How to Interpet Correctly the Latest Message of the Arcturians

Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, August 7, 2020

Before I interpret the latest message of the Arcturians channeled by Scranton for August 7th, 2020, here is the full text for you to read:

Ascension to 5D by December 21st, 2020? – The 9D Arcturian Council

Daniel Scranton, August 7, 2020

Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are expecting you all to make giant leaps forward in the evolution of your consciousness during the rest of your calendar year of 2020. We do not expect you to be ready, however, to ascend on December 21st of this year. You have more of a journey than that ahead of you, and that is as it needs to be. It is also how you want it to be on the soul level. On the level of the ego, of course, ascension by the end of 2020 seems like a very good idea.

Many of you have been waiting for quite some time for ascension. You have been waiting for your fellow humans to be ready to make that jump with you. And yet, the vast majority of humans are not ready. Some people look around at their fellow humans and think that it would be fine if the vast majority of humanity were not allowed to ascend with the righteous, and we see that as a very Biblical view, a very third-dimensional view of what ascension really is.

Ascension is about raising your level of consciousness, which means that you would never leave another human behind, not from that level of consciousness. You would see all life as precious, all beings as deserving of ascension, because anyone who is doing terrible things is just playing that role so those of you who are from the light can forgive and love unconditionally. That’s how you know you have attained that level of consciousness that you wanted to attain while still in a dense, carbon-based physical body.

You need for the stakes to be raised. You need for the stakes to be high, and other souls have agreed to play the role of the dark in order to give you those opportunities. It would not be very fifth-dimensional of you to simply leave half of humanity behind. And so, we invite you to co-create a different book of Revelations, a different ending to the story of life on the third and fourth-dimensional planet known as Earth.

We invite you to see your fellow humans as the ones you are there to save, the ones you are there to uplift, the ones you are there to shower with so much love that they cannot help but have their hearts cracked open so that they may also enjoy the journey of ascension with you. Whether you like it or not, every other human on your planet is a part of you. They represent something that also exists within you, and if you cannot embrace them, you cannot become your whole self. And you are going to want to be your whole self when you ascend, not the fragmented you that wants to escape from a karmic type of prison.

So yes, we are aware of all of the stories that are out there at this time, and we are also aware of who is behind the spreading of those stories. A humankind that is divided is easier to control, easier to manipulate, and you are the ones to rise above all of that, to unite humanity, and to take all of your fellow humans with you on that ride to the fifth dimension. And no, the ride is not going to be on a giant spaceship. It’s going to be on the ship that you are on right now called Planet Earth, the planet that you are there to turn into a paradise, to turn into Heaven. You are the ones who have chosen to play that role, and we are here to assist you in whatever ways that we can.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.


Before you decide to get disappointed by this message from first glance, as some PAT members wrote to me today, read carefully one more time the first sentence, and contemplate what it entails. By the way, I fully coalesce with the Arcturians that humanity is not ready to ascend end of this year and this is exactly what the Arcturians say. Before this can happen on a global scale, an enormous educational work needs to be done by us. This is in the meantime the leitmotif of all channeled messages  I am reading on the Internet.

However, the Arcturians do not say that some outstanding individuals will not ascend in the course of this year as otherwise, the first sentence in their message will not make any sense:

“We are expecting you all to make giant leaps forward in the evolution of your consciousness during the rest of your calendar year of 2020.”

Humanity can make giant leaps in 2020 only if the following two prerequisites are met:

1) I will ascend in the course of this year and appear as the new spiritual leader of humanity as announced by the Arcturians on February 15, 2020

A Spiritual Leader to Unite Humanity

in order to trigger the long-awaited paradigm shift. Please read this message carefully as it contains all the arguments I have been forwarding with respect to my first ascension since 2000. This is not surprising as I have an Arcturian incarnation and a soul fragment of mine ascended for the first time as a human incarnate to the 9th dimension of Arcturus in January 2019.

2) In order for humanity “to make the giant leaps forward in the course of this year”, there must be a global shift in human awareness and conscience as I announced it recently and explained why:

Moving Towards The Shift

Now, please observe the following optic perception which I have discussed on numerous occasions in the past:

The more successful we are with our ascension light work, the more it seems from the limited human perspective that the ascension process is delayed. 

Why is that?

Because the more ascending timelines we create and the more ascending individuals we take with us to these timelines, the more linear time we need to affect the necessary changes.

From the limited perspective of human history observed by us as incarnated personalities who are still fully subjugated to the illusory linear time, we experience the events in a seamless chronological manner as if they follow the principle of causality. In fact, nothing is further from the truth, especially as this principle is fake science and does not exist as I prove in Volume I extensively.

