The Final Construction of the City of Light in Northern Italy

A Message from the Lightship of the GF

A Message From Astraea et Amora

Carla Thompson, July 13, 2018

Here is a July 11th message from the Galactic Federation Lightship present within our Fifth dimensional dome in Northern Italy, based upon what Daniella received as a brief message from these light beings

“Greetings!  We are of the Galactic Federation Lightship now present in your healing portal, North Italy, European Zone.  We are here working with each of you, as messengers and conduits of light to establish the specifics of the co-ordinates for this City of Light (North Italy)…

The principles of Creation are indeed as they appeared in a recent ‘dream’ you had, where you were moving your hands out to “level” the realities before you on a two coordinate axis: levelling a reality that was appearing on a plane (x) identified as a “-4”, up to the 0 point.  And levelling a reality that was on a plane (x) set at “+5”, down to the 0 point, and so on.  The (y) axes were random.  

The principles of creation for a Fifth Dimensional reality stem from the perspective of a Three Dimensional Cartesian Coordinate system, [using x, y, and z] coupled with aspects of Euclidean Geometry…including higher expressional creation through tonal conduits that are superimposed upon reference points using the 3 axis terminals you know as x, y and z.  Since Fifth dimensional creation, and above, is based upon frequencies carried upon light waves, it is these frequencies that must adapt to the points in third dimensional space through Tone…”

There were other statements following these comments that I didn’t understand and could not successfully record them.  My Higher Self may perhaps have been saying that the details are irrelevant.

And here is a message from Astraea et Amora that came right after their message: 

Since light energy is the foundation to these creations, you will see unusual colours present appearing as visually vibrant hues as seen with your physical eyes [especially the colour magenta that is now so deep in tonality and appearing all over the world during sunrises and sunsets, note Carla].

The Magenta Ray is the foundational ray of Fifth Dimensional creation and this ray heralds in the highest frequency on the planet as a base ray of creation and represents pure unqualified love, coupled with a radiant energy of purifying peace, the foundation of Unity Field of Consciousness upon which the New Earth is based.  The Magenta Ray now works together with the Violet Ray of transmutation and alchemy, and it is for this reason that you often see the two in tandem. The Violet ray has been the most prevalent ray for quite some time and its presence has been a sustaining power within this world of form, creating a firewall to prevent negative emotions and thoughtforms from entering into any new creation based on unconditional love and loving kindness.  Both of these rays are now fully charged for the application and integration into your own personal experience.   You will be amazed at the combined power of the Magenta with the Violet – enjoy these flames and be open to the idea that the presence of this light is your proof that the world reality is transforming right before your very eyes.

We do stress the application of these rays onto your inner consciousness in order to achieve the inner balance and harmony needed to expand into all higher dimensional expressions that are presenting to you already in every moment.  A concerted effort at profound understanding of inner disharmony will ultimately lift confusion and smooth the way of inner peace and harmony.   Any unprocessed fears will ultimately hold one from expanding into the Light! You are all expanding into the Light!  Hold the course! We love you All dearly! “

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