Italy Grid Point ~ New City of Light ~ Cleansing & Healing Preparations

Shelly Sullivan, June 5, 2018

I have been in contact with Shelly for several years. Below is her recent report of her individual connection to Italy and the city of light which shows that this project is collective and that many light workers participate in it based on their individual soul contracts for this end phase of the personal and planetary ascension.

With respect to Shelly’s light work in Florence, I would like to mention the latest information we got from Julia during our light session on May 29th. Obviously this city will fully rise in light, contrary to Rome which does not exist in the 5D according to Julia, and will be a major cultural centre as it once was when Cosimo Medici opened the Neoplatonic Academy and initiated the era of Renaissance. Currently all major artists of this epoch, such as Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo and Paul, the Venetian (Paolo Veronese) are hovering very closely above Florence and help us manifest this centre of light. Julia got the information that this might happen around October this year. Paul the Venetian, whose domicile is in Northern Italy, and some say also in Southern France, is all the time with us and in particular with Carla as they are of the same pink ray and his presence is very loving and soothing.

Enjoy now Shelly’s insightful and very informative report about what is currently happening at the energetic front in beautiful Italy. – George


I have been travelling to Italy since 2015 to 2017 and I have published in my book “Adventures of Saishorie~Grace” two of the three trips for the purpose to documenting my healing/ cleansing/ preparations mission in Italy mainly to do with Rome. I have since become aware that Rome, Italy is one of the “Power Points” in the world thus I am not surprised with it being my grid point.

Although I (we) travelled various places in Italy, we always ended up in Rome as our home base. In Rome I spent much time in the Vatican and the sites around Rome including the Coliseum performing extensive healing and cleansing work. I realized after each trip the extent of my spirit healing work shown to me via signs, dreams and synchronicity.

The third trip to Sardinia, Italy, September 2017 for another healing conference, which we spent many days in Rome. This particular trip we experience a phenomenal healing at the Ancient Well “Mothers Womb” and Giant Tomb in Sardinia Italy.

Each visit to Rome was either an Earth Quakes or Tornado type events with weather. I intuitively knew it was part of the cleaning and healing process. I was strategically placed in Paris while the terrorist attacks were transpiring in November of 2015 as well doing healing and clearing work from the airport. As well, the cleansing in October 2016 caused the Earth quakes & Tornado’s through out. The main tremor earth quake was when we were at the Airport on our way home when this happened, coincidence? I think not, the particular mission complete.

All the while since 2014 I have been following and communicating with Georgi Stankov of Universal Press, resonating with his and the PAT work. I experience very similar events, messages, synchronicity and now location once again as we both do or did reside in Canada. So I have emailed him with my findings as I was very intrigued with his move to Italy to resurrect new cities of lIght. I will make a part 2 with Georgi Stankovs publishing comments of my work that I sent to him also I will post a few of his articles below on the New Italy Grid.

September 2017 last trip to Sardina, Italy.

Tomba Del Giganti (Giants Tombe) “Su Monte” “E S”ABE’, Sardina Italy.

30 to 40 light workers gathered for a healing conference in Sardinia, for a technology called Seqex, founded in Italy.

Meditation circle in Sardinia

Where we as a group raised the bovlis (measuring of frequency) of regular frequency from the average humans frequency of 6000 bolvis to 2 million bolvis per person. Shamans use this type of measurement in the shamanic work of energy when raising the consciousness. Our individual frequency was raised so high (200,000 bovlis) that many of us were levitating during the 90 min ceremony. This was the highest the shamans have seen in this are yet.

It took place on the Autumn Equinox in Sept 22-24. Our trip synchronistically had us there at that time for healing energy work and restoration in of raising the sacred frequency back up to par in Italy. Well overdue after the roman collapse.

Meeting in the Womb of Mother Earth. The sacred well of “Sa Testa” where the connection of the Galactic Womb of the Mother aligns with the Divine Feminine energy into the Mothers Earths Womb. Tomba Del Giganti (Giants Tombe) “Su Monte” “E S”ABE’, Sardina Italy.

This visit was very powerful for the re-activation for the Divine Feminine in Italy. I understood at this time how Rome, Italy was one of the power places in the world. I did the work in the Vatican by having my presence there as well.

Apparently this sacred site according to research well documented on YouTube by ancient research experts this location is the lost civilization of Atlantis in the Mediterranean.

By this time I was being followed and chaperoned constantly by airplanes/jets and black helicopters. Flying beside us the whole time in Italy and all the way to the sacred sites. This spying and “following me” I experience daily at home and during any travels. In other words the work I am doing is very interesting to the military/cia/government.

ADVENTURES IN ITALY ~ Grid Point (2nd trip to Italy)
October 22 – 31 2016

The Arcturians

Disclosure of our Galactic Heritage happens from within. When your surround yourself with like hearted people the synchronicity will happen faster for learning and networking with each other ~ unity consciousness. The same goes for our galactic family, we work together for healing the Planet Earth during this monumental time of Ascension within our Galaxy’s Solar Systems (notice I use plural). We are of many solar systems. As I have been being shown of this for years now: who we are and where we are now within the solar system. I have worked with Carl Sagan in Higher Realms going back 4 years now for this Spirit Script. Edgar Cayce is of the Arcturian Race also. I am of the Angelic Race and work with the Arcturians.

