Feelings as a Personal Gnosis

Georgi Stankov,  September 11, 2018


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In my key novel “Gnosis as a Personal Experience” I elucidate for the first time in the history of human literature how transcendental knowledge comes to the human mind and how it expands to a Divine Mind while the human personality evolves in the linear space-time of this earthly incarnation experiment. This has always been the central topic of all Western Philosophy  – since Antiquity up to the present day of total amnesia of human philosophy and man’s pursuit of true knowledge. The latter has always been the foundation of this Western or any other civilisation on this planet until it was destroyed by the rejection of same.

The new theory of the Universal Law that will herald the new Golden Age of humanity will be based on the development of the Divine Mind in many humans as this is currently happening with the opening of the Equinox portal of the Divine Mind. This explains the great actuality of the present disquisition.

Human experience is to a large extent the experience of feelings in association with some external events that seam the outward expansion of the incarnated personality in the 3D reality of social life. However, it is a basic truth that feelings are pristine energetic phenomena of the soul that build what is generally defined by the Greeks since Antiquity as human “psyche“, which was the Greek word for the soul.

It has been a leitmotif in all my gnostic and philosophical writings that feelings are most important modules of condensed transcendental information with which the soul generously bestows the incarnated personality in order to expand her awareness, consciousness and, ultimately, her intelligence. In this sense feelings are intricately linked to human intelligence. The more freely they are expressed and the more deeply they are perceived for what they truly are, the higher the intelligence of the incarnated personality. This is the only way to eventually acquire the Divine Mind, the codes of which are now being downloaded upon humanity as discussed by myself and Carla in recent messages and energetic reports.

A few days ago I published an excerpt from my philosophical book “Gnostic Tradition of Western Philosophy” on human love.  This concept is intimately intertwined with all the other human feelings. I discuss the unhealthy modulation of the original feelings of the soul by the ego-mind to acceptable emotions under the dictate of social conditioning. The latter is essentially the acquisition of a diverse spectrum of human fears from the social environment – family and society – whose main purpose as low-frequency energetic patterns is to suppress the original creative power and information content of all human feelings coming from the soul (and the source) as to dumb down humanity. This is the most succinct description of life on this earth as a “Fall from Grace”, thanks to the dark forces, and why the current process of ascension has to address this issue first and foremost.

In my book “Gnosis as a Personal Experience” I am tackling the vast area of human feelings as carriers of the higher knowledge of the soul from various angles and perspectives. I pay special attention to the early manipulation of the pristine emotions of the child by the parents who are, in the vast majority, unripe or young souls. This problem is of great import nowadays as most of the children and newborns are crystalline children with highly evolved old souls who bring this intuitive knowledge of the higher realms, unvarnished by any energetic blockages and deficiencies, in their archetypal personality structure. They will be the new leaders of humanity and will fully understand and implement the new theory of the Universal Law. Here is what I have written about the negative impregnation and adaptation of the child in the current debased agnostic human society (page 14):

“Since human feelings are originally programmed by the soul psychic modules of the incarnated personality that are expressed with respect to external events, the newborn child enjoys already the same spectrum of emotions as that of an adult. While the child lives out his emotions in a spontaneous and unadulterated manner and has not yet learned to evaluate his feelings with positively or negatively tainted words and connotations, the adult is, in his emotions, a strongly conditioned being through human language and life experience.

Human language evaluates feelings as positive or negative experiences, although they are astral-energetic phenomena and thus neutral in value. Their assessment is based on social conventions and beliefs that the childish mind greedily absorbs and by which he is deeply influenced during his growth. As every verbal assignment of feelings is done through the mind, only the human mind decides whether a feeling is positive or negative. Thus the original feeling, which is an astral-energetic module of the psyche, undergoes a profound degradation to a mentally colored emotion:

Emotions are thus subjective, experiential, verbal interpretations of the original god-given feelings to humans.

The child begins immediately after birth to assess subjectively the feelings given to him by his soul according to the parental education and the closest role models. Love and affection are rarely treated by the child as unconditional feelings, as they exist in their original astral form, but usually as dependency patterns. The helpless and vulnerable child must buy the affection of the mother or the father through good behavior, whereas the parental criteria for adequate behavior are usually very ambivalent and confused. After all, 80% of all parents are baby, child or young souls who are guided by their fear-based patterns and to whom the feeling of unconditional love is yet totally unknown (the psychomental characteristics of the various soul age populations are thoroughly discussed in my book “The Evolutionary Leap of Mankind“).

