Practical Applications of Transcendental Biophysics

Georgi Stankov, May 19, 2019

From the book “Thoughts (Gedanken)” 387 pages, 2008

translated from German into English by the author

I have deliberately preferred the term “biophysics” in this treatise, although I could just as well have spoken of “transcendental physics“. With this I want to emphasize the basic knowledge of the new theory, namely that man can only perceive the astral energies directly with his mind and psyche, because they themselves are astral-energetic systems.

Furthermore, they are connected to the senses and can also receive and process data from the limited energy spectrum of 3D space-time; strictly speaking, only by processing the low-frequency data from the environment do mind and psyche create the illusion of 3D space-time as an exclusive, “objective” reality. At the level of pure spirit and the soul, whereas the soul is an emanation of spirit, all energetic levels and systems – both the 7F-creationary realms and 3D space-time – are simultaneously perceived. This is the original level of perception of the soul from which it operates, for example, maintaining control of the biological regulation of the body and coordinating interpersonal relationships.

Both the mind and the psyche have a very complex stereo-metric structure which is constantly in flux and changes continuously according to the respective thought and psychic pattern. For this reason I also speak of emotional and mental body in order to clarify that mind and psyche, just like the biological body, have their own form and structure and do not consist of amorphous “morphogenetic” fields, as some alternative scientists mistakenly believe.

All energy is organized – it is Spirit. If this were not the case, we would not have been able to grasp them mathematically, and there would be no physics in the conventional sense. But since it is possible to have a unified physics – the new physics of the Universal Law proves it – it is biophysics from the point of view of the earthly observer.

This conclusion already follows from the fact that all physics can be derived from the primary term of human thinking and is therefore a biophysical matter. Physics can only perceive 3D space-time mathematically, and this is an a priori hallucinatory view of the incarnated personality implanted by the soul as a systemic foundation of its psycho-mental sensory perception of the outer world – actually it creates the external world.

This also includes the realization that the technical assessment of inorganic physical matter within the framework of applied physics and research is ultimately only possible with the senses that function according to biophysical principles (1).

From this I come to another fundamental realization of the new Gnosis:

There can be no physics as an empirical science of physical, inorganic matter. Every kind of physics is ontologically and epistemologically biophysics.

All physical and technical applications which man uses and will ever use are biophysical applications (materializations) of the 7F-creationary realms by the incarnated personality. The biophysical materializations of the 7F-creationary realms are conventionally summarized under the term “Nature”. For example, all plants and organisms can exist on earth only because the composition of the earth’s atmosphere is as it is and not different. If there were no CO2, there would have been no photosynthesis and therefore no plants. Without photosynthesis, no oxygen could have accumulated in the earth’s atmosphere and there would have been no animals or other organisms, because breathing would not have been possible. Without respiration and combustion of organic matter, there would have been no CO2. All these processes would not have been possible without the presence of water. At the same time, water accounts for about 80% of the body weight of all organisms.

Where is the boundary between organic and inorganic matter, and which of these two forms of space-time is the original? This question is identical to that of the hen and the egg: “What comes first – the hen or the egg?” It is the basic question of all human knowledge, which all religions as well as all philosophical teachings have been asking themselves since their inception without being able to answer it: “Does the world have a beginning and an end, and if so, what does it look like and when will the end come?” It is pointless to mention that the Darwinian evolutionary doctrine does not pose this eschatological question at all because it does not recognize it as a problem.

In the new Axiomatics of the Universal Law I clearly prove that All-That-Is is a closed entity, i.e. without a beginning and an end, so that the above question is meaningless. Both photosynthesis, which generates oxygen in the atmosphere, and respiration, which burns oxygen for the metabolism of the organic body and produces CO2, are closed, self-contained biophysical processes: They are sophisticated applications of the 7F-creationary realms which they simultaneously create and sustain in order to shape and maintain the biophysical framework for their incarnation experiment on this planet.

The 7F-creationary realms are a simultaneous entity: all living beings exist there simultaneously, at the same time, in the everlasting presence (the Now) and are constantly evolving. On this level, the concept of past, present and future – that is, the concept of historicity and the successive course of events – is meaningless. History is only a construct of the sequentially thinking, extremely limited human consciousness and thus also a fundamental biophysical application of the 7F-creationary realms. The concept of history only makes sense in 3D space-time, in which large collective projects of many allegedly successive incarnations are realized and destroyed over a longer period of time (In reality all incarnations exist at the same time in the everlasting Now of the higher realms).

