How to Interpret Correctly the Complexity of the Ascension Process

Marek Prochyra and Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, October 30, 2020

Dear Georgi,

When reading your retrospective energy reports, I’m amazed at how complex the whole ascension process is. This was quite clear to me throughout all the years but your latest explanation of multiple and gradual ascensions resulting in separation of timelines gives another meaning to the PAT Supernova and the propulsion multistage rocket principle.

My understanding is that once a specific timeline is separated (destroyed by MPR, for example), the people living on that timeline go through an ascension process where they reconnect with their HS and Source and are sent to a next destination, be it other dimensions, worlds (most probably 3D again) or are dissolved into primary components and recycled / recreated at worst case by Source.

At the same time, another copy of the separated timeline is created but operating on higher frequencies (which the people who left the timeline wouldn’t withstand, hence they will not be present on a higher version of the new timeline).

We, the PAT, are helping with each ascension, and are returning to each new created higher timeline. This is my understanding of PAT Supernova.

On each timeline, people live whose energies match the frequencies of this relevant timeline. Our task is to be raising constantly the energies of these people so that as many people as possible from a separated timeline can return after separation to a new timeline. Thus we’re constantly heaving the planet and people to higher timelines. This is my understanding of the propulsion multistage rocket process.

Hopefully, we’re at the last timeline which is about to be finally ascended.

What I don’t understand is this. If we’re leaving lower vibrating people on previously separated timelines behind us, each new timeline should contain higher vibrating beings. I assume that the first separated timeline contained the least advanced beings, the youngest souls.

What souls are then living on this highest frequency timeline? I was convinced that the more advanced the soul is, the closer to the Source she is and the wiser the soul is. But this obviously isn’t the case.

Either less advanced souls got into this timeline again after the last separation ( which, I think, isn’t physically possible due to a difference in frequencies ) or these souls will be literally pushed by us to higher frequency ranges so that they could survive the ascension but will be as dumbed down as they are now.

I feel like I’m in Absurdistan (the movie with the same title is a perfect example of this). I’m not the smartest person but, with what I know, I feel like I am a king among plebs that don’t understand a single simple process.

I’m playing a game with myself sometimes when I’m trying to explain the above-described ascension process to common people and they are arguing with me the same arguments that I’ve heard a million times. I find it impossible to explain to them what is happening on this planet since each sentence that I’m using to explain some facts, contains other basic facts unknown to the person and I need to go down from the main theme and explain these underlying facts. And it goes on and on. That’s why I’ve stopped a few years ago explaining anything to anyone.

How is it possible that even my smart colleagues with whom I’m designing non-existing and abstract processes that mimic this reality and with which we’re creating an SW that is a materialization of these designs are so dumbed down that they refuse to think and any theory beyond their horizon is automatically a conspiracy?

But when the conspiracy contains more facts than mainstream propaganda, isn’t the time ripe to re-evaluate the accepted facts?

What is currently happening in my country (Slovakia) is pure nonsense (and I think that we still are quite normal as opposed to other nations).

Just a few facts:

–        all decisions about the “flu” are pushed by the ministry of health ( and not by the government) that doesn’t have a mandate for this and it’s therefore illegal;

–        the decisions are based on general data without a reference to other death cases not related to “flu” and are not backed by any valid laws. These decisions and verdicts are thus illegal;

–        the definition of a nation’s emergency state has multiple stages but we went right to the highest level of emergency, similar to a case of war – again illegally since the facts supporting this emergency state doesn’t exist or are debatable;

–        the total state lockdown is even in this highest state of emergency not allowed by the law (only most affected areas should be put under quarantine) – again illegal;

–     the obligation to wear a mask covering the airways is according to international law, to which we need to abide, a form of torture (for asthmatics, firemen and policemen working in rain and wearing masks this is tantamount to waterboarding … ) and is not based on any existing law – again illegal;

–       policemen are forced to penalize the people for not wearing a mask – they’re committing the same crime as the government;

–        businesses are penalized if customers do not wear a mask;

The latest decision to test the whole nation in the next few weeks (with the help of army personnel) was taken by our prime minister recently in Brussel – the funny thing is though that Merkel knew about this decision before our president, who is in the current emergency state the commander-in-chief of the army.