Very often the child has to learn that a free expression of feelings, for example an overly loud joy, is punished by the parents as inappropriate behavior. From a very early age, the children make the experience that they have to suffer for the spontaneous expression of their original feelings. They begin to evaluate their positive feelings as negative experiences and learn to suppress them as to avoid similar negative experiences in the future. This negative social adaptation determines decisively the attitude of the adolescent personality to her original feelings. From then on she interprets her “god-given” feelings like love, affection and trustfulness as a source of spiritual injuries and psycho-mental suffering.

Later on, the society takes over the deformation of the individual psyche in an even more effective and all-embracing manner. The culturally permissible interpretation of emotions determines the individual sensation of happiness or misfortune. Certain events, such as the separation from the partner will be in today’s society  automatically associated with negative emotions: they usually call in the feeling of sadness and depression, even when the inner voice of the psyche signals relief and joy after ending an oppressive or disharmonious relationship.

Since the joy of separation from the partner is not “sociable”, the person in question is forced to convince herself/himself that she/he is unhappy, only because one is accepted and pitied by the environment if one behaves in the expected traditional way and does not stand out negatively. In medicine, this is referred to as the “secondary gain of disease” – the patient, in his suffering, enjoys the attention and affection of the nursing staff and the environment, which outweighs the drawbacks of the disease. In this way the original feelings of the soul are judged by external events and standardized according to unquestioned cultural beliefs.

Modern man is no longer able to live out his natural feelings unedited. The astral-energetic fabric of modern society consists of innumerable collective patterns of emotions that have become enormously rigid in the course of history, thus strongly ritualizing and constricting life in the community, even though they are only anthropocentric mental interpretations of the original psychic modules of the soul. In this respect, the universe is extremely malleable. Such collective patterns as jealousy, for instance, are indelibly imprinted into the emotional astral texture of the earth and determine human behavior significantly, though they are dispensable to interpersonal relationships. They reflect only the current state of underdevelopment of the human mind and the chakras in the incarnated population on this planet.

For this reason, the energetic handling of human emotions is a major goal of the souls who incarnate on Earth: emotions are a specific psycho-energetic feature of humanity. There are countless incarnational modalities in 3D space-time that can be experienced without feelings.

Why am I raising this topic one more time at present? Because we have now entered the most crucial and vulnerable phase in the ascension process where all humans are beamed by extremely intense source energies of truth and are confronted for the first time with all their hidden and suppressed feelings that loom high in order to be processed. As I wrote in my essay on love, one cannot suppress human feelings as they are the most powerful energy of creation that must always flow and create new worlds:

“A painful experience, which each person makes in the incarnation process, is that one cannot deny one’s feelings, for in this case they do not dissolve, but become energetically condensed and are stored deep in the cellular memory. From there they can, with the slightest opportunity, break out with great violence and cause evil.

La Belle Époque of the late 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century that was shaped by the idea of a petty-bourgeois idyll in which violence, hatred and aggression did not appear superficially, but at most in the scientifically permissive form of modern psychoanalysis, ended, as is well known, into the unimaginable atrocities of the First World War, which destroyed this idyll with one fell-swoop forever.”

And if some of you have happened to read the few competent political experts on the Internet on the latest political events, and especially around Syria and the Middle East, you would have noticed that they in unison compare the current volatile and very explosive political situation worldwide as the one prior to WW1 that led to great destruction and suffering.

Humanity is now at a crossroad, where the old tradition of suppression of human emotions is being left behind and humans enter the new exalted 5D reality of very intensive emotions as the foundation for any true creation. No doubt that the old fake idea of “political correctness” which determines current political behaviour with a decreasing force and, which I had admonished for the last two decades in my books and articles, has to be discarded forever in the course of this year.

This would not happen without many dramas at the personal and collective level, most of them as tragic-comedies as we observe in the USA today. For instance, I have been cleansing the distorted psyche of the German nation from persistent, unprocessed Nazi- and Neonazi-features for the last five days with an unprecedented emotional intensity that has knocked down my psyche and even my indomitable spirit in order to liberate the German monad from these dark suppressed emotions in due time and prepare it for the impending ID shift.

