How We Prevented CERN to Destroy the Earth Once Again !

Urgent: An Invocation of the PAT to Permanently Disable the CERN Cyclotron Is Needed

Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, October 19, 2020

Yesterday evening at 11;00 pm CET, Amora and I prevented CERN to destroy the physical earth again as these criminal scientists did in November 2017.

Let me explain, as I have kept this most traumatic experience confidential until now as the Elohim urged us to do so. In November 2017, shortly before we decided to move to Italy, we were in terrible physical shape the whole month, with constant body pain all over and also a constant gastric crisis for me, burning and consuming energies all the time. The vibrations were intense, invasive, and very oppressive.

As our Elohim fields encompass the whole Gaia with all her infinite timelines, we are absorbing and feeling directly any energetic interventions on a global scale that interact with her magnetic and gravitational fields. Then these negative energies peaked one day and our bodies were completely devastated. We thought we would not survive this wave. The landscape was grey, the trees were withered, it felt as if the whole Nature was dying. We were so depressed and down, that we immediately asked for help from the higher realms and for an explanation about what was happening.

The Elohim knew about our distress and came immediately to us with a message: CERN had performed a most insidious experiment to prevent the ascension of Gaia and has created a huge black hole by employing maximal energies in the cyclotron and thus pulverized the physical earth.

This is exactly what the Elohim told us:

CERN pulverized the physical earth with a massive artificial black hole which they created in the cyclotron but as you (Amora and Georgi) and the light warriors of the first and the last hour, and also other evolved souls incarnated on this planet didn’t want that the earth would follow the same destiny as the treacherous Atlantis, you immediately created with your thoughts a new replica of the same physical earth. There was a moment of a standstill when the old earth was extinguished and everything died and was recreated within the blink of an eye. That is why the new earth looked so withered and fragile at the beginning as you noticed.”

This gives you an idea of what miracles the Source and we as its representatives on the ground are capable of. Nobody who has not experienced it personally would believe it, but this is how the multiverse operates and the messages I am publishing now for almost 3 months give testimony to that.

Please observe the glaring dichotomy on this planet: The dark cabal and their minions in science destroyed the physical earth as they are now destroying the human population with their lockdown due to a fake pandemic and we the light warriors recreated the physical earth – so to say, saved it – and are also about to safe mankind from the claws of this devilish dark cabal very soon by making the Shift.

It took several weeks before the new earth replica slowly recovered from this total annihilation end of 2017. The Elohim told us explicitly not to mention anything about this most devastating experience in our lives and for the physical earth to anybody as not to influence negatively the other lightworkers who are the only ones holding the light, and the new earth replica needed our light badly at that time in order to stabilize. I had at that time email exchange with some light warriors who had also felt this devastation but could not explain it.

After this event, we did several invocations to contain all criminal experiments in CERN and to disable the cyclotron from performing this experiment again on the new physical replica of the earth, where this huge technical construction was also replicated. I was following sporadically the news but could not find anything about the activities of this scientific experimental centre so that I concluded that the cyclotron was disabled and they did not leak anything to the public.

While in Italy, when we were building our healing and study centres on the Ligurian coast, by the way not very far away from CERN direct line, we were made aware a few times that something fishy was going in CERN and we did our invocation again to contain the criminal work of this very expensive cyclotron financed by the taxpayers of the participating countries to annihilate them. Think about that – how perverted life on this planet is.

Since several weeks, both Amora and I have felt very badly, the energies were very oppressive and I had constant stomach crisis and my whole inner body felt as if burnt from a radioactive wave. I attributed this to the peaking energies before the shift but also remembered what happened in November 2017.

Then on October 13, we were urged to make a special invocation, about which I am not allowed to give you any further information, except that it triggered the beginning of the collapse of the old matrix as we expect it and welcome it. This day is the anniversary of the Fatima Sun Miracle in 1917 and it is always a special day when the feminine energies flood the earth. This phenomenon plays a huge role in the ascension process which is carried predominantly by the creative feminine energies from the Source, for which I am the Receiver and Amora is the Distributer and Opener as the Elohim have confirmed in their messages from 2014 which I am now publishing.

That is why the Vatikan wanted to hijack these energies to the present day and turned them into “Fatima secrets”, but to no avail as these energies cannot be curtailed by declaring them secret. All the myths around the so-called 3rd secret of Fatima are thus meaningless and all interpretations irrelevant. It is the feminine energy, stupid!

