Free Photon Energy – Video 2

Part 2: Is Physics the Physicists’ Labyrinth?

February 17, 2020

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Clip from the movie "Maze runner":
"Why are we different?
What if we are here for a reason?
You are not like the others - you're curious!"

Are the physicists also curious and ready to leave their self-created labyrinth?
There are good reasons why the standard model never worked.

Religion, philosophy, politics, ideology and finance have much less influence
on human life than scientific ideas.
This was clearly demonstrated by the Industrial Revolution of the 19th century.
It was based on new theories in science, such as Maxwell electromagnetism
and revolutionary inventions resulting therefrom, such as
the steam engine,
the combustion motor,
the alternating current generator and motor (invented by Nikola Tesla).
They still determine energy supply and consumption today to a large extent.

Their poor efficiency has determined the slow economic development
and social progress of mankind in the last 150 years.
Mass poverty,
endless wars over "limited" natural resources,
crises, civil wars, disasters...
The First and Second World Wars prove that.

There has been no groundbreaking new energy source for decades
apart from nuclear power, which is too risky, and
wind and solar power that are dependent on weather.
The use of free photon energy was suppressed,
although more than 100 years ago Nikola Tesla
invented the first generator for free photon energy
and powered an automobile with it.

The reason for this grave deficiency...
...lies in the failure of physics...

Why is that?
Doesn't physics render exact, reliable results?

Physics is applied mathematics.
All results in physics in the form of laws and equations are mathematically correct,
but not necessarily related to reality.
The verbal interpretations of all these results are wrong in terms of true knowledge.
This hampers the development of new technologies.

Georgi Alexandrov Stankov discovered the Universal Law in 1995.
He proved that all known physical laws are mathematical derivations of this law.
The Universal Law is the only Law of Nature.
It is the simplest mathematical equation,
a rule of three:

       E = EA f  (energy = const. energy package × absolute time)

The Universal Law leads to the unification of physics -
a long-cherished dream of all physicists.
The new Axiomatics of physics, mathematics and all other sciences is based on 

    The PRIMARY TERM of human consciousness = ENERGY

As shown in Part 1: There is nothing else.

Physics is a creation of the human mind.
The mind is a function of the soul = the Divine Mind.
However, humans can only access the Divine Mind
when their minds learn to think logically, 
consistently and without contradictions.

The new Axiomatics of the Universal Law
is the only method of correct logical thinking
because it is free of fear.

All systems and levels of All-THAT-Is = Energy
are wave systems that overlap, intercept & influence each other.
Man perceives this energy only as space and time
in science (physics) and daily life.

Space as distance s and conventional time t
are one and the same quantity:

        distance s = conventional time t

e.g. lightyear (also parsec) as units for cosmic distances.

The absolute time is frequency f , in short, „time“.

Space and time are reciprocal variables:

     distance s = 1/ frequency f = 1/ (absolute) time f

Space and time cannot be really separated and measured as fixed quantities.
They are "canonically conjugated", 
i.e. they constantly and mutually change their magnitudes.
This is how energy exchange occurs in the universe.

Physics as the "science of exact measurements" is an illusion of the human mind.
In order to be able to measure space, time must be arrested (fixed) in the head.
Scientists do this by arbitrarily assigning the number 1 to time: f = 1.

  Energy = space-time = space × 1 = space = empty Euclidean space

This is done in mathematics which is a hermeneutic science of the mind.
Hermeneutic sciences have no real object of study.
Scientists are not aware of this invalid trick -
the source of all human illusion.

Thus physics eliminates Energy as its only object of study:
"We must admit that we do not know what energy is",
writes Richard Feynman in his famous "Lectures on Physics"

Hence all measurements in physics are illusory.
This is Fake Science - a science of Human Illusion.  

The speed of light illustrates this:

          c = λ f

When the wavelength λ increases, 
the frequency f of the photons decreases and vice versa
because the speed of light c is constant.

Wavelength and frequency of the photons mutually change
because they are canonically conjugated magnitudes.
The theory of relativity acknowledges this fact, 
but failed to explain it.

Physicists are blinded by the use of such flawed methods of measurements.
This prevents them from grasping the origin of all knowledge: 

  The Human Consciousness = the Primary Term

which is excluded from physics.

All units and dimensions of physics (in the SI system)
can be derived from space-time.
Stankov proves also that all SI units
use the fundamental photon h (Planck's constant) as a reference system.
Their ''exact'' measurement is only possible,
 if photon frequency/time f  is arrested in the head.

In reality,

  All-THAT-Is = Universe = ENERGY = Consciousness = 
Infinite Change 

is not measurable because it IS incommensurable.

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