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A contribution for a discussion on the concepts timeline, parallel worlds and multiple worlds

Otfried Weise, March 13, 2019

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About half a century ago, as a scientist on geomorphology at the University of Würzburg, I noticed for the first time how important it is to define precisely the terms used to present scientific results. These definitions are an essential part of any research result, they should harmonize with it and not run counter to the results of the investigation. Purposeful wording and exact definitions of terms also prevent that the subsequent assessment and discussion of the findings by the scientific community turn into talking at cross purposes, as it is unfortunately very often the case.

Definition of terms is relatively simple in natural science subjects, e.g. as in my earlier research area of geomorphology and geology. It becomes much more difficult when facts at the quantum level, in the subtle areas or even in those of transcendental nature are to be treated, as this is a field, which although it can be described mathematically, can only be explained with words, if one creates new terms.

Unfortunately, mathematics has the great disadvantage that, although it represents the exact basis of All-THAT-Is, most of its formulas do not trigger real understanding in the human mind. On the one hand physicists believe, that their research reveals reality, on the other hand they candidly admit that they’ve just gotten used to the formulas and therefore believe that they understand the underlying phenomena. The mathematical jargon, however, only simulates true understanding.

Some physicists bluntly admit that they have no idea what is really behind their formulas (e. g. Prof. Franz Schöberl, Univ. Vienna, in a lecture). They would prefer to measure and calculate only (see  interview with the Nobel-prize winner Robert Laughlin: „Der Urknall ist nur Marketing“ in Spiegel,  31.12.2007 about his book “Farewell to the World Formula”, “Abschied von der Weltformel” (? ).  Since they are dependent on research funds, scientists invent explanations, such as the “Big Bang” for example. But that is only marketing. The most important thing is to convince the donors that the results are of military importance, e.g. with regard to CERN (quote Laughlin).

Linguistically/epistemologically exact definitions and terms are not to be expected from physicists as they are not educated for that, don’t like it, and rather hide behind their formulas. For example, they use the term ”energy” without knowing what it is, as Feynman admits in his famous lectures. In esotericism, the epistemological situation is understandably even worse. Most authors do not really know what they are talking about; how would then they be capable of finding good expressions and define correct terms?

For the time being, a true human understanding only seems possible if the scientific findings are expressed in words – and for that purpose the terms used must be defined as precisely as possible. I am not only talking here about ”knowledge”collected by empiricism and the lower mind, which is why it is usually ambivalent and flawed, but also about inspired, intuitive knowledge that comes from the realms of the soul and tends to be highly precise. This accuracy can be only maintained if the terms used are exact. The fact that there is also an existential inner understanding beyond all formulas and words should be explicitly mentioned here. This inner personal mystical certainty, however, cannot be discussed interpersonally, because there is no language for it. Possibly a revival of Sanskrit and Senzar would be helpful in this respect.

Before we talk about the actual topic, we should present some definitions:

Following the suggestion of Georgi Stankov, we use the term ”Wirklichkeit”, by us translated as ”actuality”, for the illusory world of experience of the so-called 3D matrix, in which most people on the planet Earth currently live. It is the actuality of the fear-laden perception, the distorted illusory images, which are evoked under the influence of trained blinkers of conditioning by parents, teachers, priests, politicians, etc. and have nothing in common with the true reality. They are not facts, but only interpretations, as Nietzsche put it. It is well known that this paralyses the entire physics. Hence actuality (Wirklichkeit) is a human construct – this cannot be stressed often enough.

The term ”reality” serves to describe the perceptual content of the soul at 5D and above. Only here the human being meets real facts, at least relatively in comparison to the illusions on 3D and 4D. The 5D realms roughly correspond to what is called ”Buddhi Manas” in Sanskrit; it is the realm of intuition through which the wisdom of the soul (I AM-Presence) flows into the mind of man. We are also talking about higher thinking here.

The ”basic fabric of the universe”, alias energy, alias information is conscious, and our higher consciousness is a broad ”endless braided ribbon” (”an eternal golden Braid” as Douglas E. Hofstadter calls it in his book: ”Gödel, Escher, Bach”) of this universal consciousness with its own emphasis on awareness and the ability of self-reference. We, humans, are openings through which the universe perceives and experiences diversity to enrich the unity of All-THAT-Is.

The 4D realms roughly correspond to what in Sanskrit is called ”Kama Manas” – the misleading/ confusing blend of thinking and feeling that leads to emotions (emotional outbursts), with fear playing the most significant part. We are also talking about lower thinking here. Fear prevents logical thinking – as Georgi Stankov lucidly explains. Thus the aforementioned fear-laden or fear-distorted actuality arises. Please keep in mind that the so-called dimensions are not delimited areas, they serve the limited 3D/4D common sense only as drawers (boxes) of understanding, which we should leave behind. Such thinking does not correspond to the Universal Law (UL).

