The Elohim: The “Fountain of Freedom” Brings Balance to the Divine Feminine and Masculine Energies

Channeled by Amora, August 4, 2019

Here is my journal entry from July 27th and the subsequent message from the Elohim:

Georgi and Sophia experience an intense storm in Imperia, and they see a lot of “sheet” lightning from the apartment coming from the area beyond the hills around Diano Marina. I experienced unusual lightning like this the night before, midnight on the 26th, a lot of “sheet” lightning, no thunder and almost no rain. During the afternoon today, I was guided to go to White Rock nearby, and was met by Helios and Vesta. They shared a huge stream of golden light directly into my fields. I was glowing following this! 

Read reportThe Installation of the Divine Heart Chakra Portal “The Fountain of Freedom” on July 25, 2019 in Vancouver for North America

After a discussion with Georgi about the magnetic field effects on our bodies, I heard a statement describing what was taking place as an energetic situation: The Elohim described “Quantum Transversal Application” as a way of inserting magnetic energy into our reality… Georgi, this label is for you to describe to us!

(Note, George: This term simply tells us that with the arrival of magnetism on earth as plasma and crystalline energies of the Source that carry the harmony of the masculine and the feminine principle, also the condition of superconductivity has been established. This would say that all change at the quantum level, at all energetic levels, happens almost simultaneously as all layers of realities are reached instantaneously by this transversal magnetic wave of transformation, of which the “sheet” lightnings on July 26th in Delta BC and on July 27th here in DM were a particular manifestation. This is the best proof that big changes of this reality will now begin to unfold with a rapid pace as the energetic structure on earth has also been transformed profoundly from “masculine electric dynamism” to magnetic balance of the feminine and masculine principle. Therefore, there are no resistances of old energies anymore in the quantum structure of the earth that can impede or delay the manifestation of this imminent energetic shift carried on the “wings of superconductivity”.)

The Elohim message offering clarification:

“Dear One,

We are the Elohim and we have enjoyed your journey of recent creation through the expression of the Cosmic Heart Portal, the Fountain of Light that your Brethren refer to as the Fountain of Freedom (Brethren meaning:  Saint Germain, Mother Mary and the Ascended Masters of the White Brotherhood, note Amora).  

This magnificent Fountain, now expanded to the Infinity Portal (Vancouver) has offered a whole new level of magnetic infusion into both Heart Centres – Northern Italy and West Coast North America. The Magnetic Infusion is a necessary component of stabilizing the energy of the Divine Feminine that has returned to your Earth expression. Severance of the Divine Feminine has been successfully overridden now and there will be a turn of events based upon the redistribution of balanced creationary energy.

It is important to note that the Divine or Sacred Masculine could never survive alone, without its Divine counterpart, the Divine Feminine, no matter how the latter has been isolated and manipulated over many long ages – it is simply not possible to separate Feminine from Masculine, Hydrogen from the Water molecule, Light from your Sun. These are ideas that are borne out of a sense of powerlessness in a reality that has had fear instilled in its creation early on.

Fear has arisen solely from a forced energetic uncoupling of the Divine Feminine through the introduction of Electrical Dynamism as a distortion to the Feminine Principle of Magnetism

It is for this reason that you have recently received the Magnetic Sun. It is not that it is new – it is that God-Creator procured a release of new levels of magnetic energy to override the unnatural imbalance to the creation where magnetic was interfered with by electrical impulse.

The imbalanced Divine Masculine (Masculine being electrically based/ oriented / polarized energy), attempted to control the outcome of this LIFE CREATION, called EARTH, through the insertion of the electrical. 

The Divine Feminine being magnetic in Nature, needed to be supported in this expression in order for its full return to full LIFE expression. For this reason, you have noticed recently in your physical fields what you refer to as a “magnetic anomaly“; Yes, indeed: There was a magnetic anomaly for you both within the past two days, noticed in your fields. 

The magnetic support has been a divine ordination to return sacred balance to the “Masculine” and “Feminine” energies in your World expression. As balance is restored, you will no longer see (personality) traits as being attributed to one or the other,  masculine or feminine. Rather, you will see a natural co-creation of integrated aspects called harmony, courage, sincerity, universal acceptance, truthfulness, equanimity for all. Most importantly, it is a time to drop all labeling of others and change the outlook to one of inclusion and respect for each and every individual who has crossed your paths on the journey to the Light. The most separating energy is to employ derogatory adjectives to the feminine or masculine energy [“toxic masculinity” comes to mind, note Carla].

It is now time to embrace each of the foundational creationary energetics, masculine and feminine, in light of the profound beauty they each hold.

It is a new era. It is the new era of unified ~ balanced ~ and harmonized feminine to masculine energy. It is time to ride upon the wave of One Unified Expression in all of Creation. It is the time of The Law of One, a unified whole:  Now and ForEver.

We are the Elohim.”

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