Until recently the Germans were very unstable candidates for ascension but, as the main  city of light New Raetia has to include part of Germany, it is indispensable that at least a big portion of the German population should ascend. The Austrians have already made it, and of course all the Italians, who are a nation of predominantly ripe and old souls and display a much healthy psyche, although they are very tired from their numerous incarnations, and can barely wait to see the city of light and move in to live permanently there. That is why we are here now. We are the Saviors of these old tired souls, as AA Michael told us.

I have mentioned on numerous occasions in the last days and weeks that we are also in a close contact with the Arcturians who have taken over the final coordination of the planetary ascension process as well as our personal ascension. They work in close contact with the Andromedans. Carla and I have Arcturian incarnations and Daniela – Andromedans. Some of the communication with these members of the Galactic Federation occurs directly, in other cases indirectly, for instance through Daniel Scranton who channels the Arcturians on a daily basis. We are very much attuned to this source and the synchronicities of topics, which this source deals with at the same time as we do, are really astounding even to us, who are used to many miracles on a daily basis.

Today the Arcturians addressed the same aforementioned topic about which I am writing for years as they want to tell all light workers what I am also telling you for some time: We have now entered very rough seas of emotional hurricanes as this is the fuel for our ascension and future immediate creation. And only real tamers of human feelings will have a chance to evolve to powerful and effective creators at the individual and global level:

“You are the best examples in the entire galaxy of beings who do not exercise their complete power. You have more access to Source Energy, and that which you truly are, because of how emotional you are as a species. And yet, you have been fooled into believing that being emotional makes one weak.

You have been taught, over and over again, to hide your emotions. As children, even when you were in a state of absolute joy, if there were other people around that could be disturbed by your joyous behavior, you were told to settle down. You were told not to be a crybaby. You were told that there was something wrong with your angry outburst, and it was labeled a tantrum. You were told not to be a scaredy cat, and you were taught that love was only really appropriate between males and females.

And so, all of your emotions, whether negative or positive, have been squashed by some member of your family, or a teacher, or perhaps even a clergy member. And therefore, you have had less access to what makes you truly powerful. It is your ability to feel, not your ability to take action, that makes you powerful creator beings. You are more powerful than you know, and many of you are starting to access that power, as you have been given permission as adults to feel your feelings.

Now, when you allow yourselves to feel all of the feelings that come up within you, you are much more in the flow of the high frequency energies that are all around you. And if you can access those higher frequency energies, you can know true power.

The next step for all of you will be not fearing that power. Power has been given a bad name by those who have abused it, but the power that you access by allowing all emotions to flow through you and by accessing the truth of who you are as Source Energy Beings, that power, could not and would not harm a fly.”

Suppressed Emotions & Power – The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council

Indeed the number of clear channelled messages that warn the light workers about the coming emotional tempests are steadily growing as this is what we shall experience in the coming days. The Creator Writings website has just published a message that could have been plagiarized from one of my many writings on the “Love and Light” illusion of the New Age:

“There are some (esoteric) circles on your Earth plane that say you should be happy all the time and other, negative, emotions are ‘bad’.  The Universe is here to tell you that this is the furthest thing from the truth. With the current shift, there will be a wide range of emotions… some good and some not so good.  It is perfectly OK to feel all of them!  It may be challenging at times, you may feel a bit fearful, awkward, anxious, jittery or down right uncomfortable.  All are correct in this moment.  The most important thing to remember… they are temporary!  You may not feel like stepping forward because of it, but step forward you must.  Just keep moving toward the light and all will be well. 

Exactly for this reason I have titled this essay with the reversal of the title of my book “Gnosis as a Personal Experience” – “Feelings as a Personal Gnosis” – as we are dealing with the closed nature of all human knowledge = Primary Term = All-That-Is. According to the principle of last equivalence that defines the Primary Term of human knowledge, the very existence of such tautologies and vicious circle statements proves beyond any doubt the nature of All-That-Is as the primary term of human or any other consciousness in the multiverse – its closed character, while all its parts are open U-sets (see Axiomatics).

In addition, we have entered the final phase of the planetary and individual ascension process where emotions will be the fuel for our ultimate purification from the toxic influences of this 3D matrix and will propel our final transfiguration and ascension, as the Elohim Astraea and Amora, our Higher Selves, have just announced. For this reason I am perusing one more time my previous writings on human emotions as to convince you how important it is to address your personal feelings now, no matter how good or bad they may feel, as you cannot suppress them if you want to ascend, and even if you would not ascend, as such is the nature of all god-given human feelings.