Despite the fact that PCR tests are not precise, he urges the whole nation to go through these tests. If a person is found positive, he will be placed (along with his kids) under quarantine. With the number of people eligible for tests, we are talking about 10s of thousands which could be falsely identified as positive and quarantined.

At first, it was said all the people would need to have the test – after lawyers’ protests, this was changed in a way that the non-testers are required under penalty to stay at home for at least 10 days.

The lawyers also explain that by the law these tests are the same as DNA sampling, hence the suspicion about DNA manipulation and chipping (insertion of chips).

Some of these lawyers point out that this situation carries the signs of occultism – the symbol is a mask, the ritual is a requirement to wear a mask and wash the hands, there are also penalties for disobedient and protesting people – the virus pandemic as a new form of religion …

The people are so manipulated that they behave like a prisoner asking the guard to close the door of his dungeon in case it is opened. They denounce others to the police, force others to wear the mask in case they don’t have it on. It reminds me of the era of the ’80s. Do you remember the agent provocateurs (in communism) drinking beer with you and spying on what you say and do?

There are cases when a woman giving birth is forced to wear a mask during the birthing process. The newest cases are when family members of deceased patients are paid to fill in a death certificate where the death cause is given as “coronavirus flu”.

I understand why the list of suicides is rising. It’s easy to succumb to the depression and fear of death, danger and uncertainty if one doesn‘t know or believe that one is an immortal being with as many lives on as many worlds at one’s disposal as one desires.

I am fully detached from all this madness and looking at this world in disbelief as some kind of a bad B-movie. Most of the time I tend to spend time alone even if I have a loving wife and two good kids over 20.

For my whole life, I feel alone in this world but at this time it‘s almost unbearable. I’m sure that the same feelings are shared by the majority of the PAT members.

If I return to the beginning of my musing, the same questions remain:

How on Earth can these people survive ascension? Is it possible that they vibrate sufficiently but are completely dumbed down? Will we again be able to push these people higher so that they can live in a better world without any endeavour on their part?

I‘m not sure if I’m ready to teach these fools basic truths which are inherent to every living sentient creature.



Dear Marek,

you made an excellent summary of all the major aspects of the current ascension and they reflect fairly well what is happening according to my understanding based on the explanations of the Elohim. Firstly, I would remark that there is a constant influx of new souls as walk-ins and recycling of deceased souls on all timelines so that you shouldn’t regard these timelines we separate and go under and those that we ascend as a kind of an upward ladder, a hierarchical structure. Rather you should regard them as parallel sets of slightly different, but altogether comparable features.

However, it is not correct that souls who die on lower catastrophic timelines, then “go through an ascension process where they reconnect with their HS and Source”. All these souls have no chance to ascend during this planetary ascension and will have to go through another gruesome karmic cycle to qualify for ascension in eons of time in the future measured as linear time. Souls from catastrophic timelines who have qualified for ascension are retrieved from such catastrophic timelines, mainly by the GF, as the Elohim told us, and continue with their evolution on higher ascending timelines.

On each new timeline, the exact population number is replicated as empty holographic human shells that are then refilled with walk-in souls who match the energetic characteristics of this particular timeline. As the Elohim told us, every soul finds its final destination, and by that, they mean already incarnated souls and walk-ins that constantly enter the ascension process, while other unripe soul fragments die as human beings during the MPRs on lower timelines and are retrieved from the ascension process. Where they then go, is irrelevant for this discussion. They must be substituted with new souls so that the human bodies can continue living on the ascending timelines and participate in the ascension process as ensouled human beings.

As I said, it is a constant process of soul recycling and the actual number of participating souls in the current ascension process is infinitely bigger than the whopping 6 or 7 billion human souls incarnated on this earth – it is X-time bigger, or one can say that the number of souls that participate in the ascension of Gaia and humanity is infinite as we do not know how big it is. This is, by the way, the official definition of infinity in mathematics (theory of sets).

However, we are now ascending the lowest bunch of timelines that were infested by the Atlantean past and they needed a massive cleansing. I just checked what happened at the end of March and early April this year in my diary and found all the elements we had and experienced in 2014. It was amazing as at that time I interpreted them somewhat differently. But now with the new clarity, it is very easy for me to see what happened this spring. As most of the information is of private, personal nature, I cannot publish my analysis but it suffices to say that we already ascended at the end of March and early April 2020 and now we are preparing for the last planetary ascension.