Christianity needed about a thousand years to fully assert itself on the Old Continent and just as long to lose its significance. Experience has shown that the end comes very quickly, as the stock chart of one of the largest American banks, Bear Stearns, shows, contrary to what some “wise” experts say:

Image result for bear stearns stock chart

Its share price plunged from over $100 to just $2 within a short period of time in March 2008, so that Bear Stearns was de facto bankrupt. However, in the Evolutionary Leap of mankind there will be no Christian central authority, a kind of a “Christian Fed”, which will save this doctrine at the last moment, because in the Apocalypse above all the religious, financial and political centers of power will reveal their powerlessness: They are the chosen future bankruptcy candidates.

Back to biophysics: Both CO2 and O2 are currently regarded by conventional science as physical substances and are considered inorganic matter. For example, these gases are studied in chemistry and not in biochemistry, although biochemists, whether they like it or not, have to admit that they are a product of organic processes.

From this example we can see that today’s natural sciences justify their existence and raison d’être only by artificially separating their object of study – space-time. As inadequate mental concepts, these disciplines must inevitably be replaced by the new pantheory of space-time/energy. Just as the religions, which establish similar dividing gnostic lines of the divine, such narrow spiritual concepts and the resulting beliefs significantly hinder the evolution of the incarnated personality.

It follows that the Darwinian evolutionary doctrine is by no means more progressive than the Christian Genesis and also constitutes an obstacle to the spiritual evolution of the incarnated personality. It was intended to give man information about his origin, which he could not find in religion, and plunged him into an even greater ignorance. To quote Cusanus, this doctrine is an expression of docta ignorantia, the educated ignorance of Western science. It is one of the many existential jokes of the soul and the 7F-creationary realms, of which I present some selected examples in this treatise.

From the above discussion we can see that the primary term of the 7F-creationary realms is not an abstract, esoteric concept, but the original source of all human knowledge: it is the first explanatory principle of all phenomena. The new pantheory of science, which commences from the primary terms, proves it.

Current science and all religions known to us, on the other hand, are inadequate attempts to explain the phenomenology of Being because they do not know the essence of the primary term and are therefore unable to think logically-axiomatically; for this single, sufficient reason, all religious and conventional scientific ideas must be abandoned forever. Without this spiritual conditio sine qua non, people will not be able to understand the logic and mode of action of the 7F-creationary realms and to adequately consider them in the shaping of their social life. Without such a truthful implementation of gnostic knowledge, however, no evolution of mankind is possible (2).

Even if the people are not yet able to directly perceive the 7F-creationary realms with their senses, they are just as real as electromagnetism we deal with every day. With the right scientific attitude, we can indirectly observe and measure astral energies just as accurately as, for example, the various electromagnetic effects in everyday life. In this connection I must point out that we firmly believe in the existence of electromagnetic forces, even if we cannot perceive them directly with our senses; we can only indirectly experience their effect with the help of various electrical and measuring devices.

A voltmeter that measures the voltage is experienced by the human eye as a dial, e.g. as a needle that moves and indicates a numerical value on the dial.

Image result for voltmeter pictures

On the other hand, the actual electromagnetic voltage in the circuit, e.g. in the metal wires of the conductors, is not accessible to the human senses. As we are so used to identifying, strictly speaking, confusing the display of electrical appliances with the primary phenomena, we almost never think that what we measure cannot give us any information about the actual energetic interactions, because each measurement of an energetic interaction in the outside world in turn represents an independent energetic interaction that is not identical to the original effect.

But since all interactions are U-sets and contain themselves as an element, they contain the information of all other interactions in the universe. In the theory of electricity, this is referred to as the superposition principle; this principle also plays a central epistemological role in conventional quantum physics (quantum superposition). The principle of superposition is again a concrete manifestation of energy conservation.

Image result for superposition principle, pictures

In the new theory I regard space-time as a closed Whole of superimposed wave systems which are in harmonic resonance with each other and are destroyed and formed again by destructive and constructive interference. In this way, the changeability of space-time systems is guaranteed: Despite the temporary stability of their shape and form, they are in a constant flow of energy.

This is a basic idea of ancient philosophy in the contemplation of the “lower world of forms and becoming”, which begins with Heraclitus‘ slogan “Panta rei” and finds its provisional perfection in Neoplatonism; there is no gnostic Weltanschauung (worldview) that does not proceed from this basic idea. For this reason, in the new theory of the Universal Law, I speak of the primary term of energy and thus of energy exchange. Physics is known to be a science of physical interactions, and where an interaction takes place, energy must flow.

