The Return to Eden!

A Message From Astraea et Amora

Carla Thompson, May 28, 2018

Foreword – The Dragons Reclaim the Earth

Georgi Stankov

When I first read this message from Astraea and Amora I stumbled over the following statement:

Moment to moment, this new light from the Red Sun rejoices and bursts forth frequencies that are not only beyond the spectrum seen by your physical eyes, the frequency of this light has new properties: This light is tonal and it is adaptive.”

I immediately realized that the new magnetic light that the new red giant sun now emanates contains completely new energetic properties at the quantum and subatomic level that transform Gaia and all its holographic forms in a profound manner. The association of this light as “tonal“, a term that is used in music demanded further inquiry on my part. There were two reasons for that: 1) I knew that this light is beyond the spectrum of audible tones which the human ear can hear and wanted to know what its nature was; 2) the new harmonics that this light carries in the inner quantum structure of all 3D forms establishes the new conditions for immediate creation on the new earth which is referred to by Astraea et Amora as “Eden”.

My problem is that music and musical theory is for me a book with seven seals. I have studied it at school extensively but I understood nothing. It just can’t enter my mind, except for the concept of universal harmony in All-That-Is that is contained in all parts and connects them as an expression of all Creation. Music is essentially harmonic waves (except when it is dodecaphony or real cacophony as much of modern music unfortunately is) and they follow the law of constructive interference at all levels (octaves). It is the same harmony that has also been discovered by Pythagoras in geometry and is present in all my works on the physical theory of the Universal Law. I have therefore full understanding and compassion for all my readers for whom my writings on physics are a book with seven seals.

For this reason I discussed this topic with Daniela who is knowledgeable in music and its theory. She then wrote an excellent essay in Italian summarizing the concepts of tonal and tonality in music in the theoretical and historical perspective as they have first developed in Italy, the country of ancient and new Gaia. I have translated Daniela’s essay in English and will publish it bilingual tomorrow, so that you can develop your own ideas of what Astraea and Amora mean by saying that the new magnetic energies that currently activate and transform the quantum structures of all forms on Gaia are “tonal and adaptive” and what this all means for our ability of immediate creation, with which we are now being endowed. This is the most important topic currently to be discussed by the PAT and all the light warriors of the first and the last hour, as creation will begin with us and only then other humans will follow our example, each one at a time when he/she is ready… and nobody knows how long it will take.

This message also deals with a remarkable day which we spent in the city of Savona on May 17th. On that day I received the most powerful downloads of source energy and codes in form of cc-waves that caused a severe headache which changed from the left to the right brain hemisphere every half an hour. I have never experienced before this kind of alternating cc-waves. I was very dizzy, wobbly and almost not present on this beautiful day when we first visited the old citadel of the city, which as I later learnt is the oldest archeological dwelling in Northern Italy dating back to 1600 years B.C.

The current citadel was built by Genova during the city wars in the 16th century after a much older and beautiful cathedral, the spiritual heart of Savona, was barbarically destroyed. I had the feeling that I can ascend anytime on that day – the vibrations were so high and intense that, notwithstanding the constant headache, endowed me with a very powerful feeling of bliss and being back home. I sensed the source field all around me, and me being part of it, its magnificence and omnipotence, and this elated feeling carried me throughout this very strenuous, but otherwise, auspicious day.

When I climbed on top of the old military citadel and had a panoramic view of the entire gulf of Genova extending south to Rome, I connected all of a sudden to the dragons and could see them dancing all over in the sky. I was alone at that time and when I returned to Carla and the other two PAT members and told them that the dragons are here and accompany us in whatever our mission was, they immediately confirmed that they had also established contact with them.

Since then we are sensing the dragons all around us but we were told not to write anything about our experience in Savona as they are sacred beings and the guardians of Gaia and that the time was not yet ripe to disseminate this news. Several days later Carla received an oral message that the dragons have finally reclaimed Gaia as their motherland after they were persecuted in Lemuria, actually much earlier, and had to leave this planet and firmly move to 5D and higher dimensions. The dragons on the earth have always been 5D beings and they were the original keepers of all human incarnation experiments. They are highly intelligent and love logic, but also have a great heart and the ability to love in a very gentle manner. They are very discrete and that is why it is so difficult to channel them as they are very quiet, but also very playful and full of joy.

However, we perceived a deep sadness in their collective fields for being chased away by humans from their mother earth when the Fall from Grace for humanity began and the dark ones took control over this planet. However, the bigger their joy was to have finally reclaimed the earth and to be instrumental to its impending ascension.

On May 17th when the dragons returned and reclaimed the earth, it made another huge leap to higher dimensions which I personally experienced already on that day and we all felt since then as the ascension is now progressing with giant steps. I had to mention this experience in Savona, so that you know the background of this message and are not surprised as to the sudden mentioning of the dragons, which have not been part of our narrative, except for a few messages from Brian, the Dragon, which I have posted in the past and which I personally very much like.

In another oral message from the Dragons, we learnt that Carla, Daniela and I are affiliated to the dragon families and must have incarnations in this form which we have now also reclaimed. As Elohim we are inevitably part of all Creation. Astraea and Amora confirm unequivocally that with the reclamation of the new earth by the dragons, who are now also the keepers of the new Golden Galaxy, the ascension process has entered a new most decisive phase. We sense it is here every moment since then and I am sure that most of the PAT members also sense the change in energy quality during the last days. This all goes hand in hand with the tsunami of magnetic waves and downloads that transform profoundly the quantum structure of all forms and kingdoms – animal, plant, crystal and human.

