Gnosis as a Personal Experience – Part 2

Georgi Stankov, December 4, 2017

This essay originally appeared in German language as Part II in my second book on Human Gnosis from 2004: “Gnostic Tradition of Western Philosophy“.

follows from Part 1

At the beginning of the 70’s, my intellectual interests as a dissident were predominantly in literature and liberal arts, although I was very good at mathematics and physics and had deeply internalized the axiomatic thinking of classical geometry and algebra, which was intensively practiced in my school. This training in formal logic was very accommodating to my inner being and I decided to employ logic actively in order to reveal the absurdity of the communist reality.

Since logic is at best practiced in conversations, I designed my conversations in this direction. The immediate result was that all my friends and acquaintances got afraid to communicate with me and started to blatantly avoid me. Until that time, I was a very sociable person and now I had to make the experience how all of a sudden it became very lonely around me. At the same time, I recognized the benefits of this, more or less, voluntary isolation. It offered me a welcome chance to reduce to a minimum the inevitable indoctrination by the social environment which increasingly tormented my psyche and mind. In this way I was able to establish the necessary free space where I could wander undisturbed in my mental activities.

This crucial experience made me for the first time aware on a very deep existential level of the dualistic, dialectical character of every human experience. I started to perceive the superficial, illusory character of all external events and to recognize the importance of their subjective psycho-mental interpretation for the individual fate. Instead of suffering from being treated as a political leper by my friends, as I initially feared, the new situation turned out to be extremely beneficial as soon as I abandoned the usual point of view of the sociable habit of “being always together” which most Bulgarians cherished at that time and began to look at my situation through the eyes of a dissident. A concrete advantage of my social ostracizing was the lesser danger of a betrayal by friends who worked for the secret service as informers as this was most usual under communism.

At that time, I was far advanced in my literary studies. I knew the main works of world literature and could navigate confidently through the main literary trends of past and present. Literature was a substitute for me for the larger realities that existed beyond the Iron Curtain and to which I could only penetrate in everyday life through the prism of the socialist “black and white” propaganda. That is why I quenched my longing for freedom and the great free world in that era through intensive reading of important literary works.

At that time, the strong desire to become a writer flared up in me. I imagined, however, not to be a simple narrator, but intended to renew modern literature from the ground up, although the presumption of this intent was painfully aware to me. My role models were Joyce, Proust, Musil and other literary innovators of the 20th century prose, although I had to admit that the first two did not necessarily count as my favorite authors.

Like all the “moderns” of our time, I also decided to place my future literary activity on a well-founded theoretical platform that should be justified  both from an avant-garde and scientific point of view. I had gained very early the impression that all the major art and literary avant-garde programs of the early 20th century hang somehow in the air and lacked completely any scientific foundations (N.B. I refer here to all groundbreaking avant-garde movements, such es futurism in Italy, cubism and abstract art in France and Germany, expressionism and Bauhaus in Germany and Eastern Europe, suprematism in Russia, later on, constructivism, existentialism, absurd theatre and so on, whose authors and protagonists borrowed lavishly and with absolutely no understanding of modern concepts from the theory of relativity and quantum mechanics with respect to space-time, simultaneity, Bergson’s concept of durée instead of linear time, etc. etc. This could indeed be a theoretical topic for another voluminous book.)

On the other hand, my inner voice was whispering to me for some time that science could be equally unproductive and sterile. This sensation increased in intensity, every time I tried to delve deeper into special topics of higher mathematics. At such moments I felt almost physically a painful mental apnea, a stabbing emotional shortness of breath, and such a strong feeling of intellectual claustrophobia that prevented me from engaging in any thorough elaborations in the field of advanced mathematics beyond formal logic and the philosophy of mathematics. For this same reason I later interrupted my original study of electronics which was highly mathematized and contented myself with an unpretentious economic study of tourism, which offered me the opportunity to dedicate myself more intensively to my autodidact studies of philosophy and liberal arts.

I had similar feelings of intellectual claustrophobia at the end of my medical studies in Heidelberg, when I felt mentally and emotionally profoundly exhausted and depleted by all the mind-numbing medical disciplines and bio-sciences which I had to learn by heart. Only retrospectively did I realize that these inner feelings that accompanied my academic pursuits were of greatest informative value because they showed me in an infallible manner, where the pathway to the ultimate scientific truth was leading me – namely, to the total rejection of all bio-sciences and medicine, which could only be achieved through the detour of acquiring a full mastery over their obsolete scientific stuff.

It is a fundamental principle of the incarnation cycle on the earth that spiritual clarity can only come after a total confusion and that it can only be the result of intense occupation and engagement with the aberrations and abysses of human life and thinking. If the incarnated personality would have had the clairvoyance of her soul from the very beginning, the soul would not incarnate in this dense 3D reality in the first place but in other higher dimensional incarnation worlds. The actual goal of each incarnation on the earth is to gather experience with the cognitive pitfalls of its 3D reality matrix in a state of total amnesia as to who we truly are – powerful immortal, multidimensional creator beings – and to unravel the mystery of life step by step.


After my escape to the West, I set forward my mental visions how to overcome the ideological and political division of Europe under more favorable conditions. Like many emigrants at that time, I too linked my fate and the recovery of my lost home country with the disappearance of the Iron Curtain, which was for me not only a physical border, but also a mental and psychological barrier. The political and ideological division of Europe pierced right through my heart and prevented me as a compassionate human being to feel whole and complete: it was a thorn in my flesh.

In order to relieve this mental and emotional pain I improved and refined constantly my social utopia on the collapse of the communist system, while I benefited from my new experiences and knowledge in the West. In my wife whom I met shortly after my emigration, I found, for the time being, a patient listener to my future vision of Europe.

Fourteen years later when the system suddenly and, for most of the people, surprisingly and unexpectedly collapsed, and the Iron Curtain disappeared within a few days from the scene, my wife noted that she, unlike all the other people and politicians, was not at all surprised by the events. I had so often discussed this political and economic development in all details with her that she had the impression that everything I had anticipated for the future of Europe was already a historical reality, so to say “a done deal” for her.

How could I clearly foresee the peaceful and swift overcoming of the division of our continent in all its details at a time when not a single normal human being and certainly not any expert on Eastern Europe believed to experience this event in the 20th or even in the 21st century and many people seriously considered the inevitability of a 3rd World War?

Meanwhile, I know the answer very well: this historical event that I intellectually anticipated was planned in the higher realms for a very long time, where many probable alternatives were available for the convergence of the two political blocs. In the end, the best and most peaceful alternative was carried out, despite some local wars as in Yugoslavia, which could have been avoided with more political prudence from the West.

(N.B. In the meantime I know beyond any doubt that the dark cabal in the West (e.g. the Bilderbergers and the US neocons) planned, not only the destruction of Yugoslavia from the very beginning, but also of all Easteuropean nations that would oppose their plan for the NWO through the expansion of the EU and NATO into Eastern Europe, and first and foremost, the destruction of Russia which they feared most. The US neocons had a similar plan also for the destruction of the entire Middle East under the disguise of nation building and fake war on terrorism, which they themselves sponsored, as this has been revealed by General Wesley Clark beyond any doubt.