Since the mathematical conditions of these interactions, which are wave-like interference patterns, are approximately the same, the same spatial-temporal systems are formed again and again. This circumstance explains the formation and destruction of the same particle classes, which are called elementary particles, such as protons, neutrons, electrons, etc.. In physics, these particles are quantified by space-time constants, such as energy, mass (energy relationship), Compton wavelength (space) or Compton frequency (time) and summarized in qualitative particle classes. Other properties of the particles such as spin and charge, which are currently used to describe them, can also be traced back to the two dimensions, space and time (see Volumes 1 and Volume 2 and Table 1).

Without this precondition the world would not be measurable and thus not recognizable, whereby the selection of the particle classes is a creative foundational decision of the 7F-creationary realms. The diversity of particle classes known to us depends, according to the law of energy conservation, exclusively on the dosage of astral energy and its geometric design in space-time according to the principles of destructive and constructive interference.

There are solar universes, of which humans have no idea, which are composed of completely different, unknown particle classes, which do not occur at all in the so-called standard model of physics, which is again a proof for the inadequacy of this model. The astral energies can manifest themselves in infinite forms of space-time. Humans are also able to generate new particle classes according to the energy used in cyclotrons. It is precisely for this reason that a new, larger facility is currently being built at CERN. The gestalt potential of energy is inexhaustible.

To round off this theoretical discussion, I must point out once again that we can only measure space and time or space-time/energy of the energetic interactions and systems, whereby space-time as a “thing in itself” (Kant) is a hallucination caused by the human senses and has virtually nothing in common with the causal astral energies.

As I explain in the Gnosis and in my other writings, space is an artificial dimension that belongs to space-time, but not to the 7F-creationary realms. Space, as it is physically and mathematically defined – and there is no other definition – is identical with the conventional time: s = t.

Space s and conventional time t are pleonasms, tautologies for one and the same physical quantity

s = t

It is by far the greatest cosmic joke that the 7F-creationary realms have devised for the current earthly experience of incarnated souls, and the source of all other existential jokes that man on earth experiences as karma. This includes above all the principle of separation, which I have already discussed in detail from various angles (see here and here).

A concrete joke about the hallucinatory human perception of the spatial dimension is the physicists’ belief in the real existence of charges in matter, which according to common belief are responsible for the transmission of electric current in conductive materials. Electric charges are perceived by the physicists as real carriers of electric current, which can move and divide in metallic conductors and ionic solutions in order to generate electric gradients or voltages. In a conductive medium, the positive and negative charges flow, according to this belief, to the opposite pole, i.e. positive charges are attracted by the negative pole of the electric gradient and vice versa. According to common understanding, this charge flow generates the electric current that we deal with in everyday life and in production (e.g a capacitor).

Related image

Both the charge and the resulting electric current or voltage can, according to the unanimous belief, be measured with devices. The SI unit for charge is called coulomb, from which the SI unit ampere for the electric current is derived secondarily. For this reason, the existence of electric charges is not doubted by anyone in this world, except me, even for a single moment.

In reality, I was able to prove without any contradiction that there are no charges in the conventional sense in the real physical world. The term “charge” stands for a certain physical quantity which is introduced exclusively by the mathematical definition of its SI unit, coulomb. I have shown in the new physical theory of the Universal Law that all physical quantities and dimensions used in conventional physics are abstract, creative mathematical definitions which physicists first form in their heads and introduce and measure in every experiment by the same mathematical method.

So far, so good! It is a basic knowledge of the new theory, which I repeatedly emphasize in all my books for didactic reasons, because it is always forgotten by the people. If one now writes the conventional verbal definition of the SI unit, coulomb, axiomatically, which physicists have failed to do for over 300 years, then one can very easily prove, only with basic knowledge of physics, that “coulomb” is a tautology, a pleonasm for “cross-sectional area“. In this case:

1 coulomb = 1 square meter

1 C = 1 m²

Read alsoThe Greatest Blunder of Science. Charge is a Synonym for Area

This equation reveals by far the greatest embarrassment among many that conventional physics has afforded in its not too long history. This axiomatic knowledge leads to the following compelling conclusions:

1) There are no charges in matter. “Charge” is a paraphrase for “cross-sectional area”, which is considered discretely, i.e. in its quantized state. Note: space-time is discrete. In reality, it is the cross-sectional area of the transverse electromagnetic waves Sx flowing through one conductor per unit time. The size of this area is by definition measured as a ratio to the reference value of the cross-sectional area of a metallic wire SR and expressed in charge units; SR can be calculated geometrically very easily:

Charge = Sx/S= (x) Coulomb = Square Meter.

