What Happened 7 Years Ago As a Template For August 2020

August 13, 2013 – The Greatest Moment in the Ascension Sofar: Amora is the First Human Being to Transfigure Her Carbon-Based Body into Crystalline Light Body and Visit in Full Consciousness the Inner Earth of Agartha

Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, August 13, 2020


I can read the minds of my readers and the PAT: “Why is George dealing with this old stuff while we are now being hit for the first time seriously by these ascension waves, feel terrible and would like to know what is happening to us and not what has happened to Amora, Jerry and George 7 years ago?”

To which I must respond: “Because everything you experience now has happened to us as wayshowers seven years ago and if you read carefully my actualized retrospective reports and not succumb to sensationalism, you will know precisely what is happening to you, as nobody else will answer your questions more precisely.”

And here is what comes next as a visible demonstration to humanity that will trigger the Shift and the paradigm change in the coming days, however, no more in a clandestine manner and only known to Amora and me when it happened seven years ago, but for everyone to behold. None of the dramatic events that will follow in the course of this year and will change this reality beyond recognition would have been possible without this pioneer achievement of Amora which I backed up through our joint Merkabah field and then repeated myself on August 19th:


Breaking News!!! Urgent Announcement!!! Ascension Has Started!!!

My Dual Soul Carla Was the First Human Being to Have Ascended in Full Body to the New 5D Earth

by Georgi Stankov, August 14, 2013


Carla has ascended yesterday, August 13th, 2013 in full body to the 5D earth, has stayed there for more than an hour in full consciousness and has returned back. This was the first successful ascension by a complete transfiguration (phase transition) of a physical carbon-based human body into a crystalline light body and then back to the physical, biological body. This technology is unique in the whole universe and yesterday it was tested successfully for the first time.

All the higher realms – the Elohim, AA Michael, all our HS  – are staying now with Carla and are overwhelmed with joy and infinite happiness about our success. I have just talked to her on skype. She is still very tired from this unexpected and miraculous journey, especially after her astral visit to the 7th level to witness the horror of the MPR there and to report it to us, but now infinitely happy and relaxed.

This is the crowning of eons of painful incarnations as humans on this earth. The big cycle of this planet has been closed yesterday, as the Elohim have told Carla. She is about to prepare a report on her ascension experience and I will publish it for you as soon as possible.

From now on every one of you should reckon with his personal ascension and return in a physical body before the PAT will detonate the supernova. This is the next phase of the ascension plan, as Carla has been told by the Elohim. According to my estimation and that of Carla, the detonation of the PAT supernova will happen this month, depending on how and when the MPR from the 7th level will manifest on the higher levels 9th to 12th of the upper 4D earth

(The term “Supernova of the PAT” stands for the joint effort of the PAT to heave Gaia and a large portion of humanity to higher frequency levels with a sudden release of source energies that flow through our fields and bodies according to the propulsion multistage rocket model. This happened in 2013 and several more times during these seven years when Gaia made huge leaps to much higher frequency levels as on March 27th, 2020, when the new earth was created and the old Atlantean timelines were fully severed. Now we have reached the threshold when the Supernova of the PAT will accomplish the Shift to a new much better reality of real human conscience and expanded awareness so that the true revelations and innovations based on the new theory of the Universal Law can begin with breathtaking pace. N.B., George)

I have been urged by my Higher Self to start immediately with my preparation for my personal ascension through transfiguration (This happened on August 19th, 2013). During Carla’s ascension, I had to stay on the ground and keep the anchoring of her field, so that she could successfully return to this earth after her pioneer astral journey to the new 5D earth in full crystalline body was successfully accomplished. One must bear in mind that this has never happened before.

This would mean that from now on I will stop answering any emails from you and will also stop editing this website regularly. Only when an urgent announcement or information comes, I will consider it eventually for publication, in case I am still here (Little did we know at that time that we will stay as avatars for a full seven-year cycle on this 3D earth as to rescue the rest of humanity that would not have done it without us as Jerry explained so precisely yesterday. N.B. George)

I must now fully concentrate on my ascension and also on developing my ability to bi-locate, which according to the Elohim will come next for all ascension candidates, while still in a physical vessel and waiting for the PAT supernova to be detonated. The time of miracles has really commenced, my friends.

(This came true – after that, Amora and I began to bilocate like crazy on numerous timelines, mostly for the purpose of cleansing them. The world turn for us into a merry-go-round, if you exchange the word “merry” for “horror-go-round” as we visited predominantly lower, very dark frequency timelines to heave them piggyback to higher vibrational levels. N.B., George)

Based on these new dramatic and spectacular developments, it is my obligation to urge all the members of the PAT to go inward and simply relax in the next few days,  in the knowing that you have made it and that you do not need to do anything anymore. Detach fully from this reality, cut all bonds and know that you have accomplished your mission on this earth and that your transition to the 5th dimension will be the easiest part of all your endeavour as a human being in this last incarnation. (This paragraph is even more valid today than seven years ago. N.B. George)

Carla has just confirmed how simple and easy your personal ascension will be. There is no need for you to do anything anymore but just say consciously and firmly farewell to this reality with great inner joy, just as I have already said farewell to my editorial activities on this website (This may happen very soon this year, hence the actuality of this report. N.B., George).

The very intensive communication with you in the last two years (now nine years) has brought me huge satisfaction and many personal rewards and for this, I am infinitely thankful to all of you. It has been a privilege to be in contact with you – the best part of humanity – but now it is time to pack our tents and return back home, where we shall be together again forever.

This is the time to rejoice and to expect personal miracles. It is the time for which we have been waiting our whole life. Ascension has arrived!!!


Read also the real-time discussion Amora and I had on August 13th, 2013, during this most dramatic event in the history of mankind:

A Chronicle of Carla’s Ascension to the 5D Earth – the First Full Ascension of a Human Being in Physical Vessel – in Real-Time




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