I am in Italy, here with a group of friends (6 woman) for business and pleasure. The business is healing technology conference of cutting edge healing technology of the future (I will elaborate more about this technology later in this chapter). This is the second time I have come to Italy as I was heavily guided last minute both times

I have since leaned this group of extraterrestrials are the Arcturians and, specifically, the healing team of the Arcturians.

To join in to gain knowledge of this healing technology and have some fun. Upon returning from Italy my last time, last year in Italy, I had written a blog with some fascinating synchronicities and fun stories to share. And it’s is happening again.

This is how disclosure works among friends. My friend Kim upon waking up Oct. 24th morning, hesitantly asked me “Shelly, do you believe some dreams are real, or can you tell if a dream is real or not?” “Because I had the most real experience last night” So I explain… ”Yes dreams are very real much of the time, you can usually feel and tell if it’s an experience or thoughts.” And I explained some of my many experiences of meeting higher dimensional Beings during dream time, specifically the Arcturians.

My friend Kim explained her dream experience to me. She said “huge DNA columns were present in the sky along with spiral strands, many of them along with green/blue light, lighting up everything. Then Aliens appeared and stated the water will no longer be contaminated, this has gone on far too long and the water is to be healed…. Kim described this as like “out of this world real experience”. The message was that the ET’s were claiming to heal the water to restore its purity with the help of humans-humanitarians.

The Arcturians are the most advanced ET race neighbors of ours here on Earth along with Pleiadian, Lyra etc… The Arcturians and Angelics are 2 primary frequency spectrums, I feel the home frequency: the Arcturian System and the Angelic Realm. We work together for Planetary Ascension. This is now become apparent as to why my close connection with the Arcturians and my interactions with them as the Angelic/Human. My soul contract included being a human communicator for them in various ways.

Adventures While in Italy
Michelangelo Michelangelo Piazzale

Today we go for our tour in Florence, Italy at the Square showing the panoramic view. This includes statutes of, as well as DNA Columns we noticed. We were sitting at lunch and found the presence of the DNA columns just as were in her dream very phenomenal, Kim, myself and friends were looking at DNA Columns with strands running down the columns in awe so we went and took pics, knowing this was a definite sign of the “dream experience.”

I snapped a picture and in it we saw what looked like a crescent green star, moon, orb, planet??? from the picture I took. Our friend Kate then went to take the same pic but the green light (planet) did not show. We knew it showed on my image for a reason. My friend started to inquire more about the Arcturus Planet, and Arcturians. I pulled up an image for her on the internet. She immediately said “that’s what I saw, that is them.” Later on, the bus the driver announced people in Florence had been witnessing the green crescent moon in the sky behind the DNA structure.

The same green presence light as in Kim’s dream experience with the Arcturians. I began to explain to the group of friends who the Arcturians are and how we are here to help change the world and heighten our consciousness to join again with our Neighbours of Higher Dimensions ~ The ET’s. I only opened up with the information because of Kim’s dream and everyone wanted to know, otherwise I keep it to myself. Well they are all believers now. This is personal disclosure. We don’t need government authorities to tell us. It’s happening now along with Ascension.

Later on, during our trip (actually our second to last dinner in Rome), we shared an amazing dinner and laughs. We were walking back to our hotel when my friend (same one who had the dream with the Arcturians) said “want to go back to the cigar lounge?” We all agreed and headed back.

We entered into the lower level of the beautiful hotel in Rome. It was a dark bar with a band set up to play that night. The first thing we noticed on the wall was this painting of the Rome Colosseum also known as the Flavian Amphitheatre. What was hovering over the Colosseum is what really got our attention. It was an Extraterrestrial Space Craft. We could not believe our eyes. We took many pics that turned out to be very incredible with a light that appeared so bright like a sun. The first picture I had taken of me the space craft was not visible, but the second and third and fourth pic it was visible along with a high frequency of the Sun Light in the paining.

The wild part is that light was coming from my heart centre. I felt the light zap through my crown and out of my heart into the image. Not once but 3 times. I hold the Central Sun Light with in my Heart, “I anchor the 7th ray of Sun here on Earth, I am holder of the Ancient Sun Disk, I am a chamber of Light, I am a carrier of powerful frequencies of Light for the New Earth, where I go the Central Sun shines” ~ Shelly Sullivan. This was also more confirmation of the ETs, specifically the Arcturian Group telepathically communicating via light language.

As each day passes we are witnessing more and more signs from God Source my Higher Self, to let us know that a higher energy is among us helping us with our New Earth or should I say New Earths Realities. The DNA encoding pouring into Earth now via the Galactic centre from our galactic heritage is example of this. We are also becoming very aware of our contributions to Earth with our work. Italy is one of my Grid points much clearing and cleansing work is being done here. Although when I do cleansing and clearing work for the Earth and collective consciousness, I am not consciously setting down and doing a meditation and visualization of this at all times, the clearing is done by my Higher Self/God Source through my Soul and human vehicle. Ley lines and Portals were opened in Italy, this is what partly the earth quakes were signs of. The space has been made and opened up for the ancient energies to come through. The energy healing continues as they are still receiving tornado’s and earth quakes.