This measurement of charge makes use of wave theory, which is a concrete application of geometry for this discipline. It is well known that Maxwell’s electromagnetic theory is an application of wave theory to this space-time plane (3).

Originally, physics dealt only with electricity of matter. Later on, it was discovered that there is also a magnetic level of matter. During this time countless independent laws of electricity and magnetism were derived, which today are still a confusing subject for most physics students. After a while of over a century, Maxwell discovered that the electrical plane could not be separated from the magnetic plane, so that all known electrical and magnetic laws could be reduced to four wave equations. This was the first decisive unification of physics that I completed 130 years later with the discovery of the Universal Law.

It follows: All laws of electromagnetism are wave equations – they are geometric equations. Most geometric equations used in physics cover areas measured with the SI unit “square meter”. This follows from the fact that in physics one can only measure space and time, or space-time/energy, because the (absolute) time f is equal to the reciprocal space s, or the reciprocal conventional time t:

f = 1/s = 1/t

2) There are no positively and negatively charged particles. There are also no electrical plus and minus poles. The terms “positive” and “negative”, respectively “plus” and “minus”, are conventional, hidden symbols for destructive and constructive interference in wave theory. They are a popular simplification (paraphrase) of these fundamental phenomena of space-time, which is a unity of superimposed wave systems. I prove in Volumes 1 and Volume 2 that “the attraction of opposite charges” and “the repulsion of equal charges” are merely imprecise popular paraphrases of space-time rotations made from the local point of view of the observer. Note: All waves are rotations and vice versa:

All movements of space-time are rotations / waves.

Accordingly, each rotational movement is divided into two phases: A “phase of attraction” when the object approaches the observer and a “phase of repulsion” when the object moves away from the observer in its rotational motion. By eliminating these terms once and for all from physics, I could very easily unify electromagnetism with gravity classical Newtonian physics and its evolution, the theory of relativity, which know only attraction forces, and Maxwell’s theory of electromagnetism, which describes both attracting and repulsive EM forces, as partial physical representations in the new theory of the Universal Law.

In this way, I have eliminated the fundamental paradox of conventional physics:

Why is the gravitational force always attracting, while the electromagnetic forces can be attracting and repulsive?

From a local point of view, gravity can also be interpreted as an attracting or repulsive force, depending on whether an object, e.g. a comet, approaches or moves away from the observer on the earth. Having also unmasked this joke of conventional physics as a product of the limited, local approach of physicists – “as a product of their unanalysed consciousness” (Max Born) – I turn to my original topic.

In our example of charge, which, like all errors in this world, is a semantic misinterpretation, we see that all the supposedly assured physical experiences of science are in reality euphemistic, hallucinatory perceptions based on false conceptual and ideological beliefs. Above all, they are the result of a lack of Axiomatics.

If most results in physics were not written in the form of mathematical equations but only verbally, the gnostic content of these scientific findings would be just as wrong as all religious ideas:

All verbal interpretations of mathematical results in physics are fundamentally wrong and must be discarded. This is the epistemological result of the new physical-mathematical theory of the Universal Law. This statement applies in particular to the common definition of the four fundamental forces.

On the other hand, the objective existence of electromagnetic forces as a plane of space-time cannot be denied, even if their perception presupposes the invisible coordination of the 7F- creationary realms, which is concretized both as a mathematical method in physics and as sensory data – as electromagnetic action potentials of the optical neuron pathways – in the optical perception of the display of the electrical measuring instruments.

I am aware of the fact that with this observation and approach I turn all the assured existential experiences of human beings upside down, before I can correct the fundamental distortion in their view of the world. But there’s no other way! Hence the central gnostic question of the New Revelation is:

How can I free my senses and my mind from their inherent, systemic distortion of the observed phenomena and begin to recognize the interactions of the 7F-creationary realms in space-time in unprejudiced manner and make them more unerring?

This cardinal gnostic question about human existence will be of main concern to future generations of incarnated souls. I can only briefly discuss here the innumerable ramifications of this topic from an epistemological point of view. The practical applications of the 7F-creationary energies must be defined by the future incarnated personalities themselves in an individual creative manner in order to transform them into 3D or 4D space-time forms.