Anyway, we have good reasons to believe that the current experiment running in CERN has the aim of responding to our massive invocation on October 13 that guaranteed this ultimate planetary ascension.  The dark ones that are now losing their control of the earth knew that and were desperate to respond. However, it takes a lot of time to perform such an experiment as the energies in the cyclotron have to be slowly increased to reach the necessary voltage to create a black hole. But our success on October 13 must have made them even more hectic and desperate and they must have tried to rev their cyclotron maximally this last week and must have done something very insidious and reckless.

Then yesterday evening, I received within 5 minutes two emails from German readers who informed me about this video of a German pseudo-scientist, whom I follow for a very long time and about whom I have a very poor opinion. He is a babble mouth and a moron. This is the kind of people that acquire notorious notoriety in such a mentally derailed country as Germany and I have wondered a lot in the past, how this is possible. However, he is completely unknown outside Germany.

I watched immediately his video in German,

and then I read the article, on which this guy has based his abstruse statements:

I immediately checked for further background information on the Internet and found within 5 minutes that the above article was a plagiarism of an older article from 2015:

(One day after I exposed this new age scientific impostor, he was obliged to retrieve his video as he acknowledged the blunder he had made ( This is excellent proof that we have entered the epoch of unvarnished truth where nobody can any longer pretend to be what he really is not and where such lies in the name of spirituality are being immediately revealed by myself and other critical people. This is a very promising trend that we have entered the time of revelations, first of the spiritual fraudsters and then of the real dark ones in politics, finance, and behind the scene – the cabal. )

However, this older article actually already announced at that time the infamous experiment they were about to perform two years later in 2017 that destroyed the physical earth. This article was new to me but it fits very well into our experience as it takes a few years to prepare the cyclotron for such an experiment and to raise the energies to the necessary threshold levels to create a huge black hole.

Let us say it crystal clear; CERN is the evil creation of the evilest big ugly reptilians that we expelled again from these earth timelines on June 10th this year. It has been executed by their human minions and henchmen in science and politics for many decades. It costs the taxpayers more than 200 billion euros so far and I have written a lot about CERN in the past.

Considering how terrible I and Amora felt these last several weeks, I got very suspicious that the cabal might be preparing another attempt in CERN to destroy the earth after we took full control over the ascension process on October 13 and talked to Amora late last evening. She confirmed that she has been made aware of CERN for some time by her guides and the fact that I was informed about it by two persons within 5 minutes was a clear sign that it is urgent and something had to be done.

While the video of this German guy is meaningless as he has no clue what he is talking about, it served nonetheless its purpose to make me aware of the imminent danger as I have stopped reading the news lately. This is how the universe operates and connects the dots.

We then did a very powerful invocation yesterday, October 18th at 11:00 pm as Logos Gods and Elohim Creators of Gaia-5 and disabled the cyclotron with the help of all the forces of light and the Prime Creator. We realized how urgent this intervention on our part was.

Immediately after our invocation, we both felt such a huge relief, the quality of the vibrations changed from one moment to the next one, they became all of a sudden much more pleasant and harmonious and the constant pressure on our bodies, chest, stomach area and inside vanished. The new energies were so pleasant that I stayed awake for several hours into the night simply to enjoy them.

We both knew beyond any doubt that we have somehow disabled the CERN cyclotron to continue with this deadly experiment and that it was an urgent intervention one second before 12. The higher realms provided the necessary information, which I received from two German ladies, one living in Germany and the other one in Austria.

However, it is not finished yet. I have no idea what kind of damage we have inflicted on the cyclotron so that it stopped working yesterday evening, but they are now feverishly trying to repair it and are determined to continue. That is why we must make sure that the CERN cyclotron is permanently disabled and will not interfere with our impending ascension. For this purpose, our spiritual guides urge us to perform this invocation one more time today.

We are planning to make another invocation with Sophia at 3 pm this afternoon and then a second one at 6 pm CET so that as many PAT members and readers of this website as possible are able to participate. 6 pm CET is 9 am on the West coast of America.

I am sure that with our combined energies and divine willpower we will be able to fully derail this heinous experiment that is now going on in CERN and thus save the physical earth from its second destruction. Gaia, of course, can never be destroyed as she is a living, conscious higher dimensional being and so are all her timelines. But the physical earth can be and has been already destroyed. And nobody until today knew about this worst moment in the history of this planet except Amora, Sophia, myself, and a few selected persons with whom I have shared this terrible event.

It should never happen again!

Make your invocation in this sense and choose your own words, what matters is your emotional engagement (indignation) and the willpower to prevent a new second destruction of the physical earth.

Never a single dull moment, until we ascend this earth one last time…

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