Time Determinants of the Ascension Schedule

Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, November 21, 2020


Years ago I wrote that the final phase in the ascension process leading to a global shift and our final personal transfiguration will be characterized by an “escalation of confrontation between the forces of light and that of darkness leading to the final resolution – the Ascension“. We are now exactly in this final period.

There is one immutable truth from which we should depart when analyzing the current situation. The party of lies, deceptions, oppression, in other words of darkness, that has reigned for eons of time on this planet will be defeated once and for all in this final phase.

With regard to the US election, this is the party of the un-“democrats” and their kleptocratic candidate Biden. As this party is fully involved in the machinations of the globalist cabal, this also involves the dark politicians in all other countries who have already congratulated Biden as the new president because he comes from the same pig stall. They are so much in a hurry to get rid of this trouble-maker Trump that they do not realize how easily they reveal their true evil nature.

The rigging of the US election with the help of Dominion voting machines involves the rigging of numerous such elections in many other countries so that it has already expanded to a global scandal as the press conference of Trump’s lawyers clearly revealed.

They threw the gauntlet in the face of the dark ruling cabal and their despicable MSM minions and this is the last mortal battle – the escalation of confrontation leading to the final resolution, our ascension. This war is waged on numerous levels and we have already won it with the expulsion of the evilest, big, ugly reptilians from the earth on June 10, 2020 (and here). Now the human skirmishes follow.

There is so much at stake as never before. It is a topsy-turvy situation where All The President’s Men have assumed the role of dissidents in their own country that once boasted to be the bastion of freedom and democracy and is now rapidly disintegrating into medial and medical dictatorship and anarchy.

I have no idea how compelling the evidence of massive elector fraud is, which Trump’s lawyers have collected but I have no doubt that there has been massive fraud in the millions of votes in favour of Biden and that Trump has won this election in a landslide as his lawyers also rightfully claim. I told you that one day prior to the election.

This is common sense when one considers the enthusiasm (en-theo, being in God) of Trump’s supporters at his rallies compared to the empty parking lots where Biden occasionally campaigned when he dared to leave his basement where he was hiding most of the time during the entire election campaign. He knew that he had “the most extensive voter fraud organisation of all time” behind him and did not need to attend election rallies as Trump tirelessly did to the very last minute.

The fraudsters of this End Time believe that they can force their false narrative by neglecting the central most decisive fact nowadays – the enthusiasm of the awakening masses, their true emotions as the driving energetic motor of all change in the process of planetary ascension. This is so because these dark ones have no emotions but only dark evil thoughts and are driven entirely by their gargantuan fears that stipulate in their quest for total domination  – hence the voting system of fraud they used is also called “Dominion”. There are no coincidences in All-That-Is.

And here I come to the second most important trend in the current End Phase of the ascension process: the renaissance of the idea of the NWO which was suppressed during Trump’s presidency under the new euphemistic term “the new reset”. The escalation of the second lockdown which I already predicted early this year, knowing exactly the mentality of the dark cabal, is the main tool they employ to drive this new reset at any price.

What we witness now is the final futile effort of the ruling cabal to install the NWO in the current End Time, being their ultimate goal of eons of time efforts in order to prevent the planetary ascension Now, about which they knew a long time ago contrary to the stupid goyim. They are fully aware that after our ascension they must begin with their gruesome incarnation cycle of another 26,000 years as they have so many crimes to redeem while we shall enjoy bliss in the 5th and higher dimensions as ascended multidimensional beings.

It is a truism for any enlightened human being that the cabal’s wet dream of the NWO as the new reset will never happen on these last ascending timelines which we are now heaving to the 5th dimension after we have successfully achieved this same planetary ascension numerous times in the past beginning on May 28, 2014. The last successful ascension was at the end of March, early April this year when we severed the old Atlantean past of treacherous and very destructive energies and created the new earth simultaneously with the beginning of the first lockdown due to the coronavirus scamdemic – the biggest lie in the history of mankind.

As we see, all strategies of the dark ones to preserve their dwindling power over the people are based on blatant lies while at the same time the masses are rapidly awakening to the truth and begin to see these lies under the massive barrage of source energies and codes which we, the PAT receive from the source and distribute in a diluted form to the masses so that they can begin to evolve and eventually ascend in this lifetime. With that, the ruling cabal serve as the best pedagogues for the masses to teach them to discern the truth and achieve their inner liberation.

Here we have a key energetic phenomenon at play in the End Time of Ascension which I have introduced and explained almost 2 decades ago: the energetic oxymoron.

No matter how many fraudulent efforts the ruling cabal make to preserve their dwindling power which they think they badly need for their survival while driven entirely by their immeasurable fears of dark entities fully separated from their souls and the source, they achieve exactly the opposite results after initial putative successes. This is immediate karma in dialectical action and it is perfect and immaculate in its effect.

In the past, we had planetary ascensions of more evolved earth’s timelines where humanity was not as much advanced in its collective awakening as we now observe it chronologically in the linear time axis of human history, which humans experience with their limited senses and awareness as the greatest illusion of all. It is the cornerstone of the current incarnation experiment of being seemingly separated from the source and our souls as to discover who we truly are – however, a very dangerous game as this toxic prison-planet shows.

Thus, we have ascended already quite a few times but we have bilocated with our last soul fragments on lower timelines to help with the ascension of as many timelines and human souls as possible. For this reason, we do not know how the ascension process, the global shift, for instance, occurred on these ascended timelines and how we experience it personally with our other ascended soul fragments as we had to pull the veil of forgetfulness over our awareness as being the last soul fragment still incarnated in a human vessel in order to experience our personal destiny as a seamless continuation in this last lifetime. In fact, we are constantly jumping (bilocating) from one timeline, from one life alternative to another without noticing it with our limited senses, unless one reads this website and understands the concept of multidimensionality at the abstract intellectual level.

