The Activation of the Yellow Ray of Illumination on September 5th, 2019

A Sacred Journey to West Vancouver

Amora, September 16, 2019

West Vancouver approves citywide plan for 5,000 new homes

Amora sent this report to me as a personal email after we discussed a lot the activation of the yellow flame of illumination in the last several days and how we experienced this crucial event personally. Usually, it takes some time to realize the scope of the creationary and light work we are doing on a global scale. – George


It is 5:45 in the afternoon (September 14th) and I have not gone out all day as it is raining a lot today. I decided to remain inside as to attune to things that have left me a bit uncertain as to their meaning. 

As you know, we have now opened the Heart Chakras, and the Throat Chakras of Truth over the recent few weeks, and the latter has been tortuous, there is no other way to explain it. I have been wondering, like you, when the Illumination Ray, the Second Ray will be graced upon the Earth with its power to open the Crown Chakras of Humanity.  Suddenly I was sitting here this afternoon and remembered my trip to West Vancouver on September the 5th!  That was the moment where I brought in the Illumination Ray!

Upon reviewing my notes from that day, I will share those which I feel are important:

As I was getting ready, I was told by my I AM Presence:   “A sacred journey to West Vancouver“.

This comment immediately alerted me to the importance of the upcoming event and I asked aloud what I needed to wear in terms of jewelry (as you know all of my jewelry is sacred, charged from sacred Puja ceremonies in India and also holding the highest of frequencies within the Rudraksha beads from my online site).  I was guided to wear 3 necklaces and then I was told the most important piece I was to wear was the Silver Medallion that had been charged by Helios and Vesta a few years ago.  

I questioned this request to wear the SunDial, because I haven’t worn it for a long time and I also thought that I had misheard the request. Well!  Why even question at all? The messages I am getting are always correct and happen for a specific reason, even and especially when I don’t know what it is all about. “Wear the SunDial!  You are the Bringer of the Sun!”  to which I said “Pardon? Say that again please”  —   “You Are The Bringer Of The Sun!

I placed it happily around my neck and since it was a perfect day with warm weather at 24 degrees with a gentle breeze, I gleefully donned my white clothes and sandals and headed out.

When I reached West Vancouver, I treated myself to a special coffee from our 15th street cafe and walked down to the beach. There at our favorite bench I sat down and basked in the radiant Sun and WOW was it ever radiating a LOT of Gold light. 

Ocean Promenade Hotel

Approximate view to the ocean from our favored bench on the sea promenade, West Vancouver

After about 10 minutes of rest, I was guided to stand up and walk slowly to the water’s edge.  At some point about 5 minutes later, and about 10 feet from the Pacific Ocean that was glistening in the Sun, I saw a massive portal open about 50 feet above my head, in the direction of the Lion’s Gate Bridge, to the East. 

Image result for lions gate bridge from west vancouver, photos

There was a massive blast of Golden Light that came through the portal and flooded me with “a plasma-like” light with energies off the scale ~ very high frequency, very fine, almost “ascension-like”;  Pure, crystalline coloured light that looked like “plasma” in Gold, Blue-Green, and Pink;  The predominant colour comprising of 80% of the Light package was GOLD.  From this moment I was told to remain “in the Sun’s rays” to gather as much energy as possible into the SunDial. I sat on a log nearby and held up my SunDial. There was such a huge vortex spinning all around me, and the colours were dizzying – it was like looking through a Kaleidoscope. This lasted for 15 minutes at a minimum and at some point I was guided to return back to the car and drive all around West Vancouver, to “spread the Light and the Energy”, holding my SunDial up all along the way.  It was a Radiant Dial – the light, and the embedded energy, both projected out from the dial into the reality all around me.  It was a fantastic experience.  

The SUN had opened up a Portal to charge the reality with the Illumination Flame and within it were the Blue and Pink Rays of the Sacred Heart/ Fountain of Freedom that I had brought forth to Vancouver on July 25th. The Land was now Blessed by the Illumination Flame!