For that reason I would like to publish another excerpt from my book “Gnostic Tradition of Western Philosophy” (2004) that addresses precisely this issue (page 249):

The educational repertoire of the soul includes encounters and challenges with other incarnated souls who can be family or friendly relationships, fateful events, illnesses, political and other societal and natural experiences, and so on. These experiences form the existential realm of 3D space-time. This three-dimensional network of experiences sustainably shapes the psyche and the mind, which are open, extremely malleable astral-energetic systems; it represents, so to speak, the educational framework within which the incarnated personality unfolds as a set of thoughts, feelings and actions.

The transcendental knowledge that the incarnated personality absolutely needs in order to find her way in the physical world and to classify the phenomena that she perceives with the senses, so that she can transform the pre-existing reality, is conveyed by the soul in many different ways. In this book, I have explained in detail that the soul prefers to express herself through feelings: The psyche is the outer manifestation of the soul, so that emotions are an eminently important source of information for the mind. If the original feelings are perceived and interpreted by the mind in an unadulterated manner, then man knows infallibly what the soul wants to communicate to him. This presupposes, of course, that the mind fully accepts the leading role of the soul.

The common belief that feelings often deceive and misguide the people is the usual mental expression of fear that inevitably leads to the conclusion that one should not trust the soul. This mistrust of one’s own soul is a typical feature of the agnostic psychic mentality, which can only thrive in a state of total amnesia, and for this reason finds a broad discussion in the four Gospels.

A central message of Jesus Christ is that people should not grieve and worry about the future, because in this way they will not eliminate a single existential challenge from the world; rather, they should have more confidence in the “Father in Heaven,” that is, in their souls and in the consistency of each earthly experience.

Since earthly life today is largely based on lies and deceit, which is in most cases self-deception, the mind of the leading young souls extrapolates this negative existential experience to the soul and its dealings with the incarnated personality. Because of this, feelings can not become a real source of knowledge until one releases all his fears and is ready to trust the soul unreservedly – that is, one is ready to accept her all-embracing power. By learning to accept, that is, to let happen, one automatically attains the power of the soul, or Spirit, and acts accordingly.

This insight is a frequently cited Gnostic message and a recommendation in many esoteric writings and channelled texts. The widespread phenomenon of Christian, Muslim or Buddhist monasticism attempts to translate this fundamental gnostic insight into a specific lifestyle. I have merely provided a sound justification for this central psychic phenomenon in religion and in everyday life, which is at the center of various human life strategies.

Unfortunately, human feelings are currently being extremely deformed and misinterpreted by fear and other anxiety-related thoughts, so that modern man does not use this Gnostic source at all. From the soul’s point of view, there is an educational deficit in the incarnated personality that can only be compensated by the soul through fateful experiences (karma). Such events and occurrences, which symbolically externalize inner-soul realities into 3D space-time, promote the psyche and the mind in a very effective and intense manner, for example, by creating existential conditions that cause a narrowing of the freedom of will and trigger violent emotional reactions within the personality.

In an expanded philosophical sense, all experiences of the incarnated personality in 3D space-time are part of Human Gnosis, whether consciously processed, as exemplified in this book, or change the personality structure subconsciously, but in no less efficient manner. Since man is a psycho-mental entity, the development of the psyche and the mind always goes hand in hand. As man expands his abstract Gnostic knowledge, he develops his capacity for transpersonal love and understanding because he realizes that he is not a playball of uncontrollable fate, more precisely of the soul, but a conscious and self-sufficient creator under the conditions of three-dimensional corporeality. The internalization of this knowledge in thought and action is Gnosis in perfection.

In this way, the soul operates as the creator of the psycho-mental characteristics of the incarnated personality and gives her the opportunity to unfold during the incarnation cycle until it attains the all-encompassing awareness and love – as the psychic expression of constructive interference – of the astral worlds. Thus, the consciousness of the soul is always available to the human mind as a potentiality. This potentiality can not be achieved within one incarnation: hence the need for multiple incarnations, in which the soul labors on individual qualities and abilities of the mind and the psyche and gradually develops them.

