the presidency of the senile kleptocrat Biden. The depression of the awakening Americans is currently as thick as English porridge and was yesterday so heavy that it was almost impossible to bear as I discussed it with some PAT members last night.

Also, most of the critical alternative sites, videos, and accounts in social media were closed down. The big shadow of the dystopian Orwellian world 1984 looms over America and the rest of the awakening world population. I am so happy to have my server outside the Western world.

The build-up of emotional energies commenced with the New Year after 10 days of activation of the threefold flame of life of the soul since the opening of the Winter Solstice portal and reached an almost unbearable peak of inner desolation yesterday after Trump did not say anything of importance in Alamo and crashed the expectations of the awakening Americans.

From a psychological point of view, this was a masterpiece as the awakening incarnated human personalities are only ready to accept the descent of the soul in a state of total desolation, frustration, and depression when the ego is smashed and no earthly rescue is in sight. Compliment, Trump!

People who do not feel these massive inner emotional fluctuations will not ascend, take my word.

Today, the prevailing quality of the energies is resignation, grief, and fatalism, also a lot of nostalgia for the old way of life that is now irreversibly coming to an end. This is how I feel it and this is the best way I can describe it, although words are inadequate to express these constant uncontrolled inner emotional flashes that derail the human psyche if it is not prepared to cope with such intensities.

The inner tension is unbearable and it is in ample contrast to the calmness of the outer world around me, contrary to what is happening in the USA and elsewhere. I even wrote to Brad that I feel so much menace in the air although I live in probably the calmest and most peaceful place in Italy where the average age of the inhabitants exceeds mine. This place is one big open-air senior residence. Only the young nurses are not here. Joke aside…

Why am I telling you all that? Because we are now about to reach the threshold of the global shift any moment and the inner tension has reached the peak point of a sudden explosion. I see the shift coming around the inauguration day, January the 20th, as I have said many times in the past. Given my experiences with this inner emotional tempest in the heart chakras and threefold flames of the awakening humanity which I have been activating for almost two months with full force and accordingly feel in a heightened fashion in my vastly opened fields, this soul catharsis of humanity can explode any moment.

I was only waiting for a confirmation to come. Today my brethren, the Arcturians, came with the exact message:

Explosions of Emotional Energy ∞The 9D Arcturian Council

The current moment prior to the explosion of emotions is also well presented in this channeling video:

The Time Is Now – The Great Awakening

No meaningful revelations can occur before the Shift as the collective behavior of the awakening masses now proves beyond any doubt and I have extensively discussed in recent articles. First, their souls have to descend into their physical bodies and the divine mind and heart must be fully opened.

Then the shock effect of what is to be revealed will be unlimited.

It’s time for us to step up and begin with our mission as the new spiritual leaders of humanity.


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