Based on that you should consider that all the timelines that we have already ascended exist and thrive in 5D and we are present there with our ascended soul fragments. The human population that ascended during the first planetary ascension in May 2014 and all the human souls that ascended many more times later on were much more advanced than this last set of human souls who are the fallout from the toxic Atlantean past.

We are here with our last soul fragment on these lowest timelines with the most retarded sets of the human population that have still qualified with our extraordinary help and personal sacrifice for the ascension. This fact explains all that is happening now as you have so precisely described as collective madness in your country under the lockdown, but it is the same in all countries. That is why we, the PAT, no longer recognize this earth – these lower timelines, which we have never frequented before – and the debased human souls with which we have to deal now as masqueraded zombies.

Our last soul fragment has however no knowledge of what we are doing on the other ascended timelines as they all exist simultaneously and are much more advanced in their collective progress. That is why this insanity has to come to an end on these lower timelines and it will come to an end very soon as we are the guarantor for that with our sheer presence.

The PAT Supernova is a term we introduced with respect to our extended multidimensional fields as Elohim souls. We are capable of receiving the gargantuan downloads of source energies, where I operate as the Receiver (nexus to the Source) and transmit these energies further to Amora, who is the Distributor and Opener of these energies for the PAT and humanity. These energies are mainly given to the PAT and then further processed in order for their frequencies to be lowered so that also the masses can absorb and integrate them.

These energies from the Source drive the actual ascension process and also serve as a kind of propulsion engine when the final shift to higher dimensions takes place. In their messages from 2014, the Elohim speak of a proton stream coming from the Source /Central Sun that drives the actual planetary ascension, shift to 5D. In this case, I ascend first and then pull Amora and we together pull the PAT, and then the PAT pulls the ascended candidates on a certain timeline to the 5th dimension. This all happens at once and the sudden release of enormous amounts of ascension energies can be likened to a supernova, hence the term “PAT supernova”.

The propulsion multistage rocket model is a different concept but related to the PAT Supernova. The latter term is restricted to the final push, shift to a higher dimension. The former refers to the numerous creations and destructions of earth timelines. Each separated and destructed timeline by an MPR releases a great amount of energy which automatically raises the frequencies of the ascending timelines and serves as a thrust for their ascension. This process is based on the conservation of energy (1st law of thermodynamics) which is an aspect of the Universal Law. With each destruction of a severed lower timeline, the other ascending timelines move upwards like the propulsion multistage rocket where the rocket stages are burnt and separated and thus generate a thrust for the remaining rocket module to further ascend and overcome the earth’s gravitation. I hope this explains sufficiently the two basic terms of the current ascension process.

This time we shall experience the Shift and the Change personally with our last soul fragment in a seamless fashion in the linear time as the “Big Social Change” when the sweeping revelations will start in order to appease our linear understanding of human history and to have a framework within which we can learn our lessons. That’s all. Everything that will happen in the next days and months has already happened many times on the ascended timelines, where we are present as soul fragments or Avatars and have experienced it first hand.

I understand why it is impossible to explain this process to agnostic people, given the fact that almost all new agers also do not get it. They have no clue that we had a full-fledged planetary ascension already in 2014 and when this fact enters their heads they will have a short-circuit and their minds will implode, which is probably the best thing that can happen to them and to humanity and things will again become normal after that.

By the way, I am sorry but I do not remember the communist spies (agent provocateurs) from the ’80s under communism as I left Bulgaria in 1975. But I remember very well how this scum of humanity behaved in the ’60s and ’70s and I guess those from the ’80s you quote in your email were not better.

Well, I commend you that you have made such a big effort to understand the logic behind the current ascension process which is indeed extremely complex and we get only a tiny fraction of it, however still more than the rest of humanity.

Enjoy now the ride and know that everything is unfolding in perfect order and our and the final planetary ascension is assured, last but not least, because we have so much experience with that after we have made this ascension many times since May 2014.

With love and light


PS: This discussion also conclusively answers your crucial question from our previous disquisition:

The Light Warrior’s Crucial Question

All the announced dates of ascension in my previous articles and energy reports have actually reflected the real planetary ascensions which the PAT has accomplished since the first planetary ascension took place on May 28, 2014. This ascension was preceded by the ascension of Gaia at the stargates 11.11.11 and 12.12.12 – 12.21.12, which was again accomplished mostly by the PAT.


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