Although a soul can end her incarnation cycle without helping the human mind attain full awareness, as was the case on Earth in the last two-three thousand years, this does not mean that man cannot obtain the all-encompassing awareness of the soul worlds during his lifetime. In this case, the incarnated personality has to go through the lengthy path of the Light Body Process (LBP), whereby the psyche and the mind are energetically aligned to the expanded awareness and the ability to love of the soul. In this total transformation of body, psyche, chakras and mind, which is completed with a phase transition of the organic body into light body, i.e. with ascension, the earthly personality unfolds to a “multi-dimensional personality“. As I explain in detail in the Gnosis, this term describes the energetic union of man with his soul.”


Original German text:

“Zum erzieherischen Repertoire der Seele zählen Begegnungen und Auseinandersetzungen mit anderen inkarnierten Seelen, die in verwandtschaftlichen oder freundschaftlichen Beziehungen zueinander stehen, schicksalhafte Ereignisse, Krankheiten, politische und andere gesellschaftlichen und naturbedingten Erfahrungen, und so weiter. Diese Erlebnisse bilden den Erfahrungsbereich der 3d-Raumzeit. Dieses dreidimensionale Erfahrungsgeflecht prägt nachhaltig die Psyche und den Verstand, die offene, extrem formbare astral-energetische Systeme sind; es stellt sozusagen die pädagogischen Rahmenbedingungen dar, innerhalb derer sich die inkarnierte Persönlichkeit als eine Gesamtheit aus Gedanken, Gefühlen und Handlungen entfaltet.

Das transzendente Wissen, das die inkarnierte Persönlichkeit unbedingt braucht, um sich in der physischen Welt zurechtzufinden und die Phänomene, die sie mit den Sinnen wahrnimmt, einzuordnen, damit sie die vorgefundene Wirklichkeit umgestalten kann, wird von der Seele auf vielfältige Weise vermittelt. Ich habe in diesem Buch ausführlich dargelegt, dass sich die Seele bevorzugt durch Gefühle artikuliert: Die Psyche ist die äußere Erscheinungsform der Seele, so dass Emotionen eine eminent wichtige Informationsquelle für den Verstand sind. Werden die ursprünglichen Gefühle vom Verstand unverfälscht wahrgenommen und interpretiert, dann weiß er auf eine untrügliche Weise, was die Seele ihm mitteilen will. Dies setzt freilich voraus, dass der Verstand die führende Rolle der Seele uneingeschränkt akzeptiert.

Die allgemein verbreitete Auffassung, dass die Gefühle den Menschen oft betrügen und irreleiten, ist eine häufige mentale Ausprägung der Angst, die unweigerlich zur Schlussfolgerung führt, dass man der Seele nicht trauen darf. Dieses Misstrauen gegenüber der eigenen Seele ist eine typische Eigenschaft der Jungseelenmentalität, die nur im Zustand der totalen Amnesie gedeihen kann, und findet aus diesem Grund eine breite Erörterung in den vier Evangelien.

Eine zentrale Botschaft Jesu Christi ist: Die Menschen sollten sich nicht grämen und Sorgen über die Zukunft machen, denn dadurch werden sie keine einzige existentielle Herausforderung aus der Welt schaffen; vielmehr sollten sie mehr Vertrauen im „Vater im Himmel“, also in ihren Seelen und in der Folgerichtigkeit jeder irdischen Erfahrung haben.

Da das irdische Leben zur Zeit weitgehend auf Lug und Betrug aufbaut, wobei es sich in den meisten Fällen um Selbstbetrug handelt, extrapoliert der Verstand der tonangebenden jungen Seelen diese negative existenzielle Erfahrung auf die Seele und auf ihren Umgang mit der inkarnierten Persönlichkeit. Aus diesem Grund können die Gefühle erst dann zu einer echten Quelle der Erkenntnis werden, wenn man alle Ängste abbaut und bereit ist, uneingeschränkt der Seele zu vertrauen – das heißt, man ist bereit, ihre allumfassende Macht zu akzeptieren. Indem man lernt zu akzeptieren, also geschehen zu lassen, erlangt man automatisch die Macht der Seele, bzw. des Geistes und handelt dementsprechend.