The NWO was successfully established on numerous lower timelines which we, the PAT, have severed from this ascending Gaia in the last years as has been regularly reported on this website. The Elohim told us that we have moved /bilocated all the time to higher timelines while many dark timelines are living in the NWO since the end of WW2 which is still ongoing or has led to the nuclear destruction of many timelines. That is why any conventional discussion of human history has to depart from the multidimensional nature of all creation, otherwise it will remain sterile, agnostic and of no cognitive value. I am propagating this concept which I have explained from many different angles on this website all the time as without this knowledge it is impossible to grasp anything that is currently happening on this planet. It is very important to stress this fact at this place as to properly understand my subsequent presentation which deals a lot with human history.)

And now comes the crucial question: Was this gnostic knowledge on the imminent change of the political order in Europe in 1989 given to me by the astral realms since my earliest youth as my destiny and personal evolution as an anti-communist dissident, active political emigrant and program editor for Radio Free Europe (RFE) during the Cold War suggests? Or was it the other way round: As an incarnated soul coming directly from the Source I was not just a passive, enlightened observer of significant historical events, but at the same time their creator at a higher level.

At this point I would like to crack the limited earthly conceptions of my readers and invite them to look beyond the visible reality and behind the veil, from where the higher realms operate. Because the answer to this question illuminates at the same time my future mission as the harbinger of the new transcendental epoch.


The history of humanity, may it be so bloodthirsty, cruel or occasionally exalted, is a collective creative act of all the souls incarnated on the earth. Those who incarnate at the present time have created the historical conditions which they now find in their previous incarnations, just as they effectively shape the current history of mankind. There are individual personalities such as Genghis Khan, Napoleon or Hitler, who have chosen the archetypal role of the general (commander) to experience the bellicose history of mankind  directly and to influence it on a global scale. Even if such persons according to traditional historiography, which is a mere reflection of the value scale of young souls, are being glorified as energetic, occasionally diabolical, persons of historical dimension (how else should one explain the fascination and the innumerable books written about the life of this simple, banal and philistine person Hitler who, as soon as he came to power, inevitably degenerated to a monster), they are in fact very young immature souls who have decided to collect human experience in the brutal manipulation of the ignorant masses.

(N.B. The archetypal structure of young and unripe souls is very similar to the dark, highly manipulative nature of the archons from the 4D astral plane and all the incarnated aliens, such as greys and reptilians, from the former PTB of the Orion Reptilian empire. These dark insidious personalities are responsible for the enslavement of humanity since the fall of Atlantis and even much earlier.  I know perfectly well how their dark insidious energies feel. They are very similar to the energies emanated by their political stooges in power and this is the main reason why my soul prevented me from starting a political career as I initially intended. If one wants to know how these energies feel one should visit Brussels or Washington D.C. The City of London is also a good site to observe these dark detestable energies.).

There are other political figures who have failed from the point of view of current history, such as for example Gorbachev in the eyes of his compatriots, who are still blaming him for the collapse of the Soviet empire, but have actually achieved historically far more than other “successful” politicians of their time from the higher vantage point of view of the 7F-creationary dimensions. This ambivalence in the assessment of historical achievements can be clearly established, if one compares the irrelevance of the short-lived historical assessments in the mass media with the long-term academic discussions of these events in the few good history books.

But also the few good works on world history display an ample lack of understanding of the causative role of the 7F-creationary realms in the shaping of human history. Their judgments are limited by their narrow world view and thus of no gnostic value. And exactly this suspicion, which I have been cherishing since my earliest youth while reading such history books has been proven to be correct and true in the light of the new transcendental insights which I am receiving from the causal worlds as part of the LBP.

The material and spiritual history of humanity is not merely a product of the actions of the visible protagonists on the ground, just as a movie is not only the result of the actors who appear on the screen, but is determined to a considerable degree by the invisible presence and guidance of the film director. If the spectator would know nothing about the production of a movie, he would consider the scenes and the plot on the screen as the only authentic reality, just like little children usually do when they watch a movie for the first time.

In this case, his judgments about the movie would be one-sided and limited. He would, for example, not realize that all the scenes and actions are carefully planned, designed and put into picture by an invisible person – the film director. The dialogues are not random, but written by the scriptwriter, the camera work and the image format – not arbitrary, but performed according to certain optical and cinematic criteria, which have a long tradition of experimentation and demand a complex technical “know-how”. And so on…

The situation is similar in real life. There are always a few very old souls who leave the manifested actions on the historical stage up to the many young souls in order to collect experiences in the political manipulation of other humans and instead prefer to exert a hidden and very effective direction of the events behind the scene, that is, from the higher realms at the soul level. They do not need to stand in the limelight as the main protagonists of history. Such a life role would be contrary to their soul maturity and their spiritual needs as they know all too well that this 3D reality is a total illusion. Rather, a very old soul would usually assume a social position of minor significance or would lead a very simple life as to be able to dedicate her full strength and attention to the astral coordination of the earthly historical events.

Such old souls act as spiritual leaders of great import for big soul populations. Often the earthly personality knows nothing about her demanding light work as an “astral director”. However, depending on her needs, she can receive valuable pointers in the form of dreams, hunches and inspiration. She can meet, for example, in the dream state, with politicians and advise them at the soul level on important decisions they are supposed to make. This knowledge then trickles down into the politician’s mind-ego as daily consciousness and he usually acts in the advised manner. Such a personality possesses advanced medial skills and an infallible judgment. She acts as an outpost of the 7F-creationary realms and must be able to provide accurate analyses on the ground. These analyses go as leading thought patterns in the higher dimensional probability calculations and significantly influence all past, current and future events and timelines on the earth in a simultaneous manner because there is no linear time – it is an illusion of the human ego-mind.

That does not mean that the excarnated souls are not able of continuously making their own valid judgments on the earthly situation, because without such a feedback the coordination of life on earth would be impossible. Rather, the incarnation life on earth is decisively determined by the decisions of the incarnated souls in infinite parallel probability decisions and timelines. In this case, it is sufficient if a single incarnated personality comes to a significant insight or makes an important decision that influences the destiny of the entire humanity. (N.B. This website renders numerous proofs when major decisions and invocations made by myself and the PAT have led to significant leaps in the ascension process of Gaia and humanity.)

This decision then flows immediately into the probability calculation of the future destiny of humanity and can change it significantly. Such a decision made by a single transliminal old soul can, if it is a crucial part of the astral plan for earth and humanity, outweigh all the decisions of the active young soul protagonists who allegedly hold the levers of power in their hands, be they heads of states or bosses of big corporations. In such a case, the incarnated old soul personality does not need to come to the fore or even actively carry out this decision. This decision is acted out through telepathic contacts from the higher realms in exactly the same way as the old soul with the “status of a world observer” has envisioned it.

(N.B. In reality the situation is much more complicated as we have now entered the new original 5D world where every soul is principally capable of immediately creating its subjective reality which then appears to her as a consensual reality in which the entire humanity participates. We are entering uncharted territory of multidimensional creation that cannot be grasped by the limited human mind. Therefore the manifestation of the new original world and the dissolution of the current habitual consensual 3D matrix will be accomplished by a massive phase transition of the slow functioning human ego-mind due to the very slow processing of neuronal signals in the synaptic junctions of the carbon-based brain to a crystalline light brain that will operate on superconductivity and will be hugely expanded; it will enjoy immediate knowing and perception of numerous timelines and realities at the same time.