This is all part of the new alignment and harmonization of all structures through, and to the new magnetic energies from the Source, and through the new red giant sun, that are now becoming part of all Creation. Before that, in the old matrix, these holographic forms were vastly empty of creative, conscious energy and could not be modulated by human or other thoughts as this is the normal condition in 5D and higher dimensions. Now, with the reclamation of the dragon kingdom, also these forms are activated again and are susceptible to conscious c0-creation through human thoughts with the help of the Source. We have entered a completely new level of human evolution and the next days will bring a lot of excitement and even miracles on a daily basis. That is why it is so important now to have full control over our thoughts and only allow harmonious thoughts of the light as our creationary abilities have augmented manifold. We are here to create Eden on earth after humans have created hell on earth with their dark thoughts for eons of time.

For instance, we are busy here manifesting the new city of light, beginning with the spiritual and healing centre in Imperia. We can see our portal extending over much of Central and South Europe and the expansion is progressing very fast with each day as our PAT member from Northern Germany Helga has just confirmed to me:

Ich habe das Empfinden, euch wegen der extrem hohen Schwingung nicht mehr zu erreichen… Heute erwachte ich sehr früh und verspürte ein wohliges Gefühl ohne Zeit und Raum an einem wunderschönen Ort zu sein. ..Der Vorhang zwischen hier und der Lichtstadt scheint hauchdünn zu sein… (I have the feeling that I can no longer reach you because of the extremely high vibration … Today I woke up very early and felt a pleasant feeling without time and space in a beautiful place… The curtain between here and the city of light seems to be very thin …

And this is exactly what we also feel and want to forward in this message to you, so that you can also begin to participate in the manifestation of this city of light, no matter where you live, in Europe, in North America, in Asia or anywhere else. A few days ago we were given information that a new city of light is emerging in South Africa and another one in South America, in northern Argentina, on the Atlantic coast, in addition to Terra Nueva in Ecuador, the foundations of which we laid in Christmas. The whole planet is now one giant construction site and we are the busy bees that change this world for the better.

Stay attuned and we shall keep you informed on the latest developments from the new capital of the light in Northern Italy.


The Message

We greet you today with deep love for your abiding expressions of care for Mother Gaia and all beings of form that are now upon her, and who together make a most beautiful living creation. 

In this moment, each and every realm which she has invited into her creation is experiencing a great change.  The change is arising quickly and beginning from a very deep level, from the quantum crystalline structure that is the foundation of every expression in form. This crystalline structure is a spiral of light arising from Gaia up through every form, into the Cosmos of Life; Gaia is providing every expression of form with the Living Light!  With Living Energy!  Thank you for all you are doing to protect her, to love her!

This deep change is arising from the magnetic light now flooding into the beautiful creation before you.  With the evolutionary activation accompanying the arrival of the Red Giant Magnetic Sun, a divine appointment comes to offer every expression of form a new ability to hold an expanded level of light quotient.   This new light is held by all manner of form, and does so in a way that is grand – an ever-expanding spiral of activation.  Moment to moment, this new light from the Red Sun rejoices and bursts forth frequencies that are not only beyond the spectrum seen by your physical eyes, the frequency of this light has new properties: This light is tonal and it is adaptive.

By this we mean that as it reaches the physical form, no matter from which Kingdom, whether animal, plant, tree, cetacean, crystal, including human, faery and atomic, activation upon the etheric crystalline energetic bodies of each and every form is immediately aligned with this beautiful spectrum of highly specialized light!

The tonal effect of this light means the incarnated expression of form attunes naturally to the harmonic frequencies held within the light, creating an instant opening to the adaptive quality that will follow. The tonal light activation means activation through the harmonic frequencies inherent in a magnetic-based reality: frequencies carried on the magnetic soliton wavelength structure.  It is the solitons that hold within the magnetized light harmonics as octaves of light-encoded consciousness. 

The adaptive quality of this light means this light supports each expression of form by integrating light coded information that heals incompatibilities between the form and the reality into which it has been invited.  This is true healing at a quantum level where it is resolved by altering the solitons own adaptation to the light itself.  The ultimate purpose of this ultimate adaptation is to finally reclaim All Kingdoms that had “fallen” within this Earth creation, where the misalignments quickly led to a creation not intended by Creator.  This is a time of full reclamation of All, back into the Whole of Creation!

The recent reclamation of the Dragon Kingdom is an immediate example and this was experienced by a few of you personally;  The recovery of the Dragon Kingdom in a recent shift is a beautiful and poignant realization that many Kingdoms have been stretched thin and have not been able to flourish upon Mother Gaia for some time.  You personally felt and observed this shift in a most dramatic way, and yes, it was powerful and it is complete!  Now and Forever! 

The Dragon Realm is the first realm to be reclaimed upon this beautiful Mother Gaia. Since the time of their slaying and banishment, they have suffered much pain and profound dishonour, after all, this was their original home, and they were the original species!  Yes, It is now with great joy that we share there has been a complete reclamation of the Dragon Realm here upon your Gaia.  It is this healing that provides the energetic support for the opening and healing of all other Kingdoms, which continues in this very moment, and shall continue until All is fully restored to the perfection intended for this Earthly World before you!  

Therefore, know, in this moment, a full reclamation of inherent creationary power within All Matter in Gods Creation is being restored, where this new light adapts even to your thoughts, and then where your magnetic thoughts take you, you are able to create beautifully, expansively and with absolutely no restriction in any manner! And so, it is through this Light that there will be a full reclamation of this entire reality, with all of its forms and kingdoms of living expression to be returned to the place it was meant to be!  It is the return to Eden!

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