Ascending Gaia as Logos Gods – Part 28

The Elohim Speak About Our Hard Light Work to Prepare the First Ascension of Humanity in Early 2014

Amora and Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, October 17, 2020

As you can read from these messages, we were very busy every day since I arrived in Canada on February 8th, 2014. We were thrown immediately into the most intense and debilitating last phase of preparation for the first planetary ascension of humanity in April and May 2014. Amora’s report below and the message of the Elohim show what gargantuan work we have already done six and a half years ago. This gives you a faint idea of what is happening now during the last planetary ascension in 2020.

Our light work is now as intense as in 2014, and in a way even more strenuous, as we find ourselves in exactly the same situation in 2020. However, we are now preparing humanity and this earth for its final and ultimate ascension when all the changes will manifest and become visible to all the people in this reality of the last ascending timelines, where our soul essence of ascended masters and Logos Gods is still incarnated as the last soul fragment in a physical carbon-based body.

Such changes happened and were witnessed by us and all the ascended humans already in early 2014 during the first planetary ascension and then many more times in the following seven years as I have written recently. However, since we shifted the focus of our human awareness to lower timelines that had not experienced the Shift yet, it was opportune that we suppressed this experience and knowledge at the human level of the mind and pretended as if we were still on this earth, on its countless timelines, with our full soul essence and in preparation for our “first” ascension after numerous delays.

I was always consternated about this point of view as I had the inner, intimate and very compelling knowledge that Amora and I had already ascended. We knew this since the summer of 2013 when Amora first transfigured into a crystalline light body and visited the Inner Earth of Agartha on August 13, 2013, and I followed her a week later:

Then we ascended one more time officially in early December 2013 in Lofer and were jubilantly welcomed as the new Logos Gods of Gaia and humanity by all ascended masters on the Mothership of the GF (Please, read one more time all the recently published messages and reports from that time).

But when our clearly announced ascension on May 28, 2014, was abruptly canceled on May 27, we both felt such huge disappointment; we were so completely devastated as we firmly reckoned with our final ascension that this negative experience convinced us at the emotional level that our ascension was really postponed:

Ascending Gaia as Logos Gods – Part 5: How Our Ascension End of May 2014 Was Postponed One More Time

In fact, we fully ascended in May 2014 and, as these messages prove, the preparation for this ascension was in full sway already in March and April. I doubt that we would have been better off if we knew at that time exactly what happened as the idea that we have ascended and left us as the last soul fragment out of 12 on lower timelines to lift them up for another seven years would have been even more depressing and devastating to our psyche than the notion that we had the usual postponement due to the failure of the other lightworkers. Especially as the Elohim have regularly referred to this fact in their messages to us.

While the failure of the lightworkers did not affect in any way the moment of our ascension in early 2014, it significantly jeopardized the ascension numbers of the incarnated human souls who wanted to make this experience in this key incarnation. That is why we decided to sacrifice ourselves and stay on all these lower timelines of the earth all these years to compensate for their default.

When we visited White Rock on April 2, 2014 and Amora received this auspicious message from the Elohim announcing “the beginning of the final phase of the ascension, we also met with our highly intuitive friend. She saw “a future version of us carrying out a lot of discussions with each other, and had the impression that we were deciding our next mission already!” This would say that already at that time we must have known at the soul level that we had decided to stay for another 7 years and visit most, if not all, lower 4D timelines and prepare them meticulously for their ascension. As this new mission was fraught with numerous challenges and imponderables, we must have surely had numerous discussions as ascended masters and Logos Gods of Gaia and humanity what is to be done and how we should do it in the best possible way for humanity and the whole project of Universal Ascension, where Gaia and humanity represent the linchpin. This was what our intuitive friend saw for us already at that time but we somehow missed the point.

It is much easier to put the blame on other people than to acknowledge that you are the only creator of your destiny and there is no one else to blame. This is the last lesson an ascended master has to fully internalize at the end of his earthly life and this is precisely what I am doing now with the publication of these messages from 7 years ago.

With this novel multidimensional analysis, I have proved that the Planetary Ascension has already happened first in early 2014 and then many more times in the last seven years, till we have reached the illusory linear point in time when the final ascension will take place this and next year because we are dealing with a process and not with a singular event. These messages from 2013 and 2014 prove this fact unequivocally.

In their message below, the Elohim explain one more time in technical details what exactly is our role as Elohim souls, Logos Gods and Ascended Masters. First and foremost, we are the human nexus to the Central Sun (Source) and hold the stargate of Ascension for the entire humanity within our expanded Elohim fields, about which we and the Elohim have talked a lot in the past.