Our physical reality is a construct that our souls use as a learning experience which eventually leads us to remember the wisdom of the higher levels of existence. In this sense, our whole actuality is an illusion, but the experiences it offers are very real and at times even very painful and leave an indelible mark on the awareness of our souls via our personality. It serves as a very formative game that drives the development and growth of our souls and of All-THAT-Is.

The basis for our disquisition on the three terms mentioned in the subtitle is the concept that everything that Is – All-THAT-Is – is energy which exists in infinite different forms. The worlds to be discussed are U-subsets thereof. This energy, according to Stankov’s Universal Law, is identical with the term “space-time“, which is how we, humans, currently feel/interpret energy within the limitations of our senses and linearly functioning mind by automatically arresting time = frequency in our heads. In this way the incessant movement of energy (energy exchange) is stopped in an artificial,  hallucinatory manner, and we only observe space statically as extension of matter or distance between material objects (In fact, matter does not exist – it is a complex conglomeration of superimposed energetic fields of elementary particles, molecules and electromagnetic fields.)

For that reason space-time is easily misunderstood, insofar as this wrong perception of the 3D matrix is projected onto the external physical world which is only an imperfect image of the transcendental higher dimensional realities. Most writers and readers of various articles on space-time on the Internet understand the two terms, space and time, in the conventional meaning of everyday life and as they are defined in physics and do not attribute any transcendental meaning to them whatsoever.

However, there is no space independent of content (e.g. matter) or illusory time.

In his article: ”My Latest Dream: How the Linear Time will be Abolished by the ID Split”,  21. July 2012, Georgi Stankov goes one step further and writes: ‘‘After the ID split both, space and linear time, will be wrapped up and substituted fully with the concept of simultaneity, which means that all energy interactions that take place in the Now will be immediately accessible to human minds.

Obviously there are no processes in time, understood as linear time, but everything happens ”only” in the present moment. The information that represents every aspect of every moment of the past, present and future exists simultaneously, eternally and NOW.  Not just all the information about the incarnations we are consciously experiencing, but also all possible incarnations – literally an infinite matrix containing everything possible, everything imaginable.

It is also important to note that there are no gaps, leaps or contradictions in All-THAT-Is. The UL says, All-THAT-Is is an infinite continuum.

Let’s start with the term ”timeline” or ”time axis”. According to our understanding these terms stand for N-sets, which cannot exist, because they contradict the basic principles discussed in the last two paragraphs: firstly, they contain the term conventional linear time t, which does not represent a fact, but is a misinterpretation of our senses, thus a classical illusion. Georgi Stankov proves that conventional time t is a synonym of distance s , so that both terms are tautologies of one and the same – of static space – where the movement of energy, as incessant energy  exchange, is eliminated artificially by the human mind. This is achieved by arresting absolute time = frequency = f in apriori manner in order to measure static space in the empty Euclidean space of classical mechanics or in the still empty Minkovski space in the theory of relativity. In reality, energy is in a state of constant expansion and contraction, and so do all its systems as U-sets thereof. For this reason space and time are canonically conjugated physical dimensions – the only ones that exist: they constantly change their magnitude as this is given in the equation for the speed of light c=λf, where λ is the wave length for space and f is the absolute time measured as frequency of the electromagnetic wave.

Secondly, the aforementioned concepts contain the term line, which is extremely limited (one-dimensional!) and which expresses nothing ontologically essential. In geometry, a straight line is the direct connection between two points. Euclid, however, describes the point as something extremely mysterious – it has no dimension/expansion – it corresponds to zero, nothing, nil, so it is only an abstract thought, an auxiliary construct misleading in the last consequence. The term line comes from Euclidean geometry, as does the term point, which have no place in the new Axiomatics of the Universal Law of All-THAT-Is. Even according to Hilbert, the founder of modern mathematical formalism, these primary terms, such as point, straight line and surface as plane area, on which modern geometry is founded, have no meaning at all and can be substituted by table, chair and beer mug without altering anything in the content of Geometry as long as they are used in a logical axiomatic manner.

Timeline is a line in time – in this context: it is something meaningless within the bigger human illusion. I am pretty sure, Stankov knows these shortcomings of the term timeline. But I am not sure at all, whether most of the other users of this term are aware of its intrinsic flaws which are pertinent to human language.

