Timeless Messages From the Higher Realms

How We Created the New Ascended 5D Earth Seven Years Ago – Part 4

Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, September 6, 2020


These messages apply to the current situation in 2020 even more so than seven years ago when they were delivered. Please observe the fact that the GF acknowledged that with our successful creation of Gaia-Five in 2013, we also enabled the ascension of a myriad of other civilisations and realities. Only recently the Arcturians confirmed this fact one more time: Gaia is the linchpin for the ascension of this galaxy and the whole universe and this explains the enormous interest other advanced civilisations have in our planetary ascension and are helping us so much through the Galactic Federation.

For further information read also the introduction in Part 1.

December 3, 2013, 10:20 am in Lofer, Austria

Message delivered in person, with great reverence, by members of the Starship of the Galactic Federation of Light

“We, of the Galactic Federation of Light, and on behalf of the Universal Federation of Light and all gestalts across all of time and space manifestation, SO HUMBLY acknowledge your (me, Amora and Georgi Alexandrov Stankov) utter commitment to this Universal Ascension Creation, done in full and complete resolution and with sacred conviction.

You both have been wholly responsible for this successful commission, which has not only been the objective of planet Gaia and Humankind, but also the foundation of successful ascension, now, in this moment, of a myriad of other civilizations and realities within the multi-dimensional truth of All-That-Is!

We can never express to you in words our full gratitude and respect with which you both are now honoured across the Universes of All Time.

You shall reap a great reward for this demonstration of unparalleled love for your mission, which takes the outcome to unparalleled heights. We are the Galactic Federation of Light and you are now Universal emissaries of the Highest Order.”

December 3, 2013, 4:00 pm, Lofer, Babaji

 “Hello! This is Babaji!

Many greetings to you both! There is much going on in the planning of events for you both, never concern yourself about this, but have faith unto the very end!

Reasons are created and events are proclaimed! This is the Divine Way of the Universe! All is moving so carefully now, that one must not lose confidence.

Why is information needed? This only creates “work”. A tension.  One should only enjoy life now, knowing one is free of responsibility and declare simply that the holiday commences in earnest! And why not?!

Enjoy your life now as it comes to a completion. Enjoy your time together, as incarnated souls, as this may not arise in this way again, for eons and eons of time!

I am Babaji and I send you my love!”

Note, Carla: Georgi, you remember how upbeat Babaji was, in a very dynamic way, I loved this experience. I believe you were supremely ticked off (I had an excruciating headache due to massive downloads when Babaji delivered this message and considered it to be a mockery of our actual situation.).


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