The current 3D matrix is a holographic illusion of the limited human mind and senses that create the 3D space-time in an a priori manner. Space and time are illusory concepts of limited human consciousness as I have proved beyond any doubt in the new theory of physics and science of the Universal Law. This is the greatest cognitive breakthrough in the history of mankind that will eliminate in the first place, present-day science, healthcare, and all organised religions, so that its repercussions will be only comprehended in the near future when these fake categorical systems of knowledge are abolished and fully replaced by the new Pantheory of the Universal Law. Current politics, economics and finance will also disappear, but they are of secondary importance as they are of recent origin and not so deeply engraved in the collective memory and behaviour of the human race.

This revolution of truth will begin by the end of this year and will explode in 2018. As soon as the human mind is expanded through the codes of the divine mind which we transmit as Elohim to all humans on a global scale in the time period of November 11th to December 12th, 2017, the outer world will change automatically as the new human being will begin to see the multiple worlds in the higher dimensions that co-exist as U-sets with this low vibrating 3D holographic model; the latter is currently in the process of rapid dissolution as any educated observer can witness.)

In this regard, the history of humanity is far more complex than humans currently assume. There are plans of the souls who are still in the incarnation cycle and plans of the parent causal worlds, as well as plans of the Source of tremendous complexity, which not even the excarnated souls can comprehend in their full scope. This circumstance explains the many confusing and contradictory transmissions on the upcoming Evolutionary Leap of mankind that have been channeled in recent years and have been widely propagated in the esoteric literature and on the Internet.

Precisely for this reason, the present disquisition does not intend to discuss the manifold energetic interactions and relationships behind the earthly existence – human language is not in the position to grasp that as I show in this book – but only to shake profoundly the limited conventional understanding of history that prevails nowadays and is decisively shaping the design of political life through fake MSM, ideologically tainted history books and other forms of inadequate human opinions.

One should never forget in this discussion the fundamental gnostic truth: thoughts are energetic phenomena of the greatest creative power and all material manifestations and events are products of thought. First comes the thought, then matter! The incarnation life of six billion souls on planet Earth is subject to careful and continuous planning and coordination from the higher realms, whose complexity, multi-dimensionality, simultaneity and precision is beyond human imagination.

The reader may have noticed that I am forced to make use of simplified pictures and associations, because the actual astral coordination of world history is in reality indescribably complex. It also includes higher, non-soul dimensions, which we as soul beings can not imagine because our very awareness as I AM Presence is tied to a soul structure. The effects of the non-soul worlds manifest as energetic phenomena that are a prerequisite for the existence of the spiritual worlds. Within the soul worlds there are always a few entities that are astral directors. They are experts who coordinate very effectively other incarnated personalities through telepathy and other astral-energetic interactions in an invisible way.

(N.B. When I wrote these lines in 2004 I did not know yet that I and my dual soul Carla are Elohim and do precisely that. Carla is an Elohim of the first cause and provides the Source energies in their purest form. I am an Elohim of the third cause and transform these energies into quantum particles and macroscopic visible forms and fields. Together we operate both at the non-soul level, from the Source, and at the soul level which extends according to my information from the 3rd to the 9th dimension. We know that we operate as human beings mainly from the 7th dimension and that the vibrations that we harbour in our physical bodies and fields are from this higher dimension. That is why our life as biological beings is so unbearable in this extremely dense atmosphere. Read also here.)

For example, in every historical epoch there are a few transpersonal souls on earth that guide big soul populationsWhen a soul family of about 1000 souls incarnates in a single human body as a walk-in we speak of a “transpersonal soul”. In this case, the original single soul leaves the body and the soul exchange takes place in the night or in the dream state. The new personality appears fully transformed and knows intuitively about her changed energetic template. Other people may also notice the difference in the soul essence and personal emanation, insofar they are also old souls and have an open 3rd eye.

(N.B. We have a lot of experience with walk-ins and transpersonal souls as Carla’s mother experienced almost a dozen new beautiful walk-in souls who came in and stayed for a few months or even only weeks and days. The new souls entered the body in the night or during a prolonged day nap and the personality and aura of Carla’s mother changed significantly each time when a new walk-in soul came in. Their task was to anchor our Elohim energies as a divine trinity and they used the physical vessel of Carla’s old mother for this purpose. From this we conclude that these souls came from our monad or related Elohim entities as their energies were very harmonious and fully compatible with our expanded energy fields as Elohim souls. It is amazing that I have written about this topic more than a decade ago before I made this direct personal experience with transpersonal walk-in souls in recent years since early 2015.

The Bulgarian Peter Danov (Deunov), the founder of the White Brotherhood in Bulgaria and author of countless esoteric writings, was such a transpersonal soul in the first half of the 20th centuryHe knew that he was a transpersonal soul and has described very precisely the time and circumstances of his ensoulment as a new walk-in. He collected many old souls in the end of their incarnation cycle and prepared them for their transition to the causal worlds. Some members of the White Brotherhood were in close contact with the Bulgarian King Boris and with his closest confidants in the government and influenced decisively their wise politics in World War II. The king personally consulted Peter Danov on several occasions, although the latter usually refused to perform this kind of personal consultation. 

The prophecies of Peter Danov have essentially come true. He knew very well about the upcoming Evolutionary Leap of mankind and fully embraced the idea that he was an early harbinger of this transfigurationThanks to the spiritual influence of his followers, known as “the Danovists” in Bulgaria, who propagated unconditional love, my country survived the Second World War under the protection of the higher realms without suffering from significant losses and destruction as this was the case with neighbouring countries, such as Greece and Yugoslavia, not to speak of the rest of Europe, although it was also occupied by Nazi Germany.

This is exactly the kind of directorial light work I am performing as an incarnated soul “full-time” since my birth. I collected a lot of different life experiences, trained myself intensively in science, literature and liberal arts and acquired an extensive political and historical knowledge, which I was, however, not allowed to directly apply in politics. My soul had effectively prevented me from engaging in politics for many good reasons, which I could only retrospectively comprehend.

A prerequisite for being a messenger of All-That-Is is not to let myself be hijacked by any earthly events and stay above human drama on earth. Although I have studied and followed very carefully past and present history of humanity, I had to take all possible precautions that politics did not misuse me. My mission as an incarnated personality is to rise above everyday events and herald in the New AgeIt was not always easy to resist the seductions of our time and accomplish the impossible spiritual splits – to be fully anchored in the present on the one hand and on the other hand to uphold the transcendence of my spiritual existence in every moment of my life and live it out without compromise in a most hostile world.

In this way, I acquired as an incarnated personality the necessary competence that enabled me to support my soul in her overarching coordination and creative light work on a global scaleIf I speak of my soul at this point, I simplify the actual conditions in the higher realms for didactic reasons. In reality, I am carried forward not just by a single soul, but by the concentrated force field of the causal worlds (between 7D and 9D and eventually to 12D and the Source), whose representative I am on earth, whereas at various periods in my life different higher dimensional authorities have taken the leading role and guided me on the ground. One should not lose sight of the essentials in this discussion: the 7F-creationary realms are Unity (Oneness), and the souls are individualized functions of All-That-Is.

