Why the Paradigm Shift Has to Come ASAP

A Case Study of Intellectual Encephalomacia of Alternative American Pseudo-Intellectuals

Georgi Alexandrov Stankov and Catherine Austin Fitts, Solari Report



I have never hidden my poor opinion about the American alternative thinkers, whom I would rather define as “pseudo-intellectuals”, and also my inner satisfaction regarding their obvious intellectual bankruptcy in the current End Time as this undeniable fact clearly heralds the imminence of the planetary shift and our inevitable ascension.

Only in this way can humanity be saved from the hell they have created for themselves on this most toxic planet in this multiverse. They cannot rescue themselves on their own and need a big push on our part, a kick in the ass, so to say, in order to begin using their gray cells, which is only a metaphor as the human brain is not capable of generating a single thought as Bashar tells us and I have proved beyond any doubt in the General Theory of Biological Regulation and in the many books and review articles on the new Human Gnosis:



Only a few days ago I wrote to a new reader of our website who comes from the East Coast, USA. He wanted to know when the planetary shift would happen. He had read somewhere in the numerous confusing and very dark sources of the new age that this would eventually happen after 2025 and wanted to know my opinion on this most auspicious event in the history, not only of this mankind but of the entire multiverse, as we, the PAT, are the linchpin of this universal ascension as I have written on many occasions and both, the Elohim and the Arcturians, have repeatedly confirmed.

This young reader was afraid that the political events in the USA would last longer before the collapse could happen. This is a common opinion shared by people who have no direct experience of how quickly the Soviet communist empire crumbled within days in the fall of 1989 and how little of this most significant event in recent human history was predicted by all the self-proclaimed political experts in August, September and even October of that year, more than 30 years ago:

Read here: The Fall of the Berlin Wall and the Iron Curtain in November 1989 – a Template For the Collapse of the Old 3D Reality

That is why I felt obliged to respond to my reader in more detail as to convince him to be more optimistic because joy is the fuel for our ascension:

And what is worse, there are no meaningful, competent discussions in the new age scene. We had a lot of discussions when I opened my website in 2011 as you can read but now all the topics have been fully discussed and exhausted and there is a silent unanimity in the PAT.”

As you all know, I tease from time to time some of the self-proclaimed alternative pseudo-intellectuals, mostly in the USA, who believe to have reached the pinnacle of human intelligence and are just as exceptional and unique as their rotten and crumbling country.

Today, I was tempted to write to Catherine Austin Fitts who edits Solari Report and had just made an interview with my good old friend, the Saker, who is currently a lost agnostic case but I have not given up on him as I like him very much, notwithstanding his proverbial stubbornness. These Russian Inteligenzia, they never learn anything but still a little bit more than their peers in the USA.

Before I decided to publish my correspondence with this lady, I asked Patrick about his opinion as I was not sure if this endeavour would not lower my frequencies which are peaking now every day in the last phase prior to the planetary shift:

“Dear Patrick,

what do you think – shall I publish this correspondence as a case study of the imbecility of the US intellectuals? I have the feeling it is too low vibrating but otherwise, it is very revealing.

With love and light



Dear Georgi,

Absolutely yes, You should publish this disquisition. I, too have wrestled with this dilemma on my Facebook page, whether to continue exposing the fraudulent and quasi-spirituality of those professing such a bereft understanding. This is entirely synchronous as within the last two days, I have revisited the expose of Christianity’s enslavement. You can review these disquisitions on my personal FB site. Perhaps, Amora can access them through her FB access and you can review them also. I was reluctant to post at first, but my HS urged me on.

As for the likes of PCR (Paul Craig Roberts), Saker et al… You and I both know they can be quite discerning in an agnostic manner, but they and others offer nothing for the future of humanity. There is no conclusiveness to their babble.

If you wish for me to provide you with my writings on FB, let me know and I will provide them for you in word doc. They touch on these same issues.

With love and light,


Before I received Patrick’s response, somebody, a kind of a lapdog of Catherine Austin Fitts from Solaris Report wrote to me, although I had not written to him, which surprised me quite a bit as it has never happened before. Normally, you do not get emails from persons you have not written to, and then realize that they have read your personal correspondence with another person and are as presumptuous to feel entitled to comment a private personal correspondence in a very vicious manner. My Goodness, in what world do we live in?

This already gives you a fairly good idea of the decline of civilised behaviour in the USA which one can observe excessively in the mainstream media. The alternative people in this country seem, however, to be fully infested by this toxic behaviour, as they have no sound morality and ethics. What is most telling for the impending End Time resolution – they do not even notice how obnoxious and despicable they behave, probably because they still cherish the old paradigm that they are exceptional and indispensable and everybody has to put up with their antics.

And here is my correspondence with Catherine Austin Fitts and her lapdog – enjoy it and laugh whole-heartedly as this is how ascension is accomplished in the easiest and most pleasant way.

