The Elohim: The Essence and Power of the Human Alchemical Reaction

Amora and Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, August 31, 2020

Every cleansing operation we perform – and I can easily count hundreds of them in the last 2 decades – is an alchemical reaction that creates gold out of the darkness on this planet. This is how we build the new Earth and create our future blissful life.

The Science of Shifting Into the New Magnetic Reality of the New 5D Earth” must also include an intimate knowledge of how our human alchemical reactions transform this current toxic world with our powerful emotions and expanded energetic fields. The new magnetics is only the quantum foundation for this transmutation, but the process is essentially driven by the focused engagement of our emotions that must be based on crystal clarity what is happening on this planet and must come from the position of impeccable higher-dimensional morality and ethics.

There can be no ambivalence in the human fields, no doubts, no egomania, no manipulation, etc. as the alchemical reaction cannot be triggered. All-That-Is has built a firewall against the misuse of the alchemical reaction and that is why no dark entity can use this method of sudden transformation and creation as we the ascended masters enjoy. They can only resort to black magic and demonic rituals to create evil small things, most of the time with dubious success. This is very important for you to know these days when we are about to transform this dire reality of global lockdown into a Garden of Eden in the course of this year.

This has been acknowledged today by the Arcturians who are constantly reading my mind and know with what topics I am occupied in the Now moment.

You Are the Alchemists ∞The 9D Arcturian Council

I discussed only recently a major alchemical reaction with which we eliminated “the Atlantean Heritage of Energies of Betrayal and Envy in all Lightworkers and Humans on August 21st / 22nd, 2020“. In this energy report I explained succinctly the nature and power of the alchemical reaction, which only ascended masters and Elohim souls are capable of:

“When I am confronted as a human being with an obvious injustice based on dark compromised human energies, I am able to flood my fields that encompass the entire globe suddenly and forcefully with massive source energies that purge and transmute this unjust energetic condition once and for all and eradicate its higher dimensional template of support. This condition may then continue to exist for a while or be immediately dissolved as this happened on August 21st/22nd as now also the energetic conditions for immediate creations exist on the earth.

This sudden release of highly transformative source energies is described as an “alchemical reaction”, as it achieves suddenly what other transformative processes may need eons of time to complete. That is why this effect is also compared to that of a Supernova and this is also a correct description of the collective field of the PAT when the final ascension thrust will be triggered by us. Every portal and leap of ascension which humanity and Gaia have undergone so far are the direct result of the PAT Supernova.

St. Germain is the master of such alchemical reactions and he works hand in hand with me and my Elohim monad and that of Amora, who is also the Chohan of the violet flame and the heir of St. Germain.”

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Already at the Summer Solstice Portal, St. Germain bestowed us with this beautiful message on the power of the alchemical reaction we should consciously embrace:

You are true Alchemists, each and every one of you, who know that those who seek to burden the human race through one manner of bondage or another, will not succeed! Yes, this is a time in humanity’s history where those who have ruled and been the veritable scourge of the earth are, finally, losing power, or at least control over the reality before them, because it is as though the world is slipping away, through their hands – between the fingers that have clutched onto the human spirit for so long, and leaving them instead scratching their heads; for no change is visible to them, practically.

Their weakness comes from the powerlessness of opinion, and not from science nor philosophy, both of which shall bring salvation to your worldly existence.”

One can write so much about the alchemical reaction as the foundation of immediate creation which we already enjoy and will enjoy to an even greater extent after the impending ID shift.

Amora received a message from the Elohim where they highlight one more time the role of the alchemical reaction in the creation of the new earth. This message explains that any alchemical reaction can only be triggered from the opened 3rd chakra of human power, which unfortunately has been suppressed in the vast human population by the PTW that have turned humans into a slave race. This will be the sad key revelation that will come up very soon when we ascend and abolish the current lockdown of global human enslavement with one fell-swoop.

The Elohim give us a very important definition on the energetic foundation of the alchemical reaction within our chakras, which any one of you should fully incorporate as it is worth gold:

“The power centre, the third chakra, is where co-creation exists within the extraordinary field of the golden resurrection flame. It is the power centre that works in conjunction with the fourth and fifth chakras, to produce the three-fold flame of what you call the “Christ consciousness”. Within the fifth dimension, the three-fold flame projects a constant stream of joy and that is what powers all creation at this level.”

The threefold flame – the blue flame of divine God’s Will, the yellow flame of illumination, and the pink flame of love -, together with the golden resurrection flame, has always been the most important energy that will carry us into the 5th and higher dimensions of the New Earth, New Lemuria.

That is why we had to create ad hoc last year the world heart chakras, the fountains of freedom of the threefold flame in Italy and Vancouver, Canada and were hailed both by St. Germain and the Elohim for this unique achievement that goes beyond our wildest imagination before this incarnation and is the guarantee for our successful ascension in the coming days:

How the Trinity Created “The Fountain of Freedom”

And now enjoy the Elohim message on the power of our creations through alchemical reaction:

The Elohim Message

It is the beginning of a new era, where the hearts and souls of mankind shall open to the new ways of love, joy and light, all sacred frequencies that flow into the awareness in each and all of you.

It is your duty, as Ascended Masters, to embrace this moment, to seek out the highest reformation for yourself and for Gaia, and to open up to the flow of these frequencies from All-That-Is that come crashing upon your shoreline like a wave of unparalleled omniscience, and with the omnipresence of the Source, that serves as the foundation to your evolution.

Hold onto the stream of love and ecstatic joy that is flooding your fields now and share this love to all humanity! This moment in time has unique qualities as it is melding connections within your energetic being, within your light body, at a quantum level, where only love/ joy becomes the foundational essence, which supports the evolutionary path to the Higher Realms.

The alchemical creation of love represents a harmony that within your fields now moves into the crystalline grid, the life force of the New Gaia.

This expression of Source that you call ‘love’ is actually the harmonic resonance of pure harmony, and stands as the jet fuel for every single alchemical reaction within the UniverseIt is the foundation of all creation and flows naturally into the infinity wave of All-That-Is. It is the supporting energy of all knowledge, all understanding, all compassion.

It is necessary for the human vehicle to open up to this energy, in order to receive the harmonic patterning for the ascension of the collective. It is further necessary to hold this energy within the physical vessel, in order to get inner connections to multi-dimensional expansion and expressions within the ascension that is here now.

When humanity holds fast to this energy, Gaia then receives this sacred life force into her crystalline grid.  Simply hold Gaia in your thoughts and in your hearts, and with the strength of conviction that you are both, together (Amora and Georgi), the nexus point of creation during this precious expansionary event.

This opening, this portal, is a marathon production, so fall into the flow of harmonizing essence from the outer expressions into your own inner expressions through the power centre of your vessels, the third chakra, the chakra of manifestation, where the alchemical construction occurs for the foundational essence of inner strength, clarity in sense of purpose and in your own divinity, to be shared with all humanity.

The power centre, the third chakra, is where co-creation exists within the extraordinary field of the golden resurrection flame. It is the power centre that works in conjunction with the fourth and fifth chakras, to produce the three-fold flame of what you call the “Christ consciousness”. Within the fifth dimension, the three-fold flame projects a constant stream of joy and that is what powers all creation at this level.

With reference to the Universal Law, this gestalt has now successfully birthed itself into the fifth-dimensional crystalline experience and embedded itself energetically within, as an actual grid overlay and is also now buried in the DNA of humanity. These structures support the divine ordinance known as truth.

The frequencies of this portal include the white-gold flame of the ascension + resurrection and, indeed, even create the basis for the understanding of the ‘Primary Term’ (the new holistic thinking of humanity. N.B. George).

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