This information is of extreme importance to the PAT and by default to the entire humanity as our role has not changed a bit and will be the same this fall and next year when the final planetary ascension will take place. It will be a key topic in the upcoming revelations.

Amora’s report on the energetic events from April 7 to April 10, 2014

Here is a review of the events and messages that have taken place over the past 4 days. You may have more to add to this so feel free to do so.

Monday, April 7, 2014:

You report a night of huge Source energies flooding through your field, throughout the entire night, first coming from the Source and then a loving overlay of energy from my Soul to yours, for a duration of at least six hours. It may have been longer than that, this is only the time period in which I consciously noticed these energies. 

On further discussion with me, you decided the function of these energies were to heal your physical tumor in the groin (which didn’t happen, quite on the contrary, but I will discuss this issue in future reports) and wipe it from any vestige of your expression from a lower timeline. You recall that we asked the Higher Realms for a favourable resolution to this issue because of the discomfort that you now feel from this growth.

Our intuitive friend checked in with us and confirmed that she was also feeling this huge energetic shift, sensing an instant expansion of unity consciousness and herself expanding into this field of consciousness, accompanied by sensing a loss of time and expanding into the Now moment.

Here is a message from the Sixth-Dimensional fleet, given to me in the early afternoon:

Message from the 6D Fleet

“This is the Refinement. Throughout time, eons and eons of time, there is a moment where all alignments are complete and so then new energies flow (proton stream from the Source, note, George), new energies are refined, streamlined and existence expands one million fold, upon itself.

You are sensing this divine expansion into the field of unity, of One, the One field of consciousness within All-That-Is.

The Refinement, where protons flood and restructure energy itself. Protons carry consciousness particles within their structure, and it is this presence that renews all life to its original attainment / expression upon the moment of creation of All-That-Is!“

This short message confirms your belief early on this morning, that these energies felt like a strong proton stream.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

This day a very heavy cc-wave began in the night and lasted almost 24 hours. You had a severe headache, accompanied by dizziness and also experienced these energies as a huge vortex, whirling above your head several feet. This vortex lasted the whole afternoon.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014, The Elohim

This morning you reported huge energies coming through your field throughout the night, which I can confirm were present in my field as well, represented by streams of golden-white loving energies. The Elohim gave me this message:

“Dear One: These energies are pulled into the awareness [Georgi, your awareness] through a depth of being unknown to this reality fragment, previous to this moment.

This representative [Georgi] of humanity, fully and completely embraces his energetic duties with a dedication of unparalleled strength and a grand distinction

As a magnetic attractor of these all-pervasive Central Sun transmissions, it is correct that he draws this light into his vessel for a complete distribution to youA full and open transfer of all these energetic light particles to you, is your combined mission, in this moment, as Initiator / Attractor [ Georgi ] and Opener [ me ] to the collective.  One cannot work without the other, and only in each other’s physical presence.

The recent events created the release of all final negatively based emotions and fear-based patterning across the human collective. This final cleansing is achieved by you two in two ways:

Firstly, your dual soul cleanses the mental abstractions that largely led to the failure of this collective to achieve the ascension at an earlier date.  

Secondly, your focus has remained on the emotive structures that supported these underlying mental constructs.

This is a tandem operation, you are correct. First comes mental resolution, then emotional resolution, followed by a natural physical resolution.

As mind-thought is the foundational element to all evolution within the human expression, this is where all work must begin. Not only can this be directed / corrected through downloads via the Central Sun, but also through one-to-one, soul-to-soul “inter-counseling” as practiced by your dual soul, himself, to many other souls, and usually on a sub or unconscious level, on the part of the recipient. This approach has had tremendous effect and we now take this opportunity to commend your dual soul for this highly reflective and clearly effective approach to the mental re-set of the human collective.”

Opening of the Ascension Gate Within the Infinity Portal in White Rock, 7:00 pm, April 10, 2014

Amora: We are guided to immediately go to White Rock. We were very depleted and I was flooded with strong chills. You noticed that there were very strong vibrations here in Ladner, before we left for White Rock that matched the Infinity Portal in White Rock. The sky was surreal with many different colours.

When we arrived in White Rock, we were guided to go down to the beach where we anchored the massive sparkling proton stream that was flooding the area. A train came along and the ground was shaking strongly and it may have had some role in anchoring this stream as well. Following this, a pure white ascension light also came down in shards. We were aware of the Galactic Federation of Light Mothership, and the 6D ships present, coordinating these downloads.

When we returned to Ladner, we carried the Infinity portal with us and anchored it into our apartment. Since then, the energies are pure and of very high frequency. (This ascension portal was indispensable for our ascension in 2014. This same procedure is also valid now in 2020.)

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