As I said, man can only perceive the causal astral energies with his mind and psyche. Thoughts are higher frequency astral patterns than the feelings. For this reason, feelings can only be preceived by the mind. One cannot, strictly speaking, separate thoughts from feelings, which is why I consistently speak of “psycho-mental patterns” in my writings. Every feeling is mentally colored and vice versa: Every thought is strongly distorted by one or more emotional patterns.

This is so because all sensory perceptions that are accessible to the mind as concrete thoughts and ideas are first stored as memory in an astral organ and during this storage process are strongly distorted and deformed by the emotional patterns. These distorted images of reality must now be rectified and corrected by the mind. This failed construction of human perception is an intended challenge to the human mind, which the soul has devised for her current incarnation experiment on earth. It is, in fact, the greatest and most important hurdle of the earthly incarnation cycle.

In addition, the mind constantly gets thoughts from the soul in the form of intuitions and other stimuli. These thoughts may be of an abstract nature or relate to past and future events that lie outside the instantaneous sensory perception. But also these mental thoughts receive a strong psychological imprint. We now come to another important gnostic finding:

Every thought has a psychic, emotional dimension.

Even the most abstract thought is associated with feelings. The physical explanation is very simple: The feelings as energetic patterns form the emotional astral plane, which is closest in frequency to the earthly space-time. For this reason it is referred to in many channeled books as the “fourth (astral) dimension”; in this case, space-time is considered a plane consisting of three dimensions.

These are merely conventions that attempt to translate the essence of energy into linguistic categories. In such a case one must be fully aware of the limitations of language, which at present, in the absence of telepathic abilities in the incarnated soul population, is the universal means of communication among humans (for further details see the article “Language as the Limit of Gnosis“).

Although thoughts have a higher frequency than the feelings and thus come directly from the 7F-creationary realms (see also Nous and Spirit in Neoplatonism), they must first pass through the emotional astral plane of the earth before they can unfold their effect in the 3D space-time of this planet. In this interaction with the emotional astral plane, thoughts are energetically modulated, similar to radio signals, which consist of a higher-frequency carrying wave and a generally low-frequency modulating information wave.

In this case, the higher frequency thoughts of the individual are the underlying foundational astral-energetic wave systems that are continuously modulated by the low frequency emotional patterns in the lower astral plane (frequency modulation).

Since all systems are superimposed waves and contain themselves as an element, they always appear as psycho-mental patterns. These can come from parents, friends, partners or unknown people. They can present themselves as individual or collective beliefs. Their wealth of variations is almost unlimited.

The conviction in the advantages of a democratic order over a dictatorship can initially present itself as an abstract idea of pure reason – for example as a legal statement in the constitution of a country. Legal statements are known to be emotion-free. In practice, however, this thought is shaped by as many individual feelings and preferences as there are different individuals, cultures and national histories.

The Germans and the Austrians, for example, have a very distorted relationship to democracy compared to the Americans, who can look back on a relatively unbroken success story of their allegedly “democratic” order. The Germans have experienced the downside of the Weimar democracy, and the Austrians mourn the past glory of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy that dominated half Europe, which is in no way outweighed by the advantages of their current meaningless Central European democracy that has shrunk to a “quantite negligable” in the EU. The Germans regard the monarchy as a counterpart to democracy, because as a Prussian, Wilhelminean autocracy it led to the downfall of the German Reich in World War I and also contributed to its defeat in the Second World War.

The English, on the other hand, regard their monarchy as a necessary complement to their sterile democracy, if only because of the scandalous stories of the royal family, whose members, unlike the elected representatives of that country, do not need to resign and constantly provide the tabloid press with gossip.

The democratic understanding of the Americans is very strongly influenced by Christian faith, because they know neither Inquisition, nor the anticlerical movement, as the Europeans have experienced it since the Era of Enlightenment. For many Americans, in particular for all neoconservatives and Bible faithful evangelists, the necessary secularization of the nation state, which is now an undisputed concept in Europe, is a thorn in their flesh. The democratic ideas of the Americans are also marked by a flamboyant nationalism, which is unthinkable in Europe today, because all nation states want, and must, voluntarily transfer their sovereignty to the EU for economic reasons. Moreover, all Europeans know the downside of nationalism well enough.

Democracy and limited sovereignty are therefore not a contradiction for Europeans, but a blessing; on the other hand, most Americans regard these concepts as incompatible, even opposite entities. For this reason, the American government has no hesitation in trampling on international law every time it wants to impose supposed US sovereign interests by force anywhere in the world. By allowing itself to be seduced at the international level by this lawless attitude of the Americans, which contradicts its founding idea, the EU is experiencing one fiasco after another and runs the risk of betraying its identity and legitimacy.