Since 1992, my gnostic exchange with the higher realms had intensified significantly and I was busy full-time discovering the Universal Law and developing the General Theory of Science. It was a real drudgery, especially during the sleep phases when a lot of gnostic knowledge was transmitted and processed. During that time, my attention was exclusively focused on science and my vivid interest in politics faded into the background. This creative period lasted until 1999 when I finalized the four volumes on science (Tetralogy of Science, see left column of this website).

After that I entered the most intense phase of the LBP that additionally increased my clairvoyance and mediality. Since I had more time and leisure to observe the political and economic events that happened around the globe, I began receiving very clear and lucid dreams from my soul about my mission as a spiritual guide of humanity. These dreams give me information about numerous astral encounters – sometimes several encounters per night – with important politicians and other decision makers of our time, such as religious leaders.

Very often the discussions with them are very exhausting, because they, being young and unripe souls, behave in an unreasonable manner and first reject my suggestions. It takes a lot of energy to convince them. The topic of our discussions always concerns meaningful decisions which my interlocutors have to make, but struggle with these decisions. Shortly thereafter the persons whom I have met in the dream state act according to my recommendations and I get every time a feedback on the media. In this way I know specifically and exactly what directorial work I have done at the soul level in this or that political decision of great import.

(N.B. Since I opened this website in 2011, I have reported quite a few encounters with prominent politicians in the dream state in connection with my ongoing analysis of the political events. For instance, I have met with Putin, who is also a walk-in of a very powerful transliminal soul, several dozen times since 1998 and at the beginning our encounters were rather problematic. This is not at all surprising as we came from opposite political camps. While I was a political dissident in Bulgaria, he was an asset of KGB as a student in Petersburg and later on became a KGB agent. Putin is one year younger than myself but unlike myself he was not compelled to waste two years in compulsory military service as I did, most probably because he was a KGB asset already at that time as the Soviet Union also had a compulsory military service for all young men.

It is a curiosity that I was accepted at the same time as a student at this same university in Petersburg to study electronics because I was the best in the national exams in physics and mathematics for entrance at Bulgarian universities  in 1970. I had not applied to study in Russia but the state authorities registered my scientific achievements and suggested that I should go to Russia to study there which was considered a great privilege at that time. Since I knew too well that there I would be asked to enter the KGB which recruited all intelligent students, and as I had already decided to live a life of a dissident, the very idea of going to Russia, the dark citadel of communism, was abhorrent to me. Some of my class mates who accepted this proposal and studied in Russia later became KGB agents. The irony of human destiny is that if I would have accepted this lucrative proposal, I might have met Putin as a student who studied at that time at the same university in Petersburg, which was then called Leningrad.

And the irony goes on. Between 1985 and 1990 Putin was a KGB agent in Leipzig, East Germany which was occupied by the Soviets. I lived as an anti-communist political emigre in West Germany since 1975. In 1980 I established close contacts to the Polish opposition and to some of the most intelligent and courageous dissident young men who established KOR, out of which later Solidarnosc emerged. I helped them promote their ideas in the West at a time when nobody took any notice of this important dissident movement in Poland that later played a crucial role in the toppling down of the communist empire. In 1985 I worked as a program editor for Radio Free Europe at a time when the KGB allegedly organized a terror attack, a small explosion at the main entrance of the RFE building in Munich, which was the chief enemy of the Soviet empire with its anti-communist propaganda. In the meantime I know that this was another false flag of the CIA that runs RFE, but at that time, in the middle of the Cold war, this version seemed plausible.

In early 1989, while Putin was still working as a KGB agent in Leipzig and was in the end busy burning secret files before the Soviets left East Germany in 1990, I was the first emigre to establish contact to the emerging political opposition in Bulgaria which unfortunately was, much to my dismay, infested and manipulated by the Bulgarian secret services from the very beginning (see below). After the fall of the Iron Curtain I was again the first political emigre to visit Bulgaria and was one of the founders of SDS (UDF, Union of the Democratic Forces) which later on toppled down the communist regime in Sofia and came to power but failed to fulfill its promises. By then I had stopped my political activities as I was busy discovering the Universal Law as I describe below.

I mention these facts as to show that for a very long time Putin and I were on the opposite sides of the trenches and viewed each other as enemies, which illustrates what a monkey theatre human incarnation life is on earth. I remember very well when the new walk-in soul, which is a dear soul mate of mine, came into Putin’s body shortly after he became president of Russia and we walked happily together along the cobble streets of the Kremlin in the night and had a very warm and peaceful conversation. This happened in a lucid dream state and I remember vividly all the details surrounding this encounter, which I already knew from my previous visitations to Moscow.

The miraculous success of Putin in the following years to contain the obnoxious plan of the dark western cabal to install the NWO can be explained with the immense energetic support he and Russia are receiving from the higher realms and from all incarnated old and Elohim souls on the ground who represent the human nexus to the Source. I have discussed this aspect on numerous occasions on this website as it is the key to understanding modern politics in the current End Time of ascension.)

This transcendental gnostic knowledge helps me predict future political developments with much more clarity and precision than any other political expert is currently capable of. An important feature of my recommendations as an astral director at the soul level is that they often contradict my judgments as a compassionate incarnated human being. Many political decisions, which I classify in this life as absolutely wrong and condemn them strongly from an ethical and moral point of view, such as the criminal war of the USA in Iraq, are advocated by my higher self for dialectical reasons in the astral realms. While being freed from the duality of earthly events, I recognize in the dream state the dialectical necessity of such “negative” decisions and events for the spiritual evolution of the persons involved, for instance why the Americans must suffer a defeat in Iraq and the Middle East in their reckless foreign policy in order to learn their karmic lessons (Read also this excellent essay on the same topic which I wrote in 2001 shortly after 9/11).

It is remarkable that I always speak in the dream state the native language of the politicians I meet – very often in English, when I meet with English or American politicians, or Russian, if Russia is at the center of my astral activity; and of course German as I live in Germany and dream most of the time in German language (I stopped dreaming in Bulgarian language about one year after emigrating to this country and since then I have dreamed in this language only when I visited my home country.). In such cases, I admire after awakening, how perfectly, for example, I can speak Russian and I profoundly regret that I have failed to learn to speak this language at school as excellently as in my dreams, although I am perfect in reading and understanding spoken Russian and actively contributed to the Russian translation of my popular book on the Universal Law. Also my French and Italian language skills improve noticeably during such astral conversations and when I wake up I can remember exactly every single sentence that I have said in the dream state in these languages.

Now the reader should not interpret these encounters too literally. Such decisions are actually made at a much higher energetic level, where direct encounters are not necessary, and all such important transpersonal energetic decisions, in which I am decisively involved at the soul level, are merely presented to my human mind symbolically as human encounters in the dream state.  The dreams that I receive from my soul, are a scenic processing of higher dimensional decisions, where I am involved as a spiritual entity of a higher order and where forms do not exist (This is the case from the 6D upwards).