Here comes the second term into play: ”parallel worlds”. Aha, one could think that the lines are parallel and possibly well separated from each other, which is why one cannot see the other parallel worlds to one’s own world. This idea also contradicts the UL. Multiple worlds sounds better, also the connotation that there are infinitely many of them. One would argue here that there is only one world according to the UL, namely All-THAT-Is, and that the different multiple worlds mentioned above are U-subsets of it. However, it is impossible that these are sharply delineated. That is the crucial point I would like to make below.

Before I do this, in order to promote understanding and imagination, for all those who have had little contact with this subject, I would like to present two explanatory examples, which provide vivid, but very simplified (and, as we will see later, not very accurate) images. The first comparison limps more than the second. It is the film projector with the huge reel on which the film roll is wound. One looks at photos that contain no movement (stills), but when they are moved fast (24 of them per second) the optical illusion of a smooth movement and a passage of time is created in the human mind. At the same time, however, all these photos already exist on the reel and lie parallel to each other on the roll of the film. And finally the coils of the film roll are separated from each other in parallel concentric lines…

Information units in the infinite matrix of All-THAT-Is function similarly to the still images on the filmstrip. Our earthly consciousness functions similarly to the film projector, viewing still images in a fast, even sequence. Our Higher Self exists in the timeless realm and functions like the film presenter who can take the film out and view ALL the images simultaneously, as Jeff writes on the Internet site

The second example is slightly better. It compares the multiple worlds with radio signals. These fill the ‘space’ in which they exist simultaneously next to each other, without mixing. However, they are not sharply delimited, because if you slowly turn the button for the station setting, you can transition smoothly from the frequency of one radio station to the next one, and eventually hear both of them at the same time. You can hear the broadcasting station even if you are not on the exact frequency but still within its frequency range. The individual radio stations may not interfere if their bandwidths of transmission are far away from each other. In the illusory space, however, they are at the same place – they even penetrate ‘solid’ matter like stone walls of a house because all electromagnetic waves propagate without any limitation and always superimpose as U-sets of All-That-Is. All waves in All-That-Is superimpose and there is nothing else but waves: according to the UL all parts of All-That-Is are superimposed wave systems and levels (see volume II).

This also holds true for all human incarnations. The knowledge that man incarnates many times in the 3D matrix is assumed as given here and is being recognized by more and more people – possibly by the majority of the earth’s population (except for the Christians and the agnostics). The point is that these incarnations are simultaneous while here the concept of timelines is mainly used. But what does it mean: at the same time? What concept of time is used here? Of course, again the conventional illusory time. So there’s something wrong here. But let’s stay in this image: for each person we have ”a bundle” of parallel timelines – all timelines exist simultaneously. And the bundle as a whole? Does this also take place ”all at once”? Nobody has yet explained how the ”eternal now” works – probably one cannot understand this with the current mind either?

And if already a single illusion does not fit, then a bundle of these illusions is not better. By the way, bundle means ”fascis” in Latin. This word has several meanings (among other things fasces (plural) are insignia!) and from it ”fascism” is derived. Parallel timelines are therefore a fascist concept – a little joke at the side.

It is said that the different timelines run on different frequencies. These frequencies are defined as being dimensionless in the UL – otherwise the conventional time would come in again through the back door. How should one imagine this? It can be derived from the formulas …

What seems important to me is that the so-called timelines are wide frequency bands, which have no sharp borders but thin out to the outside ”sideways” – they are no lines. These bandwidths overlap with all the consequences of braiding, mixing and switching from one band to another. They are certainly not parallel but a network, in which all bandwidths constantly exchange themselves with all other bandwidths and coordinate all the ”happenings”. That is why conventional linear causality does not work (any more) and also the concept of Karma vanishes. One could replace the concept of bandwidths or frequency ranges with event-clouds that penetrate each other – everything is one. One could also speak of experiential worlds instead of timelines. These are not limited to different incarnations, that is the next important point.

The term timeline is obviously and quite rightly used in the literature for different experiential worlds. Let’s take as an example Patrick Amoroso’s ”personal timeline” on his journey through New England. Apparently we are not talking about different incarnations here, but about subjective worlds of perception (also quite a good term). Patrick, for example, feels the ‘world’ in the first rest plaza at the George Washington Bridge quite differently from the eaters present there. For him it’s a surreal scene, for the others it’s just everyday life. So they are both in different worlds.

While Patrick is driving along the coastline of Connecticut on his way home and could cause a lethal accident because of the complete cramping of his body, then he is again in another experiential world, because he feels and reacts to energies that other drivers do not perceive.

There are also reports – e.g. in the book ”The Celestine Prophecy” by James Redfield – that in one place at the same ‘time’ there are two groups of people, one of whom does not see the other, the other however observes the first one very well. Here are different worlds through different modes of perception. I have experienced something like this before. One could also speak of different worlds of perception/ experience instead of timelines.

