Energy Report For the Month of May 2019

Georgi Stankov, May 24, 2019

Astounding and miraculous things have happened this month and it is still not finished. I do not know where to begin and will surely miss half of them. Let me start with the absolute highlight – the full moon portal on May 19th, which was at the same time Wesak, the day of celebration of the ascended masters.

On that day we firmly ascended to the 5th dimension.

Before that we went through the most terrible birthing pangs and I have no desire to go into details as it belongs to the past. It suffices to say that the entire light workers community was affected this time as one can read on the Internet and the lamentations are unanimous. This shows you that this was a global event, as in the past it was only the PAT that got the breaking of the energy waves of planetary ascension.

In a personal message the Elohim described this event to us on May 21st as follows:

“A New Beginning for a New Life, and for a New Age; The transcendence from a human being into the unified presence of the Whole is sacred, it is divine, and it has been pre-ordained for this moment.”

On May 20th, Amora announced her new program on ascended numerology and ascended masters’ channellings. In particular, St. Germain is now constantly with us and gives us important messages and information, for us personally, and for all the PAT members who apply for a reading in ascended numerology. In order to understand this new service I have to go back in the past and elucidate its background.

Since 2014, St. Germain has visited us on numerous occasions and has insisted that Carla, and me to a lesser extent, join him in his effort to establish a new I AM Presence teaching. He was not very happy with the old teachings as their language, with a few exceptions, was rather rigid, mainly dogmatic and does not reflect the energetic needs of the ascending humanity in the current End Time. It came from a past epoch and mentality, and the vibrations of these teachings no longer resonated with the vastly altered energetic structure of ascending Gaia.

I was confronted with the same problem. Several years ago the Elohim came to us and told me that my theory of the Universal Law has to be re-invigorated and imbued with the new codes of ascension and the divine mind in order to be successful and more easily reach the minds of the people. I had developed the physical and mathematical theory of the UL between 1994 -1997 when human darkness on this planet was at its height and led to the 2000-year paranoia of a digital shock and the terrible event of 9/11.

Finally, I decided to write one more time the new Propaedeutics in 2017 and the Elohim were very happy with this result.

This same situation we now have with St. Germain who is our main helper in creating a new Violet Flame Healing Program that Amora is channeling currently, to be implemented into the new healing centre here in Diano Marina and later on throughout the world, as all these centres will contain in the first place a healing temple of the violet flame of transmutation. The bottom line is that humanity is deeply sick and will need a prolonged healing on a global scale before the people can qualify for ascension. As St. Germain told us yesterday: “Complete healing precedes Ascension”  And this includes not only this lifetime, but also all incarnations – past, present and future – and all probable and parallel lifetimes of which we have no clue or only a vague idea.

This is actually the main topic of this energy report.

The new healing centre, we are building now, will heal many humans and prepare them for their future ascension, And gosh, there is so much to be healed. The new ascended numerology program which Amora started is the first step in this direction. It is also her initiation into a world healer, together with me, as the Elohim assured us three days ago:

“As you move forward into this phase of world healing, all support on every level shall be yours ~ physical, emotional, financial, technological ~ All shall be revealed.”

Besides the fact that this statement is very promising and elating, while it acknowledges the impending manifestation of the healing centre in DM and the beginning of our mission as world healers, it also indicates the introduction of completely new forms of energetic healing that will substitute the current medicine and pharmaceutical industry. We are getting that very soon we will be given individual crystals which we as healers will program for each patient and his specific incarnation problems and this crystal will heal all energetic blockages and disharmonies in all fields and chakras of the patient. But this will probably be only one of the many new healing technologies which will be used in the healing centres.

That is why St. Germain urged me two weeks ago to begin translating my German book “Gedanken/Thoughts” into English for the same reason as the Elohim urged me years ago to write the physical theory of the UL one more time in 2017 – to imbue it with the new codes of ascension which are more conducive to a broader understanding. Part I of this book can be seen as a programmatic manifesto of the new healing centres we shall create here and all over the world. There we will heal humanity in a profound manner as to open their individual portals of ascension, in their Sacred Hearts, which are closed now for the vast majority of the people. This presupposes, of course, the abolition of the old medicine and health care system which run contrary to the new spiritual principles of energetic healing based on the UL.

This is indeed a huge undertaking and the current reading program on ascended numerology of Amora and St. Germain is the initiation to a much broader system of global healing which we shall offer humanity beginning this year as the Elohim confirmed to us in another personal message from April 18, 2019:

“This year of 2019 (2019 is a 12 in ascended numerology – A Completion) shall be dynamic and is a completion of all energetic responsibilities associated with this reality.  All outstanding/ unresolved energetic issues shall be resolved during this time of the grand separation.

Yes, there have been many separations previously, because this is a multi-faceted reality and different facets separate and heal in different moments.

In this moment there is a necessary alignment to an abode ( in Diano Marina );  There will be intense lightwork at this space, a temporary space.  Following this work, there shall be some necessary personal alignments.

Alignment to the healing centre follows this important and necessary work.  This tidying up shall also occur in phases, so as not to create undue stress to your being.”