Dreams are therefore translations of higher dimensional energetic interactions in the optical-verbal symbolism of the human mind so that they can be heard and understood by the awake human consciousness as a dream memory. In my case they convey in a visual or verbal form crucial information about the upcoming terrestrial events which are 3D manifestations of these formless decisions of the participating souls in higher dimensions. In this way, I gain intimate insights into the hidden coordination of all political events on the earth and how the interpersonal relationships are coordinated and guided by the higher realms.

At that time I commenced with an elaborate retrospective analysis of my life and was able to gain many valuable and deep insights from the soul perspective into the actual goals and tasks of my current incarnation. Usually such evaluation of the incarnation life takes place only after death in the higher realms (in Celestria), where the earthly personality is largely released from the energetic captivity of her earthly fears and can acquire the full awareness of her soul.

In addition, such evaluation promotes the gnostic knowledge of the personality. For this reason, most people experience on the verge of death, a significant boost of their memory. Long forgotten reminiscences flicker quickly in front of their inner eye and allow an intense review of the entire life. This final retrospective prepares the incarnated personality for her astral existence after death, where the evaluation of past lives takes place under much more favorable energetic conditions. This process usually lasts one year according to earthly measurement of linear time as in the higher realms linear time does not exist.  Only after that the deceased personality can open to the higher realities of the soul worlds and recognize her own comprehensive identity.

But since I will ascend soon and my astral field is largely free from anxiety patterns, I can do this evaluation during my lifetime, especially because I will be entrusted with other much more demanding transpersonal tasks after my ascension, so that I will not have any spare time (understand energy) to elaborate exclusively on the analysis of my present incarnation.

This combination of lucid dreams and retrospection of my past life allows me to re-appraise my astral role in the collapse of the communist system and in overcoming the division of Europe. I realize that I am not a passive observer, as it looks outward, but rather an active director of the well-known historical events that continue to run in the everlasting Now of the higher realms and are being constantly modulated. This also explains my obsession with political issues and visions for several decades – an activity that I dismissed as somewhat foolish after discovering the Universal Law when I identified myself exclusively with the scientific aspects of my expanded multi-personality.

My soul also guided me several times physically to certain places where fateful events of historical scope took place and gave me specific indications of what would come next. For instance, my soul navigated me in the spring of 1989 “purely coincidentally” to the city Titova Mitrovica in Kosovo one day after the government of Milosevic had withdrawn the autonomy of that Yugoslavian republic. It was a Sunday, and a big demonstration of the Albanians took place against this decision. The center of the city was besieged by regular troops of the Yugoslavian army so that my wife and I could not drive any further.

As this decision came as a surprise and the press had not yet reported the abolition of Kosovo autonomy (the world took at that time no notice of what was happening in Yugoslavia, as the West was too busy managing the rapprochement with the Soviets in the time of perestroika or to hinder the Germans to find a peaceful agreement with the Russians), I took the opportunity to join the people on the streets and engaged them in conversations. I learned, much to my surprise, what had actually happened. The Albanians were very excited and one could feel the explosive, almost hysterical mood in the air.  Hardly  20-30 minutes had passed when we heard all of a sudden how the soldiers began to shoot at the demonstrators. We were the only western witnesses of this mass shooting, in which as I later learned several dozen people were killed. I pushed my wife into the car and drove back as fast as possible. Luckily the road to Montenegro, from where we had come, was still free, so that we could leave the town in a few minutes.

Back to Croatia and Slovenia I spoke with several Yugoslavs about the shootings in Kosovo which I witnessed first hand and wanted to know what they thought about this crucial event. All conversation partners invariably showed such appalling indifference and callousness, combined with gloating that the Albanians got what they deserved, and reacted so defensively and were outright hostile to my questions and comments on the political consequences of this event for their country, that I came to the conviction that Yugoslavia would collapse very soon and would become the hotbed of terrible fratricidal wars.

As soon as I returned to Germany, I called several well-known journalists and reported on what I witnessed in Kosovo. It was, after all, the first mass shootings during demonstrations in the Eastern bloc after the Prague Spring and I expected as a journalist that such a message would be worth a major publication. Not at all! The journalists in Germany expressed the same indifference to what happened in the “distant Balkans” as the rest of Yugoslavia did with respect to Kosovo. This callous attitude was adopted shortly thereafter also by the western politicians and became the main trigger of all wars that accompanied the collapse of Yugoslavia.

The political “evil”, to use the warped vocabulary of present-day politicians, is always the result of the lack of sympathy and compassion for others. Had the West acted more carefully, informed and sensitively with respect to Yugoslavia in that initial phase, all the subsequent wars in this country could have been prevented. First of all the Western politicians should have mitigated the fears of the Serbs that they were surrounded by enemies, whose only aim was to dismember Yugoslavia at their expense, as this actually happened later. The Westeuropeans should have offered the Serbs as early as in 1989, before the Fall of the Iron Curtain, a new federal perspective within the framework of Europe, to curtail and keep the Serbian chauvinism of a small clique of rogue dissidents in the Serbian Academy of Sciences, whose members like Karadzic later participated in the atrocities in Croatia, Montenegro and Kosovo that were actually committed by all parties involved in these conflicts.

(N.B. It is therefore a shame that the western cabal then summoned the international court to condemn only the Serbs for the numerous atrocities which were committed by all sides and in particular by NATO that bombed a sovereign country without any legitimation and against international law as to divert from this stark truth. In fact this international court (The Hague tribunal) is a veritable kangaroo court where the accused are condemned before trial and where facts do not count. No wonder that some of the defendants died under mysterious circumstances in prison or were poisoned recently in the court room, so that they are not in the position to reveal the truth when the political circumstances change. This is what the dark western cabal is doing excessively and ubiquitously all over the world with all bearers of truth that might reveal their crimes and the body count soars into the millions.)

Instead, Genscher and the German federal government hurried shortly thereafter driven by shortsighted, selfish reasons – to legitimize and secure the sovereignty of the newly united Germany – to recognize unconditionally the unlawful secession of Slovenia and Croatia from Yugoslavia after three bloody wars which the two countries started with the help of the West against Serbia and convinced the Serbs in their worst fears.

(N.B. That is why it is a blatant hypocrisy when now Germany and the West condemn the peaceful and most democratic unification of Crimea with the motherland after a criminal Nazi coup d’etat was sponsored in Kiev by the EU and the USA and these thugs of the West planned to commit genocide on the entire Russian population in southeast Ukraine. After this attempt failed, they blamed the Russians for an alleged invasion in Ukraine and started with the new Cold war and sanctions that are even more dangerous than the old Cold war. The West did not hesitate for a second to destroy the sovereignty of Yugoslavia in 1989 and 1990, and later on bomb the sovereign country of Serbia in breach with international law, as it did with numerous other countries in the Middle East, Africa and other places in the world. This happened at a time when one would have expected that relationships founded on peace and good-will would thrive between East and West after the collapse of the communist system and Eastern Europe had fully embraced the neoliberal, allegedly “free market’ economy model of the West, which is in fact a criminal cartel of western bankers and dark cabal of the deep state as I have explained in numerous articles.)