November 16 – 26th, 2015

The meetings were located near the North Italy Alpine Region. I was surrounded by mountains and fresh air, and the food and company were amazing. I tasted paradise for a week. Being in a climate free of chemtrails, I found myself breathing really deeply and naturally for the first time in months. The people there held a very high vibrational energy; they were healthy, happy people. During my entire experience being there, the people and the surroundings were incredibly uplifting to me. I was taking a break from my usual “work,” and was given a glimpse of how life will be once we are fully immersed and Ascended into full 5D and higher consciousness: The New Earth, the true essence of Heaven on Earth.

I was only granted a brief break from my Angel work from where I reside in Canada, which, by the way, goes way beyond Canada and the Earth. This part of Italy is not a light-filled city. Quite the contrary! This place has been where some of the most bloody battles have happened throughout history, particularly during World War 1. With that being said, our angelic heavy cleansing has little to do with bio-engineering, because our work happens on a global level and above this 3D reality. It is true that there is a lot to energetically clean and clear not only in Canada but above all of America. Toronto in particular is a prolongation of the dark Empires and does feel like a brick wall of Darkness at times. There are other brick walls through Canada and the US. With dramatic changes and miracles, Canada and the US have a chance to evolve in a positive direction. We shall see.

But, I digress! My reason for writing about this is to acknowledge the disturbing change upon arriving home. My first day after arriving back to Canada, I was still feeling the heightened energy from my trip to Italy. The second day back, the density hit me like a ton of bricks. I have been Guided to keep my writing, words and thoughts as positive as possible as I am co-creating at a fast past for the Collective. So, knowing this, I am going to try and stay as positive as possible here.

The first day back, my heart palpitations started. An overwhelming feeling of heavy dense energy came over me as I was driving into downtown Toronto. The greyness of the clouds and all of the atmosphere was incredibly thick. Upon arriving to my house, I was instantly immersed into bout of anger which were triggered while I worked online. I remember asking my Higher Self out loud, “Why am I getting angry?” Heavy sadness sunk in. I found myself going for a walk in the forest, seeking answers as to why I felt so sad and depressed. I finally returned back to the house and took a salt bath to clear myself and lay down on my PEMF (pulsating electromagnetic field therapy bed) to help balance my body, especially my nervous system.

I received the answer I sought while I meditated: I was feeling such heavy sadness because I was feeling the Collective Consciousness. So, I prayed for help, “Please help me transmute this gracefully.” I was confused as to why this darkness just seemed to hit me out of the blue when I had been experiencing such total happiness from the Healing Conference. I returned to the conclusion that I was being given a break from the energy work while I was in Europe as I was on an important healing mission out there. We stopped in Paris for lay-over, and I anchored some light there as well.

I am back to work here in Canada after having been granted a little break in Europe. Being a Creator of the New Earth, I must stay positive and not allow the Collective reality bring me down. Therefore, I am going to continue to actively visualize the beautiful New Earth and mindfully keep clearing the lower energy. Our job as co-creators is to use our gifts and powers of co-creation, to remove ourselves from the old structures created by the Cabal, the Dark Ones. They have manipulated our power for co-creation via physical manifestation throughout the Collective Consciousness by the use of mass inception of fear and worthlessness. It is simple to reverse this effect one person at a time by spreading and creating a ripple effect of light, love and truth.

I’d like to give to you some positive affirmation, an uplifting synchronistic story of confirmation that the six of us were indeed on a mission together in Italy. This is just one of the many synchronistic events that we beheld, showing us signs of our purposeful path. Experience on the flight home gave the final confirmation. One of Our Great Signs of Synchronicity on Our Trip to Rome, Italy

We spent most of our time in Trento for a very important meeting that I am choosing not to deluge you in detail at this time. All of us were shown different signs and synchronicities that we indeed came together to accomplish a specific mission. On the way home during the plane ride, we watched the movie “Train Wreck” about a promiscuous woman who falls in love with a doctor and tends to her sick father. Toward the end of the movie, it shows a part where the daughters are going through their Dad’s stuff after he dies. The part zooms in to highlight two snow globes of CANADA and TRENTO. These are the exact points we had been traveling- from Trento, Italy to Canada. After watching this, I went to my friends in the other part of the plane and they too were blown away by the snow globes’ synchronicity.

The other sign I received while driving in Toronto was this ANGELWORK license plate which appeared in front of me. This sign confirmed my work I had accomplished in Europe and the work I will resume here in Canada. I am constantly being given signs, numbers etc., from license plates, clocks and any technology, to reassure me of my work and to keep my momentum progressing.

This is just another exemplary and amazing story to share. Your Higher Self, the Angels and God reveal messages all the time to reassure and guide you of your purposeful path.

In Love and Light Shelly Sullivan


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