We do not move linearly through human history and we are not subjugated to the slow evolutionary process of awakening humanity as reflected in the current political and societal events. In fact, we constantly create new ascending timelines and take with us the version of humanity that vibrates with the higher frequencies of these timelines. At the same time, we constantly sever low vibrating timelines and this includes the constant separation of all human versions and soul fragments that are not ready to ascend in the current End Time and will follow another prolonged pathway of soul evolution.

And here is the key to a proper understanding of the latest Arcturian message: In the last weeks, actually two months since the beginning of June, we were so successful in creating so many new ascending timelines and at the same time severing so many low vibrating timelines populated with dark human soul fragments and entities (think about the elimination of the evilest big ugly reptilians from Draco, who are the perpetrators of the current lockdown, from the earth on June 10th), that we have now reached a remarkable purity of soul essence:

On all our ascending timelines, on which we dwell and unfold our light work as ascended masters “in spe”, we have managed to create new versions of humanity where ALL incarnated soul fragments have the potential to ascend. 

That is why this is the most optimistic message I have read from the Arcturians in a long time.

The last such optimistic message was when they announced that the most favorable timelines of ascension will be those where humanity has made the decision to experience the appearance of a world spiritual leader:

“We have been exploring the many timelines that you have created since the beginning of this calendar year, and we have been noticing a common theme in those timelines. Humanity appears to want to create the experience of a leader. This leader would not be seen as a savior by all of you, but rather, as a spiritual teacher who also demonstrates spiritual gifts and abilities that wake people up and get them listening to the message that this leader will bring…. We are talking about someone who can bring together the new age community, all religions, and atheists. We are talking about someone who can even gain the respect of the scientific communityWe can see this potential as one that will result in the awakening of so many on your planet that the changes will start to occur that you have all been anticipating, and from what we can see this is an individual that has no notoriety on the global scale at this timeYou, as a collective, are ready for some very big changes, and you are the ones co-creating these timelines.”

This message says it all. It is the key to understanding the latest message of the Arcturians. Here they tell us that we have arrived at the highest ascension timelines and at the latest by the end of the current Lion’s Gate Portal (which is, by the way, very powerful and fully meets all my expectations), the entire human population we have taken with us piggy-back on our energetic shoulders will ascend with us in the near future, which may take optically a few more years. I am getting the year 2025 when the planetary ascension will be accomplished.

Therefore, the Arcturians warn us rightfully not to expect a separation of humanity in ascending and descending fractions on these highest timelines we have just created as the old biblical prophecies stated in the past. With that, they want to protect us from cherishing such wrong and outdated ideas of separation as in this way we will automatically lower our frequencies and will move to lower timelines where this is indeed the case.

Our belief systems create now the new reality we live in more effectively than ever before and almost simultaneously. That is why it is so dangerous to cherish false ideas about ascension and humanity that are based on separation. We are now beyond this case – the separation of humanity has already happened and we created it. At the latest with our decree. That is why this message is the best news we have received for a long time.

In order to properly interpret it, you must discard your concept of linear time based on the deterministic approach in science and daily life and fully embrace the multi-dimensional point of view which I advocate for many years as this is the only spiritual, transcendental world view that allows you to properly interpret the rapidly changing realities in which we currently live and create. We must be very cautious to develop only the right spiritual and cognitive ideas that will propel us to the higher dimensions through the transfiguration of our carbon-based bodies into crystalline light bodies.

Finally, the Arcturians have never said that there will not be individual ascensions before the final global ascension which indeed cannot happen end of 2020 as humanity is obviously not prepared for that. This is another leitmotif in all our discussions. However, the announced “giant leaps” forward in human evolution can only occur when the new Theory and Gnosis of the Universal Law is fully accepted and internalized by the entire ascending humanity as it is also the science of ascension.

Without this prerequisite, there can be no global ascension as the Arcturians rightfully point out in their latest message. And in order to achieve that, humanity needs a leap in their education and this will naturally take some time.

However, the paradigm shift we expect to happen this year can only occur if some of us ascend first and demonstrate what is possible for every human being as the Arcturians discuss in their message from February 15th:

“This leader would not be seen as a savior by all of you, but rather, as a spiritual teacher who also demonstrates spiritual gifts and abilities that wake people up and get them listening to the message that this leader will bring.

Therefore, I implore you to interpret this message in the right way and feel encouraged and invigorated by it and not being dragged down into depression by wrongly assuming we are confronted with another delay. In fact, we have just learned that all conditions are now met for us to begin with our mission for which we have waited for such a long time.


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