The experience I had during my short visit in Titova Mitrovica (now this town is called only Mitrovica as the heritage of neutrality of Tito has been fully abolished) made a decisive impact on my political analyses. Half a year before the fall of the Berlin wall and the collapse of the Eastern Bloc I discerned the birth pangs of revived rabid nationalism in Eastern Europe, stoked deliberately by the dark ruling cabal in the West, which would accompany the post-cold war political processes that reshaped the map of the Old continent, as well as the lack of any interest of the West in a genuine, fair and constructive convergence of the two blocs. Until that event I was essentially more optimistic and benevolent in my assessment of the West because I had grossly overestimated the intelligence and the vision of its politicians.

I began to ponder whether the Western, capitalist society is also doomed to perish like the communist order in Eastern Europe. Up to that point in time I did not seriously consider this possibility, in particular because this outcome was considered inevitable in the Eastern bloc for ideological reasons: the idea of the “rotten capitalism,” which was expected to fall down any time, was a worn-out common place of the communist propaganda. A few years later, with the discovery of the Universal Law, this conjecture crystallized into certainty.

This event illustrates in a convincing way how the human soul anticipates the destiny of the incarnated personality. Although Yugoslavia was a neighbor of Bulgaria, I knew for a long time almost nothing about its domestic policy. Compared to the hermetically sealed Eastern Bloc and especially to Bulgaria, Yugoslavia was for me a free country whose citizens were allowed to leave it to work in the West and bring foreign currency back home. Tito had fallen out with Stalin after the war. Since then, he had always managed to maintain his independence from the Kremlin, so that, in my view, the country had no major political problems, but had to be envied compared to my homeland.

Again by “pure coincidence” (N.B. Please observe that this is just a human expression as there are no coincidences in All-That-Is and definitely not on the earth. Everything that we experience and observe is the result of the most precise planing and coordination of our souls from the higher realms who also create the illusion of this 3D holographic model), I met an old Serbian journalist in Radio Free Europe in 1985. He wrote political analyses on Yugoslavia which were used by the various national broadcasters under the umbrella of RFE. Radio Free Europe did not have a special program in Serbo-Croatian language for political reasons. The country was considered quasi-western at that time.

This seasoned colleague drew my attention for the first time to the national, political, ideological and economic tensions in Yugoslavia and showed me how little I knew of this country. My inner voice told me that I should quickly close this gap in my knowledge. I seized the opportunity and read all the political articles and analyses which my Yugoslavian colleague had written about his country over the previous ten to fifteen years. He was delighted and flattered by my attention, because usually nobody was interested in his articles. Yugoslavia was no longer a blank spot on my political map as its inner politics gained increasing complexity in my world view.

Unlike most Western politicians who, long after the powder keg of Great Serbian nationalism had already exploded, continued to look upon this Balkan country through the rose-coloured glasses of the obsolete Yalta Conference as an “independent State of the third kind”, I knew about the immensity of the national hatred in this multinational state and could easily imagine how quickly this hatred would turn into civil wars.

Obviously, my soul knew that, despite my inner insights, I had appraised the political world situation more optimistically than was appropriate. As so often in my life, she gave me an opportunity to rectify this error by arranging encounters with suitable persons, from whom I could always learn something new. I could report many exciting stories about such “random” encounters. After my information exchange with my Yugoslav colleague in 1985 in RFE, my soul waited four years until the opportunity arose to travel to Yugoslavia.

Originally, I did not intend to go to Kosovo, but wanted to visit Macedonia, since I am of Macedonian descent and had never been in Macedonia before. My transit through Titova Mitrovica turned out rather by accident, but I can very well remember which outer and inner circumstances led me to choose this route and itinerary. Anyway, my soul had so masterfully and unobtrusively arranged this journey that I could become a surprised witness of the first spark that turned into a conflagration and affected not only Yugoslavia and the whole Balkans, including my homeland, but also Europe and the entire world.

The war against Serbia was the first NATO deployment in a former communist country after the end of the Cold War and documented in a convincing way the political and military defeat of Russia in its traditional geopolitical sphere of influence which up to that moment was neither challenged by Western Europe nor by the USA. The gateway for the eastward expansion of NATO and EU was thus wide open. The West didn’t need to care anymore about Russia and could ruthlessly progress with its hegemonic expansionism to the east. In this way the ground was laid for further wars on the fringes of the former Soviet empire with the aim of containing and destroying Russia as its successor.

It seemed to me as if I was catapulted into the political haggle of the 19th century that turned the Balkans into a playing field of the Western powers and introduced the notorious term “Balkanization”. I could hardly escape these dejà vu experiences. And once again the Germans in Berlin took over the role of the “honest broker”, as Bismarck once did at the Berlin conference when the obnoxious and unjust partition of Bulgaria was imposed on my country after the Russian-Turkish War had led to its liberation from the Turkish oppression. True to this despicable Prussian tradition, united Germany took over the division of Yugoslavia with the early recognition of the secession of Slovenia and Croatia from Yugoslavia, in a reckless manner and out of pure selfishness. In this way the Germans proved to be the notorious arsonists-recidivists and true heirs of the Nazis who put the Reichstag on fire as a false flag and then blamed three innocent Bulgarians for that crime in order to rectify the usurpation of power and the crackdown on the opposition in the post-Weimar republic.

The war against Yugoslavia encouraged the military strategists and neocon-hawks in the US to abandon their reluctance and to violate decisively the Russian sphere of influence in Asia and the Middle East: a new advantageous development for them of which they did not dare even to dream during the Cold War of mutual assured nuclear annihilation. Under the pretext of fighting terrorism, the Americans incited neo-colonial wars in Afghanistan and Iraq to secure the strategic oil reserves in Central Asia and in the Arab world, and thus to be able to extort energetically Europe and Asia and prevent the rise of Russia and China. The third  millennium started as a remake of the late 19th century – with the redistribution of the commodity colonies in the world.

At that time, in 1989, standing in the centre of Titova Mitrovica and witnessing the mass shootings, neither I nor anybody else could have guessed that this small, shabby town would become the second Sarajevo of an undeclared 3rd World War of the last remaining superpower against the rest of the world (N.B. Only later did I realize that this was all part of the egregious plan of the dark cabal in the West to install the NWO and prevent our ascension and that of Gaia to 5D and higher dimensions because they themselves are doomed to stay on lower timelines and sponge on our energies as humans.)


Gnostic knowledge is completely different from written knowledge mediated through channeling. Such knowledge is simultaneous, holistic and non-verbal. The mere looking up at the great truth captures the psyche and the mind with such power and intensity that all everyday emotions, sensations and thoughts suddenly seem insignificant and irrelevant. The certainty and clarity of such knowledge is of astral-energetic nature and does not need any rational arguments or proofs: it goes beyond the narrow horizon of the human mind and expands its limited thinking beyond all reservations.

The pantheistic feeling of an omnipotent force field which I perceived since my childhood behind all earthly events, blazed constantly in my consciousness and with the years captured more and more my thoughts. This process did not happen in a continuous and steady way, but always occurred abruptly, triggered unexpectedly by external causes. It seemed to me as if this inner, all-dominant intuition behaved like a fir, which as soon as it is freed from the shopping net suddenly stretches its branches which then must be carefully decorated in order for the fir to enlighten with splendor on Christmas Eve.

