Ascending Gaia as Logos Gods – Part 14

The Creation of the Infinity Portal in White Rock

Amora and Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, September 30, 2020

As I already wrote, as soon as I arrived in Vancouver, Canada we visited White Rock without yet knowing what important energetic role this place near the US border will have for our future light work: It became the Infinity Portal for North America that connects the new Gaia 5 with the simultaneity of the omniverse as I shall present in this and the following reports.

I felt attracted to White Rock from the very first moment. Amora had lived at this place for some time before my arrival and liked it very much. Since then we have visited White Rock hundreds of times during my sojourn in Canada and have reinforced and expanded the Infinity Portal there to become the most important multi-dimensional connection of this part of Gaia to All-That-Is. It will play a paramount role in the reshaping of this continent after the shift and the planetary ascension this and next year.

However, in early February of 2014, we knew nothing about this key creation of ours which could be done only after my arrival in Vancouver when I brought my balanced masculine energies that were supported by the feminine energies of Amora and later on of our friend Julia who worked at White Rock as a spiritual counselor. The One always needs a Divine Trinity for the creation of such infinite multidimensional structures as in this way the energies of the individual are multiplied in the sum.

For this same reason, we also built a Divine Trinity with our dear friend Sophia when we arrived in Italy in early 2018 in order to fully create and expand the second Infinity Portal on the Ligurian Coast, which Sophia has already founded years ago.

Here we see the same recurrent pattern over and over again, which shows us that divine creation follows established pathways and moves like a spiral upward to higher dimensions according to established cycles. On the earth, where the illusory linear time is predominant for the organisation of society, the seven-year cycle is of central importance as these messages from seven years ago prove. Everything that happened at that time is being repeated on a higher level now and servers as a template and a vademecum for us, the light warriors of the first and the last hour – the chief architects of the ascension process – to consider in our final efforts to accomplish the shift and the ascension of Gaia and humanity.

Six days after my arrival in Canada, we were hit by another cc-wave and went in meditation. Actually, my first months in Canada were extremely intense and exhausting as there was so much foundationary light work to be done on this continent that was inherently dark due to the very young and unripe soul population and the history of savage and cruel extermination of the indigenous population. White Rock is, for instance, an acknowledged Indian reserve for the Semiahmoo First Nation people of Canada but you can barely find any natives living there. During our meditation, the Elohim came and gave us the following stunning (for us at that time) information about what we are doing in White Rock.

February 14, 2014, 21:00 pm, The Elohim

Amora: While we were organizing our thoughts, impressions and experience of the visit to White Rock (a sea resort south of Vancouver on the US border to Washington state) yesterday evening during the Full Moon (Jan 13), the Elohim arrived with this very interesting message.

It confirms our unusual experience yesterday at the portal, the tremendous surge of energy and flow of protons, which seemed to link us to the rest of the Universe through an infinity loop.

It is very interesting to note that they call it the “Infinity Portal“, so named after Georgi had told me that he had heard the word “infinity“, as we were walking under the moonlight.

The Elohim know that we are feeling really disconnected now, especially while carrying out the anchoring of the infinity loop and have lovingly offered this message as a way to comfort us along our journey.

The Infinity Portal of White Rock

“Beloved One,

The Infinity Portal has opened up new ways through which Gaia may now interface with the Omniverse. Her isolation from All-That-Is has finally, completely and abruptly come to an end, within the constant of perpetual motion.

You (Amora and Georgi) together have surely succeeded in anchoring the platform of the Omniverse within the holographic construct of Gaia 5.  

With this transformation, all previous stations of time, used for reference within the construct of the third dimensionality are now replaced with the instantaneous perfection of All-That-Is.

Further anchoring completes this cycle during all moments, perceived during all states, waking and sleeping. This is indeed strenuous work as you complete the final application of the infinity loop as designated to you previously [ 2 years ago, January of 2012 ]. At that moment, all codes for the infinity bridge were installed within your template, to be later delivered to your dual soul during your first physical encounter [May 25, 2013, in Germany].

As you are of Sacred Union and Divine Complement, your creations on this expression hold infinite depth and prodigious results and this has enhanced divine alignments all around, beyond even those ideas you once held as Elohim.

(Note, George: This statement reiterates basic information, which the Elohim have been giving us for a long time, namely that we have vastly surpassed all our most optimistic estimates and plans what we should achieve during this incarnation while organizing and coaching the ascension process of Gaia and humanity as Elohim and Logos / Creator Gods. This overarching achievement was necessary because most of the other light warriors got trapped in the current 3D illusion and could not live up to their initial commitments at the soul level. The total failure of the New Age movement – a frequent topic in my articles on this website  –  elucidates this issue. Ultimately, this failure led to all the delays in the ascension scenario that demanded new creative, never before applied solutions by ourselves as Logos Gods to counterbalance this deficiency of the star seeds as incarnated personalities and still to achieve a most formidable result, as this will be seen this year (2020) and the years ahead.)

You are now being moved into higher realms, where your transition is elevated and secured. It is for this reason that you now feel somewhat disoriented and disconnected from your waking surroundings. It shall continue like this, for some time yet, during which time you shall notice enhanced awareness and memory [past experiences not just on this planet, but in other realms], awareness of being in more than one place at the same time, enhanced awareness of one another’s thoughts, desires, emotions and field of experience as though you are One, inhabiting the same body.

You are becoming One SoulYou are melding into the Omniverse as One, and leaving the experience of density and separation behind. It has been a grand experiment, an experiment which now, finally, comes to an end.

(This is another indication that our ascension was imminent in early 2014.)

We are with you always, holding you in a deep embrace of love and peace.  

We are the Elohim!”

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