The Final Phase: Resolution Through Escalation of Confrontation

Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, January 9, 2021

This will be a short and succinct discussion as most has been said. We know Trump has left the White House on January 6th and one can only speculate where he is now. But he is surely convening secret meetings with the military factions that support him to decide when and how to declare martial law.

Before leaving Washington D.C., Trump released a video that contained a “proclamation to disperse.” This was the video in which he told everybody to “go home in peace”:

This statement was the necessary step to invoke the militia or US armed forces to defend the republic according to

10 USC Section 254 called “Proclamation to disperse”

“Whenever the President considers it necessary to use the militia or the armed forces under this chapter, he shall, by proclamation, immediately order the insurgents to disperse and retire peaceably to their abodes within a limited time.”

That was exactly what Trump did after the Senate and the Congress declared illegitimately, and in a criminal action by staging a false flag attack on the Capitol, Biden to be the new president. Trump did well to allow the events to play out so that all corrupt politicians made their final heinous moves and decisions that will legally justify their arrest when the martial law is proclaimed.

The final battle has commenced under Lenin’s Bolshevist motto: “Who whom” (Кто кому). Who will kill his enemy first? There is no other alternative for the participants in this 3D chess game.

We know that in fact there are infinite alternatives and that this is what we shall introduce very soon on the earth but currently this is beyond the perception horizon of all protagonists embroiled in this final mortal earthly battle.

Trump and all the military factions that support him, and promoted him to become president four years ago, know that they have no other choice but to invoke martial law and arrest Biden and his corrupt clique, which includes also most GOP politicians and the vice president, who blatantly betrayed the current and new legitimately elected president Trump and the constitution, actually broke every conceivable US law. And they have to do it as soon as possible and surely before January 20th.

Trump has all the trumps in his hands. His political opponents and their GOP allies know that they participated in the most blatant and insidious coup d’etat against the republic, which is currently called “treason against the republic”. And in order to hide that, they did it in the most obvious manner possible, by staging a false storm on the Capitol by leftist terrorists, according to the playbook of all dying tyrants who desperately try to prolong their crumbling citadel of oppressive power with most brutal means and deceptions.

Trump and all the president’s men have no other choice but to declare martial law and arrest Biden and the rest now as otherwise, Biden will do the same immediately after he becomes illegitimate president and will turn savagely against Trump, his family, and all his supporters. You saw what they did to Michael Flynn.

It is a matter of life or death for Trump, his family, and all his friends and political supporters. Ultimately, it is a choice between freedom and slavery. Make no mistake about that. It will not be Biden who will make this decision but the cruel and brutal deep state behind him.

We know that this will not happen as there is also the Divine Intervention but how many people know about or believe in that?

This is all basic political alphabet and the most common situation in any revolution humanity has experienced numerous times in the past. The history books are full of such examples and you can even read Shakespeare on this matter.

Therefore, it is not a question of “if” but when Trump will announce martial law.

That is why the proofs from the Italygate are so important and so timely (please observe that the affidavit of the main Italian witness was signed on January 6th and I published it 2 days later) as they render the official legitimacy for Trump to declare martial law because of an obvious coup d’etat of a foreign state, Italy that is formally an ally of the USA, on the democratic self-determination of the American people and their republic. This is an act of war on the USA by his NATO allies, make no mistake about that. There is no other more portentous reason to declare martial law.

Hence humanity has less than 10 days to prepare for this event as the coup d’etat on the USA was committed not only from Italy, by the Italian government and the Roman elite (some accuse also the Vatican Illuminati), but also by many other NATO countries. This includes Germany where the main servers to forge the US elections were placed in the CIA headquarters in Frankfurt (By the way, I was harassed for many years by CIA paid trolls from these headquarters each day when I was still in Germany as we could trace them down.), the UK, through the participation of MI5, Switzerland in connection with Dominion, etc. This is an international plot against the free will of the American people who they decide to govern them, and this is the end of the old world as we know it. Ponder about that!

Having said all that, the most important question for us is when the Shift will come along this expected sequence of events. As the declaration of martial law by Trump cannot be done at the last minute, it is more likely that this will happen in the next few days, possibly this weekend.

However, any military solution is a 3D solution and history tells us that it has been employed infinite times in the past and has never worked well. I do not think that even Trump is happy about that.

Therefore, I am inclined to predict, by pure logical deduction, that

shortly after the announcement of martial law and before a veritable civil war can break out in the USA, the interdimensional Shift must take place.

This is the optimal time for it to occur, at the height of the escalation of confrontation in order to prevent all the negative consequences of such a political crisis.

And how?

By putting all the people in a situation of utter shock and catalepsy caused by the profound energetic changes that this shift will bring about to humanity and the earth and for which the masses are not prepared psychologically at all so that they will fall into a state of total emotional and mental paralysis before they begin to assimilate what has happened to them. They will begin to remember that they have made this decision collectively at the soul level as they want to begin with a new life.

Then our time as ascended masters will come…


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