I am fully aware that this is the most difficult cognitive aspect of the ascension process to grasp but it holds the key to all understanding of what we can expect in the coming days and weeks.

Now the political, economic, and financial situation is so much advanced, rather deteriorated, that these factors determine the very tight time schedule of the impending global shift about which I will talk more in another article.

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There are certain legal dates that now determine the outcome of the US election and thus the political drama worldwide that is now unfolding with breathtaking speed in front of our eyes. These are:

“In the presidential election, there are two more key dates related to election results. Under 3 U.S.C. § 5, a state must settle any presidential election disputes and determine its electors six days before the Electoral College meets. This safe harbor provision deadline falls on December 8 in 2020. The Electoral College will then cast its votes for president and vice president on December 14, 2020.” (source).

Then the new president will be inaugurated on January 20, 2021.

Hence we have a very tight itinerary from December 14 till January 20 to prepare the global shift and our Divine Intervention as ascended masters in order to take the course of human history in our hands. There is no doubt that we will have to use the stargate 12.21.2020 as the culmination of our light work throughout this whole year in order to trigger this global energetic shift. The next powerful portal is 01.01.21 so that this 10-day-period during Christmas and New Year will undoubtedly be the most transformative in the history of mankind.

And the preparation for it has already begun and that is why the energies are currently so intense and at times very oppressive. There is still much to be cleansed.

The assumption is that Trump’s lawyers’ team will not have the time to push the evidence of elector fraud through the US courts which are known to work very slowly and bureaucratically and have no desire or even ability to find out the truth. This is the mentality of all US judges and all the other shysters and that is why the US judiciary system is corrupt from top to bottom and the last place where the truth we are talking about could be revealed. By the way, all the other countries the world over have the same ineffective and corrupt legal systems as the USA and even worse.

The exposure of the US election fraud is just one small first piece in the mosaic of unending revelations that will hit humanity like a brick wall. However, when it falls, it will unleash a domino-like effect – a Dominion-like effect as it will expose all national democracies as false facades hiding interminable oppression and manipulation of the people’s will and their constant political degradation to state slaves. This is now becoming more evident than ever – the alt news outlets are full of such articles and comments – and this is the surest sign that we are on the cusp of our Divine Intervention.

Why? Because as I said, it is unlikely that Trump will succeed with his lawsuits to challenge the fraudulent results of the election. The international dark cabal and the US deep state, in cahoots with the Democrats and the fake MSM, are pressing the pedal to the metal to certify these fraudulent elections by using the time factor as zeitnot (as in chess) in order to coerce the US justice into accepting the elector fraud come what may…. a civil war.

What these imbeciles actually believe is that when they take a grip of the presidency, they will fully restore their power over the masses that has been eroded significantly during Trump’s presidency. In their blindness, they overlook the most obvious fact – their power does not stem and has never stemmed from a crippled presidency that has always been an illustrious facade, a Potemkin village, to hide the egregious truth that the people in the USA and on this prison-planet have always been slaves of the state and the ruling elite.

Precisely, humans as incarnated creator gods have allowed being disempowered by much lower evolved and extremely dark entities for eons of time – actually since Atlantis, that is why we had to eliminate this past forever from the new Gaia-5 early this year – and this will be the key shocking revelation that we will bring to humanity as ascended masters and incumbent Logos Gods of Gaia. The exposure of the US election fraud is just the first small step in this direction.

Then the exposure of human science as a fake categorical system of human knowledge (and here) must follow with the manifestation of the cities of light as it is closely related to the current enslavement of humanity under a new fake social-biological doctrine which I dubbed as virusism. After all, we must prevent the bleak future where our children are forced to live with masks for the rest of their lives and never experience what is true freedom and childhood without worries and angst. This is the most urgent objective for us as the light warriors of the first and the last hour and the driving force of the planetary ascension.

Ultimately, all revelations have only one goal – the liberation of humanity, the acquisition of their pristine freedom, the energetic foundation of which we laid down with the creation of the Fountain of Freedom in Europe and North America.

That being said, I am convinced that the planetary shift will happen anytime between Winter Solstice and the New Year because the presidency of this corrupt person Biden must be prevented at any price. But what is even more important than that is to prevent the cabal from introducing the “new reset” – the establishment of the NWO – by using the second draconian lockdown as a tool to this end. They have already begun to clamp down on we, the people, everywhere, here in Europe and also in the USA and in particular in Canada, against a few competent opinions.

The year 2021 must be a clean slate.

I expect our ascension and appearance as Divine Intervention to happen shortly before that and refer to the message we received from Ahnahmar from Agartha/ Lemuria in December 2019 in Lofer, Austria:

Question: ” How does the concept of “phase shift” apply to Ascension?

Ahnahmar: “The Ascension continues to move forward carefully in a very delicate yet deliberate way where atom after atom rises in frequency until the whole has reached a unified resonant frequency. 

Just prior to what one may call “the tipping point” shall there be individual ascensions as separate events but only just before the collective shift is imminent.”

Essentially, our ascension and Divine Intervention will be the proverbial Deus ex Machina, which the Ancient Greek first introduced in their drama to help the protagonists get out of their self-afflicted mess and have a “happy end”:

There is nothing new on this planet and not even the Ascension as we have accomplished it many times since May 28, 2014. Now we have entered the final act where we are the protagonists as direct participants in the unfolding drama and as Deus Ex Machina to end this miserable drama. However, for the first time in human history, we will not need a machine as we are the True Gods who will lead humanity out of its self-afflicted mess.

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