Even though my pantheistic, energetic feeling never left me throughout my entire lifetime, it always showed different qualities and expressions that added together like mosaic pieces to a splendid picture. In order to bring this process to a completion the soul takes a great deal of time, in fact, as much time as the incarnated personality needs to gather the necessary life experience as to grasp the essence of life and make sure she understands her inner truth.

While during the first conscious years of my life I perceived this pantheistic feeling as an unerring existential intuition which I lived out in everyday life with the ease and carelessness of a child, this sensation became with time more abstract and arduous until it finally evolved to an intellectual problem.

One day when I was still living in Bulgaria, I decided, shortly after I had put up with a long and arduous life of a dissident, to raise this primordial idea to the rank of a natural principle so that I could keep it separate from my personal, psychological and somatic perceptions. With the help of this mental trick I intended to liberate this primordial idea from the inherent subjectivity of my individual experience and to bestow it with a universality that was rationally founded. I suspect that all basic philosophical ideas, including the concept of God, were created by such motives.

It is a peculiarity of human thinking always to depart from single things in order to reach to conclusions of general validity. We owe the development of science to this dialectical ability of human thinking.

I clearly realized that this decision would bring about serious theoretical consequences for my future intellectual endeavours. From this point on, I stood under the huge pressure to prove, one way or another, that this principle that I postulated both for organic life, including human existence with its manifold manifestations, as well as for inanimate matter was of universal validity. How could I be able to unite under one common denominator the ample disarray in my personal existence and all the kaleidoscopic images that this meaningless life displayed around me? And what role should science play in my intellectual endeavors? If there were such a natural law, why hadn’t it been discovered earlier? Was such an undertaking possible at all, or was I rather running the risk of wasting my life with empty fantasies?

Unsettled by all these disturbing questions, I looked with mixed feelings at the inefficiency of Marxist ideology, which at that time offered a deterrent example. This theory adorned itself with the predicate of being scientific (as scientific Marxism), wherever it could, and raised in all seriousness the universal claim to be able to render a scientifically correct explanation for each and every social and economic nonsense that the nomenclatura in the Eastern bloc experimented with. The Western reader has no clue how many theoretical works on the so-called “scientific Marxism” were produced in the East and how many scientists and research institutions were busy elaborating on the universal scientific claim of this ideology in order to justify its application in all areas of life.
However, I soon rejected these fears, because I felt comfortable and protected in my abstract thoughts. Any attempt to stop them and start thinking in a “reasonable” manner ended inevitably in a pronounced unease, which my soul generously poured into my psyche. I have been held by my soul on the short leash since early childhood because the tasks that stood in front of me as an incarnated personality and of which I had only a vague premonition at that time were indeed enormous and tolerated no delay.

Since I also felt the inner, but not yet proven, certainty that science somehow interpreted in a fundamentally wrong way all the facts of the physical world and biological life, I presumed that with the help of a thorough education I would be successful in that area.  Unfortunately, my ignorance in bio-sciences and modern quantum physics hindered me in those days to implement this project immediately into action. In addition, I was still rather inexperienced in philosophy. On the other hand, I knew already then that all philosophers, since ancient time up to the present day, had dealt with abstract questions regarding human existence and thus had developed metaphysics, from which modern physics had originated.

The path through philosophy meant for me, in contrast to today’s view on the subject in the West, no rejection of exact sciences. I felt intuitively that in order to solve this problem an introduction through philosophy would be easier and more satisfying than the direct way through science and rushed first into that area. I enjoyed the breadth and limitlessness of the philosophical approach which I quickly appropriated. By now I realize that the ability for abstract philosophical thinking is a privilege of old soul age and cannot be provided by young immature souls even if they exert abstract mathematical or scientific professions.

Years later, I met again “by (no) coincidence” a well-known philosopher. He argued that unlike in other scientific fields such as mathematics, in which a person reaches his best performance at the age of 20-25 years, a mature achievement in philosophy is only possible at the age of 45 years or older. He had studied the achievements of the main Western philosophers from the point of view of their age, and argued that one needs a certain amount of life experience as to distance himself in a sovereign manner from the superficial reality and develop the capability of abstract intellectual thinking.

This statement carved deep traces in my consciousness and I can fully confirm it for my development. I accomplished my mathematical top achievements in physics when I was 18-19 years old. A quarter of a century later I went back to this knowledge to reform and unify physics on the basis of the Universal Law. This achievement was essentially of gnostic-philosophical nature, yet it also built upon the mathematical-physical skills that I had acquired in my youth. Without this theoretical knowledge I would not have been able to reach the necessary level of abstraction and to derive in laborious detail all known physical laws and formulas from one universal equation, or more precisely, to derive them from the Primary Term of human consciousness and explain them, for the first time in the history of this science, from an epistemological point of view.

My previous mathematical achievements were thus amalgamated over decades with the slow and steady acquired propensity to think in abstract philosophical categories. This created a unique synthesis of intellectual contents that came to a fruition at the age of 43-45 years, after having already collected numerous experiences with all the sciences. This spiritual evolution ran parallel to the continuous opening of my seven body chakras, which is completed in an old soul at the end of her incarnation cycle just before the age of 50 (7 chakras X 7 years).

By contrast, the majority of the currently incarnated personalities experience during a lifespan the maximal opening of one to three chakras depending on their soul age. That is why most humans are disconnected from their souls and the Source and are incapable of acquiring any gnostic, transcendental knowledge in the way it is described in this disquisition. For this same reason the LBP begins with the opening of the heart chakra that is closed in most humans and disconnects the three lower chakras from the three higher chakras. The heart chakra then encompasses the three lower and the three higher chakras into a unified chakra which is the main energetic prerequisite for the ascension of the individual. I have discussed these energetic processes extensively from the scientific point of view of the Universal Law in my first gnostic book “Evolutionary Leap of Mankind” which I wrote in 2000 – 2001.

Already at that time, an inner voice kept whispering in my ears that I should look around everywhere, but I should not go too deep into any area of scientific knowledge as otherwise I would experience the same claustrophobic feeling that I knew from my intensive occupation with higher mathematics. Frankly, I did not like at all the role of the “jack of all trades”. I was bitterly reproaching myself for my, as I believed then, “scientific superficiality”, as I also paid in those days homage to the narrow specialization in science as the best intellectual solution ever.

For that reason, I decided to look around in all sciences without any reservation only for a limited period of time as to have an overview of human knowledge, before I could decide in which area I should definitely go into more depth. Under these premises of an  explorative, autodidactic universism I rejected all artificial limits, conventions and prejudices in science and society and behaved like a buccaneer on all seas of spiritual knowledge. This momentous decision which I fatefully follow since then felt immediately as liberating and very gratifying. My soul pointed to me in her unmistakable psychic dexterity that I was on the right track.

From the chorus of many inner voices that I was hearing at that time, one stood out particularly clearly. It whispered incessantly that I, despite all my scientific and theoretical occupations, should not lose connection to the real, vibrant life and turn into a bookworm. The message was clear and unambiguous: I should continue to study politics, sociology, history and economics and gather experiences in these areas of life.