What is happening on this planet? The Emerging Multipolar World – Spotlight on Russia with the Saker

Dear Catherine,

I just listened to your discussion with the Saker on the state-of-the-art of the world affairs and what struck me most – however, not as a surprise at all – was the cluelessness of both of you as to what is really happening in this world in the current End Time.

I was in contact with the Saker long before you discovered him and we had a very interesting discussion which I first published 5 years ago and republished one more time 2 years ago as it is a very important historical document.


This is the point of departure also for you. The Saker was first very impressed by my explanation of the actual truth about this earth and humanity and even made a podcast admitting that my presentation explains the world events much better and congruently than his conventional agnostic analysis, even if he had great difficulties to follow my arguments and to believe them as he is agnostic and his mind is closed to transcendental truths even, or because, he pretends to be an Orthodox believer. He, however, became very fearful soon after that and shut his mind for the transcendental dimension.

This is nothing new to me as I observe it regularly in my communication with alternative thinkers in order to gauge the level of their awakening. I am though not fixed on any outcome or unanimity of ideas. I am a reporter and a communicator and besides that, I am a scientist and argue only with scientific arguments wherever possible. Which reduces the number of my interlocutors to a handful of people as most people, and in particular most academicians, have no true scientific knowledge or background.

As an introduction to the current worldwide lockdown, I recommend you reading my review consisting of 12 articles that cover the entire spectrum of facts and aspects regarding the actual coronavirus scamdemic which you will not find anywhere else. This holds true for the only true reason why the ruling cabal imposed this lockdown on humanity and when you comprehend this background, you will understand everything that is happening on this planet at this auspicious time and will become a wise woman – you will no longer be clueless.


By the way, if you want to know more about the financial aspects of the impending crash, where I see your strength, visit the section:


With love and light

Dr. Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, MD, physicist, mathematician, and thinker
Munich, Germany
Vancouver, Canada
currently in Italy, Liguria



Attached is my view on what is happening and why. Saker specifically requested that we not discuss the Coronavirus, so we did not discuss that or the global reset which is one and the same thing.

I view the current economic model as extremely wasteful – it has a negative return on investment. It is designed for control and secret harvest, not productivity.

If you look at how much money is stolen, it is impossible for the current system to be bankrupt – unless it is required to send enormous sums elsewhere. That’s the question. Where is all the funds/assets harvested going?

Hope this helps.




Dear Catherine,

You disappoint me – I know your opinions. You do not know mine. Please read the articles I recommended you before answering me as this is not how civilized, responsible intellectuals communicate. I would have never written to you unless I knew what you think and where your intellectual limitations lie. I am a professional discussion partner as you will probably never find one in your crumbling country – the US of Atrocities.

With love and light




I read your articles before I responded. I also recommend this discussion




Dear Catherine,

the cluelessness continues. The few US intellectuals are now facing their intellectual bankruptcy, that is why this country has no chance to survive this and next year.

While I doubt that you have read the links I gave you – there is no way you could have read and understood them so quickly, even if you are a genius, here is my last attempt to make you aware of the 500-pound gorilla in the room.

Read the most important book ever written in a human language and forget your bible fairy tales:

Vol II: The Universal Law in Physics and Cosmology (Full version)

With love and light




I read the links you sent me in your first email. I am a speed reader.

In three emails, you have managed to call me clueless, stupid and a liar and you have referred to my favorite Bible story as a fairy tale without listening to what I had to say about it.

I wish you the best of luck with your “civilized, responsible intellectual communication” skills.

Best regards,


(At this place, Catherine had added a link to her Solaris Report as key evidence in her argumentation regarding our discussion on the relevance of her financial and social research. On April 2, 2021, she wrote to me inadvertently and asked me to delete the link of this report because it is protected information. I consented to her wish but had a very interesting email exchange with her again which I will publish below as a new Addendum as it reveals and confirms prospectively why I have such a poor opinion about all the American alternative thinkers. George)


Dear Catherine,

I know I am a terrible person, that is my mission in this last life – to shake the people – but so is the truth of which there will be much more to come when the rug is pulled away from under the feet of all the people and they fall into a bottomless abyss. But intellectuals like you will suffer most as they will lose the existential niche, their intellectual hobby playground, that gives them a subjective meaning in their personal life. Real life will begin first when you lose all that and this is what will come beginning this year. Therefore, all the arguments are on my side and you are welcome to start the conversation with me again when you discard the numerous inner resistances you harbour in your personality.

And please do not forget – nothing is personal. I gave you a generous chance to look beyond your current horizon but it is just an offer and I know better than anybody else that we live in a world of free choice and also that most choices people make are the wrong ones and only harm themselves.

“Nichts für ungut” ( No offence), as the Germans say…

With love and light



And now this unknown guy Robert Dupper writes to me and to Catherine a few minutes later:

“A stupid, clueless speed reader.
That’s it! I just could never find those words to describe you.

Anyway, I hope your brain didn’t suffer a reality vortex collapse as you sped read through his content.

Those high-rollers from the East, man, I tell you, it’s a different brand of people.
Especially these types, that are very intellectual, but are grounded only to their own asses.”


