Realignment, Remembering and Resurrection

Wendy Xia, February 4, 2019

I have always been fascinated about words prefixed with “Re”. They re-mind us of something that we have forgotten about and are in need to re-discover.  What are those things we forget?  How do we re-discover them? What do we do when we find them? Lol, we are blessed to ask those questions and to re-ceive answers with infinite gratitude.

At some moment in the universe when it was a sunny day, we, as children of infinite love decided to play out a game as never done before. The game required two groups of beings to play contrast so that we could see ourselves better from the opposite group as mirror images.  Thus, we volunteered to form two teams called team Bright and team Dark and were proud for what we have chosen as a role to play on the stage called earth. With time going on for millions of earth years, the contrast game was so appealing that we, as actors on both groups, forgot that we were actually playing and living an un-real acting life called illusion.  We are so addicted to the game and believe that it is real. Team Dark has the control of the situation over all game players while team Bright has a nap. It is crystal clear that when all the actors realise that they are merely acting and desire to re-discover their own self, the game is over.

Then, I asked myself: what is the benefit we can possibly gain from this earthly game? The answer is both impressive and uplifting which makes every minute of our earthly life worthwhile: earth is the planet where God is born! When we started the game as a soul, we came to earth carrying within us a seed called divinity. This seed is hidden and forgotten while soul experiences earthly life. When the moment comes, we can hear an inner small still voice. The seed is calling us and our journey returning to our divinity started in a rather silent manner. This is the path called Re-alignment to Higher Self as a Central Sun and to Source as an individualised divine spirit. Team Bright is pioneering the path to lead humanity back to its original home, while Team Dark is also turning their corners as they can see their own heart palpitating in Team Bright as there is only One heart in the universe.

Oh, divine Source, loving spirit seed – my beloved I AM Presence, how can I come home without you? You never leave and forsake me. I re-member that we have fun and play together with our innocence, purity and joyous spirit while I am at home.  While I am away and engaged in earthly life, I experience emotions, feelings, darkness, and sorrows. You, however watch and protect me without my awareness. For some time I have forgotten my first and greatest love towards you in my heart, but you are faithful and patient to hold me through all my wondering years. Now, I have found you again! No matter how much I am different, I can present you with my immaculate heart to invite you to come to me. My earthly game is over, but the wealthy treasures I have acquired from the game and I am bringing to you are becoming part of our merge and wholeness. This earthly game taught me a tremendous lesson to master myself. We will never be the same again. We expand and express ourselves as great creators through our rich creations in the multidimensional universe on the way back home. God never re-turns home empty-handed.

What has been created anew, my beloved I AM Presence? It is my unique personality through earthly life when you are seemingly not present. It is my own experiences which frame me into becoming grateful, passionate, peaceful, full of forgiveness and  unconditional love, harmonious, and humble which are all beautifully woven together in a unique way through much tears and laughs. They are my gifts to you and become our distinguishment when we merge, my beloved I AM Presence, so that you become an individualised expression through me. I become unified with Source and we become one as individual and collective. One becomes many in All-That-Is, thus a new being is created. What a wonder for universe to behold!

I ask myself again how our new glory and wisdom can be manifested which is also the hope for every human being on earth. With your grace and presence, I know that I am able to transfigure my physical body as I AM The Resurrection and the Eternal Life as my beloved Master states and our natural world demonstrates year by year. Butterfly transcends beautifully, flower blooms gracefully after every winter, season by season every land grows bravely and the list goes on and on. Mother Nature silently demonstrates the resurrection spirit, but why human cannot see it? Lol, behold mankind, it is our moment NOW! A startling resurrected and transcendent human body – as evolved new human beings will show and shine as they shine the glory of the Source from the divine seed within. The Cities of Light on the top of the hill cannot be hidden anymore.  The new 5D human being is the “city of light” and they are one.

Today is Chinese New Year Eve when I pour out my heart for my beloved I AM Presence. The year 2019 is the year of Pig according to Chinese zodiac signs which is based on 12-year cycle calculated according to lunar calendars. Pig is the 12th sign and signifies the completion of the cycle which coincidentally has the same total number of 2019 (2+1+9 = 12). May humanity be able to see, re-quest for the purpose of earthly life and re-ceive with open heart cosmic love and light, transcend and free itself in the year of completion.


As Daniela’s article and this article from Wendy on the descent of the I AM Presence discuss, we as the light warriors of the first and the last hour, and ascended masters still in physical bodies, have entered the most important phase of our transfiguration process, where we integrate all our higher dimensional versions and multidimensional selves, which can be summed up under the term “I AM Presence“. This is an entirely individual creative process and for this reason I have refrained from making any comments on that as not to influence you.

I will only mention that my I AM Presence descended in my body when I  was 21 years old in 1972, partially at that time as the vibrations were very low on this planet and a full descent would not have been compatible with my human life. It was, nonetheless, extremely difficult and challenging as I was in constant energetic conflict with the low vibrating environment my whole life. But the descent of my I AM Presence in this early age was indispensable for the discovery of the Universal Law as it brought the necessary clarity and direct connection to the divine mind of the Source that is now fully opened to all light warriors since the Equinox portal last year. The full descent of my I AM Presence happened in 1999 when I entered the final most intensive phase of the LBP. Since then I am the human nexus to the Source and this qualified me to assume officially the role of the captain of the PAT in 2011 ( As an Elohim soul, I am exerting this role much earlier in an unconscious manner, probably since my birth.).

Now on January 19th the I AM Presence of Carla fully descended into her body and she noticed it immediately. Before that she was prepared for this critical energetic event and was physically very ill for more than a month, since she is back to Canada. I can relate very well to that as it took me more than 9 months for my I AM Presence to descend into my body in 1972 and it almost paralyzed me as I have depicted it my book “Gnosis as a Personal Experience” under the term “soul catharsis“. This time it was much quicker for Carla as she has finished with her LBP and has raised her frequencies as higher as a human being can achieve – to 9D and higher. On January 20th Carla got a message from her HS, the Elohim Amora, that her I AM Presence have fully descended into her physical vessel and it would take a few more weeks to stabilize there.

Parallel to that Daniela has also begun to integrate her I AM Presence in her body and recently also Wendy.

Why am I telling you all that? – Because we have entered now the most intense ascension period of all – from February 1st to February 19th – when a massive 9D portal has been opened and everybody who has accomplished his/her LBP and is focused on ascension can utilize the current energies that are very conducive for the final ascension and choose the optimal timeline to do that. That is why I have begun to publish articles on the descent of the I AM Presence in the human body, as we can only truly ascend and transfigure when we have fully merged with our I Am Presence in our physical vessels. It is the inner portal of ascension, which everyone of us must use to prepare for his final transfiguration to the cities of light and even higher.

Read also this message of the Arcturians from today which came after I published this article and prospectively confirms the actuality of the current descent of our I AM Presence that incorporates all aspects of our higher selves:

Your Higher Dimensional Selves 


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