This requirement was supported by my decision to become a writer at that time as I considered it self-evident that a good writer needs extensive, sometimes also abysmal and life-threatening experiences as for example Dostoyevsky or Solzhenitsyn, whom I was reading secretly and admired for his courage, and with whom I shared a deep soul mate connection, before he should embark on the literary presentation of life. On the other hand, I did not particularly like the role of the martyr. I thought it was stupid – and hold it today as firm as then, now that I have fully understood the mentality of young souls  – to physically sacrifice myself only to establish an example as a persecuted dissident for my dumbed down compatriots.

The urge for sacrifice was prevalent among the dissidents in communist Eastern Europe at that time, and I remember how years later, when the system collapsed, an alleged Czech dissident who lived in Germany on the back of his wife, accused me in all seriousness that I was not a real dissident, because I had not been in a communist dungeon. My argument that the communist system back then needed occasionally intelligent dissidents who were clever enough to escape arrest, otherwise they would not have been able to exercise their opposition activity at all and nobody would have noticed that there was any opposition movement was rejected by that guy with great vehemence and indignation.

Any kind of sacrifice we meet on earth and often interpret as courage and selflessness, is essentially an unconscious urge of the individual, under preserving the camouflage of a socially acceptable virtue, to end up his life prematurely as he cannot cope with the daily challenges of his incarnation. The myths which the people create around such sacrificial acts are excessively manipulated both in religion as well as in politics, as to keep afloat the inherent martial tendency of the majority of young souls. This also holds true for all forms of false patriotism where young people are expected to sacrifice their lives for a corrupt government, and we know in the meantime that there are only corrupt governments on this planet.  Many conflicts on earth, such as in the Middle East and in Iraq, where suicide bombings of Muslim martyrs are daily on the agenda are nourished by this pathological psycho-mental attitude. This results in various karmic entanglements which are merely an image of the narrow, distorted world view of the persons involved.

As I excluded political sacrifice as a life alternative, I decided not to betray my spiritual and ethical principles and do nothing that was contrary to my self-esteem, and instead to do everything that was beneficial to my spiritual evolution as an independent sovereign personality. One consequence of this attitude was that I renounced all my social and professional ambitions, since their fulfillment would have inevitably forced me to adapt to the communist ideology and subjugate myself to the repressions of everyday life with its many small and big fears, dependencies, and human negativity. With this determination, I gained my mental and physical self-sufficiency over the socialist reality and distanced myself spiritually and mentally increasingly from my subservient compatriots.

After I had dropped my studies of electronics in 1972 (see below), I took over a heavy physical job in warehouses for half a year, which no one wanted to exert voluntarily, even under repressive sanctions from the communist authorities, so that there was a great need for physical labor in that area. The management was glad to have me as a worker, it paid relatively well, considered me a useful idiot and left me in peace.

This experience confirmed my conviction that it was possible to survive even under a communist dictatorship where the destiny of the individual was regulated in every detail, and at the same time to reject totally this society and not make any compromises. As a side effect, I strengthened my physical condition noticeably. This physical strength, of which I take care ever since, helped me later to endure surprisingly well all the exertions during the discovery of the Universal Law and the development of the General Theory of Science. Also at present I am drawing power for my LBP from my former physical condition.

My uncompromising attitude as a dissident went much further than all that what the people in the Eastern bloc did or deemed necessary to do in order to rebel against the system. If they would have followed approximately my example and had boycotted the system in a similarly total and sovereign way as I did it without putting themselves in danger, there would not have been any communism since long time and we would not have waited until 1989. Incidentally, this objection applies nowadays also to the people in the western world: it is the key to rejecting the current limited, pecuniary social order and building a new society of Love.

Would the citizens in the West discard the modern national state with its intermediary, pecuniary structures that are built up upon dependence, greed and manipulation as consistently as I have done it with conviction for many years, they would easily end their exploitation by the tax system and fraudulent financial banks, their oppression by the undemocratic governance of state institutions, their manipulation and exploitation by employers, anonymous board members and shareholders that condition them to fear-based species.

How difficult it is to follow my example will be shown by the upcoming sweeping events, and I have a lot of understanding for these hardships, but not for the current angst-driven behavior patterns of the young souls, who created these difficulties in the first place. Only when the people are ready to overcome these collective patterns and beliefs they will be able to successfully build the new society of love and abundance.


As one can see, I had to learn very early to carefully integrate the many, seemingly divergent tendencies of my soul into my everyday life, which, of course, I did not always succeed, but with age became better and better, because I possess the rare gift to assess my powers and prowess with an astounding precision and not to fool myself as most people do. This ability for a ruthless self-assessment helped me all the more as I was in my life often overwhelmed by my duties and taxed my physical and spiritual powers to the utmost. It helped me with the many exams that I had to take during my studies in order to progress in society (not in science), as well as in the selection of the readings that I chose for my autodidact studies.

My correct self-assessment is in part the result of acquired discipline since early childhood and in part my soul’s achievement that is paired with another ability which I call the “voice of inner truth“. No matter whether I read or hear something, I can judge with no hesitation whether it is true or not, whether the presentation is congruent or a distortion of the reality. Except in those cases, in which my soul involved me in the most surreal situations with the aim of gifting me with unusual experiences. These “black-outs” of my rational mind were inevitable and in hindsight I can understand exactly how my soul triggered these karmic entanglements through the elimination of my rational thinking by overemphasizing certain psychic weaknesses in order to deconstruct my ego. This kind of direct knowledge makes you very, very humble.

This spontaneous, direct recognition of what is true and what is not true is a privilege of very old souls and is as rare as a diamond. It is a manifestation of their mediality and the result of their many thousands years of incarnational experience.

I have observed this ability in this pronounced form, except in myself, so far only in one other person – in my wife, who is also a very old soul although she currently vehemently resists this insight. However, her ability of spontaneous recognition does not manifest as abstract knowledge, but only in the field of literature, arts, religion and human knowledge.  Her practical wisdom is very much engaged in details and for good reasons fixated in this side of life. At the same time her wisdom is so deeply rooted in her soul that  she can allow herself the naive guilelessness to be cheated by every crook around the corner without being seriously perturbed by this kind of human treason because she recognizes and accepts with an infallible and natural intuition the transience and vanity of illusory earthly life. With this attitude in life, my wife glides effortlessly like a seagull over the existential storms and swims like a fish in all depths of earthly existence. She is also a gifted psychic and uses the astral symbolism in a very confident and imaginative manner. In the Dark Ages she would certainly have been burned as a witch at the stake.

Ironically, this infallible a priori judgment, what is true and what is untrue, what is correct and what is distorted, caused great soul perturbations in my psyche. Because I could not rationally explain to myself why I judged negatively the many significant and renowned literary works after I had read a few pages and was unable to overcome the inner resistance to read them to the end. I made myself vehement reproaches about this attitude, which I considered to be an expression of my ignorance and inner arrogance and feared that thereby I am infringing upon all the commandments of objectivity. It did not help. I had to put up with it, otherwise I would have been literally torn apart by the inner tension, which the reading of such, as I could later recognize, meaningless works triggered in me.

(to be continued as Part 3)

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