To which I couldn’t resist but to reply in this humorous manner:

“Dear Robert Dupper,

I do not remember to have written to you. I didn’t know “Solari Report” had a spying department attached to it that surveils all the personal correspondence.

However, I was hugely amused by your response as it fits so perfectly well to your boss Catherine Austin Fitts. I do not know in what relation you are with her, but here is why: I am paraphrasing your email to me and Catherine:

Catherine you are “A stupid, clueless speed reader.”

“How did you manage to read Dr. Stankov’s article on the coronavirus scam in less than an hour when this article contains 12 separate articles with a total volume of more than 50 book pages with more than 100 links to other pivotal articles that are based on his voluminous textbooks on Physics, medicine and bio-sciences, and which all need to be read in order to understand the scientific content of this review article, even if you would have had the scientific background to follow his argumentation, which, however, you do not have as I know you perfectly well?”

That’s it! I just could never find those words to describe you.”

“Anyway, Catherine, I hope your brain didn’t suffer a reality vortex collapse as you sped read through his content.”

“Those high-rollers from the East, man, I tell you, it’s a different brand of people.

Especially these types, that are very intellectual, but are grounded only to their own asses.”

“I am not sure if you know this, Catherine, but it is the 1st root chakra that carries the white flame of ascension and you can only ascend if you are grounded in this chakra. If not, you will experience hell on earth very soon.

Therefore, I think you should read one more time what this East-man recommends you, this time slowly and carefully with a proper understanding if you want to save your ass… sorry, your soul.

Faithfully Yours

Robert Dupper

Your lapdog


Dearest Georgi,

I tried communicating with Catherine Austin Fitts in 2015 and 2016 after reading some of her articles that appeared to display some enlightenment, but I couldn’t reach her.

Highly educated people in America feel, there is very little they can learn from others.

There is no reaching them. They are blind and their upper chakras are still closed.

Remember, you told me some time ago to let go of the ones who don’t stand a chance of being ready for the Ascension. Well, she is in that group.

My mother calls them educated fools.

Americans need serious re-education. But how do you re-educate people who already think they are great?

You can’t. More than anyone, Americans NEED this collapse to snap some sense and humility into them.

I put her in the same group as Dinesh D’Souza. It’s all paper wrapping with nothing inside.

None of these people are in the same class as the PAT.

That’s just the way it is. They are not worthy of your time and energy.

Peace & light,

Second Addendum, April 2, 2021:

Comment or Message

Mr. Stankov

Please take this link down:

(The link was removed after Catherine Fitt insisted that I delete it because it infringes on her financial interests.)

This is subscriber only material. You do not have permission to republish. If you would like to translate into Bulgarian and publish, I would be happy to send a permission for that.

Best Regards,



Dear Catherine,

it took me some time to find out where this report was published on my website as I didn’t remember to have consciously published it. Finally, I found the article and realized that it was you who sent me this report in your email as a response to my comments and part of our discussion which I subsequently published:


Since I published your entire email, I, of course, included the link you sent me. Therefore, the suggestion that I have published your material without your consent or without any subscription is absolutely untrue. I simply followed correctly my editing guidelines which I observe in such discussions with external persons as I reserve myself the right to publish them at my discretion as part of my overall pedagogic activities on behalf of mankind.

This is clearly stated on my homepage: http://www.stankovuniversallaw.com/home/

“This website is an open forum for all light warriors of the first and the last hour and for all ascended masters, as well as readers interested in the ascension process. All emails to the editor can be published at his discretion.”

I have no problem deleting this link as I am sure nobody reads your report on my website because my readers are not interested in this irrelevant 3D stuff. However, you sent it as part of our discussion which will remain incomplete much to your disadvantage, if I delete the link as you used this report as key evidence in your argumentation against my objections questioning the validity and relevance of your financial research.

Therefore, I am curious to know what considerations made you ask me to delete this link? I want to understand your mindset as I am a great psychologist and have come on this planet to analyze the human psyche and eventually change it for the better.

With love and light




Providing someone with a complimentary copy does not constitute permission to republish.

Appreciate your willingness to take it down. Thanks.

Best regards,



Dear Catherine,

I thought it was your objective to propagate your findings and research as part of your fight against the exorbitant corruption in your country and now you are restricting yourself in this noble mission.

I have published on my website 18 books and numerous scientific articles that are of the greatest value – according to my humble assessment these are the most valuable texts ever written in the history of mankind – and I give them for free and do not want any financial benefit from my mission as an enlightener of humanity as I adhere to higher ethical values.

If you now want me to delete your report, which I will do after writing this email, then you show me that you are entirely guided by very debased pecuniary motives and are no better than the system you criticize. Actually, I am very content that you confirmed one more time my poor opinion of you, both as an intellectual and as a moral and ethical person. You Americans have no clue how debased you are as sentient beings.

I am sorry to say that but I am at the same time content that I was correct in my assessment of you all along and your email saved my day.

With love and light


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