I could continue with these examples endlessly. They merely prove that in practice there is not a single thought, which, even if verbally assigned to one and the same term, in reality does not consist of countless clusters of permissible psycho-mental patterns. This applies to all collective beliefs and to an even greater extent to all individual beliefs (see Language as the Limit of Gnosis).

Exactly this elementary fact is not at all understood by most citizens, politicians and thinkers of our time, otherwise there would not be so many violent conflicts on earth, but only cultivated gnostic discussions, with which one can resolve every conceivable problem on this earth logically-axiomatically, because:

All human problems are based exclusively on their spiritual ignorance: they are semantic misjudgments about human reality.

Such false patterns of thought are shaping the human mind and the psychic structure of the incarnated personalities from birth to death in such a global and fundamental manner that this influence usually eludes their attention. Only very old souls can reflect on these astral-energetic interactions, which take place exclusively beyond the Planck’s constant h of human perception, and consciously modulate them in order to achieve the desired karmic results in this 3D space-time.

Most people simply lack the critical self-observer who makes such an evolved approach possible in the first place. For the vast majority of incarnated souls, the astral interactions currently appear as fateful events or coincidental encounters that must be endured as victims and against which little can be done. They do not have any idea that every event in their lives is a careful planning of their souls in the 7F-realms of creation, played out in countless probability alternatives in the everlasting Now of All-That-Is before the optimal alternative is materialized.

This collective psycho-mental, hallucinatory approach has above all produced the wrong idea of the causality principle, with which one tries to explain all energetic interactions in space-time. Science, as well as political and everyday thinking are based exclusively on this principle, although it is rejected epistemologically in quantum theory, but without thinking about the practical consequences of this rejection.

The principle of causality is rejected in the new Theory and Gnosis of the Universal Law in its totality. This rejection follows already from the essence of All-That-Is (the primary term), which is a closed system. In a closed system, there is no preferred direction of the interactions in the sense of a causal chain of cause and effect:

Every cause is an effect at the same time and vice versa!

The principle of causality is a manifestation of the principle of separation. I leave it up to the reader to prove this statement for himself in order to put into practice his gnostic knowledge acquired from this treatise. With this presentation, I have also provided the key to using one’s mind and psyche to faithfully perceive and rationally interpret the astral energies of the 7F-creationary realms before they are implemented in 3D space-time. In this case, mind and psyche perform the same function in recording the astral energies as the voltmeter in measuring the electromagnetic voltage, which incidentally is a U-subset of the astral energies and emerges secondarily from them.

I am not claiming in any way that this has not always been the case, for without such energetic interactions no incarnation would be possible. But due to the extremely strong amnesia of the incarnated immature soul population in the Christian age these interactions were negated and consequently no longer consciously perceived: They have no correlate in human language and do not represent a real dimension of human thought. This attitude is still predominant in society today and has a decisive influence on social behaviour. For this reason I will discuss the pernicious influence of religions on the basis of Christianity in detail below.

As I said, the interactions of the 7F-creationary realms with terrestrial space-time can take very different forms and shapes. But they are always appropriate for the spiritual evolution of the souls that are currently incarnated on earth.

In Christianity it is assumed that such divine “revelations” are the exception and are reserved only for selected persons who are “god-pleasing”. If they were experienced by people outside the church hierarchy, as was the case with many medially gifted women in the last 2000 years, then they were declared witches and ended up on the stake.

This ostracism began with Paul, who in his epistles (Kor) was upset by the many prophecies and “tongues speaking” (channeling) in the early Christian congregations and, since most of the revelations of the astral worlds were passed on to women at that time because they are the more medially gifted sex, he severely limited their role in the church. The believers should henceforth exclusively follow the instructions of the apostles and their recognized disciples. In this way Paul was the first to push a dogmatic sieve between the transcendental experience of the believing individual and the official Christian dogma. What came out of it, above all the incarnated occidental souls had to experience on their own bodies during the whole Middle Ages up to the 19th century, when the last burnings of witches on the stake still took place in Germany.

This circumstance explains why the church is suspicious of any transcendental interaction with the 7F-creationary realms and why it has never found connection with the divine. By this I mean the church as an institution and not the individual believer, of whom there have always been some who have had direct access to the 7F-realms of creation, such as most mystics in the past (Read also Helena Blavatsky‘s standard work, “Isis Unveiled,” which is a strong indictment of the Church from an enlightened spiritual position: she is currently with us constantly in Spirit.).