Diese Erkenntnis ist eine häufig zitierte gnostische Botschaft und Empfehlung vieler esoterischer Schriften und gechannelter Texte. Das weit verbreitete Phänomen des Mönchtums christlicher, moslemischer oder buddhistischer Prägung versucht, diese fundamentale gnostische Erkenntnis anhand eines bestimmten Lebensstils in die Tat umzusetzen. Ich habe hier lediglich eine einwandfreie Begründung für dieses zentrale psychische Phänomen in der Religion und im Alltagsleben geliefert, das im Mittelpunkt diverser menschlicher Lebensstrategien steht.

Leider werden die Gefühle zurzeit durch die Angst und angstbedingte Gedanken extrem deformiert und falsch gedeutet, so dass der moderne Mensch diese gnostische Quelle überhaupt nicht nutzt. Es entsteht aus der Sicht der Seele ein erzieherisches Defizit bei der inkarnierten Persönlichkeit, das die Seele nur durch schicksalhafte Erfahrungen (Karma) wettmachen kann. Solche Ereignisse und Begebenheiten, die eine symbolhafte Externalisierung der innerseelischen Realitäten in die 3d-Raumzeit darstellen, fördern die Psyche und den Verstand auf eine sehr wirkungsvolle und intensive Weise, beispielsweise durch die Schaffung existenzbedrohlicher Bedingungen, die eine Einengung der Entscheidungsfreiheit herbeiführen und heftige emotionale Reaktionen bei der betreffenden Person auslösen.

Im erweiterten philosophischen Sinne sind alle Erfahrungen der inkarnierten Persönlichkeit in der 3d-Raumzeit ein Teil der menschlichen Gnosis, unabhängig davon, ob sie bewusst verarbeitet werden, wie ich es im vorliegenden Buch exemplarisch vorführe, oder die Persönlichkeitsstruktur auf eine unbewusste, jedoch nicht minder effiziente Weise verändern. Da der Mensch eine psychomentale Einheit ist, geht die Entfaltung der Psyche und des Verstandes stets Hand in Hand. Indem der Mensch sein abstraktes gnostisches Wissen erweitert, entwickelt er seine Fähigkeit zu transpersonaler Liebe und Verständnis, weil er erkennt, dass er nicht ein Spielball des Schicksals, präziser gesagt, der Seele ist, sondern ein bewusster und autarker Schöpfer unter den Bedingungen der dreidimensionalen Körperlichkeit. Die Verinnerlichung dieser Erkenntnis im Denken und Handeln ist Gnosis in Vollendung.

Auf diese Weise betätigt sich die Seele als Schöpfer der psychomentalen Charakteristika der inkarnierten Persönlichkeit und gibt ihr die Möglichkeit, sich während des Inkarnationszyklus zu entfalten, bis sie die allumfassende Bewusstheit und Liebe – als psychischer Ausdruck der konstruktiven Interferenz – der Astralwelten erlangt. Somit steht dem menschlichen Verstand die Bewusstheit der Seele als Potential stets zur Verfügung. Dieses Potential kann nicht innerhalb einer Inkarnation erreicht werden: Daher die Notwendigkeit mehrerer Inkarnationen, bei denen die Seele jeweils an einzelnen Eigenschaften und Fähigkeiten des Verstandes und der Psyche laboriert und sie Schritt für Schritt zur Entfaltung bringt.

Auch wenn eine Seele ihren Inkarnationszyklus beenden kann, ohne den menschlichen Verstand zur vollen Bewusstheit zu verhelfen, wie in den letzten zwei-dreitausend Jahren auf der Erde der Fall war, so heißt dies keineswegs, dass der Mensch die allumfassende Bewusstheit der Seelenwelten zur Lebzeit nicht erlangen kann. In diesem Fall muss die inkarnierte Persönlichkeit den langwierigen Weg des Lichtkörperprozesses durchschreiten, bei dem die Psyche und der Verstand auf die Bewusstheit und Liebesfähigkeit der Seele energetisch ausgerichtet werden. Bei diesem Totalumbau von Körper, Psyche, Chakren und Verstand, der mit einem Phasenübergang vom organischen Körper zum Lichtkörper, also mit einem Aufstieg abgeschlossen wird, entfaltet sich die irdische Persönlichkeit zur „multidimensionalen Persönlichkeit“. Wie ich in der Gnosis ausführlich erläutere, umschreibt dieser Begriff die energetische Vereinigung des Menschen mit seiner Seele.”


Another beautiful synchronicity and a confirmation today:

Feel for the Truth ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council

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