Free Photon Energy – Video 1

Part I: Can Humans Fly?

February 11, 2020

German Version

Music: Soul portrait of Georgi Alexandrov Stankov composed by Paul Armitage


ELON Musk (CEO of Tesla) comments Isaak Newton:
"Before the invention of gravity, people could fly.“
Is this just one of his dreaded jokes?

Can man invent gravity?
... or just discover it? 
... or invent the laws of nature?
Is gravity only a dream?
Man has always dreamed of flying...

Do phenomena manifest only through measurement by the observer
as quantum physics tries to explain Creation without God?

There is actually nothing to measure and discover 
because we have already created it ourselves as souls.
We are the Creator and the Observer at the same time.
The incarnated human being experiences his original creation as Nature
His ''reality'' is a consensual conditioning of his limited senses

Man believes that nature consists of many things
until his inner senses expand and he realizes...

        There's only "SOMETHING''.

He interprets this as:

    NUR = Light (Persian), Only (German)
    EL = Light of the God (ancient Egyptian)
    ON = light (ancient Egyptian)
    OR = light (ancient Egyptian Hebrew)
    PHOT ON = light-light (from Greek phos/photos light)

The Universal Law of Georgi Stankov calls this something the PRIMARY TERM,
also Consciousness = Energy = continuum...
People experience the PRIMARY TERM exclusively as SPACE and TIME
All other physical properties can be derived from that.
The conventional time t is, so to speak, the fourth spatial dimension
as in the empty Minkovski space
of Albert Einstein's failed theory of relativity.


Because distance s and conventional time t represent one and the same quantity.
Linear time is an illusion.  
It is only valid in empty space, which does not exist.

       Space-Time = Energy = Light = Photon

The universe is made up of levels and systems...
...which are overlapping wave systems.
They are U-sets that contain the whole and themselves as an element
This element is ONLY energy that humans perceive as space-time.

The theory of the Universal Law speaks of PHOTON SPACE-TIME
one could also say: LIGHT-ENERGY SPACE-TIME.

Photon space-time and matter are one and the same.
They only represent different states of energy.
Solid matter is condensed light/photon energy.
Photon space-time as extension is one of the many manifestations of pure energy
which comes from the Source.

This pure, extremely high frequency energy beyond human perception is called SPIRIT.
It is the eternal pristine cause of All-THAT-Is. 

„Before the invention of gravity people could fly“
An ingenious statement... 
Gravity is actually an invention (not just the ''law'')
The apple only falls from the tree in people's heads...
We always experience only interpretations of NUR, EL, ON, OR...

Man can mentally overcome gravity
because his thoughts are pure energy.

The 3D human being names, interprets, catalogues...
His modus operandi is divisive - inventing parts, believing in separation.
The Whole = Energy does not exist for him
... because he has too little soul contact.
Man is content with very little.
Man invents his world and calls it reality.
An Illusion in Absurdistan.

A very limited reality? Yes.
That's why humans believe in the scarcity of energy
and that we have no access to free photon energy.
We live in fullness and abundance,
but we don't see this and limit us:
We put up with limited inventions without noticing it.

Although there is so much to create consciously,
that we can live in abundance,
enjoy, celebrate, laugh...


In the coming parts we shall explain:

- Why the ether was abolished in physics;
- Why the false law of entropy was introduced;
- Why physicists cannot explain gravity
  and thus cannot overcome it;
- Why it is very simple to generate free photon energy
from space.

We shall also present initial prototypes of generators of 
free photon energy and anti-gravity vehicles.

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