Georgi Stankov writes: ”This fact was illustrated to us two days ago when a Mafioso – a Russian gangster almost drove with his expensive car on the pedestrian zone of the old town/island of Lindau (Lake of Constance) over my feet and then get off the car without seeing me and my dual soul, who was making pictures at this time. He could as well have driven through us and nothing would have happened. It cannot be excluded that in his reality he actually drove through our body fields, but it was clear that he did not register us even when he walked several inches away from us and entered the next

The long story in a nutshell: worlds of perception have to do with different ‘levels’ of consciousness. The more expanded (higher vibrating) it is, the more the human being is aware of; he/she can therefore also experience more different worlds = frequencies; or expressed correctly, one perceives these other frequencies and sees oneself in another world (on another timeline if you so wish). We only perceive what we consider perceptible. People with the firm conviction that there is nothing else but the usual linear continuity of physical life, or in case something else still exists that this is not perceptible, cannot perceive anything else outside what everybody is aware of. Many people are afraid of expanded perception/awareness, and think of ghosts and other ghastly characters from horror movies. Without boundaries – no matter how fictitious – most people feel insecure.

Basically, we don’t perceive what already exists, but what we consciously create with our thoughts and desires. The basic energy, of which everything consists, is of course always there, but the forms, situations and sensations which we encounter, have been created by ourselves. This is also typical for the interpretation of sensory perceptions in the 3D matrix, with the difference that we are severely restricted in our selection here by our conditioning, which is why we mostly come to the same – interpersonally comparable – results, which we then regard as generally valid truth, while it is in fact an (illusory) actuality based on consensual collective fears (see above). Those who do not adhere to this illusion will lose their job or end up in a mental asylum, or are disparaged as conspiracists.

It should also be mentioned that the creation of the respective world of experience presupposes a certain intention, a wish or an action. The randomly, unwittingly expressed housewife gossip at the street corner is unlikely to manifest itself quantitatively. Here it is rather the case that these are such trivial commonplaces – uttered since millennia – that they already exist in abundance. Unfortunately people waste an enormous amount of energy with such things, as with daily TV consumption, which they then lack, not least because they live in an awareness of deficiency.

A person with an expanded consciousness perceives higher vibrating worlds and has to deal with the conditions of lower vibrating worlds at the same time. This clearly shows that these worlds overlap and take place in the same place at the same time. This is probably how it can be explained when Georgi Stankov says that he spends 80% of his present life in higher dimensions and still ‘sometimes’ suffers from severe physical pain throughout the day, which is triggered by cc-waves for example (cc-waves are energy waves from the Source of the highest intensity that trigger an excruciating headache like commotio cerebri (cc) when they enter the left brain portal through the crown chakra.). This means that he is in a multidimensional state of being and at the same time experiences simultaneously different worlds of perception, whereby the latter can be in the same dimension.

Now to the heading: ”Unlimited Reality”. What do we want to express by that? Quite simply: there are no boundaries between the infinitely many worlds of perception – everything merges into one another: boundless, limitless, continuous, pervasive.

It can be – greatly simplified – compared with the situation at 3000 m depth in the Pacific Ocean. We move with our eyes closed and have no sense at all for above or below, left or right and front or back. These distinctions are meaningless. There are no roads and traffic signs, the GPS fails, and from oblique to left feels like from back to down or from left to up. Neptune and the fishes send their greetings. This image is intended to describe that in All-THAT-Is there are no limitations, only imperceptible transitions – THAT (TAT in Sanskrit) is an ingenious composition of infinite proportions.

We could use the torus, which can serve as a restrictive image and comes closer to the present human capacity of thought. In any case, it is used again and again as a model for the human energy system. And ‘as in the small, so in the large’ …


The term “timeline” does not only refer to different incarnations, but also to other experiences outside the 3D matrix while one is in the same incarnation.

The term timeline however completely obscures what it is supposed to describe/explain.

Instead of timelines, it would be appropriate, for example, to use: worlds of sentience (or sentience-worlds), worlds of experience (or experiential worlds), worlds of perception (or perceptive worlds) or worlds of life (or life worlds).

These different worlds with various vibrations/frequencies are inseparably interwoven as described.

Depending on the level of consciousness, more or less of them can be perceived simultaneously.

Of course, one can also stick with the term timeline, but then one must exactly define what one understands by it. This is what I have tried to do here in the light of the UL. From my five decades of experience with terms, it is however counterproductive to continue using a dysfunctional expression mainly out of habitual attachment, because again and again the incorrect unreal literal meaning will come through and subordinate the user/reader unconsciously to a false understanding.

In case the topics presented here are of relevance for you, please, do not hesitate to comment.

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