This is exactly what we have been doing this month of May, which proves the validity of all the messages and predictions we receive from our higher sources. Especially the announcement of big personal energetic “alignments” which we have to make with respect to the healing centre in DM are now in full sway as I shall explain below.

Yesterday we sat with Amora on the balcony and enjoyed the first sunny moments this month. We are having terrible weather the whole of May, rainy, cold, windy and cloudy, probably because the HR need a lot of humidity in the air to build the city of light here. St. Germain came immediately to us and we had a lively discussion. First we discussed his desire to develop a new teaching of I AM Presence with the help of Amora as a stepping stone to his much bigger healing program. He agreed with me that the language of the old books and channellings on the IAP are somewhat rigid and tainted with unprocessed religious ideas that relay a dogmatic approach which is also common in many religions. The new teaching of IAP should be presented in a simple modern language of personal freedom, so that it can reach all the people. Essentially we need to convince the people that they have a soul and turn these agnostic individuals into Gnostics, which is undoubtedly a huge endeavour.

After that we turned to the new theory of the UL. I said that it is even more important to make this theory popular as it will convince the people in their transcendental nature. It is my conviction that I have presented this theory in numerous ways and perspectives – from a purely scientific point of view and terminology to broader popular presentations from various angles of human life – and therefore I do not see the necessity to make any further verbal presentations of this theory in order for the people to understand it more easily. St. Germain fully agreed with me and said:

“There are now young people in the 20’s who are very gifted and they will very soon understand your theory and will begin to make new inventions based on it and will introduce new technologies that will improve significantly human life. There is no point in approaching the current scientists as their minds have been manipulated in such a profound manner for such a long time that they will never open to this theory  in this lifetime.”

Needless to say, I was very happy to hear this assessment of St. Germain, which fully confirmed what I have written extensively on this topic and can be read on this website.

Then came an important personal discussion with St. Germain which I decided to share with you as it is also of great relevance to all of you. I have known for some time that my energetic structure as an incarnated human being is unique as my soul is capable of creating numerous holographic images and copies of myself on many parallel timelines and realities, so that I can do my cleansing work most effectively.

I remember very well when Babaji came to us on August 3rd, 2017 in White Rock, Canada when “The Gathering of the 144,000 Warrior Souls For the Opening of the Great Oversoul Gateway” happened. He was mesmerized by my energetic field and very curious to learn more about it.

St. Germain was referring to this specific unique energetic structure of my soul which demands also a special care and focused alignment. He told me, through Amora who is now a completely open channel for St. Germain, that I have already integrated 1,500 parallel personalities (copies) into my unified energetic field in this new 5D reality to which we firmly moved on May 19th during the full moon portal as aforementioned. However, there are 150 copies that still need to be integrated as they are on lower timelines. He recommended me to begin with this integration / alignment immediately and retrieve each day 15 parallel personalities, so that I can finish with this integration on June 1st. This is necessary in preparation for my future mission as a world healer, whom he confirmed I am, as we must heal and integrate first all our incarnations, including all parallel and probable lifetimes throughout the entire multiverse because we are now bringing back all these expressions of ourselves into the unity field.

I am mentioning this important discussion with St. Germain in this report as it is also valid for all of you – you must now begin with this integration, so that you are ready for June, which as the Elohim told us: “can be a huge healing moment“, at least for the wayshowers who are leading the ascension process.  The key new moment is that we have now firmly moved into 5D and we are now capable of retrieving our expressions from lower timelines and then they are forever saved and can ascend with us.

I have prepared a special invocation for this purpose in order to retrieve my parallel personalities, but you are free to choose your own procedure and invocation. Essentially I begin by opening my heart chakra and the threefold flame of blue, pink and yellow rays and ask help from my guides. Then I invite my parallel personalities to join me in my unity field in the 5D. First I flood them with the violet flame of transmutation and then surround and imbue them with the pink flame of love. After that I seal them with the blue flame of divine God’s will and with the gold white light of Christed Consciousness and separate them from the lower worlds. I embrace them with love, compassion and understanding in my field of unity and decree that they are free for ever and have severed all connections with lower vibrating realities. This is a very personal affair as you integrate yourself into Wholeness and you can choose any procedure and invocation, or even additional flames, as long as you are honest, sincere and willing to do this crucial light work. I am doing this invocation three times a day and each invocation lasts for about an hour. In between I am exhausted while integrating energetically all these aspects of myself into my unity field and have to drink a lot of water as also recommended by St. Germain.

You will immediately feel the difference after the first invocation. When I began with the integration of my parallel personalities yesterday, I immediately experienced a great calmness, serenity and bliss, as these parallel personalities knew that they will be saved and ascend with me and do not need to worry about being trapped in lower worlds for ever. Please do not forget that we are all multidimensional beings and ascension is the integration of all our aspects and expressions from the lower worlds of separation throughout our entire incarnation cycle. This is how we achieve our unity and wholeness and that is why this report is of paramount importance for all of you. Each one of you should begin with the integration and healing of your various aspects, so that you can experience your moment of full healing in June.

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