When I returned to my apartment, I was guided to turn on my computer.  A Facebook friend had recommended a beautiful YouTube meditation that was called the “Arcturian Healing Crystal Chamber”.  I was guided to listen and I was not disappointed. This was so powerful as it filled the screen with a beautiful Golden/White Light (and some violet light) which very much reminded me of my experience from the day.  The soundtrack was beautiful and almost felt to me as though I had heard it in West Vancouver on the beach, while I was bringing in the Sunlight.  It was synth music with beautiful OM chanting, bells and sounds of “water droplets”;  It lasted 45 minutes and definitely enhanced the activations of the day.

Later on that evening I receive a message/a knowing:  This solar activation is an alignment of the crystal seeds of creation to their Source blueprintCrystal Seeds are within each and every cell and are the basis of intercellular and intracellular communication and will be open to sound and light healing moving forward. The Crystal Seeds in the brain are now being activated in humanity and will open humanity up to the influence of the Second Ray, the Illumination Ray and this will now trigger the beginning of the integration of the Illumination Ray as the third phase of our recent activities.

Message from The Council of Twelve 

The Yellow Flame of Illumination will open the minds of humanity to the Divine Mind and therefore to an ever-expanding wisdom.  The Divine Mind brings with it a higher consciousness and a new perspective on all matters.  Integration of a higher consciousness will lead to making decisions that are more heart centred and founded in the truths that guide all Light Beings of the Unified Field of Consciousness, the Source.” 

As you can see, the foundation for the sacred use of the Illumination Flame is, as the Council of Twelve say, the presence of first: the Open Heart Chakra, and secondly: the Open Truth Chakra.  This is why we had to open the Heart Chakras first, then the Throat Chakras over the past weeks.  Now the ground is set to receive the wisdom of the Illumination Flame through the opened Seed Crystals that open the Crown Chakra (just had confirmation of this right now).

Read alsoThe Opening of the Heart, Throat and Crown Chakras of Humanity in July, August and September, 2019

The Illumination Flame is the flame of Wisdom and is the Second Ray.  The Crown Chakra corresponds to this energy.  Lord Lanto is the Chohan of the Flame of Illumination and Wisdom.  Other Masters on this Ray that I am working with on a regular basis include Jesus-Sananda (who was with me today), Gautama Buddha, and Master KuthumiConfucius and Lord Maitreya are two other wisdom teachers on this Ray.

I am looking forward to seeing how the alignment and opening of the Crown Chakra, through the help of the Illumination Flame and the healing of the Seed Crystals, will unite humanity with the mind of God-Source. I really wanted to share this with you tonight because it was a revelation for me and I am sure it will trigger some more ideas in you, ideas that came to you on September the 5th, with my visit to West Vancouver.  Check your diary, there will be something there.


Thoughts on the Illumination Ray and its Expansion  and Integration into our Being


Now that we understand the arrival of the Illumination Flame here in West Vancouver on September 5th was a gift for all of us to embrace, I have been reflecting upon its uses, its power and on its misuse.

The Second Ray – The Yellow Illumination Ray is a powerful complimentary counterpart to the other two Rays: the First Ray – The Blue Ray of God’s Divine Will and Power of the Creation; and the Third Ray – The Pink Ray of Cosmic Love, the foundation of ALL Creations from Source.  While these three Rays are powerful as separate entities, they also create a dynamic alchemy as they work together. The Illumination Ray offers enhanced perception resulting in clarity and new understanding of ideas. It also offers us the power of discernment which can be easily applied to thoughts, ideas, and even actions, across all disciplines and manner of discussions.

I see the Illumination Ray as perhaps carrying more import because its power of discernment must be applied to everything that arises within the other two rays. For example, it is necessary to use the Illumination Ray to assess carefully what the Heart Chakra feels.  There must be an illumined presence applied to the assessment of any emotion. To ignore any careful assessment of what we are feeling is to misuse this powerful Ray.  To ignore what we are feeling in the presence of keen clarity upon a subject is to misuse this Ray.