It was from this individual spiritual experience that the most significant innovations in the Church came, such as the Franciscan Movement, founded by the ancient soul of Francis of Assisi, which contributed significantly to the spiritual renewal and strengthening of the Church that at that time was in serious crisis. Saint Francis was almost condemned by the Vatican as a heretic. Every Gnostic renewal of the church was always a narrow walk between “holiness” and “heresy”.

This example was followed by the communist ideology in more recent times, when several celebrated communist leaders of the first hour ended up as class enemies; they were executed, arrested or murdered as in the case of Trotsky. No wonder that communism was the Church’s greatest enemy: it was very similar to it and no less successful for a short period of time (see Don Camillo and Peppone). Just as this ideology and its system disappeared from the scene in a few days and months, so too will the Church and its faith collapse after my ascension and quickly fall into oblivion.

This brings me to my concluding remark in this matter: Christian teaching is not only unsuitable for a true understanding of the energetic interactions of the 7F-creationary realms with the earthly 3D space-time, but it has above all systematically suppressed the medial qualities of the Western people in the last 2000 years with brute force:

The Church has separated the people from God by forbidding and violently oppressing their communication with their own souls.

Not least for this reason, the medial skills of the general population have atrophied to such an extent at this moment in time. This finding explains why the Church and all other religions that I cannot specifically discuss here must be abolished forever so that a new true spirituality can emerge and flourish on this earth.

Such teachings, which, with the partial exception of Buddhism, have completely failed in gnostic respect, should simply be dropped by men; man no longer needs to carry this religious garbage of thought with him in the coming “Golden Age” of an enlightened individual spirituality, because every kind of organized religiosity only hinders him in his perfection – on the way to God (watch also this excellent video on the topic by our PAT member Dr. Otfried Weise).

By the way, there is no need to fight the religions anymore, as was the case in the past, because they have no more support in the astral realms. These distorted collective beliefs have been gradually erased from the astral plane of the earth over the past 20 years. Every medially gifted observer can easily recognize the consequences of these processes for the energetic renewal of the earth with the appropriate attitude at the societal level, as I have been doing it for many years. From this one can also determine the exact time of the parusia and the Evolutionary Leap of Mankind.

Many social processes and tendencies in the last two decades bear witness to this psycho-mental renewal of the earthly astral plane before the actual Evolutionary Leap of Mankind can begin with my parousia. It is no coincidence that during this period the number of broadcasts in the mass media for the purpose of coming in terms with the dark past, especially during the Second World War, have increased sharply.

Horrible events and shameful acts that were swept under the carpet for a long time, such as the involvement of the Bundeswehr (German army) in the systematic murder of millions of Soviet citizens on the Eastern Front in World War II, which was deliberately concealed from official historiography during the Cold War for ideological reasons, now came to the surface and were controversially discussed in the mass media and exhibitions.

I remember on this occasion the fierce argument I had with my German mother-in-law about this subject in the 1970s, because she had no idea about the crimes of the Germans on the Eastern Front, although she read many books about this time and was much better informed than the majority of the German population.

After the war, only the dire fate of the captured German soldiers in the Soviet Union after their defeat and the expulsion of the German population from the East German territories (East Prussia) were lovingly cared for in the collective German memory. Under the menacing shadow of the Soviet Empire in the Cold War, it was psychologically opportune for the German collective soul to think of herself as a victim of the Soviets and not just a perpetrator, punished rightly by history.

At that time, most Germans felt sufficiently punished and too humiliated by the West anyway, and did not think about, in addition to the Jewish Holocaust, to accept full responsibility for the genocide of millions of Slavic peoples. The sovereign German state did this half-heartedly after unification, when it had no more practical consequences to fear.

Only after I had given my mother-in-law to read the relevant passages in the Brockhaus Encyclopedia, which clearly reported 20 million Russian victims of the German invasion of the Soviet Union, did she agree with me with dismay.

The memories of repressed atrocities, which have reached the collective memory of mankind out of nowhere in recent years and are now processed in various documentaries that would have been unthinkable in the 70’s and 80’s, came so suddenly and surprisingly that this circumstance can only be interpreted as a hint of the invisible, expert direction of the 7F-creationary realms behind the scenes.

Shortly before the Evolutionary Leap, humanity must “sweat out” all its horrible and ugly experiences and memories, so to speak, before these collective karmic patterns can be erased once and for all from the matrix of the earthly astral plane, i.e. where they were threaded and stored in the past. For this reason, after the fall of the Iron Curtain and the largely peaceful overcoming of the Cold War, there had to be a number of local wars, the number of which has increased sharply in recent years.

