The Solstice Portal Explodes in Bursts of Magenta and Pink Light From the Central Sun

The PAT, June 20, 2020

Today we had at least half a dozen maximal bursts of magenta, pink and violet light from the Central Sun approximately every 2 hours. The first burst in the morning around 09:00 am CET was mind-boggling and it stretched us flat for quite some time. The transformation of our physical bodies and inner exhaustion exceeded anything we have experienced in this acute form so far. Then as suddenly as this exhaustion came, it disappeared and left our bodies in an amazingly invigorated state.

The magenta and pink light imbued the entire atmosphere and the landscape looked like a pale paper backdrop under the efflorescent sky and glistening sun. These are the first waves that will transform the earth profoundly in the coming days. I am getting that the bursts from the Central Sun will continue for at least two more days and will also pick up in intensity. It is impossible to predict what their visible effect will be, but until now the summer solstice portal has fully met my expectations.

This evening, I received photos from PAT members that match our photos from yesterday. We also experienced a miraculous, surreal sky shimmering in pink, violet, and golden light at sunset.

This is definitely a new earth:

Pacific Nordwest, USA, Jodie Cowan

Czechia, Central Europe, Pepe

Sunset in the healing centre of light, Diano Marina, Liguria, Italy

Sunset in the healing centre of light, Diano Marina, Liguria, Italy

The threefold flame of the Fountain of Freedom in Diano Marina guarded by a scout spaceship of the GF


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