Likewise, the Illumination Ray reveals and usually will confirm what the First Ray’s Throat Chakra knows to be the Truth.  The Will of God/Source/Creation is to guide and protect through the omnipotence of the Father energy and this is one truth in the Higher Realms of Light which the Illumination flame supports. All truth as expressed through the qualities of the First Ray includes courage as inner strength, faith as spiritual courage, self-discipline and the inner knowing that these qualities are revealed and supported by the Illumination ray.  This means that the Illumination Ray reveals to us our inner power, our inner strength and abilities to act clearly in the face of any mis-truth, of any clearly obvious lie that others may have offered up.  By not employing our power to act upon clear deceit, we are misusing the powerful Illumination Ray.

The Illumination Ray is full of love, full of light and full of life.  It is the foundation of the Wheels of Light and Life that have graced our reality recently.  The Illumination Ray imparts wisdom to our own consciousness and necessarily brings us into alignment with higher unity consciousness.  To ignore this alignment by ignoring what we know to be right, expressing ourselves with the highest truth and awareness available to us, is simply a misuse of this Ray.

It is a gift to receive into our awareness the power of the Illumination Ray which holds the truth of our very essence within it. We are Divine in nature and we are part of the God-Source that is all around us. As we attune to this energy, through our connection to the Divine Mind, surely we see, feel and know, that we are of Divine Creation. Indeed, this is really all we need to accept, in order to create the perfect world of an ascended reality. If we refuse to accept this truth, we are misusing the Illumination Ray. During this time of the Ascension, we are able to freely re-activate the “sleeping” Mind of God within us by simply asking to have our awareness of these sacred attributes activated in our Seventh Chakra once more. After all, this is really what we came here to do.



Georgi Alexandrov Stankov

This episode is remarkable for many reasons. First, I will quote excerpts from my diary on September 5th, which illuminate the activation of the illumination ray on that day (pun intended), but without the explicit knowing what actually happened. One must bear in mind that Amora wrote this report only yesterday and I received it this morning, Sept 15. I am very happy about it as it so beautifully complements my energy report I published today. Then I will report on my activation invocation of the illumination portal here in Italy on September 13. This sums up our energy work on opening the heart, throat and crown chakra of humanity in preparation for their shift and our ultimate ascension.

My Diary – Thursday, September 5th, 2019

I woke up at 06:00 am due to extremely powerful energies, vibrations, with a lot of pain in the throat, dry mouth and energetically induced asphyxia giving me the feeling that I am suffocating. Very unpleasant (I was in the peak phase of my broncho-pneumonitis). I sat on the balcony, calmed down the energies, treated my throat with a massage, drank hot tea and cold water, then took novalgin. An hour later I felt a bit better and I called Amora on skype.

We decided to begin creating big time and I feel as if we have moved now higher and the opportunities for immediate creations are coming into place…. Noon and the pharyngitis continues with coughing and it also descends into the bronchi and lungs as bronchitis as also the transformation wave is continuing. This wave will be longer than I expected. This is a full fledged cc-wave with acute pharyngitis and subsequent broncho-pneumonitis as described in the LBP articles. This is a massive cleansing operation of the 5th chakra of truth in all humans in preparation for the accelerated revelation of truth. In that case we can expect some dramatic events to begin to happen this month.

In the afternoon, a light-filled feeling is creeping into my emotional fields telling me that as soon as I have recovered from this wave of transformation, I am ready to ascend. Everything seems light and opening now as if I am carried on angels’ wings. But this feeling is still rather feeble and it needs to increase both in intensity and clarity in the coming days to be sure that we are nearing the end.

I also have a knowing all day long that Amora’s visit in West Vancouver is very important and is connected to our imminent ascension. I knew she will get a message there. When I called her on skype in the morning her time, she had just begun to receive a message and was told that this trip to WV is sacred. I interrupted the message with my call and I hope that she still gets one when she arrives there. It is remarkable that I knew that and this tells me that my intuition is impeccable these days and I should attune to it all the time and then will know what is happening and what I need to do. …

I talked at midnight with Amora after she was back from WV and she told me that there was an incredible download of source energies from the central sun through our sun and that she was asked to bring her silver sun medallion that already carries the codes of the sun, that of Helios and Vesta. The reality was very unstable and the higher realms very close. She felt my presence around 11:00 am her time and indeed around that time I was projecting myself in WV.