In particular, the wars in former Yugoslavia were unusually cruel ways of processing the bloodthirsty past in this part of Europe. It was no coincidence that the conflicts took place along the former border between the Western and Eastern Roman Empires, which was fought over and over again for many centuries, for example during the entire migration of peoples, which lasted several centuries. The same border separates the Orthodox Church from the Catholic Church. It was on this historical border that the most significant and most bloodthirsty conflicts between Occident and Orient – between Christianity and Islam – took place, the psychological consequences of which for the collective historical feelings of the South Slavic peoples in this region were brilliantly depicted by Nobel Prize winner Ivo Andric in his novels.

As one can see from this brief overview of history, the fate of humanity is a far more complex, multidimensional, astral-energetic process than one currently suspects, which goes beyond the limited, sterile concept of conventional historiography and immeasurably expands the human horizon. I could easily fill several books on this subject only with my observations on world events and with my direct experiences with this lived, eventful history of the Old Continent over the last 50 years, which, in and of themselves, should be an incredibly interesting subject. But that is not the purpose of my present disquisition (read this website and in particular my book “Gnosis as Personal Experience“).

What is most important to me here is to convince the reader of the gnostic spiritual necessity to look at the history of mankind and the current political events around the globe in a larger framework, which also includes the effects of the 7F-creationary realms. This transcendental intellectual achievement promotes the individual mediality that will come to the forefront of human attention in the new enlightened world community of love and knowledge that will soon emerge from the ruins of the old order after the occurrence of the Evolutionary Leap of Mankind.

This “God-given” ability was found to be so important that it was also expressly exhorted in the New Testament. The reason for this is that only people who foresee and look forward to future developments, and prepare mentally and psychologically for it, will experience the coming Evolutionary Leap as an ecstatic, blissful experience that it is in reality.

Most people who don’t have a clue about the events to come and don’t want to know anything about them, as I find out again and again in conversations, will be literally overwhelmed by them. In their fear-based structure and mental orientation, most people are currently fixated exclusively on their everyday petty, often stupid worries.

This ideological myopia of the masses, which has been growing exponentially in recent years, transforms humans into programmed biorobots that wander around like zombies and are completely unaware of their environment and the preparatory work of the 7F-creationary realms on behalf of the impending Evolutionary Leap of mankind. For example, they are firmly convinced that they do not need to deal with any “esoteric stuff” because it is “nonsense”. If you ask them, for example, if they have any idea about what is going on behind the scenes at this moment, they become so restless and anxiously aggressive that any meaningful exchange of ideas with them is not possible.

In their “hardening of the heart“, most people and young souls will be, however, very soon caught by a surprise: they will then actually experience the sudden, unexpected “Second Coming of Christ” and the “apocalypse” announced in the Bible as a personal and social catastrophe. These events will irrevocably expel them from their alleged state of security, in which they think they are in and for which they labor daily in blind zeal (read also here).

I speak here primarily of the citizens in the Western world; the people in the Third World have always known no social and material security. Western citizens will very soon be plunged into the greatest collective mental and emotional confusion this earth has ever experienced. They will only be able to step out of this spiritual abyss after they have completely separated themselves from all their previous beliefs and misconceptions. This is ultimately also the purpose of this article.

The process of total confusion in the coming upheaval is not new and has already been played through in the former communist countries as a dress rehearsal, but has been misinterpreted by the West or completely suppressed. As is well known, most people there were blinded by the alleged advantages of the communist system for a long time, just as the citizens in the western world are convinced of the alleged merits of their “free” market economy.

Just as the people of the East have experienced bitter disappointment and economic shock, from which, realistically, they have not yet recovered, so will the people in the West experience an economic collapse of unprecedented proportions in the coming months and years, which will plunge them into the greatest spiritual, economic and political crisis of all time (4).


1. See Volume 3 and “Gnostic Tradition of Western Philosophy“.

2. This is another existential joke (oxymoron) of the 7F-creationary realms: Man must reject the doctrine of evolution in order to advance his spiritual evolution.

3. See Maxwell’s equations of electromagnetism in  Volume 1 und Volume 2

4. See the essay “Astral Dynamics of the World Economic Crisis on the Eve of Parousia” in my book “New Gnosis: The Evolutionary Leap of Mankind“. Excellent prediction 11 years ago, which will come true this year.

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