The Best News Ever – Jerry is Alive ! Miracles Abound as in August 2013

Correction of my Article “What Happened 7 Years Ago As a Template For August 2020” from August 9, 2020

Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, August 12, 2020

With the help of our dear PAT member Bonnie T. from Florida, we were able to find out our beloved friend and PAT member Jerry R James after I erroneously assumed that he has left us and this earth, for which I express first, my greatest joy, before I apologize to Jerry for this wrong assumption after haven’t heard anything from him for 3 years. On the other hand, if I would not have published this article with this wrong statement, we would not have known that he is still alive and in as good physical condition as this earth allows and this is the only thing that counts at the end.

This is a great reason to celebrate, all the more as Jerry, true to himself, has an important message to share with the PAT, which I am very happy to publish immediately:

To The PAT

Jerry R James

August 12, 2020

Dear George and the PAT,

After a long absence, I wanted to let you know that I have not crossed over but my mission as much of PAT changed in 2013 and particularly in 2017.  My mission is now more inward. I do much work with the angelics and galactics, while the physical body is in the dream state or meditative state. Most nights I am taken aboard ships to be rejuvenated physically where I can continue to carry on the great work.  I still experience symptoms too numerous to mention but I am able to recover from them more quickly than in the past. Most days I spend about 12 hours sleeping. Although I wake about every hour or so which allows me to remain in physicality. Think of the movie Avatar.

I agree with you that 7 years ago is a template for 2020 but not just August but all of 2020. I know that I have told you several times George that after 2011, I asked my higher self “why am I still here in physicality” And the answer was ”it’s the economy stupid”. My work (our work) is not done until this evil system that has enslaved humanity is brought down allowing the masses to realize who has been enslaving them. Brad wrote many articles about this in 2017 and none of what he wrote was wrong it’s all coming to pass only when our higher working with benevolent galactics decide that optimum results will be achieved. Will it be this year? Look at the signs. Does anyone ascending or not actually believe the economy in its present form can recover?

If anyone thinks 2020 has been intense and revealing so far, we haven’t seen anything yet. Many revelations must come out before most are ready to begin holding 5D vibrations. They have to turn around and face the music and who and what has been controlling this matrix. It going to be shocking terrifying, to say the least.

Members of PAT have been holding 5D and above vibrations for years but their physical body is still anchored in 3D to allow them to continue this great work.  At every junction where the energetics were ripe for our physical ascension 2009 – present, our higher selves decided that we could do more, and then more of humanity could start their light body activation. Only we, the warriors of the first and last hour, can birth this ascension and only if we remain physically in 3-D until optimum energetics are achieved. It’s a complicated process and a difficult and long one.

Members of the PAT have lost more than they ever thought possible as the world continued to sleep. When they awake, it will be shocking and terrifying and the nature of our work will change.

Thank you, George, and all the others for your continued service and sacrifice. It has not been in vain. I am an accountant by training and I know debits must equal credits and all ledgers must be balanced at the end of the day. For this reason, all of us will soon experience joy as we never dreamed possible.

I have seen our future. It’s breathtaking.

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