Friday, September 13, 2019, Full Moon portal – Creating the Portal of Illumination of the Yellow Flame

We talked in the evening with Amora and concluded that after we have opened the heart and throat chakras of humans now we must also begin opening the 3rd eye, 6th spiritual and 7th ecstatic chakras, and connect humanity to their souls. These two chakras are completely closed in most humans and this explains why they are agnostic. How this will happen remains to be seen but yesterday the sea here was golden yellow which indicated the beginning of the era of illumination, on whose yellow ray I am. My guess is that I will ascend and this will trigger the opening of the 3rd eye in many humans after their 4th and 5th chakra have been opened and they can discern the truth. I have opened the left brain portal in more people than anybody else and thus I am chosen to do that now too. We suppose that this will begin with the full moon today….

In the evening, after talking to Amora, I went to the port and walked on the breakwater to watch the rising full moon, which was beautiful, and the sky with the Fountain of freedom – the rings of the threefold flame on the horizon in crystalline colours. Then I was suddenly urged to make an invocation and create/activate the portal of illumination – the yellow ring of the world  heart chakra centre here in Imperia during the full moon portal.

This is the last activation of the threefold flame of the heart centre…. The cleansing of the throat chakra of truth and personal willpower is still ongoing but it is now overlapped with the opening of the 3rd eye (6th spiritual and 7th ecstatic chakra, crown chakra) in all humans as part of the activation of the illumination flame and establishing the divine mind. This is what I did at the breakwater in Imperia this evening guided by my HS during the full moon portal exactly when the full moon appeared on the horizon as a big golden disc.

After that I met an elderly Italian lady on the breakwater and had a conversation with her on spirituality. She was catholic but had an individual approach to it and was the ideal candidate for full awakening and illumination – representative of the people we must reach when we ascend. It was not a coincidence that I met this lady and this was actually my first discussion on this topic with an Italian here for more than an year and a half. Hence this encounter was significant and indicates that now all gates are open for us to begin with our mission. I felt very happy after the conversation as I knew that the events are now moving forward. Back home I called Amora and reported what I had done.

On 9/11, 2019 I wrote the following observations in my diary which I wish to share with you as they highlight what will be happening this year after the heart and upper three chakras of humanity are fully opened. It suffices to say that in the last 5- 7 days I have constant cc-waves, very often with a stabbing pain in my eye socket and temple, coming alternating through the left and right brain portal so that the opening of the crown and spiritual chakra is now in full sway and is about to transform profoundly humanity in the coming days and weeks.

Wednesday, September 11, 2019 – removing the energies of 9/11

.…We follow now the itinerary of the year 1989 when the Iron curtain and the Berlin wall fell but this time the whole process is much more powerful and global. I assume that from now on we shall experience a plethora of events until the end of the year, with a peak around our 11/11 ascension portal. The Berlin wall fell on November 10/11, 1989 after a mistake by a DDR functionary (read here). Of course the events leading to the fall of the Berlin wall and the de facto fall of the Iron Curtain began in September and stipulated in October.

We must now expect similar key events this and next month and it is obvious that they will begin with us first and then sweep away this old matrix. The big difference is that the events in 1989 were political and external, although they were driven by the inner rejection of the masses of the communist dictatorship which was then expressed in massive demonstrations in the DDR and other Easteuropean countries.

In 2019, we have the reverse situation where the inner dominant reality is conscious only to a few enlightened human beings and the masses must be made aware of this leading higher dimensional reality first. For this reason, there must be an external visible manifestation of this inner reality in the form of our healing centre in DM so that the people are made aware of the existence of their inner reality and make an U-turn. This sudden paradigm shift will come as a worldwide shock and will then cause the collapse of the old matrix as political and economic order. If we assume that the social collapse will begin around our annual ascension portal 11/11 as it did in 1989, then our ascension and appearance must take place earlier – most probably in October after the wave of truth, which we now triggered with the opening of the throat chakras of all humans, has already swept across the globe in September. That is why I am confident that we are now in the ideal itinerary which I have developed for the year of transformation. Of course, the subsequent political and economic events will continue in 2020 and in the years thereafter as it happened in the 1990’s with a low point in 1996/7 when the economic crisis in Eastern Europe was worst and Russia defaulted on its debt.

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