Free Photon Energy – Video 3

Part 3: Is Physics Manipulated by Politics?
… A Real Global Conspiracy!

February 22, 2020

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The biggest and most nefarious blunder of physics 
was to eliminate the existence of photon space-time.

Photon space-time and matter are one and the same.
They represent only different aggregate states. 
There is a constant energy exchange between matter and photon space-time
 - between photons and electrons of matter - 
as Bohr's model shows. 

Photons and electrons carry the intelligence of the Source. 
This is how all forms in the material world are created and dissipated.
Humans will soon learn that electrons obey their thoughts.
This is the energetic foundation of immediate Creation. 

Until the end of the 19th century, all physicists believed that photon space-time existed. 
They called it "ether" and explained with it all phenomena in electromagnetism. 
However, they failed to explain gravitation until the present day, 
which they erroneously assess in the empty Euclidean space 
of classical Newtonian mechanics.

In 1887, the infamous Michelson-Morley experiment was performed.
It's aim was to prove the existence of ether, i.e. photon space-time. 
While the results of this experiment, later on repeated several times, were correct, 
their theoretical interpretation was absolutely wrong.
This led to the abolition of ether (read here and here). 
A political decision by the hidden elites? 

The dogma of empty space or vacuum was established in physics. 
This cardinal failure pushed back physics and science for more than a century.
It prevented humanity from using free photon energy and prosper.
The "prison-planet earth" experiment should by no means come to an early end.  

This blunder was further cemented by Einstein's false special theory of relativity,
 as he himself admits:

" "If the Michelson–Morley experiment had not brought us into serious embarrassment 
(with the abolition of the ether), 
no one would have regarded the relativity theory as a (halfway) redemption." 

- Einstein

The existence of photon space-time was rejected. 
It was substituted with the empty Minkovski space of the theory of relativity.
Here gravitation should occur as an "action at a distance", 
the so-called "long-range correlation", 
however, with the speed of light c, 
which is also the speed of photons. 

This is a very strange paradoxical hypothesis
that no serious physicist should voluntarily accept.
It has permanently prevented the elucidation of the mechanism of gravitation.

As photon space-time ceased to exist in the minds of physicists, 
Photons were not supposed to have a mass. 
However, this blunder stems from the wrong definition of mass in physics, 
which is as old as this discipline.

Until now physicists have not realized what mass is. 
They consider it to be an intrinsic property of matter. 
Therefore, they distinguish many different categories of mass, 
such as gravitational mass, inertial mass and so on.
Hereby, adjectives of human emotions creep in as physical terms.

In reality, mass is 

an abstract mathematical definition of energy relationship 

between an arbitrary reference system Er and any other object or system E in nature:

            mass = m = E/Er

As all systems have energy, they also have a mass.

Therefore, photons also have a mass in current 3D-physics.
Stankov calculated the mass mp of the basic photon, also known as Planck's constant h:

              mp = h/c2  = 0.737×10-50 kg

This is a new fundamental physical constant.
With its help Stankov calculated the mass of all particles of matter and material objects.
He actually calculated how much light all material objects contain (see Table 1).
This "biblical achievement" eliminates religious Genesis -
And God said, "Let there be light," and there was light (Genesis 1.3).

Stankov uses only mathematical results obtained in physics
to prove the validity of the Universal Law and unite physics.
This is independent of the fact that all fixed results in physics are an illusion, 
which are artificially obtained by arresting time in the head (see video 2).

Stankov also resolved the problem of "dark matter" in the Universe,
that accounts for more than 90% of all the mass, scientists cannot find.
The missing "dark matter' in cosmos is photon space-time.
The mass of the basic photon may be very small
but it grows enormously with photon frequency:

             m mp 

All fundamental physical constants can be integrated 
with the help of the new constant - the mass of the basic photon -
by employing the Universal Equation. 
All known physical laws are derivations of the Universal Equation.
Thus, there is only one Law of Nature.

The decision to eliminate photon space-time as a real level of nature 
was deliberately made by the dark elite.
They knew that it is the source of infinite, unlimited free energy for humanity. 
It is the foundation of human freedom 
and deprives the elite of their power over the people.
The end of linear time and all other illusions supports this.

The "Prison Planet" experiment on earth ends NOW
Gaia and Humanity are ascending NOW.
Free photon energy will be available soon.
The Light has won over Darkness.

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